Blue Cascade

by Hidden Friend

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man finds woman bathing nude by the waterfall.

(I originally wrote this story under the author name of Voyager.)

Pete Marks followed the path as it twisted its way up the hillside; the right side of the path was boarded by a steep, weathered scree covered slope, while the left dropped steeply into a deep tree strewn gorge. The overhead sun burning in a clear blue sky failed to reach the gorge bottom, instead it painted the hillside and trees in a patchwork of greens and browns.

The path turned sharp right and started to descend; Pete followed its winding course as it dropped into the gorge. From up ahead he could hear the distant roar of a waterfall; the sound grew closer as he entered the green canopy of the wooded gorge. He soon found himself walking beside a fast flowing stream, the air filled with the sound of water cascading over the rocks. Up ahead through a break in the trees he could see the waterfall, a curtain of deep blue water sparkling in the hot sunlight.

Standing at the edge of the trees he gazed into the clearing, the water fell into a deep pool from the cliff above in blue cascade of sparkling water. As he stood in the shadows of the trees he saw a figure step from behind the falls. A wet, naked female figure stood on a ledge beside the falls and stretched, her body glistening in the sunlight. Arching forward she dove into the pool, cutting into the water with a clean dive.

Pete looked to see her surface, the pool remained empty, slowly he stepped from the shadows to look for her. The pool remained empty the water looked cool and clear in the sunlight.


Pete jumped at the voice and spun round, the girl stood behind him, water running from her long black hair over her naked tanned body. His cock jumped in his shorts as he tried not to stare at the beautiful naked figure in front of him.

"O um, hi."

"Nice day for a swim."

"Is it?, yes I guess it is."

"I'm Emma."

"Uh yes Pete hi."

"Are you gonna stand there staring or join me."

"O god I'm sorry, I just..."

"It's OK I don't mind you looking, but why not cool down in the pool and don't say you've no costume cause, surprise I haven't either."

With that Emma turned and with a short run jumped into the water. Pete stood there for a moment before quickly dropping his rucksack, his boots and socks followed and seconds later his T-shirt and shorts. Turning he ran to the water his erect cock slapping against his stomach, he was acutely aware of Emma watching him. With a splash he hit the water, the coldness snatching his breathe away as he slid below the surface.

Fighting his way to the surface he cried out in shock,

"FUCK it's bloody freezing."

"It's not that bad," cried Emma as she splashed him with water.

Diving sideways Pete made a grab for Emma but she slipped away, they played together in the cold water splashing and ducking each other, Pete very aware of his aroused state and the feel of Emma's firm body as it brushed against him. As they played their touches lasted longer, until finally Pete held Emma against him, her erect nipples pressing into his chest as his cock rubbed against her stomach.

Electricity seemed to course through their bodies as their mouths met in a passionate kiss, tongues entwining in a dance of passion. Breaking apart they swam to the shore, climbing from the water they kissed once more before falling to the grass their limbs entwined.

"Fuck me Pete, ram your hot, hard cock into my pussy, fuck me fuck me now."

Reaching down Pete slid his engorged cock-head across Emma's pussy lips, coating it in her cunt juices. Slowly he pushed the head into her waiting pussy, savouring the feel as it slid between her labia and into her moist cunt. Emma's legs wrapped around his hips pulling him deep into her warm embrace. They kissed deeply as their bodies became one, joined in a union of pleasure.

"O god Pete that feels soooo gooood, now fuck me ream my aching pussy with your hot hard cock."

Pete needed no further urging; he withdrew his cock until only the head was nestled in the warm embrace of her vagina, before sliding ball deep back into the hot fuck tunnel. They moved together searching for release, their bodies entwined. Pete rotated his hips as he withdrew, rubbing his cock and pelvis against Emma's engorged clitoris, causing her to groan in pleasure. Faster and faster he pounded his hard fuck rod into Emma's pussy bringing moans and gasps of pleasure from her lips.

"O yes Pete fuck me, fuck me hard, O god I'm cuming Pete, I'm cuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnngggggg."

Emma screamed in pleasure as her body shook to her orgasm, grinding her hips against Pete's.

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