Life's a Beach

by Hidden Friend

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Group Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mother and son find sexual release together while on holiday.

(I originally wrote this story under the author name of Voyager.)

Chapter One: On the beach

The weather had finally cleared, a week at the beach and it had taken until Thursday for the sun to come out.

Bill dropped his towel onto the hot sand; kicking of his shoes and shorts he slid his T-shirt off before lying face down on his towel.

"Better put some sun cream on Billy or you'll burn."

He turned his head to look at his mom who was spreading a towel beside him.

"I guess."

"Here I'll do it."

With that Mary Price knelt beside her teenage son, squirting sun cream onto his back she worked it in. Not for the first time she found herself feeling surprised at how muscular her son had become, it seemed only yesterday that she had been changing his nappies and feeding him. Now suddenly he was a tall muscular, handsome teenager.

Billy relaxed as his mom worked lotion into his back and shoulders; he allowed his eyes to travel over the other sunbathers, eyeing the babes in their small tight bikinis. As he watched some of the women started to remove their bikini tops, he felt his cock jerk in appreciation of the female flesh that was on show. He was brought back to earth by a light slap on his bottom,

"Come on Billy, turnaround's only fair you can do my back for me."

"But mom..."

"No buts come on."

Billy turned his head to look at his mom as she removed her shorts and top before lying down beside him, his eyes nearly popped from his head as he saw what she was wearing.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"Sunbathing, why what does it look like?"

"But what you're wearing."

"Uh O this thing, it's my new bikini. Do you like it?"

"I guess."

"Well here's the lotion, rub some on my back there's a dear."

Bill was amazed; his mom was wearing probably one of the skimpiest bikinis he'd ever seen. The glimpse he'd caught of the front had shown two very small triangles of cloth covering her breasts and a third between her thighs. He'd known in a subconscious way that his mom was an attractive woman, but this was the first time he'd consciously been aware of it. He realised she was as good as, if not better looking than anyone else on the beach.

"You look great mom."

"Why thank you Billy, now the sun lotion?"

"O yea sorry."

Billy found himself with a new problem, how to kneel and rub lotion into his mom's back, without revealing to anyone who looked, especially his mom, the aroused state of his cock. Quickly he climbed into a kneeling position and leaning forward squirted lotion onto his mom's back. He marvelled at the smooth feel of her skin as his hands moved over her back, his mom suddenly moved lifted herself onto her elbows.

"If everyone else is going topless I think I will."

As Billy looked on his mom slipped her bikini top off before lying back down.

"Billy, sun cream."

Mary relaxed as her son's strong hands massaged lotion into her back, turning her head she found herself gazing upon his erect cock trapped in the tight material of his trunks. She stared at it surprised at the erotic feelings that ran through her body and the positively pornographic thoughts that filled her mind. She shook her head trying to force the images from her mind, 'my god she thought, this is my own son, my own flesh and blood. I've got to stop thinking about this'.

When Billy realised his mom was looking at his cock he felt himself blush, a mixture of embarrassment and to his shock lust. He quickly finished rubbing lotion into his mom's back and layback on his towel, trying to ignore the perverted, yet arousing thoughts running through his mind.

Throughout the day Billy tried unsuccessfully to stop the incestuous thoughts that ran through his head. It wasn't helped when his mom accompanied him for a swim, firm naked breasts in full view to everyone on the beach including him.

Heading back to the towels his mom had then insisted on linking arms with him, this had caused him further embarrassment when one breast had brushed against his arm and his cock had jerked to instant hardness. He'd then had to walk the final twenty feet to the towels with a very obvious erection.

Mary couldn't believe what she was doing, walking topless down the beach to swim and then back. On the way back she'd become very aware of the eyes of strangers looking at her, for comfort she'd linked her arm through Billy's. Back at the towels she'd noticed his once more aroused state, she found she was turned on with the realisation that she had caused it. Then she took pity on Billy and suggested they get dressed and head back to the hotel apartment.

Chapter Two: The apartment

Back at the apartment having had a shower, Mary lay naked on her bed, through the partly open door she could hear the shower going and pictured Billy standing naked under the warm spray. Her breasts ached to be touched and her pussy was burning with desire, a desire she tried to fight as she tried to ignore the wicked images that filled her mind.

Billy had switched on the shower and then realised he'd left his shower gel in his bedroom. Grabbing the shower gel he walked back into the bathroom, pulling his bedroom door shut he stepped towards the shower. Passing his mom's bedroom door he realised it was slightly open. Glancing through the partially open doorway he stopped in wonder. His mom was lying naked on the bed; her eyes were closed a dreamy look on her face. As he watched one hand moved up to cup and massage her breasts, while the other slid down over her stomach to slide between her thighs. As he stood watching his mom he moved his own hand to his erect cock and started to masturbate.

Mary moaned in desire and need, as her fingers slid over her engorged clitoris before dipping into the honey pot of her pussy. The fantasy took over as she squeezed her breasts and rubbed her juices over her clit.

"Mmmm O that's it Billy honey, play with mommy's pussy."

When Billy heard his mom's words he almost fell over in shock, in fact he did loose his balance for and second and fell against the partially open door, pushing it further open. Mary caught the movement through her partially open eyes, lifting her head she was shocked to see her son standing in the doorway, one hand wrapped around his large cock.

Mother and son looked at each other for a second, both still unconsciously masturbating. Before they both seemed to realise what they were doing, Billy turned bright red and with a strangled cry pushed the door shut and dove for the shower.

Mary lay still for a moment her mind in turmoil, the sane part of her mind told her to get dressed and never allow such thoughts again. The other part fired images of Billy standing masturbating as he watched her and Billy on the beach with an erection. This part seemed to be linked direct to her base sexual needs and it was this part that won the battle. Knowing what she was about to do was wrong she headed for the bathroom; her body flushed with sexual desire and need.

Billy stood under the shower, wondering what his mom would say to him, the images of her lying naked on the bed saying his name kept running through his head. Reaching down he grasped his hard cock in one soapy hand; at that moment he heard the bathroom door open. The frosted shower door was covered in steam restricting his view. He realised his mom must have come to tell him off for spying,

"I'm sorry mom, I know I shouldn't have spied on you."

"It's all right Billy honey, but I think we should talk about what you saw."

"I gue..."

Billy broke off as the shower door slid open and his very naked mom stood looking at him.

"Mom what..."

"Shhhh Billy don't worry."

As Billy stood there his mom reached out and slid her fingers around his hard cock,

"Mmm Billy you've got a beautiful cock."


"Why don't we take this into the bedroom OK."

Billy stood amazed and shocked by his mom's actions, numbly as though in a dream he stood and quickly dried himself before following his mom into her bedroom,

"Masturbate for me Billy, show mommy how you pleasure yourself."

Mary lay down on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge as she looked with lust filled eyes at her son.

Billy stood between her parted legs, all embarrassment forgotten as he gazed as his naked mom. Reaching down he grasped his cock in one hand and started to work it up and down the shaft while the other hand squeezed and massaged his balls. His eyes slid over his mom's naked body, from her breasts topped by hard nipples, to the glistening folds of her womanhood. Nervously he reached forward to dip his fingers into the moist folds of his mother's pussy, Mary moaned in appreciation. Pulling his pussy juice coated fingers out he rubbed them over his engorged cock-head.

Mary moaned in pleasure at her son's touch, she watched as he coated his cock in her pussy juice before once more dipping into her cunt. More juices were transferred to his cock until it glistened in a mixture of precum and pussy juice.

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