Cool Chicks

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: But being cool brings it own trouble

Debs and me were the only cool chicks in school, all the rest are total wankers. It's typical, Debs goes without me for just one night to the Silver Dime club and she meets this real cool dude, me I was stuck in detention.

"He's great," she enthused, "your see, he's meeting me after school."

"Has he got a mate for me?" I asked, but Debs just shugged her shoulders the bitch, she sorted so what does she care about me. We wait down the road well away from the school gate and this neat car pulls up and in we get. I'm introduced to Benny, and I can see he's checking me out, even though Debs said he's hers. I make sure that my already short skirt is showing the maximum amount of thigh and I pull my shoulders back to thrust my tits out; he takes me home first then they drive off together.

Friday night and we both dressed to kill, Benny is picking us up and taking us both to the Club. We dance together as a threesome while Danny buys us drinks. About ten, he disappears, saying he got to make a connection, and when he returned he offered us both a tab.

"Great," said Debs and washes it down with her coke. Me I a bit hesitant but then I too swallow my pill. The colours seem brighter now as the drug stimulates me, we dance some more then Danny pulled us both out of the club and we drive off and park. It's not fair, Debs and Danny are making out on his back seat, all I can do is watch them, her little dress come off and he thrust between her spread legs. The combination of the tab of E and watching them has made me very randy and when he rejoined me in the front I pulled his hands onto me.

"Please," I begged.

"What does my little slut want?" he smiled at me.

"Please, make me come," I begged.

"Well my little slut, first you've got to get me hard," he said pulling my head down on to his groin. I take his limp cock into my mouth, while his hands wonder over my body, squeezing my tits and moving up and down over my legs. After a short while his cock expands within my mouth and he's ready to mount me.

"Get you kit off then," he ordered, all I'm wearing is my little dress and my knickers. I straddle him and his big cock enters me for the first time. It magic, I grind myself against him, his hands are all over my slim body, squeezing and stoking until I come.

Both Debs and me get dressed and he takes me home, he and Debs then drive off.

"You bitch," Debs spat at me on Monday morning, "you had to fuck him, didn't you."

"Sorry Debs," I said, in truth I was a bit unhappy with myself at my behavour.

"Yeah, he wants to see you again," she didn't seem at all happy about it, "anyway he's going to introduce me to this Fashion Photographer friend, reckons I've got talent."

"Oh," I said, now I was dead jealous of her, I've always wanted to be a model. "When you going then?" I asked.

"Don't know yet, but probably next weekend," she said, "he's got to arrange it yet." Bitch I though, but still she's still my only friend, the rest of the school are still wankers.

"Is he going to invite me too?" I asked, but from her look, it would be over her dead body.

We were still friends but things are a little strained, but I was still the only other cool chick in the whole school, so she had to forgive me. It was Thursday afternoon and I had to walk home alone, it was Debs night to do detention, when Danny drove up.

"Where's Debs?" he asked.

"In detention," I reply.

"Oh fuck the bitch," he said angrily, "I've bloody arrange to take her to my snapper friend tonight."

"Oh, she won't be out for a hour at least," I said, "you could take me if you want." I held my breath, Debs will kill me later, but I had to ask.

"Sure why not," he smiled brightly at me.

We arrived at this dingy warehouse, but upstairs was laid out as a large studio.

"Here have one of these," he held out a red pill, "make you relax."

"Sure," I said, not wanting to appear un-cool. I was introduced to Kevin the photographer, who looked me up and down and smiled.

"Very nice love," he said, "Love the outfit." Shit I thought, I had forgotten in my excitement, that I was still wearing my school uniform. I started to feel very relaxed now the pill was working. Every thing was cool and warm and cosy, the lights started to flash and I could hear Kevin's voice telling me to move about.

"Lets get rid of the uniform shall we," he said. Yeah right about time, I hated wearing it. Still the flashes kept going off, I'm not sure if there were real or in my mind. Danny held me in his arms and I could feel his hand moving over me, Shit Debs will really kill me if I fucked him again and when she not there, it's her fault she's in detention. I was on the floor now and Danny was thrusting between my legs, oh it's magic, if only those bloody flashes would stop. Oh Kevin wants ago too, I though he might me gay, but the hardness of his cock pumping into me tells it's own story.

I was back outside my house now, the last couple of hours were a little vague but I sure had a great time, if I little sore between my legs, I don't remember how many time Danny and Kevin fuck me, but it felt pretty continuous. I slept for ten hours straight and awoke with a thick head. Oh shit Debs is really going to kill me when she hears. I must tell Danny and Kevin to keep quiet or I'll lose my only friend.

I'm out on Saturday, Debs is with Danny, when this car pulls up.

"Hi jump in," called Kevin, "I've been looking for you."

"Oh why?" I asked, hopefully he wanted to use me again; we drove off.

"If you've got time, I've got a client who's interested in you," he said.

"Oh yes," I replied, my heart beating loudly in my chest.

"Yeah, he want a video of you, if you don't mind?" he said, his hand moved off the wheel and onto my Jean covered thigh.

"Sure love to," I reply, "are we going to do it now?"

"Yes, if you've got time?" he inquired. Shit I've got all day.

"Love too," I said.

"Great," he enthused, "it'll be just a simple thing, you don't mind taking your clothes off do you?"

"What no," my voice broke, a tingle of fear ran through my body.

"Good," he squeezed my thigh, "I knew you were a cool girl."

In truth I was petrified at the prospect, but I couldn't back out now. He led me to the same studio as last time and a ghost of a memory flitted through my mind. Don't be a silly cunt, I thought, this guys already fucked you.

"Right Trish," he said sitting me down on a sofa, he held my hand reassuringly. "I'm going to ask you some personal questions, ok and then when I finished I want you to strip off to show our client how good your figure is, ok."

"What sort of questions?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry, just you name, age, height, that sort of thing," he said. Oh shit what do I say about my age, if I tell the truth, will I'll be too young to be a model.

"Ok, just to relax you, and create a good impression, take this," he said handing me a blue pill.

"What is it?" I asked, taking the pill from his hand.

"Don't worry, it's just a relaxant," he smiled. I swallowed the pill while he set about his equipment.

After about ten minutes, I could feel the pill making my head buzz.

"Right good, we're ready," he said and two bright lights came on, making me squint. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Flying," I giggled, shit get control of yourself, I thought.

"Ok, just sit up straight and we'll start," he said.

"Ok please tell me your name?" he said.

"Trish," I replied.

"Louder please Trish and your full name," he said.

"Yes sorry, it's Trisha Downing," I said slightly louder.

"That's great," he encouraged.

"Now Trish how old are you?" he said. This is the tricky one, what do I say.

"I'm eighteen," I said.

"Now, now Trish, I know you're not," he smiled and wagged his finger at me, " we must have the truth now, ok."

"I'm fifteen," I admitted, "is that going to be a problem."

"No, no far from it, the industry is always looking for young models," he reassured.

"Oh good," I said somewhat relieved.

"Right Trish so you're fifteen," he said, "tell me your measurements?"

"Yeah right," I thought deeply, I was finding it a bit difficult now to concentrate. "I'm about five foot four, and I'm 34 with a 'B' cup, twenty three waist and 34 hips."

"That's good Trish," he smiled, now please stand and turn for me." I got unsteadily to my feet, and turned completely around.

"Very good Trish," he said, "ok time to take your clothes off, ok."

"Year sure," I said. I crossed my arms and pulled my jumper over my head, then shook my head to flatten my hair again.

"Now the bra, please," he said.

"Yeah right," I said, but my hands couldn't undo the strap.

"Here let me," he said moving from behind his camera. Once my bra was off he cupped me from behind and gave me a squeeze, and then went back behind his camera.

"Ok, now the Jeans love," he said, that right nice and slow, good girl." Ok last bit, your knickers now, ok." it felt a little weird standing there totally naked in front of this guy.

"Ok love, please sit down and open your legs for me, ok," he said.

"Yeah ok," I said but his voice was fading a bit now.

"Come on open up for me," he said, my hands moved down and opened up my pussy for him, boy was I wet down there, it felt so nice with my hands moving over me. My only thought now was to make myself come, oh yes that nice and suddenly my orgasm overtook me and it left me spent. I lay there and I felt Kevin's hands on me, Mmm, he does have a nice touch for a gay man, I giggled. Then I felt his hard one enter me, oh yes you bastard, fuck me hard.

I was back outside my house not knowing how I got there, I turned my head and looked at the smiling face of Kevin.

"Hi lover," he said, "have a good time?"

"Yeah," I said, thinking back over the last few hours, after he had fucked me he had handed me a dildo to use on myself. I plunged it inside me while I sucked him hard again; this time he came all over my face.

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