Sailing to Australia

by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, BiSexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: He and She Marine Engineers make it through college together in and out of bed. Then they and their friends go on to bigger things... until three of them find themselves on a sailboat to Australia.

We were now the three musketeers, that would be me, David Miller, Carol my wife and our business partner Ted Williams. On this truly gorgeous spring day in southern California we walked hurriedly down the wooden dock toward the object of our desire, to the temporary slip where she awaited us We walked in hurried eager steps along what seemed to be a never ending path, until we finally rounded that last turn.

And there she was. God she was beautiful, and sexy, a 51 foot Beneteau, a French built sloop that we had just bought. All three of us stood there staring at her like eager lovers. For the next two hours we went over her from stem to stern, touching, feeling, checking to be sure everything was just as we had ordered: the roller reefing jib and mainsail, the various extra sails, the anchors, the LORAN and GPS navigational aids, the normal and special rigging, and on and on. It was all perfect. Now that we were sure that all was as specified and she was truly ready, we cranked up the diesel, cast off, motored out of San Diego harbor and soon had her under full sail... It was unfuckingbelievable!

For the first time in my life I started to believe my dream might really come true. We were going to sail this beautiful boat, from San Diego to Australia and back. It had been a dream of mine for more years than I could recall and after a lot of long conversations it had also become a dream of Carol's and then later, to our delight, Ted's. The three of us were really going to do it.

But I am way ahead of myself, let me back up and make some introductions. This all started when I was a junior in college majoring in Marine Engineering. That's where I met Carol, also a junior and with the same major. That was pretty unbelievable too. Not many females were interested in sailboat design, even more, especially beautiful females like Carol. She was a drop dead gorgeous blonde with a deep tan. And a body to die for. But she usually was dressed in baggy jeans and baggier t-shirts, ready to go sailing at the drop of a hat.

But there was another side of Carol I was to learn. A real no nonsense lady, sure of what she wanted, and not the least bit afraid to let you know what that was. Carol was the most free individual I have ever known. She operated on "Carol's rules" and none else. Those rules became clear over time and became dear to me as we grew toward each other rapidly.

When I got to know her she freely admitted to being pleasure seeking, pain avoiding and sex was her favorite pleasure. As long as no one got hurt, physically, mentally or emotionally, all was fair in love and sex, who needs war? Guilt over any past sexual experience was a waste of time. And finally it is almost as much fun to give pleasure as it is to receive it. There were other minor rules but they were less important.

We dated after a fashion, more like just hanging together, we had decided we liked each other, and then spent a lot of time in bed together. Our first time was a golden bullet for me. The way it came about was unique in my somewhat limited experience too... We were sitting over coffee one morning at the Student Union Building before class. We had been in several classes together, had coffee and shot the breeze a lot about everything, done a couple of meals but no real dates. This morning as she sipped her coffee she looked at me and I felt like I was being dissected, analyzed and mentally pigeon holed. I was about to ask her what was going on in that head of hers when she said, "Would you like to fuck me?"

The next 24 hours were spent in her bed. As we entered her bedroom our clothes flew. I got my first good look at her nude body and it was even better than I had dreamed. She was a wet dream in anyone's mind, nice full upturned breasts, hard little nipples, a small tight waist and the cutest ass I had ever seen. Her mound was neatly trimmed showing her swollen pussy lips between long beautiful legs. She pushed me on my back on the bed and I felt her mouth engulf my hard cock. I soon was returning the oral favors and then did we ever fuck. There was little we didn't do in a fit of sexual urgency. We rested and then looked at each other, smiled and started all over. This went on for a couple of days, with food and sleep breaks, skipping all classes. Then we knew we wanted a lot more of each other... a lot more. Somewhere in there we moved in together for a glorious year where I knew I was the luckiest man alive. Everything was perfect with Carol, the sailing, the wit, the fun, the sex, and more sex, and more sex. Carol thought sex was like breathing, something essential to life.

But then we broke up over something really stupid I said one night when I thought she had been flirting too much, with a guy she had been to bed with in the past. We had been to a pretty wild party, some of our friends were openly fucking all over the place. I was pretty drunk and I saw her talking to a guy she had admitting fucking before we met. I jealously made a stupid joke about how many of the guys here she had fucked. Asking her if was trying for slut of the year. She looked like I had slapped her and she quietly left the party. And then I didn't have the intelligence to eat shit and apologize for my words. Rather I bowed my stubborn neck and tried to bluster my way through when I got home and found her sitting there waiting for me. As soon as it had happened I knew I had screwed up big time. Nobody could come close to being near the perfect one for me like Carol was. When it was clear to her that I wasn't going to be adult about the problem she moved out.

I was hurt and stunned when she moved out. Then after some time and I hadn't yet moved to get her back, she started dating again... so I did too but it never was the same. We would see each other on the campus and speak softly to one another with big eyes. When I heard she had moved in with this other guy it really hurt. I guess I got used to it cause when I would see her after that I still wanted her. I knew with her appetite for sex what must be going on but I didn't care. I wanted her to be with me in every way again. We spoke warmly when we ran into each other and it seemed to me we looked at each other longingly. I know what was in my mind.

Then before I knew it graduation was coming up on us and I knew I had to do something. I was not going to let her get away. I checked her schedule and lay in wait for her. I had to talk to her. I was scared to death, what if she just brushed me off. As expected I saw her walking toward me. God she was beautiful and sexy and wonderful and more. When I called to her, she smiled and waved. I was standing under this huge tree looking back and waiting for her to join me. When she did we stood there awkwardly looking at each other, I felt pretty tentatively but after a long pause I blurted out, "Carol... I was so wrong, stupid. I still love you and I have to ask, do you love the guy you are living with?"

I saw the instant tears in her eyes and thought it was all over but then she smiled and lunged at me wrapping her arms around my neck and I felt her full lips on mine. The kiss was like we had never been apart. When we finally broke she looked up at me and said, "I never stopped loving you. I thought you hated me."

The next thing I knew we were in my apartment in bed fucking our heads off just like old times. It went on and on, different positions, different openings, until finally we lay gasping and totally exhausted for that moment. When we could speak she propped herself up on one elbow, her full breast waving nicely in front of my face.

She smiled and said softly, "Thank you my darling for doing this today. I have wanted to say those same words to you ever since we broke up. I just didn't have the guts. I'm so glad you did."

I kissed the tip of her nose and said, "Now what?"

"Is there anyone living here with you now?"

"No, Sue got pissed off at me cause I kept calling her Carol every time we had sex and she moved out last week."

Carol laughed and said, "I'm so glad." Then she looked at me and said in a shy little voice, "Can I come back? At least then you can get the name right."

"Absolutely, but what about what's-his-name?"

"Billy? He is a sweety, we both always knew it was temporary. It was mostly for the sex. He is almost as good as you David. I told him everything about us and I know he will be glad for us. Besides he has his eye on his French teacher."

I felt this sinking feeling in my stomach as I thought of my love spreading her long trim legs for Billy. Laying in bed with him just like the two of us were. Intellectually I knew Carol had to have sex just as I did and I could deal with that. But I also felt a rush of emotions, jealousy, anger, excitement... and I realized I had another hard on. Carol noticed it too with no idea what caused it and she immediately tried to swallow all of me. Damn life was good again.

Later that day we drove over to where she and Billy were living together. Carol used her key and we walked in unannounced. Billy was sitting on the couch in his boxer shorts watching a porn tape. His cock stood out the front of his shorts in his hand and it was big. He saw me and jumped up stuffing his cock away as best he could.

Carol laughed and said, "Are you watching those fuck flicks again. God Billy don't you ever get enough?"

He looked at both of us and smiled sheepishly as he said simply, "No."

It really felt strange to stand there talking to this guy with his hard on, while a fuck flick played on TV, with my girl friend there too, who the night before had been his girl friend. Carol picked up the remote and turned the TV off and said, "Put a robe on Billy, we have to talk."

It went well after that. Billy was glad for us and even helped us move her stuff back to my place, once again our place. As we carried the last of the stuff in Carol caught me and said, "I will drive Billy back. I want to talk to him and thank him. OK?"

I just smiled and nodded. I was in this delirium of happiness that she was back with me. They shortly drove off together in my pickup. An hour later it dawned on me how she must be thanking him. It was a little over two hours when she returned. Her hair was wet and it seemed clear she had just gotten out of a shower. She made no excuses and soon we were sitting on the couch cuddling.

After some heavy kissing and mutual feeling, I said, "Billy is a nice guy, a little strange but nice."

"That's so true. He was good to me and kept me from being too miserable from missing you."

I couldn't resist asking, "Was the sex good with him?" My voice was husky as I asked her that question.

She stared into my eyes for a long time and then said simply, "Yes." Then she said, "David, I love you and only you. I will answer any and all of your questions truthfully but sweetheart, make sure you want to know the answer before you ask me. I don't want to hurt you. As you saw when we walked in over there, Billy is a sexual animal... bless his heart."

I laughed nervously and kissed her lips lightly. Then I said, "I love you too Carol and don't want to be without you ever again. I can't imagine anything that would cause me to stop loving you. But I am curious... maybe I shouldn't be. Thinking about you fucking Billy is a mixed thing for me. It makes me jealous and it excites the hell out of me." I paused and then had to ask, "Did you guys fuck a lot?"

"David, are you sure you want to get into this?"


"OK my sweet, you asked... yes we did, it was a rare day that we didn't have sex of some form. Billy kept a flight log, as he called it. The date and time and where we did it. He has done that since his first girl in high school. He has books and books like that."

She stopped then and kissed me lightly and asked, "You OK? Don't get into this if it is going to upset you."

I caught her hand and placed it on top of my hard cock through my pants and as she squeezed it I said, "Does that seem like I'm upset. I find it damned exciting to hear you talk about it."

She smiled and shivered as she said, "I love it, I don't understand it but I love that you don't mind. It's over now. But if you ever want to hear some wild stories just ask."

I felt her open my jeans and pull my hard cock out and begin to stroke me in her small hand. I kissed her and said, "While you were gone my imagination was busy as I fantasized about you doing all kinds of things with Billy. I wondered if maybe the two of you said goodbye in bed while you were there?"

She looked at me intently and said softly, "Are you asking?"

I nodded. She bent her head to my throbbing cock and sucked and licked on the head for a few seconds then sat up again and looked at me and said, "Yes... we talked for a while and I thanked him for being so sweet to me. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed that had been ours and he fucked me hard and wild... and I fucked him back the same way David."

It was silent for what seemed forever as she continued to stroke my cock. Then she pulled her skirt up and slid her panties off dropping them on the floor. She straddled me and sat down easing her wet cunt over my cock slowly. It was so hot and wet and tight, even if it had been recently used by Billy, and we both groaned with pleasure. She looked at me and said, "Now its all yours again if you still want it?"

I started meeting her slow strokes as I said, "Forever."

We soon graduated, got married and moved to Los Angeles all in the same week. Carol and I were now Marine Engineers with a specialty in designing and building fast sailboats. Carol and I both had jobs with one of the best builders in the world, a guy who builds a lot of the America's Cup boats. For the next two years we worked and learned more than we dreamed possible in our field. We worked out the designs, built the boats and then sailed them in carefully controlled tests. Not as much fun as free sailing but it was necessary. Carol and I were working on a new design for a winged keel that required a lot of testing.

Off work I loved my wife and we ran and played, screwed and sailed our own smaller boat around southern California. Life was so good. Carol loved sailing as much as I did. That led to me sharing my long time dream of sailing to Australia and back. I was afraid she would think I was crazy but to my delight she loved the idea and asked when were we going. I do love this woman.

Yeah I regularly asked Carol to tell me more stories about what she and Billy had done, and during her High School days. I was becoming addicted to her stories and she had a lot of wild ones. She had soon realized I loved her stories and she enjoyed telling them as it always led to great sex for us. I learned a lot about my sweet wife. She and Billy had done everything two people could do a number of times, in a number of places. Her High School experiences were just as telling.

But then another interesting twist raised its head. Carol was the only female among a work force of 10 men. Most about our age. I learned then what a flirt my wife was. She loved to tease with all the guys including our boss. I could tell the way they all looked at her that they would each love to bed my beautiful wife. Hell who wouldn't. I saw a lot of horse play, some innocent some not so innocent. Carol handled it all well and soon most of the guys knew she was just playing and nothing else was going to happen. There was this one guy though that wanted to push it.

At night in our apartment Carol would relate things that happened when I wasn't around. She knew it turned me on that she was so in demand. She teased me with what the guys said and did. It always ended in wonderful sex between us. I wondered sometimes how she resisted a couple of the things that happened. I knew that had the tables been turned I might not have resisted.

I never doubted her or worried about it. I even told her about my fantasy of her with another guy. She just looked at me strangely and went down on me. How lucky can you get?

It was the next year that Ted joined the company where we worked. He was a specialist in sail design. His designs were the best I had ever seen. Plus I liked Ted from the start. He was a good looking guy, bright, fun, even graceful, and he had great taste in music and wines. Frequently he was at our house for meals and good conversation. He sailed with us on weekends for fun and we gradually became a frequent threesome, no not sexually, just good friends getting closer.

One Friday night at a party at the bosses house with all the crew from work, we all got pretty bombed. I remember Carol was pretty high and dancing with the guy who continually hit on her. She had admitted to me she enjoyed the attention. She danced with most of the guys there that night but with Jake more often. The fast dances she was bouncing all over the place and her large boobs danced delightfully in time to the music to everyone's delight. The slow numbers she cuddled up to her partners and moved dreamily with them.

She was slow dancing with Jake when my boss asked me to look at some stuff in his office. As he closed the door he showed me a new contract he had just signed to work with the New Zealand America's cup team on an advanced design. The contract required that I be the principle contact. It was exciting as hell to think about. We got into a long discussion about how to proceed. Then I noticed we had been at it for 45 minutes. Carol didn't like to be left like that so I excused myself and went looking for my wife.

As I entered the rec room I looked around just in time to see Carol and Jake coming back in the house from the back yard. She was flushed, her clothes were just a little askew and I knew somehow without a doubt that she had fucked Jake. I was stunned and then our eyes met. She saw me and knew immediately that I knew what had happened. She dropped her eyes and headed for the bathroom. Twenty minutes later she walked up to me, her eyes red from crying and said, "Can we go home please?"

We walked out the door without a word to anyone. The drive home was just as silent. I couldn't seem to think. I just drove feeling numb. Carol would look over at me and then look away. I parked and got out and went into our apartment not looking to see if Carol followed or not. I stepped out on the small balcony overlooking the apartment complex pool and just stood there still in shock. I heard Carol come in and pause behind me. Then she said, "God David, I am so sorry. I don't understand how it happened."

I didn't respond and after a moment I heard her start to cry and then run toward our bedroom. A couple of hours later, around two in the morning I picked up the phone and called my boss and quit. There were a lot a questions asked but I just said I couldn't work at his place any more. He was saying "but what about the Kiwi contract?" as I hung the phone up. It started to ring immediately. I raised it off the hook and then set it back just long enough to terminate then picked it up and laid it on it's side. All anyone would get was a busy signal.

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