Dark Rapture I: Innocence

by Forgotten Idol

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, Fiction, DomSub, Rough, Anal Sex, Size, Caution, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: A girl falls victim to a dark force when her family moves into a new house that's supposedly haunted (well...IS haunted)

Chapter 1

We entered the new house, and there was a chill in the air. My parents had just bought the house. They said they got a great deal on it because no one wanted it. No one wanted it because everyone said it was haunted. But "We don't believe in ghosts," my dad said during the whole process of buying the house. The house itself was huge, and everything in it was old. All the old furniture was still there, as if the former occupants had just run off, not caring about what they left behind. My mom said she loved it's 'victorian' style, which was, as I had guessed, her word for ugly.

I didn't like any of it. Everything looked heavy, and it felt like the heat hadn't been on in years. The cold had taken up permanent resisdence with the absence of other occupants.

A shiver ran through me as I entered the house. I looked around at the large foyer, it's once glossy floor was clouded.

"Well, it needs some work," My mom said.

"Yes, but it's still very nice," my dad said.

I simply rolled my eyes at them. I had not been thrilled by the whole decision to move into a new house, and I wasn't going to be suckered in by their enthusiasm now.

"Can I just go to my room?" I asked.

"Oh... sure, hun... I'll show you the way." I followed my mom through the livingroom, and it's large fire place with several red, lace-frilled chairs placed in front if it. We went up the stairs, and it seemed to get even colder. I followed her all the way down to the end.

"This'll be your room," she said opening the door to the left.

I walked in and I was shocked. It was five-times larger than my old room. It looked cavernous. As I walked in I shivered.

"It's freezing in here," I said.

"I think your father went to turn on the heat," she said, "Oh, here's the best part." She walked along the inner wall of the room and opened a door. "You have your own bathroom." She smiled. "No more bickering when you can't get in it. I'm gonna go get some of my things out of the car, try to get settled in." She walked past me and out of the room. I dropped my bag and looked around. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room, and a long mirror against the wall. I went to the bathroom. It had a nice, large bathtub, and beautiful red tile on the floor. It looked as if it had been cleaned recently.

A shiver shot through my back again, and I clamped my arms around myself. I could have sworn that I had seen my breath. I walked around my room for awhile, examining everything. There was a small dresser tucked in the corner. I placed my bag on my bed and started to unpack it. I opened the dresser and put some of my stuff in it, and as I did it I felt a cold draft rub against my neck. I got goosebumps all over by body as I felt it. I was shivering, and I suddenly got the feeling that I was being watched. I felt as though a set of eyes were peering at me. I turned around quickly and looked around. There was nothing there. I was not liking what I was feeling and I left my room. I went down the stairs and found my mother.

"Mom, I don't like this place," I told her.

"Oh, You're just not comfortable here yet." She said.

"But it's always cold, and it feels eerie," I told her, and she just shook her head.

"You just need to relax, why don't you go back to your room and take a long, hot bath," she said and went about unpacking somethings.

It was useless to argue with her. I reluctantly went back to my room and into my bathroom. I did need a hot bath, and I really needed to relax. I turned on the hot water, and began to fill up the tub. As it filled up I went to my bag and got some soap. When I returned to the bathroom it was already starting to steam up. I closed the door behind me and unbottoned my shirt. I removed it and placed in on the floor by the door. I didn't wear a bra, because I didn't really need one. My breasts weren't very big and they were very firm, so I rarely saw the need to be annoyed by a bra when I wasn't out. I undid my pants and and removed them with my panties.

I turned off the water and slipped into the tub. I moaned softly as the hot water engulfed me. It was relaxing. I laid back in the tub and rubbed my entire body with the soup. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. It was quiet and I heard every splash of water I caused as my soupy hand ran over my soft tits. I took deep breaths as my body relaxed. My hand slipped down my body, under the water and slid down my flat belly. It seemed to have a mind of it's own, but I didn't care. It slipped over my thin pubic hair, and across the lips of my pussy. I moaned softly.

I lifted my leg and hung it over the edge of the tub. My hand rubbed along my cunt, the palm of my hand feeling, and rubbing along my hardening clit. I groaned as my hand sped up it's actions.

A finger slipped into my slick hole, pumping in and out of me. My eyes were closed, and my mouth open slightly in ecstasy. My other hand rubbed along my soft tits, grasped them in it's palm and let the finger squeeze them lightly. It pinched my nipple and I gasped softly. From my breast it traced the path taken by my other hand, and slid down my stomach and rested on my cunt. As one hand was gently working a finger in and out of my pussy, my other pushed and rubbed my hard clit. My hips gyrated, and pushed my crotch against my busy hands. I pulled the outer lips of my pussy apart with my fingers and I felt the warm water resting against the inner folds of my cunt.

I felt so good, so relaxed. The flowery smell of the soup coming up from the tub brushed the inside of my nose. It smelled so lovily. My hand pulled away from my clit and rubbed up the length of my thigh, coming out of the water and continuing up my leg. It stroked my calf, then went back down, It stopped at my pussy for a moment, rubbing my clit softly for a bit before rubbing along the length of my other leg.

The steam from the tub filled the bathroom with a thick haze, that seemed to suddenly grow thicker. I noticed more steam rising from the water, and I felt the air above the tub grow cold. I could see my breath. It was so cold. My mind was in a haze, I slipped further into the tub, my hand still busy on my cunt.

Though I was almost completely submerged in the warm water, I still shivered. I felt again that someone was watching me.

My eyes were half-open, and I felt like I was in a dream. I heard a whisper, 'don't stop, ' it said. It came from the back of my mind, but it felt as though it wasn't me, though it sounded like my own voice, 'rub your pussy for me.'

My finger sped up it's work on my pussy, and I huffed and pushed my hips into my hand. 'that's nice, ' the voice whispered, 'but don't you want more?'

"Yes," I mumbled softly, "I want more."

'don't you need something long and hard, ' the voice continued. The thought made me even hotter in my cunt, though my body remained cold. 'you need something big and hot to warm you deep inside' it said.

"Oh!" I moaned, "yes, I need something... something deeper." My hand came back to my pussy and pinched my clit hard, forcing me to scream. I suddenly felt my pussy clamp down on my finger. My orgasm shot through my body and I bit down on my lip to prevent me from screaming, I groaned with my orgasm through my teeth. I shuttered, and opened my eyes. The haze above me was gone and the water was no longer warm. I looked around as if I was just waking up from a deep sleep. I felt strangely relaxed. I got out of the tub and dried myself off. I put my clothes back on and went out of my room, feeling much better.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, where my mom was just taking dinner from the oven.

"Well, where have you been?" She asked setting some food on the table.

"What do you mean? I was taking a bath," I told her.

"For two hours?!" She asked.

"What?! I was only in there for a half-hour," I told her.

"Then what else have you been doing, then?" she asked.

"Nothing." I said.

What was going on? Had I really been in the bathroom for two hours. Had I fallen asleep. I guess it was possible, but I didn't recall it.

We ate dinner and my mom and dad talked about work that needed to be done on the landscaping. Apparently it hadn't been groomed in years and all the bushes needed to be replaced. I didn't really pay attention and I didn't say much, I just sat there eating, letting my parent's entertain themselves as always.

After I ate, my mom gave me some sheets and blankets for my bed. I went back to my room and dressed my bed. I layed down on it. There was nothing to do, the phones weren't hooked up yet; there was no cable, plus the TV's still had to be moved in from my other house. There was a knock at my door. It was my mom.

"We're going to bed," she said, "We've got a lot to do tomorrow. Goodnight."

I told her goodnight and turned back into the room. I barely made it back to the bed when there was another knock at the door.

"What is it now?!" I said and turned back to the door. I opened it to find nothing. I stepped into the hall and looked around. I didn't see anything. I must have been hearing things, I thought. I stepped back into the room. I stripped out of my shirt and jeans, and put on my nightshirt.

I got into bed and turned off the light. I laid in bed, staring around at the foreign surroundings. There was a pale blue light coming through the curtains, casting eerie shadows over the entire room. The russling of the curtains made the shadows move around the room.

The room was so large, and so empty that I felt alone, like the bed was a deserted island in the middle of the ocean and I was stranded. The moonlight messed with my eyes, and I could barely make out where the walls were. My surroundings had become a web of shadows staying with the moonlight. I felt cold again, and I wrapped myself in the blankets. Everything was quiet, and I closed my eyes trying to picture myself back in my old room, warm and comfortable and asleep.

I held the the blankets close to me. It felt like it was getting colder and colder, and the air was getting heavier, I needed to take harder and harder breaths. A chill slowly coursed up my leg; I felt it creep up my thigh where it stopped and went away. My teeth chattered, and I shivered; I thought that I was going to freeze to death. The moonlight around the room appearred to swirl around and close in on me. Suddenly I felt something pull at the sides of my blanket.

I lept up in bed, "What the fuck?!" I yelled. The chill suddenly fled from me as I looked around the room. I looked around on the sides of the bed but saw nothing. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, and splashed my face with warm water. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked exhausted. I went back to my room and grabbed my watch from the dresser. It said it was three o'clock! But I had just gotten in bed. That wasn't possible! I needed to sleep.

I got back in my bed and curled up with my blankets. I closed my eyes. I don't know if I fell asleep or not, but the next thing I knew my blankets were pulled tight around me as if people were pulling them to the sides of the bed.

"What the... ?!" I screamed and struggled against the blankets. As I struggled they were pulled even harder, pinning me to the mattress. I could barely move. I felt something strange on my calf. It curled around my leg.

"What the fuck!? Let me go!" I yelled at the invisible force that was holding me. The thing on my leg felt like a worm or something. It was wet, and I felt it's liquid flowing over my leg. The warmth of it was causing my leg to sweat. I tried desperately to kick it off, but I couldn't move my leg enough to get any leverage. I squirmed as I felt it slither up my leg a bit and run along up my thigh. It moved under the hem of my nightshirt, and I tried to struggle even more when I felt it's moisture begin to seep into my panties.

It dipped between my legs and brushed against my pussy through my underwear. It slithered around, and I gasped as it pressed against me. It's warmth spreading around my crotch it poked it's end around at my cunt.

The end of it pressed sharply against my clit, and I groaned, trying harder to escape the ordeal. 'Don't struggle, ' I heard a voice say. It was not the same voice from before, this one was much deeper, and sounded much more commanding. 'You know this is what you want... '

"No... no... leave me alone!" I yelled at it, "let me go! AAAAHHGG!" It poked up hard into my panty-clad pussy. My panties were soaked with it's fluid. It lashed at my pussy like a large tongue. It ran up and down along my cunt, forcing the damp panties to sink between my lips. 'You know you want it... admit it'

"No... uHH... AHH... no... I don't... please... AAHH!!" I groaned. It steadied it's movenment on my cunt. It pushed into my clit, it's heat resinating up my crotch. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! God!! Please... No... !!" I yelled as my body fell victim to the foul thing pushing between my legs. I heard the voice, 'If you don't want it... why is it making you cum!!'

"AHHHHH... No... I don't want to but... but... AHHHHH, it's sooo good!" I screamed as I continued to cum. Suddenly the blankets were freed from whatever was holding it. "AAHHHH..." I screamed, and the sudden freedom caught my struggling by surprise and I fell off the bed landing hard on the floor. The blankets fell ontop of me and I struggled a bit to get out of them. When I lifted myself onto the bed, the sun was bursting through my window and nearly blinded me. I rubbed my head, having had bumped it on the floor. The gleam from the window had me in a daze. I looked around. I felt as if I hadn't slept at all. Had I dreamed all of it? What the hell was going on?!

Chapter 2

There was something torturing my mind about the dream I had the night before. I wasn't sure that it was a dream at all, but it had to be! Moving into this creepy house has just messed with my mind, and that's all the rational I needed to push it into the back of my mind.

The second day in the house started out just as I expected. We got up, moved around a lot preparing to move around more. We ate breakfast, and ran around unpacking. My mother and father kept running back to our old house to pick up the remainder of our things.

While my parents were out, I had to go stock some stuff up in the attic. It was by no means a great idea to me to be going up into that attic. If the house was creepy, how bad would that be?

I grabbed a few small boxes, and headed to the stairs leading up to the attic. They creeked as I stepped on them. I carefully walked up them, looking around the boxes I was carrying, until I reached the door. I carefully opened the door, and as it opened I was hit by a damp musky odor. Warm air rushed from the attic. Now I knew where all the heat in the house went. I stepped into the attic; it was sweltering, a thin layer of sweat covered me as soon as I entered. I placed the boxes on the floor and looked around. The entire attic looked dusty, and it smelled like damp wood. It was long, spreading out almost all the way across the length of the room. There was a wide wooden floor spreading across the entire thing. It was entirely empty except for some boxes covered with a sheet all the way at the end. I figured it was just some junk that the previous owners left behind. What better place would there be for us to start piling our junk then next to theirs?

I picked up the boxes and walked all the way to the end of the attic. I placed the boxes down next to the pile of junk. I was a bit curious. I thought about it for a moment, then pulled the sheet away. Under it there was a small oak nightstand with a few drawers in it. Across the front of the top there was a bronze plate with 'Edna House, 1902' engraved in it. I opened up the top drawer and it was filled with old pictures. Most of them were of a group of women standing on the steps outside of our house. On the back of the pictures it said 'the women of Edna House, 1902-1903.'

I put the pictures back and wiped the sweat off my forehead with my arm. I was sticky with sweat. I walked back across the attic and found that the door was closed. I didn't recall closing it. I turned the door knob and pushed on the door. It didn't open. "What the fuck," I said, and tried again a little harder. The door didn't budge. I pushed against it with my shoulder, but it still didn't open. I started kicking it frantically, but nothing happened. I hit the door with the palm of my hand and yelled, "Help! The doors jammed! Is anyone there?!" There was no response.

I was out of breath, and the sweat covering my body caused my shirt to stick to me. I felt a bead of sweat run down my chest. I went back to the other side of the attic where there was a small window. I looked out of it; there were no cars in the driveway, my parents weren't home yet. I pushed on the window, trying to get it open to get some air but it wouldn't budge.

"Damn it!" I yelled. I was stuck in that dank attic. I kept looking out the window, hoping that my parents would be home soon. It seemed like it was taking forever. My shirt was getting soaked with sweat. I couldn't bring myself to move much at all. I sat down on the dirty floor, and tried to cool off.

It was useless. I couldn't escape the humidity and the heat. I kept wiping the sweat from my face. I was beginning to feel suffocated; it was hard for me to breath. Suddenly I heard the stairs creeking. I went to the door and banged on it.

"Can you help me, the doors stuck!" I yelled through the door. Again I heard the stairs creek, but there was no answer. I yelled again. I heard the creeking just outside the door. I banged on the door again. Still there was no answer. Suddenly I was pushed hard against the door. Something was pushing me and pinning me to the door.

'Do you need my help?' I heard a voice from somewhere. I looked around. I was pushed even harder against the door, my breasts were squeezed painfully against it. 'Do you?! Do you need me?'

"Please! Please, let me out!!!" I yelled at the voice. I was terrified. I was being held to the door with such force that I could barely breathe.

'But I don't want you to go... ' it said.

"Please, " I started crying, "please... let me go!!"

'Are you afraid? Are you afraid of me' it said. It's voice had gotten lower.

"Yes!" I screamed, "Please..."

The force holding me to the door lessened slightly, but suddenly I was lifted off the ground. I slid up the door.

'It's been so long for me, ' the voice said, 'I've been lonily, and now you want me to let you go? I haven't had visitors in years.'

I was lift further up the door. 'I like you... You'll never be able to get away from me... I'll always be watching you... even if you leave, I'll follow you. Tonight..." The voice suddenly drifted off and I fell to the ground.

I woke up in a haze on the attic floor. I was covered in dirt. I was exhausted. I was covered in sweat. I looked around. The door to the attic was wide open and cool air was blowing up the stairway and brushing across my face. I got up and went down stairs. It felt good to be in the cool air again. My head was pounding, and I went to my room to take a bath. I turned on the water but nothing came out of the facet.

"What is it now?!" This was getting on my nerves. I must have been cursed or something. I heard my parents come home, and I went to greet them.

"Hey, what the hell happened to you?" my mom said as she looked at me.

"I got stuck in the attic..." I told her, "the door got jammed."

"Why don't you clean up?" She said. It was nothing like your parents to point out the obvious.

"I tried," I said, slightly annoyed, "I turned on the tub but nothing came out of the facet."

"Oh, I'll have your father check on that," She said. Well, maybe a month later we'd have water. Lucky us. I simply rolled my eyes.

I had to spend the rest of the day covered in dirt, feeling grimey.

Finally, during the evening my dad got the water working again and I was finally able to take a bath. It felt good to get all the grime off of me. I was exhausted. After my bath I put on my nightshirt and went to bed. I could barely keep my eyes open, but I wasn't able to get to sleep. I had the bizarre feeling that something was watching me. Peering at me from the shadows of my room. I covered myself in my blankets. The huge bed didn't provide me with much comfort. I could feel a presence in the room with me, but I didn't dare to look.

A shiver kept running through me. I was scared, but of what I didn't know. I built-up some courage a looked around the room. There was nothing but shadows. Shadows were everywhere, but nothing else. Suddenly a whisper broke the silence. It said something I couldn't understand; in fact, I could hardly here it at all. It came again, this time louder. I must have been dreaming, because I thought it said my name.

'Please... 'I heard it say. I tried to ignore it but it came louder. I pit grew in my stomach, and the shadows swirled around the room. My head felt like it was spinning. A warm sensation ran through my body, down my stomach and into my crotch. I had a hard time breathing and I was gasping for breath. I felt as if someone was trying to suffocate me. I was pressed down onto the bed and I heard the mattress squeek. The pressure increased, my shoulders were pressed firmly into the bed. I couldn't move. I tried to struggle against the force but it was useless. The heat in my pussy rose, and I could feel my juices seeping into my panties. The pressure increased on my legs, and they were slowly spread apart. The kept spreading and the pressure continued to increase until I thought that I would be ripped in half. Suddenly it stopped with my legs spread out almost all the way, straining all the tendons in my thighs.

My head was pounding, and my legs hurt. I was helpless; I could barely keep my mind focused on anything around me.

Suddenly I heard a voice from somewhere in my head. 'I told you I would be here... ' it said. 'There's nothing you can do... you will be mine completely.' I barely made sense of what it was saying, my head was so clouded. 'You know you must learn to like this, ' it continued. Then I felt my panties being pulled. They were pulled so hard they broke right in half, and I felt a cold breeze rub along my exposed pussy. Then I tried to jump, but was pushed back down as I felt something press against my cunt. It was hot and wet like a tongue but it covered my entire pussy. It pushed at me, running it's slick length along my cunt leaving a trail of warm slime behind it. I gasped as it's bumpy surfice ran along my clit. I moaned again as it slid back down. It repeated it's motion several times, leaving my crotch covered in it's slime. It mixed with my own juices as my pussy swelled and gushed from it's stimulation. I tried to squirm but the force was holding me too tightly to the bed.

I was going crazy, the strange, slimey thing sped up but it wasn't letting me come. It would speed up, then slow down and stop when I was close to cumming.

"Please... please," I begged for it to make me cum.

'What is it?' the voice said, 'do you need to cum?!'

"YES!! God, yes! make me cum, please!" I screamed at it.

'You need more, don't you?!' it said. 'Some big and long to fill that emptiness deep inside your pussy, don't you... you need it bad..." The object rubbed hard against my clit again and I screamed.

"Yes... yes," I yelled, "I need to be filled... please... fill me!"

'I knew you would beg me for it!' the voice said. With that the slimey object between my legs pulled away, but almost instantly it's place was filled with something else, something just as hot and slimey, but were as the last thing was soft this one felt rock-hard. It was not as large as the last thing, but the end was rounded and as it pressed against my pussy I could tell how fat it was. I felt it rub against almost the entire base of my crotch at once. I gasped and tried to squirm my hips away from it, but I couldn't move. It rubbed back and forth, pressing lightly, spreading my outer lips around the very edge of it. It rubbed up and down the inner opening of my pussy lips and slowly the pressure increased. I felt my inner lips starting to open and the huge rod trying to force it's way inside. I groaned, and bit down on my lip as my pussy was stretched further than it had ever been. The pain started out as a mild straining feeling as my muscles were forced apart, but as the huge end of the rod poked further into me and spread my cunt even further a hot pain shot up my body.

"Ahhh! Please... no!" I begged, tears coming to my eyes as the object continued it's slow pressure on my cunt.

'no... no my dear... you know you want it... and you can not deny that!' the voice yelled at me, it's tone becoming more demanding. The pressure increased as the large object drove forward. I cried out as I felt as if my pussy was about to tear. It pushed the inner walls of my pussy apart as it moved into my vagina. I already felt full to the point of bursting and it just kept going in. The motion was slow, gaining only a fraction of an inch at a time. It felt as if it had been pushing into for minutes and if just kept going. The size of the huge rod was stretching me deep in my gut, and I could feel my insides being pushed by it as it slid slowly up my passage. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain come from deep inside me as the huge rod banged against the back of my cunt. With that the pressure stopped and a bit of clarity came to my mind. My pussy was aching, it felt impossibly stretched. My entire vagina had expanded to fit the giant thing inside, and I felt like my belly was bursting with it inside.

"Oh god!," I groaned as the thing inside me twitched. It tried to pull back as bit and as it did I felt like my insides were going to be pulled out with it. Suddenly hit jerked up into me hard forcing me to scream as it hit the back of my cunt again. It continued it's jerking, and my pussy began to spasm with each thrust despite the pain.

The force holding me down lessened slightly and I could move a litte, allowing me to squirm with it's thrusts. The jerking became more violent; my tits bounced, and I could hear the bed squeeking as each thrust forced the object deep into me.

"Ugh! Oh... yes... yess!" I moaned, all the nerves of my pussy tingled. I felt my pussy spasm and conract along the length of the object.

"Oh... oh! Fuck... god FUUUCKKK! AHHH!" My pussy exploded around the forceful thrusting of the rod. My orgasm was huge. My entire body was shaking, my pussy quivered. My juices exploded from my cunt, running down the object as it continued to ram me hard.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as the top of my lungs, almost hurting my throat as I did it, but I was not in control. I kept cumming and cumming.

Slowly it began to stop, and the object pushed deep into the back of my pussy and stopped, staying wedge all the way inside me. I breathed heavy, trying to catch my breath, my head was hurting, my pussy still stretched around the huge object.

'I knew you would love it... I knew you would... ' the voice said. I was too out of breath to answer. 'We are just beginning... ' it continued, and I felt the object push against the back of my cunt again, forcing me to gasp. The force holding me down strengthened once again. My shoulders were pushed down into the bed and my ass was lifted off of it. The object pushed again at me as if it was trying to force even more into me.

"oWW!" I shrieked " Please, no more!" I begged it to stop but I was merely talking to the air. It pushed again and again, pulled out a little and slammed into me with such force that my ass was pushed back down onto the bed. The juices from my orgasm was easing it but it was so rough it hurt. I continued to beg it to stop.

'No my little one... I have not had a young girl in years... and I must enjoy it now!' the voice yelled at me. It thrusts became more brutal, each time smacking the botton of my cunt, stretching it, forcing more of the huge thing into me. Tears were running down my face and my mind was lost in a fog. The object pulled almost all the way out of me and slammed back in. I screamed constantly to the deaf surroundings hoping for help. But my body was betraying me, my pussy was spasming again, almost begging for what was happening to continue.

My head thrashed from side to side, I tried to move but was held down even tighter. The constant slamming into my gut made me feel like I was going to vomit. It didn't stop, it just kept coming, every second I would feel that huge thing slam into me. It had complete control over me and I knew it as another orgasm hit me, making my pussy clamp down on the huge rod and shivers and waves of pleasure to jump from my cunt and spread throughout my entire body. I was soaked in sweat, my nightshirt was covered in it, making it almost transparent. The blanket over me was damp with my sweat; it soaked into the sheets and the mattress, drops of it rolled down my face and tickled as they ran down between my breast. The wet shirt clung to my back and stomach. The now heavy material scraped against my sensitive, erect nipples as my tits bounced with each hard thrust the object made into me. The juice from my pussy dripped down to my ass and spread along the sheets.

My mouth was open, and a small amount of spit was leaking down the side of my cheek. My eyes were rolling involinterily into my head. I was possessed; my head rolled from side to side on the bed. All I saw was darkness and all I felt was the constant pounding of a huge rod into my leaking pussy. It went on for so long, my thighs were going numb from having been spread for so long. I came again and again as I was relentlessly fucked.

Then I felt the object start to throb and swell forcing my cunt even further apart. I cried out as it thrust into me, smacked against the end of my cunt and kept pushing. The back of my cunt was stretched, and it slid even deeper into be as it continued to swell. Suddenly I felt something shoot into me. I felt it splash against the back wall of my pussy. It kept shooting into me in a constant stream. It felt thick and it filled me up quick. I felt the pressure build and build and the fluid run out along the thick shaft and flow out of me in a stream that ran down my ass and onto the bed.

'Now... now, my dear... I am a part of you, ' I heard the voice say, 'and I will always be a part of you... I'll always be right here with you.'

The huge shaft was slowly pulled from me. 'Now I... we need our rest, my dear... sleep."

Chapter 3

The sun blazed through my window and blinded me as I opened my eyes. I felt like I had just been beaten up, my head was pounding and my entire back was sore. My nightshirt was soaking wet, as was the blanket. I reached down between my legs.

"Oh!" I shrieked as my hand rubbed along my pussy. It was sore and swollen. "Oh my god!!!" I yelled, jumping up in bed. "Please tell me that was just a dream!"

'That was no dream, my dear," I heard a voice in my mind say.

"Oh god! What the hell are you..."

'It doesn't matter any more... now I'm part of you... or actually you are part of me.'

My hand cupped my pussy, and I wasn't even controlling it! 'We're going to have fun together, aren't we?!'

This couldn't be happening. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. 'You're such a pretty girl!' the voice said.

"This isn't happening!"

'Oh... this is happening, my dear. There is nothing you can do about it.'

My hand reached up and gripped my breast through my shirt. '... and such nice tits... '

"Stop it!" I yelled and pulled my hand away. "Who are you?!"

'It is not a matter of interest. What should be of interest to you is what I can give to you.'

"What?!" I asked, "What is it you can give to me?!"

'Liberation, my dear... liberation, the thing missing from every life... the thing that is destroyed by everything you have been taught to embrace! Smile, my dear, smile... rapture is destined for you... ' My hand reached up and grabbed my tits again.

"Stop!" I yelled pulling my hand away again. "This can't be happening. I won't let this happen!"

'Oh... come on... you've already gotten a sample of what I can give to you last night... or did you forget how much you enjoyed it?!'

"Oh god!" Last night was not a dream! my god! It had really happened! I splashed my face with cold water. "What am I going to do?!" I was almost on the verge of tears, I could not fathom what was going on. "What am I going to do?!"

'I'll tell you what to do, ' the voice said, 'you are going to take a bath. You look like you need one.'

It was right. I did need a bath. I tried to put it out of my head and relax in the hot water of the bath.

After I cleaned up I got dressed. I went out to the kitchen where my mom was making lunch.

"Good afternoon, sleep enough?" she asked as I walked in.

'Your mom is pretty hot... not as hot as you, but not bad... ' the voice said. I tried to ignore it. I looked at my mom. I guess she was good looking. She was thin with a nice ass and firm tits. Maybe because she worked out all the time, I thought. 'I wouldn't mind fucking her... how about you?!'

"What?! No... shut up!" I whispered.

"What's that," my mom turned around and looked at me, "did you say something?"

I smiled at her, "No... nothing."

She turned back around. 'Come on... let's take her.' I ignored what it was saying. 'Don't you want to find out what her cunt tastes like?! Don't you want to know what it will feel like, her wet cunt on you tongue and finger. Or her tongue on your cunt, licking up and down that little slit of yours, making your clit scream for attention.'

I tried to shut it out, but as it kept rambling I started to become aroused. I got up from the table. "I'm not really hungry, I'm gonna go to my room for a bit." I told my mom.

"Ok. But I need your help doing some things later," she told me as I went back up to the hall and down to my room.

I got into my room and closed the door behind me.

'She's not much bigger than you... you can take her, tie her up and have your way with her!' it said. "Stop it, stop it!" I yelled. "That's my mom."

'And you were getting wet thinking about it, I know... what does that make you?! Bad, or something? There is no good or bad, only pleasure. You know you want to do it.'

"No!" I yelled.

'Fine! But what are we going to do about this, ' it said and my hand grabbed at my crotch through my jeans, 'you're still wet, I know. Thinking about your mommy pushing her fingers into your cunt made you all hot and sticky... ' my hand squeezed at my pussy and I gasped. 'Oh, now you submit to me... is that all it takes is a wet pussy to make you do what I want, is that all it takes to let me take control?! I assure you, you only have control because I'm letting you have it... for now.' My hand pressed harder into my crotch. 'Now you need some release... what are we going to do about that?!'

My hand rubbed accross my jeans over my pussy. I could feel my pussy leaking into my panties. 'Don't you want to stroke your wet pussy?!'

"Yes!," I said, "Oh! I need to!"

'But that won't be enough, will it?! You need more than just your fingers, don't you? You need something to fill you, something to pound you sweet little cunt?!'

"Yes, I need something more..." I said.

'But what are you going to do, what can you use?'

"I don't know!"

'Check around your parent's room, maybe mommy has a special friend laying around somewhere for when your little daddy can't get it up. Maybe you'll have to figure something else out... '

I left my room. I could not believe what I was doing! I walked to the other end of the hall where my parent's room was. I looked around to make sure no one was around. I went in. There were still some boxes laying around, but most of the stuff was put away. I went to the dresser and looked through the doors... nothing but clothes. 'Maybe it's in the nightstand, ' the voice said. I checked, there was nothing. My hand was back again rubbing my crotch, 'Oh, you really need it bad, don't you? Your pussy is so wet. You need something to shove in there to stop that leak, don't you?'

"Oh, stop... stop rubbing me" I said and pulled my hand away.

Suddenly I heard my mom calling me. She was in the next room, which my dad was going to use as an office. I looked in.

"Oh, there you are, can you hand me some of those books," she asked pointing to some books on the desk. I went over to them and handed them up to her. She was on a step ladder and her ass was right in front of me. I looked at it. My hand went back to my crotch, and I instantly pulled it away. 'Come on... just reach out and grab her ass, ' it said. I forced myself to look away.

"Do you need anything else?" I asked her.

"Not right now." she said.

I left the room quickly. 'You are such a chicken, that was the perfect chance," it said, 'I think I've given you too much control... '

I walked down to the kitchen. 'Now, I'll take control of this matter' I opened the fridge. 'let's see, ha... I knew it!' My hand reached out a grabbed a cucumber from one of the drawers in the fridge. 'This will do, won't it?!' My other hand was rubbing my crotch.

"Stop! Not here, someone could walk in on me!" I begged it.

'You had you're chance, now it's mine... ' My hands undid my pants. 'this thing is a little cold, so we'll have to warm it up.'

"Please!" I begged as my hands pulled my jeans down my thighs with my panties. I was standing in the kitchen with my pants down. I looked around to make sure no one was coming. My hand brought the cucumber to my pussy and slowly pushed it in. I groaned as it entered me, it's cold surfice felt strange against the heat of my pussy. It slipped in deeper until almost the entire thing was inside. With two fingers on the end of it, my hand pushed it until my fingers were halfway in my cunt, forcing the vegitable all the way inside me. Suddenly my hands reached down and pulled my jeans up quickly. My pussy relaxed and I could feel the edge of the cucumber pressing against the tightness of my pants.

'Now... there you go... ' the voice said.

"Oh... this feels so strange," I said. I walked slowly, feeling my muscles moving the cucumber deep inside me. I knew I was walking strange, and I hoped that I wouldn't come across my parents as I made my way back up to my room.

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