Housekeeping Miracle

by Reavan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Spanking, .

Desc: Sex Story: A bachelor professor hires a new housekeeper whose skills border on the miraculous, thereby opening up an entirely new chapter in his life.

"Your references are excellent Miss. As you know my previous housekeeper of thirty years recently passed away; that dear lady was a paragon of efficiency. My life has been in total disarray without her. I have been taking my meals at the university cafeteria; a depressing experience to say the least and my house is in absolute shambles."

"Well sir, I know I can't replace that dear lady but I can clean and cook and many other things you should want."

"You were employed lately at the cotton mill and you didn't find that position suitable?

"Nay sir I always thought my life be better there because of more money but that's no life for a country girl."

"I understand dear, before that you were employed as a housekeeper in two separate households in the city and you resigned them both?"

"Yea sir, sometimes it's trouble when a young lass moves in with married folks. You know, if the husband can't keep his hands of the lass and the wife gets cross."

"But my dear, each employer provided admirable references for your proficiency and character?"

"Oh well sir, they don't want no scandal, do they? And I deserve a good word; I'm a honest worker."

"I know these people Cassandra it's hard for me to believe that these distinguished gentlemen would take advantage of an innocent young girl, but... I must believe you dear. It must have been a terrible ordeal to rebuff the indecent overtures of these... ahem, gentlemen?"

"Well nay sir I don't mind so much, it's part of service I guess but lady folks get much ugly when they find out and blame only the lass."

"What do you mean, it part of service? You certainly will not be asked to perform such acts in this house."

"Oh it is sir, I know many girls in service with married folk and they all say the same. The man of the house wants his way with young servant girls."

"Well I am shocked that such behavior takes place in this day and age. We are after all living in the nineteenth century not the Middle Ages. Is that why so many young ladies pursue employment opportunities in the mills?"

"It's the same in them places too sir; the boss and the owner too want sex from young girls that go work there."

"You mean Mr. Saunders, who owns the Cotton mill engage in extramarital relationships with his female employees?"

"He's got a hunting lodge not far from here; I was there one night myself. He just picked me up in the carriage on evening after work and took me there. You can't say no to such a man."

"I am shocked young lady, you can have this position and you can be assured that such immoral indiscretions will never transpire in this domicile."

"Oh thank you sir I'll work really hard. You'll see."

Day Ten

"Oh hello, I'm the professor's assistant, Laura Sweeny. You're Cassandra, he told me all about you. May I come in?"

"Well yea but the professor's not here yet; you could wait in the library if you like."

"Thank you, I would like that."

"Would you care for something, tea maybe?"

"Yes that would be nice."

"I'll make it quick."

"Oh that was quick, Cassandra. I was just admiring the professor's portraits. I especially admire this portrait that the university presented for his twenty-five year tenure."

"Yea I like that one too Ma'am... Ma'am, your tea?"

"Oh... so sorry, I get carried away sometimes, such a distinguished appearance and yet harboring a sweet almost childlike personality."

"Yea Ma'am, I think... oh sorry it's not my place to..."

"Yes Cassandra go ahead I don't mind; what were you going to say?"

"Oh you're a fine lady and all and me only a simple country wench but I am a woman and I see something in them eyes when you look at that there picture."

"Is it that obvious,... my word?"

"Yea Ma'am, it's easy to see."

"Yes for ten years now, since I was his student but he is like a monk; totally dedicated to his religion, the world of literature."

"Maybe you haven't took the right tack Ma'am, every man has a weakness. Sometimes shock treatment's called for."

"Oh you mean I should throw myself at him; I'm afraid I would be unable to do that, and I don't think it would accomplish much. I would give anything though, if there was a way but it would take a miracle I'm afraid."

"There's always a way Ma'am, sometime a miracle's just hard work, but I must get to the kitchen. Will you be staying for supper?"

"Oh no, I just came by for a signature. Please, don't let me hold you up."

Day Fourteen

"Sir, I have been here two weeks now and would you tell me, are you satisfied with my service?"

"Well yes, Cassandra you are doing exceedingly well. I have not the least cause for complaint what so ever."

"Thank you sir but you don't seem to... I mean you don't notice that I'm a woman or comment the way I look."

"I don't think it would be appropriate for me, as your employer to make comments of such a personal nature. You are a very nice looking young lady that is clearly evident."

"Thank you sir but it makes me sad the way you live alone like this all your life. People need company; you know, loving company."

"You shouldn't worry about things like that Cassandra. I am self-sufficient and have everything I need; an excellent housekeeper and a large circle of peers at the university as well as many acquaintances in the community."

"Oh sir I know you are very well respected and loved by everybody but you have no love; no sex. I can do it for you sir with no strings, I swear."

"Young lady I will not hear of such base suggestions in this house. You are my housekeeper not a lady of the night; so let us suspend this conversation directly."

"Oh please sir don't be cross, I want to do this, you need it; everybody does."

"My dear girl you are my employee, hired to look after my house and the kind of behavior you are suggesting is not only totally unnecessary but most improper. I mean if something like this was to become public knowledge, my reputation as an educator would be altogether destroyed."

"But no one would know sir, please; I just feel I owe it to you. You gave me this job that got me out of that filthy dark cotton mill. Working in this beautiful house is heaven to me."

"I'm glad your happy here Cassandra but be assured that I hired you because of your references and skills as a housekeeper not for any lurid or inappropriate reason."

"Yea sir, I just thought that... well you know. You never married and I could provide what you needed with out that... kind of arrangement."

"I never married dear, because of my dedication to the teaching of literature. What... what are you doing? You will cease and desist this instance! This is absolutely disgraceful. I order you to stop!"

"I don't think you've ever seen a naked woman in all your life, have you sir?"

"Well... no, I do not entertain such primitive animal instincts. I would have been married if I had felt the need to. My god... you are beautiful. Oh no dear... not the bloomers!"

"There sir, my birthday suit. I'll turn all around so you can see all my curves and the naughty bits too." Oh your eyes sir, be careful them don't pop right out. And close the mouth sir, it's not befitting a distinguished professor to look struck by lighting like that."

"I... I... what a revelation Cassandra you are a goddess, but... but this is not."

"Oh hush sir, let me sit on your lap. Here put that book away now. There, isn't that much better, I am a voluptuous lass they say, ready and willing. Oh I feel something under my bottom; it's lifting me right off your lap. Here sir, let me take your hand and put it on my titty, squeeze gently, that's it sir. Oh I like that, I would like your other hand on my bottom too; oh that give me goose pimples sir, oh I like that."

"My word Cassandra you are seducing me. I... I have never."

"Hush, hush sir let me do every thing. I'll just slip down on my knees and loosen things up. Oh buttons, buttons, there more buttons and now, oh magnificent sir. Standing proud but we must pull the hood back. That's it, there, a morsel too inviting I can't resist, mm..."

"My word young lady what are you doing!... Ooh this is too much I... I, oh my god I'm going to faint. I am exploding! Oh my goodness dear, all over your face and in your mouth, this is most distressing."

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