Amber's Weekly Reckoning

by Reavan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amber is a dedicated servant taking care of her aging master in more ways than one.

"Cocoa sir. Nodding off a bit?"

"Ah what, oh yes my cocoa. Nodding off you say? Well I suppose it's getting on to bed time."

"Its Thursday evening sir, here let's have a sip now."

"I can hold the cup my self you know; oh very well carry on then. Ah, that is good cocoa Amber. Thursday evening you say and nearly time for bed."

"No sir, it's only eight o'clock and sir knows I like holding the cup, another sip?"

"Oh, alright... I supposed then maybe some reading. Did you see my book, what was it called now? I thought it was here on the table?"

"Sir doesn't need the book; Sir forgot again. It's Thursday evening and weekly reckoning time."

"Oh yes, my memory's not what it was. You have that little notepad then?"

"Yes sir, right here always handy in my apron pocket. And sir's pill is here too, open wide."

"Good,... well then, where were we; oh yes any incidents this week?"

"I'm afraid so sir. Nearly every day there's something."

"Oh dear, really; have you reckoned a number then?"

"Yes sir, if the Saturday incident counts for five, it adds to eighteen."

"Saturday... Saturday, what happened Saturday? I have no recollection; Saturday, hmm?"

"The broom, sir nearly fell over it, in the hallway."

"Yes the broom. Ah, I remember now. Five is a bit harsh though, is it not? I mean no one was hurt."

"Could have sir, the dear departed Missus would have been in a flap for ten. I'm sure; just know it."

"Yes Amber, she was demanding but always fair. Ten years now I believe?"

"Nine sir, strong willed the Missus was, handled me well she did."

"Well yes she was adamant at that. Now how many was it, tonight?"

"Eighteen sir, should I ready now?"

"Very well, I suppose there's no getting around it. You are a good servant Amber, how many years now?

"Nineteen sir, since I was seventeen. Sir was strong then, kept me on my toes and so the Missus did. No note pad needed then. All was done quick on the spot."

"Yes, one gets older and have less energy."

"Would sir, undo behind me."

"There it goes Amber, the what's it called?"

"The apron Sir. Sir the other one?"

"Oh yes, where is the darn thing now? Oh yes, I got it and there she blows! "

"Sir likes the way the uniform just fall on the floor when sir pull the zipper, Isn't that so?"

"One of life's sweet pleasures, Amber. It sustains me in my old age."

"Its Thursday reckoning time, unserpants sir. I'm wearing your favorite red garter belt with the lacy things and the fishnets."

"Well I'm not blind just yet, Amber but why underpants?"

"Sorry sir, you said last week, not to wear them next week.

"My heavens, why would I say that?"

"Sir said it saves the prelim... prelima... Oh, those big words."

"Preliminaries, Amber, it means: before the main event. Must have said it then, I don't know why, I always enjoyed that part. Rather gratifying exposing you bottom that way. Like raising the curtain, well lowering it in that case. "

"Could I display the remains of last Thursdays reckoning."

"Ah yes, you're still reddish across both cheeks."

"The Missus used to tell me, that was my badge of honor."

"Yes, yes, she did say that didn't she and you do have two well-developed cheeks to display that badge, Amber."

"Thank you sir, oh I love the way sir fondles them; oh... that feels so good. The Missus hired me because of my spanking bum, that's what she called it, didn't she?"

"That she did, you were no second-rate choice Amber."

"Yes she was the gym teacher, a good one too and she saw all the different behinds in the showers. She said I had the best one of all, except maybe for that Dalton girl but she was a smart one, headed for higher learning and all that. I don't have all that many smarts but the Missus said I'd be a good maid and she hired me."

"I'm grateful that she did, God rest her soul. Now where is that a... a; what's it called?"

"The cane sir, the bamboo cane, hanging on the fire place as always, sir. May I get it?"

"Yes, yes, I supposed we should get on with it; it's really getting late."

"Here sir, I'll get on my knees in front before we start and kiss the cane. The Missus said to show proper respect for the bamboo, before receiving its message. Umm, there sir it's ready. Here take it in sir's hand now; no the other end with the hook on it. No, no not yet sir; I'm not in position. Let me raise the lazy boy so sir can sit straight up and I'll bring the footstool over so to lie on. Sir likes my bum displayed nice and high, that I know."

"Oh yes Amber, nice and high; now how many was it? I'm afraid I've forgotten already?"

"Oh, I always count backwards when sir canes my bum." Whack, "Thank you, seventeen to go, sir." Whack, "thank you sir, sixteen more, could sir maybe do a bit harder?" Whack! "Oh thank you sir. Very nice sir, fifteen more." Whack! "Thank you sir, fourteen more. Maybe sir should rest some now?"

"Very well Amber, it has become a strenuous obligation over the years. "I'll take a rest."

" Sir is nodding of now, we are not finished yet."

"What, oh yes, what was I doing now?"

"Caning me sir, fourteen more."

"Ah yes where is that... thing now?"

"The cane, in sir's hand."

"I say Amber, yes there it is. I'm ready to begin. How many do you get this evening?"

"Eighteen sir but sir's already did four, so fourteen more."

"Really, you wouldn't deceive me now, would you Amber?"

"Of course not sir, has sir ever caned me for being the liar?"

"No I can't say that I have; yes you are a very honest employee. I only cane you for dropping things and such. You are a little clumsy, so I cane your buttocks and a fine set of buttocks it is at that."

"Thank you sir, fourteen more sir."

"Oh yes, I digress, Must journey onwards like they say." Whack!... Whack1... Whack!

"Thank you sir eleven more but be careful now, better rest again."

"Yes you're right again Amber. Your buttocks look particularly lovely tonight."

"Thank you sir, I do use the cream every day. The Missus always said the buttocks should be smooth and fetching to the eye. Caning blemished skin is a disagreeable task she said."

"She was a stickler for neatness alright Amber, you are doing her memory proud, keeping those spheres in such good order."

"Yes sir and I still exercises every day as the Missus taught me, to keep it firm with maximum protrusion. Sir,... sir? Sir's nodding again."

"Just teasing Amber, eleven more right?"

"Oh, sir does toy with Amber sometimes but it makes it more fun, sir."

"Do the snake for me Amber."

"Yes sir I like that, we haven't done that for a spell. Sir likes to watch my bum squirm sir does," Whack! Whack! "Thank you sir, nine more please?"

"Now, lets see the Dolphin. Amber."

"Yes sir, I'll get off the footstool; that one does better on the floor, right it sir?"

"Yes Amber, ooh that's precious Amber. Heads up bottoms up, heads up bottoms up" Whack! "Heads up, bottoms up," Whack! "Whew, you do that so well but I'm plum worn out, watching it."

"Thank you sir, nine more now and I need a rest too. The Dolphin was easy when I was eighteen. Here I'll get back on the footstool. Expose my bum high up for sir again. Has it good color now sir?"

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