by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: Joe is my boss and best friend, single and in need. My wife and I both love him dearly.

My name is David Ross and I'm a lucky guy. I have worked for Joe Slocum for about ten years now, ever since college days. Over the years Joe and I have become as close as brothers, maybe closer. Things have gone very well for me at work. I have been promoted several times and now I run the technical half of the company. We are a small electronics firm specializing in computer components. I managed to get them built and my boss sells them. He's one heck of a salesman and is always after me to increase production. I like that since I have a profit sharing plan as part of my compensation package.

Personally it couldn't have been better too. Ann, my wife of four years is a real sweetheart, very nicely built, a lovely face, and she is eager to please at everything. It's her personality... she has always wanted to please the people around her, especially me. She is perky and energetic, always horny and a lot of fun. How could anyone not love her?

My boss is still single, primarily because he is a workaholic. The company is his wife, Ann says, and maybe she is right. He is always traveling, calling on customers, entertaining customers and it pays off financially at least. We have both made a lot of money but no wife for Joe.

I once asked my boss and buddy what he did for sex when he was so damned busy. I know I can hardly go a night without my gorgeous, sexy and thankfully, equally horny wife. He admitted that sometimes it was tough. He wasn't into the bar scene, too dangerous. He did use a few high class call girls in entertaining customers from time to time and he enjoyed them as well. I felt sorry for him and almost guilty that I was so lucky to have my Ann.

When Joe wasn't on the road or taking customers out, Ann, Joe and I, were usually together. Catching a drink after work, going out to dinner, maybe a movie or at one of our houses for dinner and a evening of quiet friendship. The three of us seem to hit it off unusually well and were completely comfortable together. Free to say anything to each other. To be relax and be ourselves. Joe and Ann tease and flirt a lot and I have to admit I enjoy it. I enjoy that Joe finds my wife attractive. I assumed it was mutual. I could see why a girl would go for Joe.

Then one night as we sat after dinner, mellow on some great wine, Ann surprised me by asking Joe, "Why don't you take time to find yourself a wife? You are a handsome guy, a real catch and you need a wife. If you are half as horny as Dave is all the time you really need one."

We all laughed comfortably. There was a silence and finally Joe sighed and replied, "I know I need one honey, and if I ever find one like you I will grab her. But I think they broke the mold after you."

Ann laughed softly, only a little embarrassed.

About a week later, Joe was just back in town and was worn out. It was mid summer and we had suggested Joe come over for a swim and dinner that Friday night. That Friday morning I heard Ann say as she looked at her swim suit that it was so old and about worn out she would have to get a new one soon. It isn't difficult to guess what I did. I stopped at a shop and picked out a new suit for my lady. A bikini. I guess I got carried away cause I bought a string bikini. They had a manikin with one on it and as I looked at it and thought of my voluptuous wife in it I started to get visibly excited. And I bought it.

When I got home that day I threw it on the bed and went into my study and surfed the net waiting for Ann to get home. I heard her come in and call. I let her know where I was and she headed to the bedroom to change out of her work clothes. After a short silence she called, "You have to be kidding."

I knew well what she was talking about and headed her way. As I stepped into the room my jaw dropped. Then the next reaction was for my cock to get hard. She stood there and looked so damned hot. Her full 36d breasts stood up firm with no droop even though the top was a small triangle of cloth that barely covered her nipples and areolas. Her full round melons were bare except for that little patch at just the apex.

Her bottom cover was as small and didn't quite cover her pubic hair. When she turned I whistled at her bare ass. I loved thongs all of a sudden.

Her eyes danced as she turned and posed for me and she said, "I like the way you look at me in this hon, but I could never wear it with anyone else."

"Not even Joe. I think he would love to see you in that. I bet he would have the same reaction I do."

"Dave! What are you thinking. I might as well be naked."

"Oh hon it isn't that bad. We are all adults here. You have to admit it would be fun to see Joe's eyes when he sees you in that." I saw the fire in her eyes and stepped closer. She grabbed me and we soon were fucking like two teen age kids.

When Joe came Ann was still in the shower. I had my suit on as did Joe. I had just started the steaks when Ann showed up. I turned with an expectant smile on my face but was sadly disappointed when I realized she had her old suit on. I frowned and, like a little boy, I felt cheated. In fact I acted a bit petulant all night. Ann and Joe had a good time talking and flirting as usual. Ann knew why I was being quiet but ignored me. She entertained Joe with good conversation and he didn't have time to notice I was acting like a disappointed little boy.

After Joe left Ann turned to me and said, "OK little boy, what was wrong with you. At first I thought it was because I hadn't worn the new suit you got me but I decided you weren't that petty. Give, what is wrong?"

I'm sure I looked pretty stupid. Then she said, "It was the suit. I don't believe it. It was that important that I wore it?"

I stood there for a moment feeling pretty small and then said, "I just wanted to show you off. I think you are the most beautiful thing in the world and that includes your body. I just wanted to show off a little, that you are my wife. I know it's silly but I love you so much and am so proud that you love me too. I just wanted Joe to be envious. Forget it I know it's pretty damned childish."

I looked up into her eyes and was surprised to see tears. She moved into my arms and kissed me. It was sweet and tender. She pulled away and said, "You got it... you want me to wear that suit, I will do it. I didn't realize how you felt. My dear sweet husband you can show me off any way you want to. If you love me that much it is the least I can do. "

We just held each other and I felt her move against me and knew she was getting turned on. So was I. So I scooped her up and carried her to bed. After we made love for what seemed like an unusually long time we lay totally spent. I rolled over beside her and propped up looking at her unbelievable body. She notice my gaze and said, "I love the way you look at my body. I love the way you use and please my body."

"But you don't like for other men to look at your body?"

"Of course I do silly. It is a turn on to know some guy is enjoying looking at you. That they want you."

"So why didn't you want to wear the suit."

"I just told you honey, it turns me on to be looked at like that. If I wore that suit, it would turn all three of us on. That could be pretty dangerous."

"You mean you think Joe might make a pass at you?"

When I said that I realized my limp cock jumped. The idea excited me. She looked at me and said patiently as if talking to a school child. "Honey, when you saw me in this suit for the first time you had an instant hard on and you threw me down on the bed and fucked me, just like I needed you to. The suit and you turned me on too... Don't you think Joe would have a similar reaction and desire?"

"Yeah, I'm sure he would. I get your point. I never thought about it like that. I bet Joe spends a lot of time wanting you. That suit isn't the only sexy thing you wear. Half your clothes are like that. Sexy."

"I... I know."

"You know?"

"Honey, when there is desire between a man and a women you know. I can feel it with Joe sometimes. The way he looks at me, touches me. Never anything improper, Joe wouldn't do that... but I can tell."

"Do you ever want him?"

"David, I would never..."

I cut her off, "I didn't ask you if you slept with him sweetheart. I was just curious if he turned you on. Have you ever thought about it with Joe?"

"Yes... there are times when he looks at me so hungry."

"So it would excite you to wear that suit in front of Joe?"

"Yes... I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. I love you Dave."

"Ann my love, you haven't hurt me. You have educated me some. I guess I should have known all of that. Maybe I wanted you to turn Joe on."

"And then what?"

We sat there and stared at each other. Not another word was said.

A couple of busy weeks passed by and the three of us met at a local place, nice bar, little dance floor. Dark and cozy kind of a place. We got our drinks and sat in a booth next to the dance floor. Ann was beside me in a short miniskirt, tight top. She looked hot. As I sipped my drink I noticed Joe looking down her blouse at the ample cleavage. I smiled to myself and wondered again. I had wondered a lot lately. What would it be like to know your wife was being fucked by another guy? The idea had driven me crazy, first a little jealous but then so horny I could hardly wait to get home to Ann again each day.

I had bought her more of the hot outfits like she had on today. She looked at them and smiled asking, "Showing me off baby?"

I smiled and nodded.

After she had been wearing more and more of my selections to the office she told me one night after making love, "The outfits you keep buying me are really popular at my office. The men seem to always find something they need to talk to me about."

"Do you like it?"


But now as the three of us sat sipping our drinks the music started up nice and slow. Ann turned to me and said, "Come on, dance with me."

We moved around the small floor slowly and I realized she was getting turned on. I kissed her lips lightly and asked, "You like this?"

"Yes... I got a lot of attention today from the men in the office. It turned me on baby. I can hardly wait until I get you home."

"My cock was growing and she smiled at me and sighed, "I love to feel you grow like that."

The song stopped and we sat back down. When it started again she looked at me and grinned. I leaned over and kissed her ear and whispered, "Dance with Joe. Turn him on like you did me."

We looked at each other for seconds and then she smiled and stood up saying, "Come Joe, my nasty husband is too tired to dance."

Joe looked at me and I nodded my OK. I watched as they danced slowly and talked. I knew their bodies were touching just like ours had and I got even harder. They stopped talking. His hands stayed very proper but Ann looked over at me and smiled and I knew he was hard.

When the dance ended they walked slowly toward me with Ann in front. I heard him say as they approached, "I'm sorry hon. Just couldn't help it."

She replied, "It's OK sweetie, we have to get you a friend."

We each went our separate ways. In our car Ann scooted up next to me and after a minute she said, "What are you trying to do?"

I said, "What are you talking about?" but I knew.

"He was so hard. I felt his cock against me rock hard. I turned him on baby. And he turned me on... Was that what you wanted?"

We drove in silence for a minute and then I slid my arm around her shoulder and cupped one of her full breasts. I leaned over and kissed her and said, "Yes. That was what I wanted."

Then she said, "Did you get hard while we danced?"


The sex was unbelievable when we got home.

Soon after that Joe came over for a Friday night. I was fixing the steaks as before and Joe was in his swim trunks too gabbing with me. We heard the patio door open and turned to see Ann in the string bikini. She looked at me and grinned as she walked toward us. Everything was jiggling and bouncing and swaying. Damn she looked tempting.

I looked at Joe and his mouth hung open. I glanced down and it was clear he was half hard just like I was. Ann stood in front of us and asked, "Where is my drink?"

We all stuttered a little over dinner around the pool. When Joe left I walked him out to his car and when we were out of hearing from Ann he looked at me and said, "You lucky son-of-a-bitch." and grinned broadly. I smiled and said, "I know. And she is as good in bed as she looks."

I smiled all the way back to where Ann was still at the pool. I grinned at her and she just smiled and said, "Poor Joe... now take me to bed."

The next afternoon Joe called. One of our best customers and his wife were in town and called and asked Joe and a date to go out with them.

The problem Joe told me was he had no date, he couldn't call a hooker, even a high priced call girl. Then he said it, "Could Ann go with me? Just dinner, a couple of drinks. Should be home by 10."

"I smiled and hid my excitement as I said, "Fine with me Joe, let me call Ann."

I heard them talking. She laughed a couple of times and then said, "Sure, If Dave said OK, what time?"

She hung up and said, "I have a date. I need to get ready. The guy's wife is young Joe said. And he is about 20 years older." and she bounded up to take a shower and get ready. Joe was picking her up in 30 minutes.

As she was in the shower I laid out a brief miniskirt and a blouse that showed a lot down the front. She soon came out and saw what I had chosen. She smiled and said, "You know I can't wear panties or bra with that. Is that what you want me to wear?"

"It is."

"So be it Dave. But you better be rested when I get home. Wearing this with two other men besides you will have me hot as hell. I expect you to put out the fire... maybe several times."

Joe came in and almost dropped his teeth when he saw Ann ready to go like that. I just smiled and told them to have a good time. Ann kissed me and whispered, "I want you laying in bed, nude with a hard on when I get home buster."

After they were gone I couldn't sit still. I knew Joe was enjoying how Ann looked. I kept wondering if he would try anything with her. For the first time I admitted to myself I hoped he would. And I hoped Ann responded. Did I want her to let him fuck her? The thought thrilled me. My cock was hard enough to drive nails as I pulled it out and stroked it. I imagined them dancing on the floor kissing, their hands all over each other, playing with each other at the table, after they dropped the other couple off they parked and she slowly let him fuck her. Then I came all over the carpet.

I cleaned up and my thoughts took off again. I imagined them coming home, admitting to me what they had done and we all went to bed together and fucked the rest of the night.

I paced the floor, enjoyed my fantasies and finally showered and crawled in bed about 10. The time passed slowly. I tried to read. Midnight passed, then about 1am I heard the front door open and heard Ann call out, "Good night."

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