Chance Meeting

by Trog

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Desc: Sex Story: Two internet lovers finally meet. An old story but still worth thinking about especially if you are seeking that special someone.

For months they had chatted and written to each other over the internet. Both had grown fond of the other with a special kind of closeness not normally found among just friends.

There meeting in the first place was just by chance while both were online. Before long they were regularly looking for the other almost on a daily basis. Pictures had been exchanged and she had even, a couple of times, called him on the phone.

During all this time there was never and sex by phone nor online, but he did tease and torment her a lot when they chatted. Every time she would find ways to curtail his attempts but in a light friendly way. At one point he started writing erotic stories and sending them to her. While not really considered pornographic with all the crude language, still they were softly graphic and she seemed to really like them. She told him many times his stories would become her dreams and on those nights she slept better than usual.

The turning point came one night when she said something while they chatted, some thing that really got his attention. His response was to ask if she was saying she would actually have an affair with him. Go to all the trouble of flying to his home town just to be with him even if for only a few hours. Her answer wasn't yes, simply a maybe. Of course, she told him, they wouldn't have to jump into some thing right away, but then she seemed to be leaving it up to him if that could be the case. He was surprised, shocked and mildly aroused at her admissions.

A few weeks passed and they talked more of the subject. Thoughts, fears and doubts were discussed and finally she announced she was ready to meet him in person. The date time and place were set, all to take place two weeks later.

He spent the day of her arrival with a case of nerves almost bad enough to shake his hands. She had told him the time of her arrival and about when she could be expected to check in at her place of lodging. The hours passed so very slowly as he waited. Checking his clock for the hundredth time he saw it was finally time to make the phone call.

The desk clerk placed his call quickly. She had given him the room number and seconds later he heard the almost forgotten huskiness of her voice. They only spoke for a few minutes before agreeing to meet in the coffee shop on the first floor.

Hesitantly, her picture firmly planted in his mind, he entered the coffee shop and carefully looked around. She was easy to find. In a booth set well to the rear she sat looking towards the door. He saw her short blond hair and instantly knew it was her. She was wearing a dress but could only see half since she was sitting. His eyes took in beauty of the woman he had come to mostly call Lady. His steps were sure and firm as he moved closer. Stopping at the booth he smiled.

"I believe this seat is reserved?"

"Yes it is." Her eyes sparkled as she motioned across the table.

"You had a good flight?" He slipped into the booth, his heart pounding.

"Very. You look nervous."

"Only because I wasn't sure of myself."

"Because you didn't think you could meet me?"

"No, because I thought you might not like me outside the picture."

"I don't how many times I've told you before, it's not the looks that count but what's inside."

"While I know you're right I still feel I may not measure up to what you expect. I must say you are much better looking in person than in pictures."

They talked small talk as a light lunch was served. He had ordered a hot dog, she a salad. Over coffee they continued to talk.

"You only took one bite of your hot dog. Wasn't it any good?"

"About the same as the one fork of salad you've had."

"I have a late evening flight back."

"I'm not surprised but wish there was more time."

"Would you like a drink?"

"Yeah, that would be very nice."

"I think you said something about Scotch. I have a small bottle in my room."

It was an empty elevator they rode in silence. It seemed both were engrossed in their individual thoughts. Finally the doors opened and she led the way down the hall. Stopping in front of 1545 she handed him the key. He opened the door and followed her inside.

The room was almost dark except for the flickering of many candles. Once inside she faced him and he got his first really good look at her. The dress she wore was simple enough and a light shade of red. The bodice swooped down just enough to expose her slight cleavage. It tucked in at her waist and moved out over her hips. The hem was modest falling only a few inches above her knees. He liked the flowing of the lower half of her dress. It wasn't one of those slinky body hugging things, but flowing with lots of material.

To one side stood a small bar where she went and fixed his drink. Scotch, three ice cubes and distilled water. For herself she chose a light white wine. Silently they stood sipping their drinks before finally talking lightly of nothing special. He finally set his glass down and moved closer. She placed her glass beside his and melted into his offered arms.

Their closed lips met as their bodies came together. Her lips parted, her tongue grazing over his lips. He opened his mouth slipping his tongue into hers tasting slightly of the wine she had sipped. A touch of mint flooded his taste buds as he pulled her more tightly to him. Their tongues probed and explored the open mouth of the other often dueling. His lips left hers and moved to her right ear. There he paused and gently nibbled her lobe before slipping down to her neck. As his lips moved his tongue left his damp trail until he was licking the hollow of her neck.

With a slight gasp she moaned throatily as his tongue coated her skin. He moved to her left side kissing her cheek and gently sucking her ear lobe. Her fingers caressed his head entwining themselves in his hair. She began breathing harder her breasts firmly pressed to his lower chest. Her hands moved over his back as she reveled with the passion generated by his kisses.

He felt himself becoming aroused and tentatively pressed his groin to hers. To his delight she responded firmly pressing back. Hard points were pressed to his body from her breasts as his hands roamed over her back. Again their lips were locked together as their tongues made love. Both were breathing hard with arousal as they slowly parted. They retrieved their drinks and sat on the comfortable sofa. More small talk was exchanged as the time fleetingly slipped away.

She bid him to go with the promise of another time. Reluctantly he stood and she walked with him to the door. Before it could be opened they again embraced for a last time and kissed. It was a lovers kiss.

He departed filled with her promise. A few hours later she was at the airport boarding the plane home. Her mind was swirling, her body still all a tingle. She knew in her mind she would be back, only next time it would be different.

An Alternate Ending

He felt himself becoming aroused and tentatively pressed his groin to hers. She responded in kind firmly pressing back. Hard points of her breasts poked his lower chest as his hands rose to find the opening of her dress. Down and down he pulled the tap until it stopped just above her waist. His hand touched her bare flesh and began caressing. Her skin was smooth, soft and so wonderful feeling to his work roughened hands. Only her skin was felt from her neck to waist and nothing obstructed his path. His hands moved lower slipping slowly beneath the waist of her dress. Moving lower he was amazed to still find only her delicate skin and then the swell of her buttocks.

The course feeling of his fingers made that way from working construction excited her. There was a glowing about her and between her legs. She felt his erection pressing more firmly to her. Her one hand caressed a part of his chest then moved down over his stomach and rested at his waist. She knew what she wanted but wasn't all that sure he was ready. Her fingers toyed with his belt until it was undone. Finding him not unwilling she covered her hand over his bulge and gently began rubbing. It felt good to her and his quick gasp pleased her.

He felt her hand on the outside of his pants rubbing his groin and the erection hidden inside. When she slipped open his belt he was expectant, but she didn't go further. He was suddenly afraid she might change her mind, but then she stopped rubbing and lowered the zipper of his pants.

She wasn't sure what she would find once his pants were open. He had told her underwear was something he didn't wear and was pleased to find he indeed went commando. Had she not been quick enough she would have missed his turgid organ lunging out, but she caught him in her hand. He was hot and hard, his skin soft yet unyielding to her touch. Having not yet seen him she could feel the swelling of the glans perched atop the thick head.

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