Haircut For Julie

by hotwetnshaved

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: two kinky girls enjoy some wet fun

She was one of the regular customers, a woman probably in her late twenties with long brown hair that she had trimmed regularly and she always asked for me instead of either of the two girls I employed!

"Hi Andrea" she smiled as she took her seat, "You look very nice today in that outfit, are you going somewhere special after work?"

I was wearing a black lycra mini skirt and a white tee shirt, no bra and a sexy little thong underneath had kept me feeling sexy all day, in anticipation of a nice little session with some wine, some films and a few of my toys!

"No, not really" I said with a rueful smile, "Nowhere to go and no-one to take me anyway!"

"Aw you poor darling" she laughed, "No boyfriend at the moment?"

"Afraid not, well none that ring my bell anyway!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean"

I wondered how someone who looked like she did could possibly know what I meant, she was wearing hipster jeans, cut even lower than normal, displaying an almost indecent amount of flesh and stopping annoyingly short of showing off what looked to me like quite a firm little bottom! A white, off the shoulder, peasant blouse, circa nineteen seventy was cut just low enough to be decent while still accentuating the swellings of her heavy looking breasts.

In short I thought she was a walking wet dream, an orgasm on legs, a fantasy to be masturbated over in my lonely bed when I could pretend that my fingers were her tongue and I'd wake up in the morning, still wrapped in her arms!


I snapped back to reality and grinned sheepishly at her,

"Sorry Miss Howard, I was away somewhere else for a moment"

"Well wherever it was, I think I'd have liked to be with you" she laughed and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from telling her, that I'd been between her legs, in her cunt, in her deliciously sexy little bottom, in her mouth, Christ just name a part of her body and I'd been there!

"And Andrea" she added, "It's Julie, not Miss Howard, you make me feel like a prim and proper school teacher when you call me that!"

"No Julie" I giggled, "I could never see you as a prim and proper anything, never mind a school teacher, not the way you dress!"

"What time do you close at Andrea?" she asked quietly

I thought it a strange question, but I answered without querying it,

"You're my last client why?"

"Well I've got rather an unusual request and I'd prefer it to be done in private, if that's okay!"

"Sure, no problem, why don't you go through into my flat and I'll call you after the girl's have gone?"

"Thanks Andrea, you're very kind"

It took only about fifteen minutes for the girls to finish their own clients and I shouted for her to come down.

"Right what can I do for you Julie?"

"Cut all my hair off, every single strand of it, then shave my head completely!"

"Oh my God why?" I could hardly believe it, she had a beautiful head of hair!

She smiled at me and shook her head,

"I'd rather not say Andrea, it's er, it's a little bit personal and you might not understand!"

She sat in the chair again and looked at me questioningly,


I was trying to remember something, a little memory buried deeply, something rang a bell about women having their heads completely shaved.

Then it came to me and I smiled,

"Wait a minute Julie will you?"

Running upstairs to my flat, I grabbed the magazine from the bottom drawer beside my bed, scooped up two glasses from the welsh dresser in the lounge and on the way back down again, stopped off to take a bottle of wine from the fridge.

She looked at me in puzzlement when I returned and poured out two full glasses of wine.

"Andrea, this is all very nice and I thank you for the wine but are you going to do this for me, or do I go elsewhere?"

I handed her a glass of wine and smiled at her,

"I'll tell you what I'll do Julie" I hesitated for effect, "I'll do exactly what you want and it won't cost you a penny!"

She raised her eyebrows as she sipped her wine,


"And you do the same for me!"

I showed her the magazine, open at the page with the advertisement on it, the one with the picture of a bald headed girl urinating onto the bald head of another stunningly beautiful girl. The caption read simply, "Join us" and beneath it was an internet address.

"Tell me I'm wrong" I said as I looked into her eyes, "And I'll do the job for nothing and not only that, but I'll give you whichever wig you choose, completely free of charge!"

"Come here" she said quietly after just the briefest of glances at the magazine.

I stood in front of her and smiled, but she didn't!

"You seem very sure of yourself Andrea"

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