Jack'in Granny

by Desert Eagle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man follows an old woman home. She is raped and then robbed at gunpoint by a horny young man.

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Every since I saw her at the supermarket that first time I knew I had to have her. She was just my type. But I knew there was no way she would ever give herself to a young man like me. She was at least twice my age probably in her late 50's. Some people may think,

"What would a 25-year-old man want with a fifty plus year old woman?"

That's a question I ask myself all the time. But I have no answer. Older women just turn me on. She wasn't a raving beauty or anything like that. She was just plain sexy. Some women are beautiful but that doesn't mean that they are sexy. A bitch can be pretty as hell but there could be nothing sexy about her. This woman had a big fat ass that still swaggered when she walked. She wasn't thin either. She was plump in all the right places. The next time I saw her I followed her around the market, keeping my distance and admiring her fat sexy ass. I guess that's why the third time I saw her I followed her home. I didn't have anything else to do. I guess I was just curious as to what type of life this old lady had going on. She drove one of those New Mercedes Jeeps so I figured she had a little bit of money. As I drove behind her I fantasized about all the nasty things I would love to do to her sexy old ass.

As I drove I wondered about stupid shit, like if she had a husband, if she had kids. Was her husband still alive? But for some reason the thought that really turned me on was, when was the last time she had a nice thick cock in her cunt? My cock got harder as I fantasized about slamming her old ass to the ground and jamming my cock in her cunt.

She drove for about 15 minutes and then turned off the main road on to a dirt driveway. From the main road you could barely she a house behind the dense woods. Right then and there I made up my mind. "Granny was gonna get tossed."

I guess I forgot to mention that I'm a professional car thief. The car I was driving was stolen. And what really made me think I could pull this shit off was what was in the back seat. I guess the car that I had stolen belonged to a UPS man. There was a brown uniform and brown UPS jacket in the back seat. I quickly parked the car wiped down my fingerprints from the steering wheel and the ignition system. Then I grabbed the jacket. "This was too easy," I said to myself.

When I got to her front door I paused for a minute. I wasn't scared or anything like that but I needed a moment to get into character. Stealing is stealing I said to myself. What's the difference? Weather you are stealing a car or stealing some pussy. It's the same thing. You're taking something from someone that doesn't belong to you. I put on my perfect charming white boy smile and pushed her bell.

"Who is it?" her voice shouted from a distance.

"It's UPS... I... I Umm... Have a package for this address." I replied.

"Okay... I'll be right there."

My heart started pumping as I heard her footsteps walking towards the door. I had a big grin on my face just in case she decided to look out the peephole. I placed my left hand in the small of my back just as she started to open the door.

"Hi... Um... You're not the regular UPS guy... Are you new on this route" She said smiling.

"Um Yes... I'm... new."

"Where's your truck?" She asked, looking around behind me.

"Oh... My truck... here's my fucking truck bitch." I shouted as I pulled out my gun and put it right between here eyes.

I always loved this part. Most white people never see it coming. Its just like when I car jack people. My white skin creates a false sense of comfort to other whites. It's a great illusion. And when I strike, the surprise is almost unbelievable. When I place the giant piece of metal to their heads they all have the same openmouthed expression on their face. The Israeli made Desert Eagle is my weapon of choice. It's a massive gun. It's simply a small cannon that fits in the palm of your hand. The barrel is 10 _ inches long and thick. And when you hold this instrument of death in your hand you feel like God. It comes in a few different versions and a couple of different calibers. They even have a small version called the Baby Eagle. I like big things, that's why I like the Grand Daddy of them all, The Desert Eagle.50AE.( 50 caliber). I've tried but I can't even imagine what its like to have this massive piece of steal between your eyes.

"Oh my God." She cried just before I pushed her down to the ground. I quickly closed the door behind me. She was on her knees in pure disbelief.

"Shut the fuck up lady... Not one fucking word."

I quickly looked around and it looked like no one else in the house. She quickly scrambled to her knees. I placed the gun to her head and warned her again.

"Listen up Granny... I don't know if you are hard of hearing or what. But you are going to shut the fuck up and do as I say... Or else you're gonna meet your God a lot faster then you ever thought."

"Oh God... Please don't hurt me... Please sir... Please don't hurt me... take what you want... take what you want."

While I spoke her eyes never looked at me. Her eyes were locked on to the gun. I grabbed her by her hair a raised her up to her feet. Then I grabbed her blouse around her neck and pulled her to me. I placed the gun under her chin and looked deep into her frighten eyes. I could feel her body trembling. The confusion in her eyes told me she scared to death and that she would not resist me. I spoke softly as I pressed the barrel of the hand cannon under her chin.

"What's your name Granny."? She didn't answer me. I don't know if she was to startled to talk or if she was still in shock. There's one thing I hate to do when I'm working. I hate fucking repeating myself. Maybe she needed a little encouragement.

"Listen up Bitch... I'm not fucking around with you. When I ask you a question you better fucking answer it... when I fucking tell you to do something you better fucking do It... Do you understand me you fucking cunt?"

That's when I let go of her blouse and placed my right hand on top of the gun and pulled the slide back. All you heard was,


Even the sound of the Desert Eagle cocking was scary. I don't know if this old lady knew anything about guns. But from the look in her eyes I guess she knew that my weapon was cocked and ready for action.

"Sally... Sally... my name is Sally... Oh... God please don't kill me."

"Shut up Sally... I'm not going to kill you... but you've got to shut up... and stop fucking begging. That shit annoys me... Do you understand? All I want you to do is nod your fucking head."

She nodded her head and I rewarded her by easing the gun back slightly. She looked scared to death and to me that made her look even sexier.

"Sally I'm going to ask you a few questions. You're going to answer me without hesitation... Don't piss me off Sally, I'm trying to be nice to you... But let me warn you my dear. Piss me off and your head explodes like a watermelon... Now nod your head if you understand me."

She quickly nodded her head, and again I rewarded her by letting go of her blouse.

"Sally how old are you my dear?"

"I'm FFFfffffff... I'm Fifty six years old" she stuttered.

For some reason I thought she was lying. Women always lie about there age. But then I thought why would a woman lie about her age with a gun to her head. Then I asked her if she was married. She told me that she was divorced. I asked her if she had children. She told me that she had three girls. With each question her answers came quicker. It was more like an interview session. But I wasn't interviewing her for a job. I just wanted a little more information about her before I got down to business. Then I asked her,

"Sally... why do you think I'm here?"

She paused for the first time and had a perplexed look on her face.

"Um... You are here to rob me... take what you want... Please take it... just take what you want... my purse is over there... I don't have much cash... but take it."

I erupted into laughter. Sally looked so confused. It was funny as hell. She had no clue.

"Guess again baby." I said while I chuckled.

She just stood there looking stupid. I don't know if she was just playing stupid or what. But soon she would be fully aware of my intentions. I stepped back and took a nice long look at her thick chunky body. Her chunkiness was turning me on big time. She was wearing jeans that a fifty-six year old woman shouldn't have been wearing. They were too tight. The hugged her ass and accentuated her wide hips. But it was the front of her jeans that got my attention. She wore her pants high on her waist and the crotch of her jeans was buried between what looked like two meaty pussy lips. Some guys like thin skinny women. Thin women are ok but a nice chunky momma will get my cock hard any day of the week.

"Sally... you are right my dear... I am a thief and a pretty good one at that... but that's not why I 'm here baby."

"I'm here to steal something... something that's just a little more personal."

I pressed the gun to her temple and moved closer to her. We were face to face when I informed her of her destiny. I slipped my gun free hand onto her shoulder and slowly worked it down her body. When my right hand passed her hip and made a left turn that caused her eyes to opened up. That's when I grabbed two big fat chucky pussy lips. And again, just like before in total shock her jaw dropped open. She didn't move or make a sound. It was like something had stolen her breath.

"Yeah... that's right lady... That's what I want... I want some of that fat pussy."

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