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Desc: Sex Story: She is messing aroung he is sure. What should her do with his hot wife. In this one he joins her...<br><i>Reposting an older story</i>

It was a lot of little things that first made me suspicious that my beautiful, sexy wife of just three years had found other avenues of expression in her life. Things continued to be great at home. We enjoyed everything together, especially sex. Both of us had been in our late twenties when we decided to get married. Neither of us were strangers to robust sex when we met. Then we had lived together for a year prior to taking the step. We shared so many common interests together that we never lacked in "something to do".

But we both had a most favorite activity by far, sex, hot steamy sex. Entire week ends spent in every sexual activity we could think of. We both loved to have sex, with a lot of exploration, a lot of variety. We shared our fantasies and tried to help the other in acting out that fantasy as much as we could. Our fantasies were rich in variety. We had tried a lot of sexual games between us. We had great sex almost daily. Sue, my lusty wife, came so easily... once we started she came over and over. In fact both of us were totally involved and satisfied with all aspects of our union. Or so I had thought.

As I mentioned it was a number of little things that first made me wonder. Phone calls that she never explained that were sometimes whispers, or sultry tones. She started "working late" more and taking business trips more often.

When she was at home she was as loving and attentive to me as ever. She had an enormous sexual appetite when at home. We both did. I wondered, if she were having sex with some one else how she could still be so eager for sex at home.

One night when she had left for a late business meeting I sat in my study with a cup of coffee and considered the possibility. Was my wife messing around on me? With whom? Someone at her office? A neighbor? A friend? I tried to imagine it. My lovely wife with her killer body, going into a motel with some faceless stranger, stripping, crawling in bed and doing all the things we loved to do to each other with another man. In my mind I had the two of them do it all. My imagination was going wild and then I realized I had a raging hard-on. My fertile imagination of what my wife was doing with another man had turned me on... a lot.

I heard her car in the garage and I went to meet her. I had to admit I "inspected" her carefully as I watched her come in from the garage. I looked for any signs that her clothing was askew, her make up different. I wasn't sure... Then I kissed her and I slipped my tongue into her sweet mouth. I enjoyed the kiss and she returned it equally. What was I looking for? The taste of something foreign. Then I realized I was looking for the taste of a man's cum in my wife's mouth. I couldn't be sure. Then I slipped my hand up under her short skirt and my hand rested on her bare love nest. No panties...

When the kiss broke she purred, and pulled away saying,

"I am glad you waited up my love. I want you so bad. Let me get a quick shower and I will show you." Ignoring her lack of panties

And she rushed off to the shower. I slowly followed her and watched from just outside the shower door as she showered and douched with the hand held shower head. Was she destroying the traces of her lover? I wondered. In bed she was all over me. Eager to do it all. It was great sex. No lack of energy or enthusiasm. After oral sex, and vaginal sex, and anal sex we sort of fell in a heap and she moaned,

"Oh shit Jim, I do love the way you do me... and all the places you fuck me. I love the way you make me cum over and over. I love it."

I nuzzled her large firm breasts and took one nipple in my mouth and gently bit down on it. She gasped and her hands searched for, and found my cock, now only half hard. She toyed with it and said in a sultry whisper,

"I thought I was sated for the evening but maybe, could you do me one more time my love?"

I was hard again and she straddled me and lowered herself down, taking my hard cock deep into her very wet, very used cunt. I wondered then if I were the only cock to use her hot pussy this evening. The thought made my cock swell larger and Sue smiled at me and said,

"Oh Jim... your cock just grew inside me... Oh damn... it feels so good... oh honey fuck me,... oh I love it... so much... so much"

And she came violently, thrashing on top of me so wildly I had to hold her, to steady her, as she pounded my cock and I shot cum into her gripping pussy.

When we settled down we cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms. I remembered thinking just before I drifted off to sleep, if she is fucking other men it sure isn't taking away from home. And then I wondered, What happened to her panties?

The next day at my office I sat over coffee and pondered it all. I was certain that Sue was messing around. So what to do? Did I want to confront her? If I did what would I do if she admitted to screwing some one else? Was I going to divorce her? The thought of splitting with Sue left me shaking my head no. Was I just going to ignore it? Ignore the fact that my wife was messing around on me? Just then my secretary, Nancy, walked in and looked at me strangely and asked,

"Are you OK Jim?"

Nancy had been my secretary for about five years. She was a beautiful full bodied red headed sweetheart of about 30. She was happily married and after a near thing where she and I almost had an affair, we mutually decided we should be great friends and nothing more,... in spite of an admitted extremely strong sexual attraction between us. We joked and teased, and that included some very nice touching, but there was a line we were careful not to cross. We had become very close though.

I looked up at her and replied,

"Maybe Nancy, maybe not. I think my wife is screwing around on me."

"You're not serious? Sue is having an affair? Are you sure?"

I shared with her my feelings and thoughts and the few facts. I also shared with her the fact that when I imagined Sue with another man it turned me on something fierce.

"I guess I am pretty weird Nancy, the idea of another guy fucking my wife turns me on."

"Not so weird Jim, I know men that are like that. I know men who like to watch while other guys take their wives."

"You do?"

"Yes I do, I want you to try something, right now, close your eyes and imagine you are in a strange motel, some guy you don't know is screwing Sue while you sit across the room, naked, watching them."

I did and I felt my cock start to rise. I told Nancy

"I can't believe it Nan, but I started to get hard thinking about watching Sue and another man."

"I thought so. People who are really into sex, sometimes are into different kinds of wild sex, swinging for example or voyeurism. Hell we are all voyeurs. Look at how popular XXX films are. We all like to watch other people fuck."

She paused for a second and then asked, "Boss, have you messed around on your wife."

I just smiled and nodded then I asked,

"How do you know so much about all this?"

She only smiled and said softly,

"Trust me, I know."

"Nan, are you talking about you and Mike, your husband? Are you into the things you mentioned?"

Again she smiled coyly and after a long pause she answered,

"Yes we are. That is how I am sure about some guys enjoying watching other men screwing their wives. Mike loves to watch other men do me. I have to admit I enjoy it too. Are you shocked Jim?"

"No, not shocked. A little surprised. I find the idea pretty damned exciting."

"You are partially responsible for our swinging Jim. Remember when I started working for you, how close we came to getting it on? Well I wanted you so bad I couldn't believe it. Even though Mike and I had a great sex life. I love my husband but I wanted you too. After you and I decided it was best not to get involved sexually, I started thinking and realized there were several men I wanted. None of them as much as you but..."

"So what did you do Nan, start having affairs?"

"Yeah, first it was my next door neighbor. He had flirted with me and tried to get me in bed for some time. I always wanted to but didn't, basically because I was chicken. He is a good looking bastard and is hung like a horse. The next time Mike was out of town, Bill, my neighbor came over as he frequently did when Mike was gone. I had just gotten out of the shower and had slipped into a short terry robe. Bill made admiring comments and was ogling me pretty good. I remember I thought, that if he tried, he could take me to bed easily. In fact I let the robe slip an awful lot. Well he tried shortly and I didn't stop him this time. We did it on the living room floor, then in my bed a couple more times. I expected to feel guilty but I didn't, I loved it. Mike was out of town for several days and by the time he got back Bill and I had sex dozens of times. Bill had me in ways I had never tried before. Then the night before Mike was to return he and his wife Patty came over after dinner. As we sat over wine Bill explained Patty knew what we had been doing all week, that they were into swinging. Well we did my first threesome that night, it was so sexy, and Patty went down on me and I loved that a lot. She invited me to return the favor and I did... eagerly.

Well soon after Mike returned from his trip Patty got him in the sack and first thing we knew we were having foursomes and inviting other couples that Bill and Patty knew to join us. That was how Mike learned he loved to watch other men with me."

When she paused as if to measure my reaction I ran my eyes over her full sexy body and said,

"Wow, Nan I am surprised... and intrigued... and hard."

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