In The Kitchen

by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: A little wishful thinking about a mistreated wife, a jerk husband and a hero (well maybe not really a hero). Hard to get your tongue out of your cheek with this one.

Some guys are real jerks and just don't know it. Some of them get lucky and have these really great looking, very sexy wives that have grown to barely tolerate their husbands over the years. These guys are such jerks they just accept it when their wives stop fucking them in favor of more appropriate bed partners that the husbands are totally unaware of. Karen was one of those wives. Most people never noticed, but most people don't really notice very much. I like to think of myself as observant and aware of other people. I was sure aware of Karen when I saw her at the company picnic, and her daughter. I am one of the lead engineers at our company and our boy, Jim the jerk, was a technician in one of the labs.

For some reason Karen's husband, Jim, thinks I am a friend. After I saw Karen and her equally sexy 19 year old daughter at that picnic, I was willing to play at being Jim's friend. That way I was invited to his house most week ends for the ball games and beer and bbq. At first I came and brought Karen flowers each time, 'for imposing on her'. She liked that. After getting the flowers a few times she watched me a lot. I would look up at her and catch her eyes on me. Her dress became more sexy, smaller tops, lower cut tops, tighter shorts. I was getting the treatment as I had expected. The jerk never bothered to do anything to please his wife. He just ordered her around and for some reason she put up with it. I never figured out why. When I say she was great looking it is an understatement, she was really something to see. So was Kathy her 19 year old, a young version of Karen.

But Kathy wasn't around much, just in and out as fast as she could when the jerk was around.

Jerky Jim would plop his lazy ass down on these Saturdays and yell for Karen to get him a beer, or more snacks. He must have had a huge bladder cause I never saw him get up to go to the can once in all the times I was over there. He was on the couch when I got there and on it when I left. I started getting my own beer from the 12 pack I brought along with the flowers. When I did Karen would jump up and come after me saying, "Wait Doug, let me get that for you."

I just smiled at her and dropped my eyes to her large firm tits. At first that made her nervous but after a few times she started smiling and posing nicely for me. "You are a beautiful woman Karen." I told her one day.

She blushed and then looked at me very directly and said, "I'm glad someone notices and appreciates what I have to offer."

I smiled and ran my eyes all over her trim body and said, "I'm sure lots of others have appreciated what you have. Makes me envious."

She realized what I had suggested and blushed, "Doug, that sounds like you think I am some kind of loose woman."

I caught her hand and squeezed it softly and said, "Not at all Karen. We all need loving, I would bet you and Jim don't even have sex anymore do you?"

She stared at me not believing what I was saying. Just then Jim hollered something about I was missing the game and for Karen to bring him another beer. Karen grabbed a beer and took it to him, she was back quickly and stood close to me. She smelled great. I repeated, "Do you?"

She looked at me for some time and then said, "No"

"And you are a normal healthy woman who needs sex, so you do what you have to do to be satisfied. That was all I meant. We all do that, some more, some less."

She smiled. Her blouse buttons were undone far enough I could see down her blouse. Her almost transparent bra showed off her full tits wonderfully. Her nipples were hard. I smiled at her and said, "I envy the guys you are fucking Karen."

She sucked her breath in not believing I could be so direct. I would have bet money her panties were getting damp rapidly.

"Doug, you make me sound awful."

"I don't mean to, but you admit you fuck around on Jim."

"Not all that much. A few times."

I reached out and cuped one of her fine tits in my hand, "I bet they all love these." and I squeezed it and rolled it in my hand. She closed her eyes and softly moaned her pleasure. I pinched the nipple and she gasped quietly. She made no move to stop what I was doing. I was sure she wouldn't. After a couple of moments of enjoying she said in a whisper, "Jim might come in..."

"No he won't, he just sits on his ass and hollers for you to do something." and I pulled her to me, turning her so her back was to me. I cupped one full breast in each of my hands and pressed my hard cock into her round ass. I lined it up with her crack and slowly hunched, dry fucking her ass. "Karen I am going to fuck you. I have wanted to for a long time. You and your daughter are two of the hottest things I have ever seen."

She groaned and pushed her ass back against my cock in rhythm with my hunching her. Her hands came behind her and caught my hips holding me to her. I began unbuttoning her blouse saying, "I want to see your beautiful tits."

She let me open her blouse and unhook her front release bra. Her breasts were beautiful mounds of firmness. I loved the feel of them in my hands. I picked her up and sat her on the counter and sucked one nipple into my mouth. She squeeled when I did then covered her mouth quickly.

Jim called, "Hey Doug, what the hell are you doing out there. Karen I'm out of chips and dip here. And bring me another beer when you come."

I smiled and kissed her deeply. Her tongue was eager to play. Then I told her "I'm going to spend some time with the jerk. I want you to go upstairs and take off your bra and panties and wear a short skirt and a halter when you come back. down. Maybe wear one of those hot miniskirts that your sexy daughter shows off in."

She smiled and buttoned her blouse and got the stuff for Jim. I sat in the chair across from Jim and said, "Good game" and I noticed Karen going up the stairs.

"I didn't know you were watching."

"Sometimes I need to stand up. So I go to the back of the room."

"Why's that?"

"Bad back."

"Not me, this couch fits my ass fine."

"Yeah you are lucky man."

He had said more than he normally said all afternoon. Conversation just wasn't high on his list of importance.

I saw Karen walk back into the kitchen in a cut off t-shirt that just barely covered her tits and a extreme mini. I wanted to run to the kitchen. Instead I got up and said, "I need a beer."

He grunted and sat focused on the ball game like it was really important. There would be little said until the game was over and this was the third quarter I noticed.

As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, Karen stood waiting, her hands on her sexy hips, her feet about a foot apart. Damn she looked hot. I walked up to her and dropped my hand under her short skirt on her bare pussy. It was hot and wet. She whimpered softly and I let one finger slip inside of her. She moaned and hunched forward to meet my probe. "Your pussy is so nice and hot and wet. Tell me how much you love to fuck."

"Damn Doug, yes I do love to be fucked. I love cock."

I was finger fucking her briskly and she was grunting each time she met my fingers. "Do you want my cock baby?"

"Yes... oh hell yes. So hot."

"Take it out."

She was quick to unzip me and pull my 8 inch cock free, She stroked it and sighed, "Hmm so nice Doug. Please do me."

I pulled my fingers out and she guided my cock until the head was rubbing up and down over her wet labia major. "Has anyone fucked you so close to where your husband sat?"

"No, not til now." and she raised one leg up to my waist. I caught it in my hand and felt the wetness of her cunt absorb my cock. She caught my ass in her hands to hold me to her and balance herself on one foot.

Damn she was tight and so good. I was fucking her hard and fast. She was building fast. She looked up at me and said, "Please make it fast this time. Cum in me quickly." and she shook as she climaxed big. I followed immediately and flooded her pussy with my spend.

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