Sharing Isn't So Bad

by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: He catches his wife with another man who she obviously has had before. He divorces her and then...

"Why?" I asked my sexy wife.

The one who still looked like she was in her early twenties in spite of being ten years older. The one with the full sexy figure that drew men's eyes like a magnet, women's too. She had always been a flirt. I had suspected she had gone further than flirting a few times but could never be sure. And to tell you the truth I didn't worry about it, she was the perfect wife. I had never been as happy as the 6 years we had been married. Especially in bed. She was always ready and eager for anything I wanted. So I hadn't looked too closely at her flirting. I guess I didn't want to know.

But then I had caught her red handed. We had been at a neighborhood party and one of the neighborhood guys had paid a lot of attention to Clair. Dancing with her a lot, feeding her drinks. I had been involved talking and a little light hearted flirting on my own. Then I noticed the two of them were gone. I immediately thought of the bedrooms and headed in that direction. As I got close I heard my wife moaning. I opened the door slowly. He had her bent over the overstuffed chair back, her short skirt up over her cute ass and her panties on the floor. He was driving his cock hard up my wife's receptive pussy. I heard her say, "Yes Don, damn fuck me hard baby. Give me that big cock. I have missed it."

That did it. As much as I loved her, as much as I loved having her as my wife, I couldn't deal with it right in my face. I didn't know which one I was the maddest at, at that moment I wanted to kill them both. "you fucking bitch." I shouted as I stepped forward and landed a looping haymaker to the side of Don's head. He dropped like a rock and Clair clambered up on the bed trying to get away from me. I glared at her as she started crying... saying "I'm so sorry Paul."... disgusted I turned and walked down the stairs, out the front door and to our home, or what used to be our home.

I heard her come in moments after I did. I had only gotten angrier. I watched as she sidled in through the door hesitantly. Her face a mask of confusion. That was when I asked her "Why."

"I don't know Paul... I just sometimes can't help myself. I get so horny, so needy for somebody else besides you. You are a wonderful lover. It is me, I have been like that since high school."

"Have you been doing that all the time since we got married?"

She ducked her head in something that looked like shame and said softly, "Yes."

"Pack yourself a bag and get the fuck out. Go to your folks place, they will love to have their slut daughter back."

She started crying, "Please Paul, isn't there some way?... I really do love you... only you. I have never loved anyone else."

"Pack your bag and get out."

The divorce was easy, she contested nothing. We both had good jobs, made about the same, and so we split the rest of our holdings. I bought her half of the house. And when the divorce was final, I thought that was it.

But I missed her more than I ever dreamed. I dated but found all the women so much less than Clair. I began to realize what we had had together. And then I would get angry all over again. Why had that bitch played so fast and loose with what we had. Obviously she didn't feel the way I did.

One Saturday morning about six months later, I was taking care of household chores when the doorbell sounded. When I opened it I got this huge choking feeling. There was Clair, looking so damn good, so hot in tiny shorts and halter top, I could only stare. She knew how she was effecting me... her eyes were twinkling brightly. After letting me look her over for a few seconds she said softly, "There is a box that belongs to you in my trunk. I guess you sent it to me by mistake."

I could only nod. My heart hurt from just looking at her. I walked behind her to her open trunk, enjoying the way her cute perfect ass twisted as she walked. I was starting to get hard. Then I recalled our last night together, her with Don, and I grew angry all over again. Clair knew me and instantly understood the mood switch. I had carried the box in the house and dropped it and turned to her ready to kick her back out the door. Tears were running down her face. She looked crushed. She said in a small voice, "I had hoped we could become friends if nothing else. I am so sorry for hurting you. You are the best man I know, at everything, I miss you so, and I will love you forever."

Suddenly I felt the tears running down my face. She moved and held me. It felt so good to be back in her arms as I held her too. We cried for sometime, then I realized I had a huge hard on pressing into her loins. Somehow our lips met and the passion rose. The kiss was ambrosia. God I wanted her. When the kiss broke she said, "Please... love me."

I scooped her up and soon we were in our old bed fucking our heads off. We did nothing else but sex, except a couple of small meals and a little casual conversation, until dark on Sunday. Finally we showered together again and we both seemed sated. She looked at me and said, "You always were the best."

I returned the comment and added, "too bad I wasn't enough for you."

She grew sad again and said softly, "Yes it was too bad. I am so sorry I'm like that." dashing my hopes that she would swear it would never happen again.

She dressed and left shortly.

Things went on. I would see her around town, sometimes alone, sometimes with girlfriends, sometimes on a date. There was this one Friday night we ran into each other at our favorite restaurant, both with dates. We shared a table over dinner. Her date was a pretty nice guy I knew. I wondered if she would be fucking him before the night was over and decided of course she would. My date was a sexy little thing that loved to fuck and was great fun to be with, but compared to Clair she was a lame duck.

After dinner I felt lousy and dropped my date early saying something about dinner disagreed with me. She smiled sadly and said, "Yeah Paul, your ex wife. Call me when you get over her."

I drove home in a fog, I had just gotten in the door when my phone rang. It was Clair, I heard, "Damn you, why do I still love you. You ruined the evening for my poor date. He is a sweet guy but I sent him home."

"I did the same thing."

"I hoped you would. Can I come over?"

"Yes, hurry." and the phone clicked dead.

That was the way it went for a while, we dated others but got together at least weekly to make wild love... to fuck til we dropped. In between we talked and talked. I knew she was dating others, knew she fucked most of them but somehow now I didn't mind so much. I passed it off as "she was no longer my wife."

Then one night I asked her, "Do you really need the extra sex?"

"Paul, why... why are you asking that? We have been doing so well together even with the extra."

"I know Clair, the truth is I miss you when we aren't together. I was wondering if maybe you could move back in?"

"What about... ?"

"Your other men?"


"You need that?"

"It isn't that I need it Paul, but when the right circumstances arise, I can't seem to say no. No that isn't right, I don't want to say no. Paul I love you but I like having different men."

"How often?"

"This week just you, last week two other guys. Oh Paul, can't we just continue. I love you and I have a part of you this way. I would hate to lose that. Please don't get upset over the others."

"That is the strange part Clair, I'm not upset. I know you are still fucking others, I just wondered... I just wondered how I could have more of you?"

"You can have most of me... if you can excuse an occasional thing."

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