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Desc: Sex Story: She wants to overcome her aversion to swallowing. She tries self-hypnosis. She succeeds. Then the trouble starts.

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This story involves explicit descriptions of consensual sex acts between an adult man and an adult woman, and between an adult woman and several teenage males. There is no B&D, S&M, bestiality, violence, coercion, humiliation, projectile vomiting, miscellaneous bathroom sports, illegal drug use or references to O.J. Simpson. Please show it only to those capable and willing to consent to reading it. This story entirely fiction. Batteries not included.

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Hester and I had been seeing each other for about seven months when the subject came up again.

"I wish I didn't have that hangup about - you know."

It had been so long since we'd talked about it, I didn't know. "What?" I cuddled her closer, savoring our mutual dampness.

"About, well, you know - taking you in my mouth." She was laying atop me and mumbling into my chest. My limpening dick was still inside her.

"You do take me into your mouth, lots. And I like it, lots." I squeezed her pert buttocks. It had taken some getting used to, being in bed with her. I usually favor tall, well-upholstered women. Barely five feet tall, very slim and with petite breasts, at first it had been a bit too much like being with a young teen. Especially since she kept her fine, dark pubic hair trimmed quite short.

"No, I mean having you cum in my mouth." She tilted her face up toward me. Her doe-shaped brown eyes were wide and soulful. "Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating you." When she was really concerned and intimate, enough of her native Georgia crept into her voice to make her sound almost like a young girl, too.

I grinned at her. "That? Hey, I'll trade away that for what we've got any time at all." Which was true true true. At 30, Hester was a wildcat in bed. Sleek, lithe and firm, she threw herself into sex with the same passion as everything else - completely. Unlike a lot of women I'd known, Hester was not afraid of simply surrendering herself to pleasure, no matter how intense.


So what if those lush, full lips of hers and her slightly over-generous mouth looked as if they'd been designed for cocksucking? She did suck cock, and quite wonderfully. She simply didn't want me cumming in her mouth. She said she loved to feel me cumming in her sweet little pussy and - sometimes - her narrow butt. Hey - no problem!

"Still what?"

"Well, I remember how you got when you told me about Elly... I dunno. I guess I just don't know what's wrong with me."

Oh, yes - Elly. The petite young Pole from the old neighborhood. Elly - who'd gone from overweight teenage pudgeball to a svelte 20ish doll who had only one flaw keeping her from being the ideal vest-pocket Venus: her tits, which had ballooned out to something like 32-DD. Elly - who had loved swallowing cum so much that she came herself when she got a mouthful. I was beginning to regret mentioning Elly, though it had been with the best of intentions - namely, to convince Hester that I'd rather be in bed with her and her reluctance to suck me off than Elly and her hangups about her own orgasms being shameful.

"Nothing's wrong with you. In fact, everything is just terrific about you." Except your self-doubts and self-deprecation, I added mentally.

"You're sweet," she answered, nuzzling my chest hairs. Then she looked up into my eyes. The dim glow seeping into the bedroom from the living room lamp emphasized her high, finely chiseled cheekbones. She had cheekbones most models would kill for.

"You're also not telling the whole truth about it," she whispered. "I remember how hard you got when you told me how she got off just swallowing semen. You wish I was like that, too."

"Not if it means changing anything else about you."

"See? You do miss it."

"Not really."

"But you wish I was like that."

I squeezed her butt, hard, and felt her pussy tighten around my dick. "You know what I like best, Hester?"

Her eyes were half-closed as she enjoyed the feel of my cock slowly reinflating in her cunt. She slowly shook her head. "Mmm?"

"When you use your inside muscles to hug me and get me hard again."

A flush was growing on her cheeks. I could feel her nipples stiffening against my chest.

"Like this?"

I groaned as her pussy began pulsing on my prick, pulling and squeezing me. The first time we'd made it, I'd been a bit concerned about her small twat and her small frame taking my fairly thick dick. As tight as she was, though, she'd stretched easily and enjoyed every fat inch. But when she'd begun clamping down on my prick, I'd at first wondered if she really was a 14-year-old passing; the stricture was amazing.

And incredibly arousing.

"You like it when I do my kegels with you inside?" She grinned evilly. The flush had spread to her neck. Beneath my hands, her ass had begun slowly churning, around and up and down. Not a lot - but combined with what she was doing inside, she had me right back at full erection.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!" she grunted, grinding her mound against me and cumming.

I tried to dig my fingers into her butt and humped up at her.

"Gonna make you cum in me!" she gasped.

Her pussy flexed and spasmed, milking at my rigid prick.

"Gonna suck you off inside me!"

Flex-flex-flex. My balls were pulling up tight.

"Wantcha ta fill me with it!"

She pushed herself up on her arms and slammed her convulsing cunt up and down on my prick for about two inches.

"Do it!"

I did it. The semen swelled through my prick.

"Yes! Yes! EEEEE!"

And as always, when she felt my cock throbbing inside her, she came too - and came hard. My balls churned and another shot bolted through my cock, squeezing past the constriction caused by her orgasm-tightened pussy and bursting into the sheath of her rippling cunt.


I came again and again, draining my balls till they ached. When my surges finally stopped, her cunt convulsed rapidly on my cock, drawing up the last drops of cum and then some. I think my nuts were dusty by the time she let herself collapse atop me again.

As our breathing slowed and I kissed the top of her head and caressed her face and shoulders, she tilted her face up. She studied my expression.

"I'm gonna find a way to do it, Dan."

"Huh?" I gasped wittily.

"To get over my hangup. I want us to have it all."

"Stop it, Hester. This is so good the way it is, I don't want to change any of it."

"No! I want to do it all!"

"Sure, baby, sure." I patted her butt and decided that was as good a place as any for my hand - covering most of her rock hard little hams. I let myself doze, not knowing what her determination was going to mean.

A few days passed. We spoke briefly once or twice. It was a busy time for both of us. Hester was assistant marketing director for a local cable station, and I was an ad copywriter. We'd met at a fund-raiser for an AIDS home care group when both of us ducked outside simultaneously for a smoke. It was only after we realized how well we hit it off - especially in the sack - that I told her exactly what I did and for whom. Some of my agency's clients were among the biggest sponsors on her network, and one of them sponsored the highly rated evening sports segment.

Anyhow, with sweeps week concluding and me just finishing off a series of spots for a major local utility (which shall go nameless except that fans of "The President's Analyst" may find a hint in the initials "TPC"), we were both very busy little urban professionals.

On Thursday, Hester left a message on my answering machine reminding me that she was going to be away for the weekend at one of her self-improvement retreats, and telling me she hoped we could get together the following Monday evening. That made me smile.

The smile and the promise almost weren't enough for me, though. On Saturday I had to attend one of those dreadful family gatherings. They were bad enough under the best of circumstances - which is to say, when they were brief and relatively limited - but this was a very tough one: a wedding. My cousin's oldest daughter, a girl from New Jersey with huge hair and huge tits and a huge opinion of herself, had roped a computer programmer. As I understood it, the poor soul had a mammoth IQ, about a dozen key copyrights on code, a ton of money and almost as much experience with women as you'd expect from a prime example of nerdus extremis.

What made it worse, though, was Ashley. The bride's younger sister decided to see how much of a rise she could get out of me by teasing me mercilessly. Like her sister, she had huge hair and huge tits, which made it tough enough, except she also knew very well how to tease - and she was 17. It rapidly became apparent to me that she was using her attentions to me to madden a 17-year-old from the groom's party. Nothing I did or said made her stop until I whispered into her shell-like ear that I couldn't wait for us to be alone so she could feel eight thick-as-her-wrist inches up her cute little butt. An exaggeration, sure, but it worked.

Naturally, I was in a great mood by the time I got home to my empty apartment Saturday night, and a Con Ed crew drilling the pavement at six on Sunday morning put a cap on it. I finally went to the gym and put in a half-hour on the heavy bag to work off some of the tension.

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