The Return

by Liclovely

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Former drug dealer comes back to town and seduces wife of incarcerated friend.


As Tyree got off the plane, old memories came rushing back to him. He remembered living in the dirty, run-down project tenements of his youth. He remembered how hard the mean streets had been to him and his friends. Most of his friends had not gotten the opportunity to live life as he had. They were either dead or in jail as a result of living the fast life. He clearly remembered the incident that drove him away from this environment and into his future.

Tyree was 6'4", 220lbs, and he possessed a golden bronze hue to his skin. He had a body that any professional football player would be jealous of.

Tyree had escaped this concrete jungle by the skin of his teeth. He had always been an intelligent young man who dreamed of a better life. He admitted to himself that he sold drugs to make ends meet in earlier years(while also admitting that selling drugs wasn't all that hard because drugs basically sold themselves). He had never taken a liking to that life but he understood that at that time that it was the best he could do under the circumstances.

He had left town after a particularly brutal incident.

He had attempted to find honest work but finding no one who would take a chance on a young, black man from the ghetto, he had gone to work for his best friend, Omar, selling coke and heroin. Things had gone well for a time but eventually he had gotten into a skirmish with some local wanna be tough guys. Tyree had beaten a man nearly to death with his bare hands who had tried to ambush and rob him and Omar five-years ago. He had to leave town to escape prosecution. Omar had helped him leave town safely. That was something he would always be thankful for.

During his time away from his hometown, he had discovered that his life meant something and that he'd better do something about it. He enrolled in a local community college. He did so well at school that after he graduated, he was offered a partial scholarship to a four-year institution. He took it and began to realize a life he had only dreamed about before. The day before he was to graduate from college, he had heard the bad news. Omar had been arrested for drug smuggling and was facing a long prison term. Omar had left his wife, Sanya, to fend for herself.

Sanya was a sight to behold. Tyree remembered how her and Omar had met. He had always secretly wished that he had been a step faster than Omar in meeting her. She was 5'5", 125lbs, and 36c-25-38. She was half-black & half-French. She had long, black, wavy hair down to her ass. He remembered how her large nipples were always visible whenever she became excited or cold. She had doe eyes, small petite nose and the sexiest pair of lips he had ever set eyes on. She embodied a sexuality that was hard to ignore. She was the finest woman Tyree had ever set eyes on and he remembered her well.

He also remembered the times they had spent together and how she had always seemed to be on the cusp of taking their friendship further. They had always been able to talk to each other and relate to each other concerning their shared relationship with Omar. He had always felt that there was something more she was trying to communicate to him when they talked with each other. He knew at the time that it was a pipedream to even consider getting close to her. She was Omar's girlfriend. Besides being Omar's best friend, he could have gotten himself killed by attempting to seduce her.

But times had changed. He had heard that they had gotten married a few years back and was happy about the news at the time. Now, Omar was sitting in jail facing 10-20 years and his wife was sitting at home, afraid and lonely. What was a friend to do??

He waited until he secured a job before contacting Sanya. He had graduated with a degree in human resources. He realized that the people he used to hang around with would not recognize him. He hoped that Sanya would, though. He picked up the phone and dialed operator assistance for her phone number.


During the last few months, Sanya had taken on a lot of responsibility. She had to handle all of her husband's financial obligations while he was locked up in jail. She never understood how he handled everything so effortlessly. She was sick and tired of dealing with lawyers. Her life had been turned upside down by the arrest of her husband. She had pleaded with him for years to give up that life and get a job and settle down so that they could raise a family. She had married Omar because she had fallen in love with him. She didn't marry him for his money or reputation. She genuinely believed that he would be able to walk away and start a new life, but it hadn't worked out that way. All that was left of her former life was memories. She felt alone and abandoned. She did work at a local real estate office as a secretary and that took some of the pressure off of her as she was able to concentrate for 8 hours on something else besides her lonely home life.

Adding to the frustration she already felt, she found that she had become horny on a constant and consistent basis!! Her and Omar had always had a terrific sex life. In the last couple of months, Sanya had resorted to purchasing a dildo to help her get through the lonely nights. She had begun to realize that it would be years before she would be able to hold her husband in her arms. Could she wait that long? She realized that it would be very tough for her because she was a sexual person who liked to fuck at last 4-5 times a week. She was multiorgasmic by nature. When she orgasmed, she tended to squirt her love juices all over the cock or tongue that was causing her pleasure. Whenever she had sex, the sheets inevitably had to be changed, afterward. Her husband had stated on more than one occasion that she had the "wettest and tightest piece of ass" he had ever had. One of her talents that her husband cherished was her unabashed enthusiasm for giving head and swallowing cum. She felt content and at peace with a big dick in her mouth... she missed that, now. She missed the feel of her husband's dick in her mouth and the slightly salty taste of his cum. She reminded herself of the way she would accept his cum in her mouth and then swish it around her mouth before swallowing.

"Oh well, no since crying about it. There is nothing I can do except wait," she'd said to herself as she walked in the door to her home. She took a cold shower attempting to squash the heat that had developed between her thighs. As she stood in the shower letting the water spray down the front of her, she thought of all the people who had claimed to be her husband's friends. Not one of them had showed up since his arrest to offer her a helping hand or words of encouragement. Not a single fucking one of them begging motherfuckers!!!!

The image of Tyree appeared before Sanya's eyes and she smiled. She hadn't seen or heard about him in ages. She remembered how he always seemed to look at her in a wanton way. If she had not met Omar first, she thought that she would have gone for Tyree in a big way.

Sanya recalled a Fourth of July picnic from five years ago, when she had overheard a girl that Tyree had been dating say to another girl, "Tyree has the biggest dick I've ever had in my life... and girl, he knows how to use it, too". Later that evening at the picnic, she had wandered off with one of her girlfriends to smoke some weed and had surprised a half-drunk Tyree taking a piss by a tree. As she approached him from the side, she got a good look at his dick as he hurriedly tried to put it back inside his pants. "Oh my goodness!!", she had said to herself at the time. His girlfriend hadn't been lying when she said he had a big dick... and it wasn't even hard!!! Omar's dick was a full, healthy 8" when hard and that filled her up nicely. Tyree's dick was at least 7" in the soft state!!!! She considered Tyree's girlfriend to be very lucky. After that glimpse of his "bull dick", she had attempted in every way possible to be alone with him when she could manage, but Tyree's steadfast loyalty to Omar prevented them from getting together(plus, the danger involved if Omar were to find out was enough to douse those flames of desire she felt).

As the water continued its assault on Sanya's skin, she began to massage her breast. She had breasts that stood high and proud. Squeezing her breast gently but firmly, she moaned. She did the same to her other breast making her nipples stand out close to an inch. She marveled at her nipples... they were so sensitive!! She had had to wear bras with extra padding since her teen years. Her nipples were always giving the secret of her excitement away to strangers. She also noted that if her nipples were licked and sucked the right way, she could achieve several orgasms from that alone. She allowed her hands to drift down to her flat stomach, which was taut from regular exercise. She then let her hand glide through the sparse hair on her pussy mound. She kept it trimmed in the shape of a small heart. She let her fingers slide down further to caress her wet, pouty lips. She rubbed on her engorged outer lips. She then slipped a finger into her sloppy wet inner lips. She allowed her fingers to penetrate her lips... she was soooooo wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She used her other hand to finger her clit. As she began to finger herself to orgasm, the image of Tyree's big dick filled her mind. What she would do to have a dick like that in her life, right now!!! As she began to cum, tears sprouted in her eyes because she realized that this was the extent of her sex life, now. Playing with herself in the fucking shower!! All of this daydreaming was a fantasy. She had no one to give herself to anymore!!!!!!

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