by Friar Dave

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Hypnosis, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She wants to overcome her aversion to swallowing. She tries self-hypnosis. She succeeds. Then the trouble starts.

(© Copyright 1994)

This story involves explicit descriptions of consensual sex acts between an adult man and an adult woman, and between an adult woman and several teenage males. There is no B&D, S&M, bestiality, violence, coercion, humiliation, projectile vomiting, miscellaneous bathroom sports, illegal drug use or references to O.J. Simpson. Please show it only to those capable and willing to consent to reading it. This story entirely fiction. Batteries not included.

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Hester and I had been seeing each other for about seven months when the subject came up again.

"I wish I didn't have that hangup about - you know."

It had been so long since we'd talked about it, I didn't know. "What?" I cuddled her closer, savoring our mutual dampness.

"About, well, you know - taking you in my mouth." She was laying atop me and mumbling into my chest. My limpening dick was still inside her.

"You do take me into your mouth, lots. And I like it, lots." I squeezed her pert buttocks. It had taken some getting used to, being in bed with her. I usually favor tall, well-upholstered women. Barely five feet tall, very slim and with petite breasts, at first it had been a bit too much like being with a young teen. Especially since she kept her fine, dark pubic hair trimmed quite short.

"No, I mean having you cum in my mouth." She tilted her face up toward me. Her doe-shaped brown eyes were wide and soulful. "Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating you." When she was really concerned and intimate, enough of her native Georgia crept into her voice to make her sound almost like a young girl, too.

I grinned at her. "That? Hey, I'll trade away that for what we've got any time at all." Which was true true true. At 30, Hester was a wildcat in bed. Sleek, lithe and firm, she threw herself into sex with the same passion as everything else - completely. Unlike a lot of women I'd known, Hester was not afraid of simply surrendering herself to pleasure, no matter how intense.


So what if those lush, full lips of hers and her slightly over-generous mouth looked as if they'd been designed for cocksucking? She did suck cock, and quite wonderfully. She simply didn't want me cumming in her mouth. She said she loved to feel me cumming in her sweet little pussy and - sometimes - her narrow butt. Hey - no problem!

"Still what?"

"Well, I remember how you got when you told me about Elly... I dunno. I guess I just don't know what's wrong with me."

Oh, yes - Elly. The petite young Pole from the old neighborhood. Elly - who'd gone from overweight teenage pudgeball to a svelte 20ish doll who had only one flaw keeping her from being the ideal vest-pocket Venus: her tits, which had ballooned out to something like 32-DD. Elly - who had loved swallowing cum so much that she came herself when she got a mouthful. I was beginning to regret mentioning Elly, though it had been with the best of intentions - namely, to convince Hester that I'd rather be in bed with her and her reluctance to suck me off than Elly and her hangups about her own orgasms being shameful.

"Nothing's wrong with you. In fact, everything is just terrific about you." Except your self-doubts and self-deprecation, I added mentally.

"You're sweet," she answered, nuzzling my chest hairs. Then she looked up into my eyes. The dim glow seeping into the bedroom from the living room lamp emphasized her high, finely chiseled cheekbones. She had cheekbones most models would kill for.

"You're also not telling the whole truth about it," she whispered. "I remember how hard you got when you told me how she got off just swallowing semen. You wish I was like that, too."

"Not if it means changing anything else about you."

"See? You do miss it."

"Not really."

"But you wish I was like that."

I squeezed her butt, hard, and felt her pussy tighten around my dick. "You know what I like best, Hester?"

Her eyes were half-closed as she enjoyed the feel of my cock slowly reinflating in her cunt. She slowly shook her head. "Mmm?"

"When you use your inside muscles to hug me and get me hard again."

A flush was growing on her cheeks. I could feel her nipples stiffening against my chest.

"Like this?"

I groaned as her pussy began pulsing on my prick, pulling and squeezing me. The first time we'd made it, I'd been a bit concerned about her small twat and her small frame taking my fairly thick dick. As tight as she was, though, she'd stretched easily and enjoyed every fat inch. But when she'd begun clamping down on my prick, I'd at first wondered if she really was a 14-year-old passing; the stricture was amazing.

And incredibly arousing.

"You like it when I do my kegels with you inside?" She grinned evilly. The flush had spread to her neck. Beneath my hands, her ass had begun slowly churning, around and up and down. Not a lot - but combined with what she was doing inside, she had me right back at full erection.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!" she grunted, grinding her mound against me and cumming.

I tried to dig my fingers into her butt and humped up at her.

"Gonna make you cum in me!" she gasped.

Her pussy flexed and spasmed, milking at my rigid prick.

"Gonna suck you off inside me!"

Flex-flex-flex. My balls were pulling up tight.

"Wantcha ta fill me with it!"

She pushed herself up on her arms and slammed her convulsing cunt up and down on my prick for about two inches.

"Do it!"

I did it. The semen swelled through my prick.

"Yes! Yes! EEEEE!"

And as always, when she felt my cock throbbing inside her, she came too - and came hard. My balls churned and another shot bolted through my cock, squeezing past the constriction caused by her orgasm-tightened pussy and bursting into the sheath of her rippling cunt.


I came again and again, draining my balls till they ached. When my surges finally stopped, her cunt convulsed rapidly on my cock, drawing up the last drops of cum and then some. I think my nuts were dusty by the time she let herself collapse atop me again.

As our breathing slowed and I kissed the top of her head and caressed her face and shoulders, she tilted her face up. She studied my expression.

"I'm gonna find a way to do it, Dan."

"Huh?" I gasped wittily.

"To get over my hangup. I want us to have it all."

"Stop it, Hester. This is so good the way it is, I don't want to change any of it."

"No! I want to do it all!"

"Sure, baby, sure." I patted her butt and decided that was as good a place as any for my hand - covering most of her rock hard little hams. I let myself doze, not knowing what her determination was going to mean.

A few days passed. We spoke briefly once or twice. It was a busy time for both of us. Hester was assistant marketing director for a local cable station, and I was an ad copywriter. We'd met at a fund-raiser for an AIDS home care group when both of us ducked outside simultaneously for a smoke. It was only after we realized how well we hit it off - especially in the sack - that I told her exactly what I did and for whom. Some of my agency's clients were among the biggest sponsors on her network, and one of them sponsored the highly rated evening sports segment.

Anyhow, with sweeps week concluding and me just finishing off a series of spots for a major local utility (which shall go nameless except that fans of "The President's Analyst" may find a hint in the initials "TPC"), we were both very busy little urban professionals.

On Thursday, Hester left a message on my answering machine reminding me that she was going to be away for the weekend at one of her self-improvement retreats, and telling me she hoped we could get together the following Monday evening. That made me smile.

The smile and the promise almost weren't enough for me, though. On Saturday I had to attend one of those dreadful family gatherings. They were bad enough under the best of circumstances - which is to say, when they were brief and relatively limited - but this was a very tough one: a wedding. My cousin's oldest daughter, a girl from New Jersey with huge hair and huge tits and a huge opinion of herself, had roped a computer programmer. As I understood it, the poor soul had a mammoth IQ, about a dozen key copyrights on code, a ton of money and almost as much experience with women as you'd expect from a prime example of nerdus extremis.

What made it worse, though, was Ashley. The bride's younger sister decided to see how much of a rise she could get out of me by teasing me mercilessly. Like her sister, she had huge hair and huge tits, which made it tough enough, except she also knew very well how to tease - and she was 17. It rapidly became apparent to me that she was using her attentions to me to madden a 17-year-old from the groom's party. Nothing I did or said made her stop until I whispered into her shell-like ear that I couldn't wait for us to be alone so she could feel eight thick-as-her-wrist inches up her cute little butt. An exaggeration, sure, but it worked.

Naturally, I was in a great mood by the time I got home to my empty apartment Saturday night, and a Con Ed crew drilling the pavement at six on Sunday morning put a cap on it. I finally went to the gym and put in a half-hour on the heavy bag to work off some of the tension.

When Monday evening finally rolled around, I had almost become human again, and I was looking forward eagerly - and then some - to spending some Quality Time with Hester, i.e., fucking our brains out. She showed up her standard 20 minutes late, a tote bag slung over her shoulder. She was wearing high-heeled boots, skin-tight faded jeans and was clearly braless within her white blouse. With her hair pulled back into a ponytail that only highlighted the clean,. fresh loveliness of her features,, she looked like an ad for statutory rape.

"Hi, lover," she cooed, and launched herself into my arms. We sucked face ferociously as she dropped her bag and wrapped her legs around my hips. I cupped her tight, denim-sheathed butt in both hands and kicked the door shut.

Two minutes later, we came up for air. She climbed off of me and giggled. Her nipples were swollen through her blouse. "Miss me?"

"And how!" I growled, reaching for her. She danced away, holding up her hands to ward me off.

"Just you wait a minute, buster. I've got something for you."

"Souvenir of the weekend of self-improvement? What was this one all about, anyhow?"

"You'll find out soon enough," she said, smiling slyly. She was rummaging through her tote bag. "Ah!" She stood and handed me a small squeeze-bottle labeled as coconut-scented massage oil.

"Thank you," I said. "We can massage each other and - "

Her smile broadened.


She sat on the couch, still smiling, and held up one leg. "Boots please, sugar?"

I grinned, not knowing why, and fell into the ritual. I tugged off first one, then the other of her fine, leather mid-calg-high boots. The "fuck me" boots that, combined with an almost-but-not-quite innocent face drove complete strangers (most of them male) into frothing.

She continued to smile.

"Come on, Hester - give."

She stood and motioned for me to sit. "This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. First, put a little of the oil on your hand - just a smidgen."

I uncapped the bottle and squeezed a tiny drop into my palm. The aroma of fresh coconut was intense. I set the bottle aside and rubbed the oil all over my palms. "OK?"

She took my wrists and brought her hand up to her face, closing her lovely eyes and inhaling deeply. With her eyes still shut, she said, "Now, what's sweeter than sugar?"

What the hell was going on? I wondered, but decided to play along.

"Ummm... honey."

"Mmmmmm." Her eyes opened, and I recognized the look. If her nipples had been stiff before, now they resembled spikes. Still holding my wrists, she used her legs to pry mine apart and sank to her knees between them. She put her hands on my thighs and said, "Now you just sit still, sugar."

Hester quickly unfastened my belt and opened my zipper. She pulled my stiff prick out, leaned forward and plunged her mouth down over the knob. Her lips tightened on my shaft, and she began to suck while using her tongue on the underside of my glans.

"Wow! Dammit, that's sooo gooood," I moaned. "Oh, honey!"

When I said "honey," she seemed to turn up the suction. She began alternately tightening and loosening her lush lips on my raging cock and moving them up and down just a bit on the shaft. And all of the time, her tongue was fluttering wildly on the underside of my glans. She kept making these hungry little groaning noises. Her right hand came up to grab the base of my cock, and she began slowly pumping it. Her left hand went between her legs, and she started grabbing the denim-covered chub of her cunt.

My balls tightened, and I had to make a conscious effort not to buck my hips at her. "W-w-watch it, baby - I'm gonna cum soon!"

She moaned deep in her throat. She sucked all the harder, her hand began tugging on my shaft urgently, and her hips began to lurch just a bit. She palmed her cunt urgently.

I felt the pressure building. "I'm gonna - gonna - honey - "

Again, she turned up the suction and the tongue work, groaning deep in her throat. The vibrations were the last straw. The jism blitzed up the length of my cock and spurted into the hot. welcoming cavern of her mouth. She swallowed and sucked for more, I fired another blast, and her hips bucked and trembled. She was cumming!

Seeing her get off as she greedily sucked my cock and swallowed my semen caused something inside me to let go. I sighed and relaxed and just let the cum flow. My loads were larger than usual, it seemed, and they just kept detonating. And with each big burst of my sauce, she just seemed to cum all the harder and suck all the more urgently.

When I finally finished emptying my nuts into her mouth, she released my cock with a long, gently loving suck. Hester settled her butt on her heels and lay her head on my thigh, panting. I caressed her head and her face and finally pulled her up onto the couch with me, cradling her in my arms.

She tilted her still-flushed face up at me. Her lush lips were still slick with my cum. I bent and kissed her, tasting my semen on her soft mouth.

When we broke the kiss, she smiled. "I can't believe how hard I came," she whispered.

"I loved it. But I don't understand."

She blushed and lowered her eyes. "My self-improvement course."

"You practiced cocksucking?"

She giggled softly. "Un-uh. Self-hypnosis. I learned to plant a suggestion. In this case, I'd get so hot to suck you off and swallow your semen that when I finally did, I'd cum. And keep cumming as long as I could swallow it."

I understood, then. "And it's a double-trigger: the smell of the coconut and the word - "

She put her finger on my lips. "I can still smell the coconut, so don't say it until you're ready to deliver."

"Hmmm." I kissed her ear. "What happens if you get triggered and there's no source for relief? Ever thought of that?"

"Oh, I thought of it. On one of your phone messages, you say the word. I took a sniff of the oil and replayed the message."


"Pretty grim. I masturbated till my fingers were stiff, even tried using my massager and inserting the tip of a small Evian bottle. No go. Got in the tub and put the hand-held shower massager to use. No go. Finally went to sleep, exhausted, stiff - and still horny. Sleep seems to release it. But you wouldn't believe the dreams I had."

"Sounds promising." It looked promising, too. Her nipples had gone back to high beam. "But you do still like, um, other stuff, I hope!" I slid my hand down to cup her firm little breast. She sighed and pushed against me.


"Good. I'm hungry."

"What do you want to - EEEK!"

Her shriek was surprise. I scooped her into my arms and stood, carrying her awkwardly - my pants were still around my ankles - into the bedroom. I dumped her onto the waterbed and then fell alongside her.

"Sir, are you going to ravish me?" she whispered in her best Georgia peach tones. She lay with her arms back, elbows bent, and her legs slightly parted.

"You bet." I fumbled open the buttons of her blouse rather nimbly and set to giving her firm tits the attention they deserved. When they were nice and wet with my saliva, I blew gently on them, cooling them. She hummed softly and tunelessly - until I gently took one spiked nipple carefully between my teeth, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her. I rubbed the trapped tip with my tongue, and she groaned loudly and writhed slowly. When my hand reached her crotch, I cupped and lightly squeezed her pubis. She ground it into my palm. I slid my hand up and deftly unsnapped the waist of her jeans, then pushed the zipper down.

As I released her left nipple and began suckling at the right one, I began pushing the jeans down off her slim hips. She wriggled, trying to help, but it wasn't enough; her jeans were too tight, She reached down herself and pushed them to her thighs. She wasn't wearing panties. Promptly, I began licking my way down over her tummy and flat abdomen. I reversed myself on the bed and began licking her upper thighs as she tugged my trousers off my ankles.

With her jeans holding her thighs together, I had to stretch my tongue down to reached her swollen, slippery labia. Her moans got louder when I slid my hands beneath her to cup her small, hard ass. I lifted her to my mouth and slurped as much of her cunt as I could reach. She was gasping fairly frantically now. When I slid one hand a little farther and wedged a finger into her cunt, she moaned loudly. Her pussy began spasming on that lone digit. I pumped it slowly as I ran the underside of my tongue over her swollen clit. She came, hard, grunting and then screaming softly.

As she came down from her rush, I rolled her onto her stomach, turned myself on the bed lengthwise and crawled up over her. I lowered myself, using one hand to guide my cock between her closed thighs.

"Yes..." she hissed softly.

I fit the head of my prick into her cunt and let myself down on her some more. The top of her head didn't quite reach my chin, and I supported my upper-body weight on my elbows.

"Oh, yes... oh, yes... ohyesohyesohyessss..." she breathed as I slowly pushed the length of my dick into her tight-made-tighter pussy, stretching her wider and deeper until she had the whole meaty cylinder. Her hips shuddered, and I felt her cunt spasming irregularly around my dick. Then she hunched her butt up and back at me sharply. Her pussy clamped tightly around me as her buttocks clenched in her cumming.

"Ravishing you," I whispered.

"Fuck me," she groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

I ground my pelvis in little circles and savored her loud moans of pleasure, then pulled halfway back - only to slam down into her, wrenching a yelp of enjoyment from her.

"Yes! Do it hard!" she demanded.

I repeated it, each time pulling back a little farther, teasing her with just my knob still inside her, then slamming down deep into her, grunting with the effort.

Suddenly, I rolled us both onto our sides.

"Pull your knees up," I wheezed. As soon as she did, I rolled us both to our knees, still locked at the loins. She let her shoulders down to the bed as I knelt behind her, grasping her hips. I pulled ever so slowly back, looking down to observe the action. I did so enjoy seeing my thick cock pulling out of her small cunt. As tight as she was in that position, her cunt lips grasped my prick and some of the inner lining of her pussy actually seemed to turn inside out. Even her smooth little rosette of an asshole puckered out at me when I drove my meat into her. Given her narrow hips and tiny ass, it made my cock look huge by comparison - impossibly large for her to accommodate.

"Fuuuuuuck," she moaned deep in her throat as I hesitated, only my tip still inside her.

I rammed into her, hard and deep. She grunted and then began thrashing her upper body on the bed. I plumbed her steamy depths, pulled back and did it again, pistoning my meat in her tight cunt. She shifted and slid her hand down to her crotch. I knew the instant her fingers found her clit; her pussy went nuts.

I was pumping like a madman, sweating heavily and snorting. The room was ripe with the aroma of her cunt juice. I tightened my grip on her hips and lifted her knees off the bed, with her head and shoulders still down.

"Yassss..." she growled, knowing and relishing what was coming. Using main force, I held her before me and began yanking her back at me in time with my thrusts. Her hands fell limp to the bed and she let me rut at her, harder and faster and deeper. I felt the rush start in my balls and then the lava surged the length of my cock, swelling it deeper and thicker into her. I pulled her tightly against me and let her knees come back down to the bed, and then I was gushing into her. She squealed softly into the bedcover and pulsed on me with every spurt.

The dregs eased into her sweet pussy, and with them went the last of my strength. I half-collapsed down onto her, pulling both of us onto our sides so we could nestle, spoon style.

"Oh, sugar," she breathed, hugging my spent cock with her pussy.

"That was so good, honey," I said, thoughtlessly.

"Oh, nooooo..." she groaned. "Why did you have to say that?" I felt her nipples, which had softened, stiffen in the palms of my hands. She wriggled out of my embrace, releasing my spent dick. She climbed up on her hands and still-hobbled knees. "I have to suck you," she whimpered. "Have to suck you off." She pushed me onto my back.

"You mean - "

"Gotta have it," she mumbled, crawling over me and slurping my limp prick into her mouth. Her tongue was like sandpaper on my ultrasensitized cock, and I let out a loud "Ouch!" as she struggled to get any residue off my cock.

She raised her head and looked at me with desperation in her face. "I gotta have your cum or I'll go crazy!"


"I know where there's plenty." I sat up, groaning, and reached to her crotch, still soaked with our juices. I stuck a finger into her and withdrew it, slimed with our juices. "Here."

She devoured my finger, thoroughly cleaning it. "Yes!" she breathed, rolling onto her back. We worked together to quickly drag the jeans the rest of the way off her, and then she reached between her legs with both hands and started scooping all the semen she could from her cunt to her mouth. Suddenly, her hips shook and she arched off the bed.

When she settled back, she was breathless.

"Are you OK now?" I asked, laying back next to her.

She nodded, panting. "Gotta be careful what you say to me."

"No kidding."

She rolled onto her side so her lovely little breasts were pressed against my arm. "I have a confession."


"I liked it."

"I noticed."

"No, not just the cumming and everything..." She lowered her gaze and actually seemed to blush a bit. "The wantonness. Is that a word?"

"It is now."

She smiled slightly. "Even - even feeling slutty. Just wanting and craving your cum in my mouth, on my tongue, down my throat, in my belly..." She was half-gasping. "Living on your cum, feeding on it, nursing at your cock and feeling it big and hard and pulsing in my mouth..." She had one hand between her legs again. "I love feeling your cock swell with each spurt." She closed her eyes and shuddered slightly. "I feel like I can just let go and indulge myself. I really think it's the most intense orgasm for me."

"That most erogenous of organs."

She nodded solemnly. "The mind does have a lot to do with it. You don't mind it, do you?"

"Being sucked off and watching you cum from doing it?" I smiled. "I can live with it as long as we keep doing other stuff."

"Oh, goody." She threw her small arm across my chest and nestled.

I kissed the top of her head. "What about food?"

"Not really hungry," she mumbled, half dozing.

"I wonder why?" I kidded, but she was already out. I ordered in Chinese for delivery from a place that boasted of never adding any chemicals to the food - especially MSG.

Even without the MSG, though, an hour after dinner, Hester was hungry again. I was too much of a gentleman to refuse.


I was in Male Heaven for the next couple of weeks. I mean, here was a woman who came from swallowing my cum. Hester wasn't insatiable, but she could do a damn good imitation from time to time. Her birthday came and with it, a mysterious and unexplained request that I not buy her a gift. At dinner, she gave me a small glassine bag with some ground beige substance in it and asked me to mix it into my water - and not to order anything with alcohol in it. After getting her solemn pledge that it was a legal herbal substance, I agreed. She smiled happily as I drained the glass.

Back at her place, she explained that it was a very expensive herb she'd gotten at a small basement shop in Chinatown with the help of a colleague at work. It was reputed to assist in the fathering of sons - which, she had been told, required the production of more semen. It sounded like a crock to me, and I told her so. I felt no hornier than usual for her, but I didn't know if I could be hornier than usual for her, so that was no test.

Nonetheless, we were making out on her couch pretty heatedly when she took a small drammer from her end table. She dabbed it on my fingertips, replaced the stopper and looked up at me expectantly. I smiled and caressed her cheek, watching her nostrils flare as she took in the scent, and then I whispered, "Happy birthday, honey."

"Ohhhhhhh..." she moaned and began tearing at my trousers. She twisted onto her knees on the couch and I lifted my butt so she could get my trousers and briefs down. She clamped her mouth around the tip of my dick and started sucking madly. Saliva dribbled from her cock-stuffed lips onto my shaft. She gripped my cock with her hand and began slowly jacking me. Her tongue was pulsing against the underside of my glans. My balls felt dangerously swollen.

That was all the warning either of us got. My prick swelled and then I gushed cum into her mouth. The first spurt must have lasted a good three or four seconds. Her cheeks actually swelled. She swallowed loudly, her hips churning and bucking as she came - and then I fired again, another equally preposterous spurt of cream. For me, the pleasure was so intense that it frightened me.

I ejaculated three more times like that before cumming in what seemed like a more normal volume. By then, I was sure I must have been spurting piss or blood into her mouth, but when I was done - only temporarily, I assure you - I could see what looked like a thicker-than-normal white residue on her lips and teeth.

I don't know what that herb was, but it was definitely not a one-shot wonder. Hester voraciously sucked me off three more times before we crashed into sleep, and each time the volume and force of my ejaculations was only minimally less than the previous one. Only the next morning, when I woke to find her gobbling my dick yet again, did I cum with normalcy - normal, that is, if you skipped the fact that I blown four year-quality loads down her throat the night before. Hester said the size and power of my eruptions was the best birthday gift she'd ever had; she figured she'd cum with every spurt, and there'd been plenty of spurts.

Of course, it was three days before I could walk or sit normally again.

Yeah, it was MCP heaven for the first few weeks.

Then things started going... off.

It started on a Sunday morning. We'd spent a rainy Saturday afternoon revisiting some old friends hanging in the Metropolitan's American wing, dined at a little place on Third Avenue, then hopped the bus down to my place. We stopped to pick up two bottles of wine and then some fruit and cheese and prepared for a relaxed evening of cuddling and caressing on the sofa. One thing led inevitably to another which led inevitably to me cumming in her mouth and her simply cumming. We killed one bottle of wine and half of the other, then fell into bed. Hester was petite enough that I was perfectly comfortable sleeping with her sprawled atop me.

I awoke early, just after dawn. We were nestled like spoons, with me behind her and my cock nestled heavily between her tight buns. I kissed the nape of her neck lightly. She hmmmmed in her sleep and pressed back against me, encircled in my arms. I let one hand cover her breast and dozed again.

When I next awoke, it was because Hester was vigorously sucking my stiff cock. It was a wonderful way to wake. I gazed down, playing participant voyeur, Her finely chiseled face was partially obscured and partially framed by her disheveled hair. The oval of her lush lips was moving up and down just a bit over my prick. Her cheeks were hollowed by her pulsating suction and her tongue was dancing along the underside of my shaft. It was absolutely wonderful.

She was laying partly between my legs, with her thighs open and her wet cunt rubbing my shin. One stiff nipple was moving against the top of my thigh as she slowly shimmied. She was totally focused on the cock in her mouth. She took me to the back of her mouth and let the knob just touch her throat, an exhilarating sensation for me. I groaned.

At that sound her eyes opened, and she looked up at me, meeting my gaze. She slowly pulled her mouth off my prick.

"Like what you see big fella?"


"Do I look wanton, like a cocksucking slut?"

"You look gorgeous, sexy and turned on. You look like you really enjoy what you're doing."

She gave me a long slow lick from the base of my prick to the tip. She wrapped one hand around the root of my cock and began slowing stroking.

"I want to drink you dry, darling."

"Can I return the favor?"

"Later. Oh, by the way, noticed anything different?"

Still somewhat groggy with sleep and overwhelmed with the sensations, I couldn't really notice anything. After a moment of my blank staring, she smiled again.

"No oil, no keyword."

My eyes opened wide. "You mean - "

"I made a little modification. Whenever I feel horny, now..."

"Oh, no..."

"Oh, yes!" And she plunged my cock back into her mouth. She stroked madly and sucked as if she wanted to leave nothing more moist than ashes. Her groans didn't slow things, and neither did the feel of her oozing pussy on my leg. She hunched forward greedily and ground her cunt and clit against my thigh. I was seconds from erupting...

... when she wormed one insidious finger up my butt.

"WHA-!" I yelped, and then I was gushing into her mouth. She suckled at my cock, swallowing all I had and vacuuming still more. Her finger rubbed my prostate, and I thought my nuts had exploded. And all of the time, Hester was writhing and moaning loudly in orgasm.

I shot off again three or four times before I ran dry. Hester drank it all and only reluctantly withdrew stinkfinger from my butt. She lay, still wriggling, across my legs and swallowed my shriveling cock to the base. I felt her tongue slip out and touch the top of my scrotum. Her nose was against my pubis. My heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest.

I finally managed to urge her to crawl up into my arms. She burrowed her face into the hollow of my neck and just shook for a few minutes.

When we'd caught our breath, she leaned up to my ear and murmured, "I've never cum so hard in my life. That was wonderful!"

"Baby," I whispered, "that was very pleasurable and very intense."


"But - what about all the other lovely stuff? I mean, you're telling me that if I eat you, you won't get off until I cum in your mouth. If I want us to do it doggy-style or up the butt - I have to cum in your mouth. I miss those things with you - a lot."

"But I thought you'd like this," she protested. "I mean, isn't this like a dream come true? All you have to do to satisfy me - and does it ever! - is let me suck you off."

"Variety, doll, is the spice of life."

"Are you telling me that this is bland?"

"Well, not exactly bland, but... but I want us to fuck. I want to suck you. I miss the taste and feel of your sweet pussy. Couldn't you make just a little change in your self-programming? Please?"

She frowned in thought, then nodded - slowly.

"I think so," she said.

I didn't care for the uncertainty in her tone, but said nothing. I could always hope.


So much for hoping. Three weeks later, she was red-eyed and fighting back tears and my cock was starting to feel a little sore. It was getting ridiculous. Now she'd taken to deep-throating me in her hunger for my cum - and she absolutely could not get off any other way. The problem was that as wide as her mouth was, her teeth tended to scratch the base of my cock.

We were sitting across my dining table from each other, sharing a pot of tea.

"I don't know what to do," she sniffled. "I even tried going to a psychotherapist who's a licensed hypnotist."

"What'd he say?"

"She said I was the only one who could change it."

"Wonderful." I shook my head. Why the hell had she gone and messed with this in the first place? Well, I knew the answer: She wanted it to be better for me.

"Do you have any ideas?" She sniffled again, which made her firm tits jiggle sweetly under her pale yellow blouse.

Actually, I did. I'd been doing a little reading and making a few very discreet calls. I'd learned two things: Hester was immensely suggestible, and changing her programming meant somehow making her cum without allowing her the taste of my semen.

I shared these little tidbits with her.

She shook her head. "It just won't work. Don't you think I've tried?"

"Maybe I can help you."

"How? If you're there, I'll finally get so horny I'll jump you." She took a sip of her tea. "I mean, what are you going to do, tie - "

Her eyes widened. Her nipples stiffened.

She put down the tea cup. "You know, I used to have this fantasy where - "

I shook my head. "Forget it."

"No - wait. Hear me out."

She knew damn well I couldn't refuse to listen. "Alright." I took out my pipe and pouch.

"I had this friend in college, Regina. Nice Catholic girl. We got to be sort of confidants. Just a little bit of a thing, smaller than me, and she was dating this hulk, a lineman from the football team. I mean, this guy was huge, three or four inches taller than you and twice as wide. So we were doing in a bottle of screw-cap wine and exchanging notes, and I finally asked her: How could she possibly have sex with a guy that big? She told me that the only way she could really, really get off was if she was being somehow restrained, and the hulk fit the bill.

"So I said, sure, having a 300-pound gorilla on top of you would restrain you just fine, but also smother you. And she giggled and blushed and drank some more wine and told me that was true, but he was so strong he would just hold her by her hips and sort of pump her up and down on him, and there was nothing she could do about it. She figured it was all that sexual guilt, like she wasn't allowed to enjoy it if she could stop it."

I was staring, my pipe motionless in the pouch.


"Well what?" I echoed cleverly.

"What do you think?"

"I think the last thing you have is sexual guilt, especially since you're not a Catholic, besides which I'm not a college-age linebacker."

She slapped the table so sharply that I jumped. "Don't you get it? I have a block against it now. And you don't need to be as big as Andy was; that's what silk scarves were invented for."

I closed my mouth, saying only: "Oh."

"So if you tie me up and play with me and use me till my body has an orgasm despite my blocks, it should break up the blocks."

"And maybe establish that as the only way you can cum."

She blinked. "I didn't think of that."

I finished packing my pipe and lit it with a wooden match. I didn't say the obvious, because it was obvious, and it would have been insulting her intelligence.

"Another way might be the 'Manchurian Candidate' routine."

She frowned.

"Remember when Sinatra has Harvey pick up a deck of cards, and they're all red queens?"

She nodded. "But I'm not sure I'm getting this. How do I overload - oh!"

And with illumination came the predictable physical reaction. She stood slowly.

"Oh, no," I groaned.

She came around the side of the table, a feral fellatrix. "I just imagined what it would be like to suck off eight, 10, 20 guys, one right after..."

She dropped to her knees, unzipped me, fished out my overworked dick and crammed it into her mouth. If there was one thing I had learned by then, it was that once Hester got started, she didn't stop till she got what she, er, came for.

I surrendered to the inevitable.


A few days later, I was having a couple of drinks with Craig, one of my best friends and one of the few guys I felt I could discuss this with. Well, to be honest, more than a few drinks. Whatever. We were sitting at the bar in Bradley's, on University Place. Craig was drinking white wine spritzers; I was working on my third Johnny Walker Black and feeling every molecule of it.

"I honestly don't know what to tell you, Dan," he said. "Even when I was into the orgy scene, this would have been a tough one. Have you tried the sex clubs?"

I nodded, tossed back some scotch. "Sure. None of them had any kind of verification policies. Pay at the door and you're in. I even tried looking in the swinger's mags, but the few guys worth contacting - based on the ads - sounded..."

"Questionable? Sleazy?"

"Questionably sleazy."

Cheers erupted along the bar. The Summer Games were on the television and an American diver had just moved into second place. As the camera followed the diver back to the jacuzzi, Craig nudged me.

"Did you see that? His Speedo looked like it held a grapefruit."

"Sorry; I missed that."

"Well, I never would. I wonder if he's got a functioning brain."

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