Who Would Guess?

by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: More tongue in cheek. College romance of a sort.

Chapter 1

I met Pam at a college mixer. You know one of those dance parties for kids to get to know each other at the start of each college year. Usually they were for freshmen but at our small college everyone went. I had seen several cute freshmen I thought might be fun and easy for a college senior. I had a few phone numbers and names to work on. Then I saw Pam.

Now Pam is not exactly the playmate type. Her breasts were not huge, her ass was not the perfect ass. Several of the freshmen girls I had been hustling were better looking and better built. But Pam was best described as sleek, trim, built for speed. She was thin and athletic. Her hair was dark, cut short and springy. Her face was sweet, lovely, cute with nice features full lips and brown eyes that grabbed you. Her body was trim, c cup breasts that looked right on her. Small waist, a cute ass and long athletic legs... it was a nice package. I am OK in the looks, no complaints but no medals either.

I had seen her dance with a number of guys. It looked like she was pretty tight with each of them though nothing obvious. I did see one guy walk away with a hard on making his pants stick out and knew she had felt it. The idea made me hot. I really am a watcher, a voyeur sometimes.

I walked up and asked her to dance. She smiled at me as she took my offered hand and I think I fell in love. Her face lit up when she smiled. Her beautiful brown eyes twinkled, she flashed a perfect set of white teeth as her face broke into that wonderful contagious smile. I smiled back and felt inadequate.

We danced a slow one sort of loosely connected as we talked. I learned she was a senior too. her home town, her parents name and type, protective. We swapped likes and dislikes, hobbies, past work experiences. We were on our fifth straight dance when I kept staring at her full lips. I loved her mouth. Then I heard her say, "Go ahead."

I looked up and she said, "Go ahead and kiss me. You've been staring at my lips for two dances. For god's sake kiss me."

I touched my lips to hers and felt the softest, sweetest pair of lips ever. That first kiss was soft and tender, our lips parted and tongues explored tentatively. When we pulled apart she said, "As good as you thought?"

I laughed and hugged her tighter as we were just standing in one spot rocking slowly to the music. "Better. But I think I need another few tests to really tell."

She grinned that smile again and slid both arms around my neck. My hands met behind her high on her cute butt just resting there on that delicious shelf. I looked around and no one had even noticed us.

The floor was crowded, the lights dim and we were out in the middle of the floor. Our open lips met again and it was some serious smooching. Our tongues darted, teased and then I sent my long tongue into her mouth (every girl I had ever seriously kissed commented on how long and big my tongue was). Pam seemed to love it and started sucking on it. She didn't want to turn it loose it seemed and she sucked it more like a cock than a tongue. All I knew was suddenly I had a huge hard on and was pressing it against her. She returned the pressure firmly but the kiss was what had our attention.

When we broke finally we both were gasping for breath. She laid her head on my shoulder and we danced slowly with our a word. When I could I said, "That was the most fabulous kiss I have ever enjoyed Pam. Man can you kiss."

She hugged me in silent appreciation and then looked up at me and said, "Me too, I love to kiss... I loved the way you kissed me. And your tongue..."

We danced silently again for a song. Then we pulled apart when the music stopped and she held my hand tightly as we walked off the floor. We walked through the crowd and I said, "Would you like to go..."

I was going to say get a drink but she interrupted me to say, "Yes lets go."

We got in my old but reliable car and she slid over beside me as I pulled out of the parking lot. Now you need to know that the local parking make out spot near the campus is referred to as simply The Hill. It's safe, it's private and it's close. I asked her where she would like to go meaning to get a coke but she looked at me and said softly, "The Hill."

When I killed the engine and turned to her she moved into my arms and our lips met again. It was even better. As she sucked on my tongue again I could only think about getting her mouth on my hard cock. My hand found her firm little breasts and her very hard nipples as I realized she wore no bra. I pinched her nipples and she moaned into my mouth and kissed me harder. All thoughts left me except getting my cock out and into her mouth. It wasn't too cool but it was direct. I unzipped my pants and pulled my seven inch cock out. I caught her hand and placed it on my cock. Her hand explored and then she broke the kiss and looked at me as she stroked me.

I said softly, "The way you sucked my tongue, I'm dying for you to suck my cock."

She let out a noise like a small whine and closed her eyes and moved until her head was in my lap and she was swallowing my cock. My instincts had been right. I had my share of blow jobs through high school and college but nothing like this. Pam loved cock, she bobbed and sucked and licked and then deep throated me. I fucked her face and she did it all again and again. I was getting close to cumming and she could clearly tell. She never slowed but increased her activity until I blew in her mouth. She started whining loudly as she sucked every drop I had to offer and swallowed it.

She finally let me go and sat up looking at me as if she wasn't sure what to do now. I pulled her to me and kissed her again tasting my cum in her mouth. I obviously enjoyed her taste now and she relaxed and got back into the hottest kiss yet. After a while I broke the kiss and looked at her and said, "Pam I want to eat you so bad."

She let out that small whine again. I later learned she did that every time she came. She just nodded rapidly and we were quickly settled in the back seat. She pulled her skirt up and pushed her panties down and lay back in the seat. For the next thirty minutes I licked and sucked and tongued her pussy and ass hole like never before. I knew I was trying to compete with the best blow job I had ever had. I fucked her cunt with my big tongue, sucked her labia and clit, she had been whining continuously like a hungry puppy and then I found her ass hole and slid my finger in a little as I lightly bit her swollen clit. She let out a scream that I thought would bring the police and then she collapsed with her legs loosely around my neck.

I couldn't move. My nose was now in her pussy slit and I loved the smell as much as the taste. Finally she moved and mumbled, "Comere" which I interpreted as come up and kiss my mouth you fool, and I did.

This kiss was soft and tender and loving. When it broke we sort of lay against each other. I was dressed but my limp cock still hung out of my jeans limply. Pam's blouse was wide open showing her nice little tits. Her skirt was around her waist baring everything and her panties were on the floor.

In a minute she laughed softly and said, "When you french kissed me on the dance floor, all I could think of was how good your tongue would feel in my pussy."

"I know Pam, when you sucked on my tongue I wanted you to suck my cock so bad. God you are good at head."

"I know Tim, I love giving head. I love having a cock in my mouth. I think we are both pretty damned oral. And both damn good at it. Must be lots of practice."

We kissed, teased, played with each other, talked about sex and then as she stroked my hard cock, "Tim I'm on the pill, please fuck me nice and slow."

I did, she whined several times as we did and then loudly as I came in her tight pussy.

We slowly dressed and moved back to the front seat of the car. She sat next to me and I said, "I want to see you again."

"OK when?"

"Every day, and night."

"I like the sound of that, but I do have a few commitments. Dates with guys I made before tonight. But I share an apartment with a very dear sweet friend. She and I are real close. She might not..."

I interrupted and asked, "Are you hinting she is a lover too."

Pam looked at me and smiled nodding slowly watching my eyes. I kissed her lips lightly and then asked, "How is she going to feel about sharing you with me?"

She hugged me tight for a moment and then said, "We are both bi Tim. She won't mind but when I tell her about your tongue I think she will want to share you too."

"Are you OK with that?"

"Maybe, as long as I know you are mine and I'm just loaning you to her."

"Are you mine?" I couldn't believe how fast this was going or how good it felt.

"Any way you want me."

"Then it's mutual honey."

We were parked in front of her apartment. She pointed out her window and the light was on. She told me it was a two bedroom apartment but that she and Sherry usually only used one. I smiled at her and said, "I like that for some reason. Like that you have a female lover. Am I weird?"

"If you are Tim, I love it. Most guys run when they hear I have a female lover."

She looked at me for a long time as if trying to make up her mind about something. Then she said, "You seem too good to be true. Just how open are you?"

"I'm not sure what you mean Pam, I have always felt like I was pretty open about most things."

"Tim, I have a feeling I could fall for you real bad. How do you feel about me fucking you on our first night?"

"Great, I never believed in that old not kiss on the first date crap. If you feel like it do it. You don't have to love someone to enjoy sex with them. I felt real drawn to you from the first time you smiled at me. I think you could get to be real habit forming, and I don't mean just the sex. I think we are pretty good together."

Pam just smiled and snuggled a little closer. I cupped her breast and she sighed softly and said, "I love to be touched and fondled. I hope you will do that a lot."

"I will, I like to play, sometimes in public."

"Me too, Sherry says I'm an exhibitionist."

"I like that."

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