Employment Conditions

by Reavan

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Desc: Sex Story: Sex as a condition of employment

Chapter 1

"My name is Sonja, I haven't seen you before?"

"I'm Dorothy, no I've just been hired. You?"

"In here? Many times, It's the only way you can keep your job with this company and there is a depression out there, so you submit." They were both handcuffed side by side to a bar on a wall, forcing them to bend over displaying their naked rear charms to the room.

"I work in the mail room and the personal manager told me when I was hired that these sessions with senior management were compulsory. He said I would get slammed, banged and no thanks ma'amed, and if I didn't like it to leave. Who is this Miss Tania woman who brought us in here shackling us?"

"She is the presidents secretary, our mistress. When she says jump you say how high and that means onto some bosses penis or her vagina and you better perform.

"What will happen to us today and why are there two of us?"

"We will be used sexually by on of the big shots, or maybe we'll have to make love to each other to please him, everyone of them have different likes and dislikes. Most of them want's two women because they want a show first."

"You mean we could be eating each other out in front of him?"

"Yes and you better do it for real or you'll really get it."

"What is this room used for there is a big table and a lot of chairs?"

"It's a conference room for the big cheeses. You know the board of directors and all that." The door opened and Tania returned

"Well now the bitches are talking, I love it when you ask to be whacked. Alright Sonja I supposed you were filling the new bitch in on the scoop?" Whack!

"Ouch! Yes Miss Tania I'm sorry. I should be punished for that."

"Oh you will be! You can depend on it and you're the new bitch Dorothy, welcome to your first session."

"Thank... you Miss Tania, sorry... for talking."

"You can talk all you want as long as you take the lashed for it. Now spread your legs more and arch that pretty back I want to inspect your crotch before your master for this session arrives. You're married right bitch"

"Yes mistress."

"He's got a job?"

"No mistress I'm the only provider now."

"Tell him Tankerton Co. is you sexual partner now and for him to leave your body alone!"

"Yes Miss Tania I'll tell him."

"That's a good little bitch, you're the sexual property of Tankerton Co." The door opened and someone entered.

"Ah I see the new employee is here Tania you can start coloring them both now."

"Yes Mr. Soren how many; they were talking without permission too."

"Wonderful, make it eight instead of the usual five then, I just love seeing white flesh taking on all the colors of the rainbows and alternate the riding crop with the paddle I love hearing the different musical sounds they produce on flesh.

"There sir, that was eight each they're both wailing now. What is your pleasure now?"

"Unshackle them and have them eat each other a bit first. You now I like a little entertainment and it adds natural lubrication."

"Alright bitches, get on the floor, you on top Dorothy."

"Get at it bitches, we want to hear you slurp." The women munched loudly on each other's vaginas with Tania prodding them into different positions to please their one-man audience.

"That's enough Tania bring me the new bitch and you sit on the other ones face for now."

"Get up bitch on your knees in front of your master and suck him off."

"Yes mistress," swisssh, "ouch!"

"I didn't tell you to answer me, just do what you're told bitch, no talking only submission and action."

"On the bench Sonja. You heard your master."

Dorothy crawled on her hands and knees to the man. He stood up and she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers, exposing his semi hard penis. He sat down again and she immediately began sucking and fondling his privates. After a minute or so when he was hard he slapped her face on both sides.

"You got you face slapped, Dorothy bitch. That means you stop sucking and impale your self on his rod while he's sitting on that chair." Tania explained as she got up and walked close to make sure Dorothy performed properly. Sonja scampered along on her hands and knees making sure her face didn't loose contact with her mistress's body. "Good now move your buns and make him come or I'll give you more of this." Whack!

"Nice perky tits Dorothy." He dug his fingers into the soft flesh.

"Ouch, ouch. Ooooh." She increased her speed attempting to appease him.

"That just a little pain bitch, nice blue marks in your nice tits. That it, speed it up, get bouncing you whore and tell me how much you love me or you'll really feel it!"

"Ouch, I love you sir, oooooh ouch! I love you. Ouch!"

"That better now sustain that speed and keep telling me how much it hurts and how much you love me or else!"

"I love you sir so much. Ouch ouuuuch ooooh I love the pain sir hurt my tits please. I love you, hurt me please. Oooh you're digging your fingers into my bum now ooooh it hurts Ooh my tits now" He roared his climax and slapped her face with both hands, then pushed her down on her knees to suck the juices off his penis.

"She's not bad Tania, try to reschedule her for my next session."

"I can't sir, she new and going the rounds, it will be at least two weeks before I can arrange to fit her into your schedule. Mr. Tankerton is away on business as you know and he'll probably give me crap for letting anyone try her out before he does."

"OK it can't be helped, I'll check the glossies in your file and pick a couple of bitches for my session tomorrow. Tania told them to get dressed and headed for the door with Mr. Soren.

Sonja curtsied, "Thank you for letting me serve you sir." Dorothy quickly followed suit.

He looked back with an overbearing expression, "alright then bitches, keep up the good work."

"How often do you have to do this Sonja?"

"With your looks and the fact you're new, probably once maybe twice a day."

"What did he mean by looking at glossies."

"I guess you haven't been photographed; you will be soon. Tania keeps an album with our pictures in it."

"But they got my portrait photograph when I was hired."

"These are not portraits honey they're full body birthday suit glossies, front, rear and profile."

"You mean completely naked?"

"Now you got it, they want to sit and pick out exactly the type of woman they feel like having that day. I understand they call it the cow meat catalog."

"You wanted to see me Tania?" she had been in the conference room five times in the last two week with five different supervisors, this would be number six. That didn't include two sessions with Tania.

"Yes just walk in, Mr. Tankerson is waiting for you. Don't forget to curtsy, bitch." She opened the door and entered the huge office. Mr. Tankerton was behind his desk talking to another man sitting in front of him.

"Mr. Tankerton, I'm Dorothy you wanted to see me." She curtsied

"You don't interrupt me when I'm talking," he pointed at a spot behind and to the side of his desk about five steps from his chair. She quickly positioned herself where ordered. So, this was the great man. He appeared to be in his early fifties, sporting distinguished gray hair, his appearance exuded power and authority. They continued their conversation, smoking cigars and paid no attention to her.

After a few minutes, the other man began staring at her with a questioning expression. He made a head movement towards her to the president, who then turned his chair toward her. "What the hell are you doing?" He bellowed.

"I... I... you told me to... to stand here. Please sir, I don't know what to do." She began to cry.

"What in tarnation do you think you're here for?"

"For... for... sir want's to... have sex and... spank."

"Well by thunder, she knows!" He glanced at the other man who shook his head in disbelief.

"Do you always have sex with your clothes on," the other man said, still shaking his head.

"I'm sorry I... I didn't think," her fingers began fumbling franticly with the buttons on her blouse, while a tear rounded her cheek.

"She's a new one isn't she, Mr. Tankerton? I haven' seen you in the album, what's your name?"

"Dorothy sir, Dorothy Denaro, I've been here two weeks; in the mail room. They... they haven't taken my pictures yet, for the... the album." She tore off a button as more tears flowed.

Mr. Tankerton got up and used his handkerchief to dry her tears. "Take your time girl, then turning to the other man. "I guess they haven't taken the pictures because I was away. I do have presidential privileges you know." They both laughed smugly as he sat down again to continue their discussion.

After a few minutes the other man began staring at her now naked body, his eyebrows raised approvingly. "Well, well sir, that's what I call a great chassis, looks like a hot tomato to me.

She could tell Mr. Tankerton resented the younger man's flapper slang, and then turned his chair, taking a deep puff on the cigar, he blew several rings of blue smoke. "Hmm yes," he nodded "I must say her balance sheet is in the black with a bountiful measure of essential assets." Leaning back, he motioned with the cigar for her to turn around. "Excellent," he grunted "now lets have a side view." She turned, suddenly feeling calm. There was something controlling yet soothing about his voice. She was being treated like an auctioned slave but inexplicably his complacent expression of ownership and blatant nonchalant comments made her feel warm inside. This man, a paragon of authority commanding a huge empire of companies employing thousands, wanted her. She half smiled submissively as she was motioned to face him again.

He returned his attention, indifferent yet slightly triumphantly to the other man; smugly satisfied that yet another insignificant and expendable employee had fallen under his spell. They spoke for another minute and the man left. He pushed a button and Told Tania to come in

She entered; accompanied by a young redhead she'd never seen. They both curtsied deeply, "Yes Mr. Tankerton." Dorothy knew what was coming but she was too wrapped up in the moment to care. The other woman hurriedly began stripping.

"You know what to do Tania?"

"Yes sir, the riding crop this time?" He nodded and looking at Dorothy pointed at his desk just besides him. She moved to the indicated spot and bend over the desk, looking over her shoulder at his face. The new women naked already, hurriedly removed his pants and boxer shorts exposing his limp member. He sat down and Tania took Dorothy's hand placing it on his penis. She held it firmly waiting for Tania to begin. His eyes were on her buttocks as the first whack landed and they never wandered for the remaining four. With each whack his penis got harder and by the fifth it was hard as a rock.

Tania ordered her to kneel and in that position, while sucking him she received another whack. The object in her mouth jerked in response and seemed to harden even more. After maybe fifteen seconds of diligent sucking, the riding crop stung her buttocks again. His penis having slowly slacked now surged to life again. Three more whacks and the knob seemed to fill her mouth. She was ordered up and told to bend over the desk again. He immediately penetrated her, digging his fingers into her fleshy hips.

She now noticed the red head standing in front of the desk, bent over presenting her buttocks and looking over her shoulder smiling adoringly at Mr. Tankerton. Tania began whacking the woman, once about every fifteen seconds as Dorothy was being stroked. She did her best to wiggle and twist her pelvis matching his movements. She thought she counted ten whacks on the other woman's buttocks before he began to groan. He rammed her hard four times emptying his load in her body. Amazingly, she had climaxed twice during this time.

As soon as he sat down she dropped to her knees and sucked the last few drops out of his deflating member, the redhead got two more whacks and then she got two.

The redhead then came around and began to dress him as soon as Dorothy was finished. She stayed on her knees and when he sat down again the redhead got down besides her.

"Well," Tania said sharply.

"Thank you sir," the redhead said, "for letting me please you sir." Dorothy thought she spoke in an adoring manner.

"What is you name girl."

"Veronica sir, I've been serving you for eleven months now. I'm in the typing pool."

"How do you feel about me girl?"

"Oh sir I adore you, I only wish I could serve you more often." He switched his eyes to Dorothy.

Thank you sir for letting me serve you." She found herself speaking breathlessly.

"And how do you feel about me?"

"Sir, I adore you too, I really do." She heard herself say those words like there was an echo in her head. She loved her husband but there was an infatuating magnetism about this man He motioned to them to stand and bend over to kiss him, the redhead first. Tania gave her another two whacks while their lips were locked. She thanked him profoundly and stood while it was Dorothy's turn. She barely felt the riding crop as her lips touched his. She was told to turn around and he sat there for a while probably looking at their colored buttocks. Then she felt a hand groping and caressing it gently almost lovingly. Tania was standing facing them waiting.

"Alright Tania get them out of here I have a meeting with the chief production engineer I believe."

"Yes sir he's in the outer office." He slapped both their rears in a way that could only be understood as, get out of here. "Get dressed you two and back to work," Tania snapped as she left to bring in his next appointment. He entered as they were dressing paying no attention to them. When they finished the redhead stood near the door looking at the president. Dorothy took her place next to her and waited. After probably a minute of so he glanced their way, waving them off as they curtsied deeply and thanked him again.

They walked out closing the door after them and stood in front of Tania's desk.

"Veronica, report to the conference room tomorrow morning at 10."

"Yes Miss. Tania may I ask who will be there?"

"None of your business bitch but I can promise you that I will!"

"Dorothy, conference room in five minutes!"

"But... but I just."

"But nothing bitch, but I can tell you it's the chief accountant you met earlier he seems to be smitten. I won't be there, that sissy doesn't approve of the whip. He wants to be loved," she almost sneered the words.

"You'll go there now and strip and when he enters jump around his neck and tell him how much you love him. Yuck! And during the entire session, you will continue to flatter his bleeding heart ego. Got it?"

"Yes Miss Tania," they left walking down the long hallway near the exit where the conference was.

"You're so pretty, Dorothy he really likes you, the president I mean. Her voice was dripping with admiration. Dorothy wasn't sure for whom.

"You really like him don't you, even though he has us whipped."

"Like him he's a god Dorothy, I worship the man so do you and everybody else. And don't tell me you don't I saw it in your eyes when he penetrated you and you had two orgasms, I could tell. Heavenly wasn't it?"

They parted at the conference door where Dorothy entered and the redhead waved bye, smiling happily.

The room was almost dark except for some daylight slipping through the curtains. She began to undress thinking about the last hour and what the redhead had said. Why had she felt so good serving that man, even while Tania used the whip on her rear? Was she going insane? Was the redhead right, was she in love with this man? Infatuated maybe caught up in the aura of his looks and powerful position. She loved her husband this was merely about survival. Two orgasms, the red head was right, she'd never had that before with her husband. Maybe she was a masochist; she'd never had a need for anything like that. Her husband was strong and very athletic during sex but never rough or violent.

She was still removing the hasps holding her stocking when the door opened. "I'm sorry," she said, "I just got here."

He turned the lights on, "Don't hurry dear I like watching you undress. She bared herself completely and then rushed towards him, hugging and kissing him passionately.

"Oh darling I love you and missed you." He fondled her breathing heavily, running his hands over her curvy hips and buttocks. He told her to turn around and he got down on his knees. What a beautiful pair of orbs what a shame. Don't worry dear, Paul will love you. I would never hurt this beautiful body. He got up and asked her to undress him.

She almost felt ill, she didn't want to be loved by this man. Her husband loved her, why couldn't he just do it and get it over with. She undressed him uncovering an unappealing weak pudgy body. He got up on the long table on his back.

"Come darling Paul wants to be on the bottom, love me darling."

"Yes Darling, she spoke almost mechanically and mounted him."

"You put in it darling," she fitted his short stubby but very hard member in to her still well lubricated vagina. He didn't move leaving her to do the stroking while hugging her upper body tight sucking on her lips. Fortunately, he came quickly in about twenty-five strokes, moaning I love you into her mouth. Did you come too darling?" He asked, kissing her again before she could lie to him.

"Oh yes right away darling, "she had no guilt feelings about lying to him as she got up and slid down off the table. "I'll go to the bathroom and get a cloth darling," she said almost choking. She cleaned her self up a bit and then went back and cleaned him off on the table. He got up for her to help dress him.

"You don't look good dear is something wrong."

"Oh no I just feel a bit oozy I'll be OK Darling."

He kissed her softly on the cheek. "I understand darling you been through a lot today, don't worry I would never be mean to you." He kissed her again and hurried off.

She dressed slowly feeling dirty thinking herself a whore. Why couldn't he have spanked her it would have make it right somehow. She headed back for her report to Tania. She was just coming out of Mr. Tankerton's office, visibly upset. "Oh there you are I just got crap for letting you go for that session. How the hell would I know he wanted to brand you his personal cow meat." Dorothy smiled with relief at her words. "Ah, you were feeling sick right. Well you don't have to worry about that nauseous lovebird for now anyway. Go back to the mailroom and I'll be in touch." She saw a jealous glint in Tania's eyes and wondered if she'd been Mr. Tankerton's favorite in the past.

She was walking on air going back to her sorting job. Then the doubts set in again; she wondered how long she would last as his favorite; hopefully until the depression was over. But maybe next week another prettier woman would be hired and she would be in the cow meat catalog

Chapter 2

Dorothy got a late call Tuesday afternoon from Tania to report to the president's office after work. She swore silently, why after work now? Wasn't it bad enough during working hours? Tania wore a mischievous smile as she led her into the president's inner office. She thought she knew the reason the sadistic woman was smiling. The whip was her way of venting her frustration with not being his favorite. A well-dressed woman in her forties sitting at the president's desk surprised her.

"Thank you Tania you may leave now."

"Yes Mrs. Tankerton," She curtsied smartly and closed the door behind her. Dorothy froze in her tracks; the wife had found out!

"You seems to be shocked that I'm aware of my husbands little hobby." She couldn't answer but just stood there with her mouth open. "Yes Dorothy I am the presidents wife, how are you?"

"I'm... Well yes, Ma'am I didn't think... " she was shocked realizing the presidents wife knew about her husbands infidelities.

"I supposed to the lower classes true love means marital faithfulness but you see in our circles such primitive notions are outmoded."

I was looking at your file which includes a picture of you husband. What does he think about not being able to have sex with you."

"Well Ma'am he's very angry, a man needs sex but there's nothing we can do until he gets a job and that's not likely for a long time to come. I'm just worried that he will be looking for sex out side the marriage."

"Oh I don't think you have anything to worry about in that department."

"Why? How would you know what my husband does?"

"Let's just say I have ways of investigating that sort of thing."

"You mean you spied on him?" She just smiled and got up, walked around the desk and leaned back against it.

"I want you to undress for me now. I want to see for myself what kind of body got my husbands attention!"

"But Ma'am I... I" The woman pushed a button on the desk. Dorothy was well aware of that that meant and hurriedly began stripping.

"Yes, Mrs. Tankerton?"

"Cancel that Tania. Well now, that's better young lady. Actually I'm not into my husbands joy of flagellation but I realize that it does have its benefits." Dorothy drew a breath of relief, having sex with a woman was not natural to her but she was forced to do it with the other company girls so why not the presidents wife. The woman motioned for her to pose and turn.

"Yes I can see why you're one of my husbands favorites employees. A nice rather short Italian type body, small waist, nice sculptured hips and thighs and of course his favorite part of the female anatomy a perfect derriere. Good breast too, a bit small for your size but perky. How old are you again dear?"

"I'm twenty-one next month Ma'am."

"I have a penthouse apartment in town, here is the address." She handed her an engraved invitation. You are to report there with you husband at eight tomorrow evening for supper, is that clear? There will be no questions, if you don't show with your husband you're fired! Be there on time! You may get dressed now."

She pushed a button again. "Yes Mrs. Tankerton?"

"Have my chauffeur warm up the car, I'm leaving now."

"Yes Mrs. Tankerton Right away."

Dorothy finished dressing, a bit relieved but mystified about the invitation. They were not high society, how would they possibly fit in and what would they wear? She summed up the courage to ask. "Mrs. Tankerton, "I'm really sorry but... but."

"Yes Dorothy," she stared at her icily. "I told you no questions but I'll allow you one!"

"The dress... we don't have fancy things."

"Don't worry your little head about that. It will be informal, very informal. Believe me." She smiled almost deviously.

Dorothy curtsied deeply and hurried out.

They gave their names to the uniformed doorman who nodded and pointed at the elevator, looking down his nose at their clothes. The operator was in the elevator, giving them the same military salute they got from the doorman. Dorothy handed him the invitation card Mrs. Tankerton had given her. Their names were inscribed on it with Mrs. Tankerton's signature.

"Yes ma'am Mrs. Tankerton is expecting you. You're right on time."

Don rapped on the door and a black woman around thirty, dressed in almost nothing, opened it. They both stood gaping at the almost naked woman, wearing only silk stocking, high heels and an apron barely covering her bush. Dorothy handed her the card.

"Oh yes step inside, Mrs. Tankerton is expecting you both." They walked in the door of the opulent apartment, totally disoriented by the scantily dressed woman, as she closed the door behind them. The Madam has ordered you to wear this before she will see you." She pointed at a leopard skin loincloth for Don and a pair of black silk stockings to be held up with two red garters and high heels for Dorothy, laid-out on two separate chairs. She stood back and waited for them to get undressed. Dorothy immediately began to undress while Don just stood and stared at the flimsy item.

"Get at it," Dorothy whispered. "At least you'll be covered."

"Are you crazy? I'm not making a fool of myself."

"Oh, it's OK for me to get caned and screwed at work to support us but you have your pride! Well we can walk out of her and I won't have a job! Can you get one?"

He bit his lip nearly to the bleeding point, looking at the maid's impassive face and slowly began to remove his coat. What the hell he thought. Maybe he would get to screw the old bitch or maybe that voluptuous maid.

The maid tied both garters in double bows to support the silk stockings on Dorothy's thighs. Don turned his back to them as he removed his boxers and attempted to tie the flimsy garment behind. Dorothy grasped the ends and completed the job for him.

"I'll let the Madam know you are ready. Now when you enter bow deeply," she looked at Don and then Dorothy. "I assume you have been trained to curtsy at the firm." Dorothy nodded as the maid presented her substantial naked rear, walking down a hallway. She returned after a few minutes. "You may enter now; the young lady first. They followed her down the hallway and entered a large living area with windows on three sides overlooking the city and two bridges over the river. There were several couches and comfortable chairs placed around the room. Mrs. Tankerton was sitting on a white couch dressed in a short pink very expensive looking housecoat holding a long cigarette holder while sipping on a drink in a long stemmed glass.

The maid led them to a spot in front of her with their backs to the center windows. She curtsied and waited until the couple showed their respect. "Your guests Madam for their dinner appointment."

"You may prepare dinner Casie," she curtsied deeply again and left the room. "Well now, so this is the spouse of my husband's favorite piece. You're quit a looker young man, matching of course your wife in that department. Before the market crashed in twenty-nine you were part owner of a restaurant acting as the maitre d' and bookkeeper. You like serving people Don?"

"That was my business madam." She sipped on her drink and took a drag on the cigarette.

"Now you will serve me in whatever capacity I wish. Right?"

"Yes madam," he spoke stiffly without emotion.

"Is he a good lover Dorothy, compared to my husband that is?"

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