by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: He swept her off her feet in spite of her husband being right there waiting for her.

WARNING: Gets a little violent toward the end.

I gotta have him...

My wife and I normally go dancing each week at a hot little club near us. Sue and I have been married for almost ten years and dancing was one way of keeping our sex life active. Dancing turned us both on, especially the way Sue dressed when we went. You see my very beautiful and well built-wife, was into exhibition, flashing her full breasts, her thong panties, all with my encouragement. It excited us both unbelievably and usually after a night of dancing with other men and flashing them, we would go home and fuck our heads off for the rest of the night. The rest of the week we were a pretty normal, very loving, couple. I knew I had the best of all worlds.

Sue liked to dance with lots of men and I liked to watch her. This one night had started like the rest and she had been on the dance floor most of the time, about half of it with me. The band took a break mid way through the evening and as we sat there sipping our drinks, she was catching her breath. Then I noticed her staring unabashedly at something. As I turned to look I saw this tall, really ruggedly handsome, striking guy standing at the bar. He looked like one of those male models. He had this air of confidence that I have learned women find irresistible. She continued to stare and I saw her eyes run up and down his body. It was clear she liked what she saw as she licked her lips. I was feeling a little left out when she said, "Damn honey, there is this gorgeous hunk standing at the bar."

I nodded and said, "I noticed you eating him up with your eyes."

She broke her stare and looked at me to check if I was upset. I wasn't but I felt a little strange I admit. Usually she teased and left the men after one or two dances. None of them effected her like this one seemed to.

She looked back at him and stroked my thigh sexily as she said, "He is looking at me... He will ask me to dance as soon as the music starts. Do you mind?"

"You know our rules, you DANCE with whoever you wish." and I emphasized the word dance.

She cut her eyes back to me as she stroked my hard cock under the table. "Were you thinking I might want to do more with him?"

"The way you were looking at him I wasn't sure."

The music resumed and she said, "Here he comes."

He strode up to our table clearly knowing he was welcome, at least by her. He looked at me, introduced himself as Bill Kelly and after we shook hands, he asked if I minded if he danced with my lady.

"That would be up to my wife Bill. This is Sue."

He took her hand and she stood without a word or a glance at me, and followed him to the dance floor. The number was fast and Sue strutted her stuff, giving everyone a great show of her choice assets as they bounced delightfully and peeked out now and then, just as they had been all evening. Usually when she is dancing with other men she looks over at me frequently. This dance she only looked at Bill. I was surprised at how taken she was by this cocky male. I wasn't concerned yet, just a little surprised. I should have been concerned.

The next dance was a slow one and she stayed on the floor with him. Now I wondered what was going on as they moved to the far side of the dance floor where I could not see them. When that song finally ended, Bill returned her to me and headed for the bar after thanking Sue. The thing I noticed was Sue wouldn't look at me.

After a few minutes I asked,

"What happened?"

"Dance with me."

It was a slow sexy number and she had her pussy pressing against my cock hungrily as it quickly grew to full erection. Finally she said,

"Oh God, he is so hot John. Shit, I am so hot."

"What does that mean Sue?"

"He is something else... great dancer... smooth talker... John... he... he touched me..."


"My breasts... My nipples... inside my blouse."

"You let him? I didn't notice you being upset when he brought you back. What the fuck?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't seem to have a mind of my own."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"It just seemed I went along with what he wanted."

"And if he wanted to fuck you?"

She shivered and said, her answer clear, I had never seen her like this,

"Please take me home?"

She turned and walked back to our table. She grabbed her purse as I dropped money to cover the check and we headed for the door. We had to walk past the bar area and as we did Bill was standing there with another guy. He smiled at us and as Sue was even with him just in front of me he said,

"I was hoping for one more dance before you left."

She turned and looked at me with this pleading look. After what had already happened and what she had said about no will of her own, I was afraid if she danced with him again she would let him fuck her right in the club if he tried. I don't believe in begging, I said,

"Do you know what you are doing?"

"Just a quick dance John."

I shook my head, "I will get the car and pull up in front. I will wait for you there."

Big mistake.

She handed me her purse and turned to Bill who led her to the dance floor. My stomach was doing flip flops and I thought, there goes my marriage. I knew what was going to happen and I knew I wasn't prepared to forgive it. How could she? I sure as hell didn't want a wife I had to worry about cheating on me.

I walked slowly to my car, hoping she would have the sense not to throw away our ten years together for a quick fuck, no matter how smooth the guy was.

As I pulled up under the covered drive in front of the club I knew the one dance had plenty of time to finish, another ten minutes passed, twenty, thirty. Then the door flew open and Sue rushed over to the car and got in, not once looking at me. I drove in silence. I knew she had let him fuck her and who knows what else? As the car warmed up inside I could smell the sex on her. I wanted to throw up. I had loved this woman with all my heart since the day I met her. I had never cheated on her. This was the lady I planned on growing old with happily. And until that night, I felt she was of the same mind.

We were close to home and I finally looked over and she was staring ahead, tears running down her face. Then I realized my own tears were doing the same.

As the garage door lowered behind us, I got out of the car, without a word or a glance in her direction, and walked inside. I left the garage door to the kitchen standing open as I headed for a shower, hoping it would produce a miracle.

I slipped on my terry robe and headed to the kitchen for a beer. I needed something to hold me up. As I stood sipping my beer, locked in a sightless stare into the dark back yard, she finally came inside. She closed the door and I knew she was standing there trying to figure out something to say.

"John... I..."

Silence, then

"John, please look at me... we have to talk."

I turned and ran my eyes over her from head to toe. Her blouse was buttoned crooked, one button off from being done up in such a hurry. Her skirt was stuck between her legs, I assumed his cum had dried like glue, holding it against her dripping pussy. Her bare thigh gave evidence as a sheen of liquid ran down her leg. Then our eyes met and I said what was on my mind,

"You look well fucked, Susan."

She flinched.

"John, I don't know what happened to me. I seemed to be under a spell or something. It never seem to occur to me to not allow him anything."

"You fucked him?"

There was a long silence, then... "Yes."

"Sucked him?"


"Tell me what happened. Tell me how you gave up ten years with me for a quick fuck?"


"Tell me."

She cried for a moment then wiped her eyes and stared into mine,

"I felt overwhelmed by him... totally. I have never been so taken with any man. He led me to the dance floor the first time, it was a fast number, and I showed off for him. He watched me with those eyes that seemed to see right inside me. He was making me so hot, so wet. Then the slow number started and he just pulled me to him. His hands were on my ass and he pulled me against his hard cock. It felt huge John. The only thing in my head was how it would fill me up when he fucked me. I'm sorry John, I love you, have always loved you, but I just wanted that cock in me. I wanted him to fuck me. He moved one hand up and into my low cut blouse and cupped my bare tits as he rolled my nipples. I just moaned and hunched my soaked pussy against his hard cock, wanting it in me. I have never been so hot. All I could think of was sex. I never needed to be fucked so bad. He held me and whispered in my ear, I am going to fuck you so good pretty lady. John I wanted him to fuck me right there in front of everyone. If he had tried I would have let him. But that song stopped and he said, I am going to take you back to your husband now. Don't leave without dancing with me again or I will never fuck you. He led me back to our table. I was feeling only disappointment.

"You did recall you were married?"

"No... not really. John I am so sorry... believe me... I don't know what happened... I don't know why... "

"Tell me the rest."

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