Wet Day Afternoon

by Hidden Friend

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Group Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Son caught masturbating leads to family frollicks

Mike Watson was 19 years old and he was bored, it was the summer holidays but rather than spending time with his friends he was stuck at home while the rain pored down outside. Turning from the window he made his way to his parents bedroom in search of the porn mags his father had stashed in his wardrobe. He had the house to himself, his mother and sister had gone to the Mall, he could have gone with them, but the thought of being dragged around shops by his Mom and 18 year old sister was not his idea of fun.

Finally at the back of the wardrobe he found what he was looking for, removing the magazines he dropped them on his parent's bed. Quickly he removed his trousers and underpants and after a seconds thought also his shirt. His penis was already semi erect with the thoughts of what he was about to do; a quick trip to the bathroom for a bottle of hand lotion, he then climbed onto his parent's bed. He always found it an added turn on to masturbate on his parent's bed, the bed where his mother slept and made love to his dad. He had to be careful not to get any jism on the bedding but that was OK.

Reaching down he pulled the magazines to him; lifting one he was surprised to see a packet of photo's fall out of the pages. Expecting some old holiday snaps he was surprised when he opened the packet. The first picture showed his mom lying naked on the very bed he lay on, he'd known his mom was attractive, but he had never realised how much of a babe she was. Ignoring the magazines he spread the photos out on the bed, they showed his mom in various poses. A couple even showed her laid out with what must have been cum glistening on her skin, while still another showed her with legs spread masturbating.

He couldn't wait any longer; reaching across he coated his hands in lotion before smearing more over the head of his cock. Grasping his erection with one hand he rubbed the palm of his other hand over the sensitive glands of his cock, rubbing in gentle circular motions. Slowly he teased his erection while gently cupping and squeezing his balls. As he felt his orgasm approaching he started to move his hand up and down his shaft increasing the speed and moving his hips in time with his hand. He could feel his balls tighten as his sperm start to rise, a sudden gasp made him turn his head to look at the door.

In the doorway stood his mother and sister, the sight of his mother and the thought of the pictures pushed him over the edge and he came. The first shot of sperm fired from his jerking cock to splatter on his chest, some hitting his face and hair, the next had only slightly less force and reached his chin, the next couple pooled on his chest and stomach. He lay panting from his exertions, waiting for his mom to shout at him, even in his embarrassment at being caught masturbating he found himself comparing the pictures to the reality standing clothed before him. His sister stood beside his mom, her eyes were glued to his still erect cock.

"So this is what you do when your left alone is it?" asked his mom as she walked towards the bed.

Mike moved his hands to cover his erection, wishing it would die down.

"Don't both covering it we've both seen it"

His mother looked at the pictures spread beside him, her face flushed for a second before she looked at him again.

"I see, do those turn you on, does the sight of your own mother get you hot, you little pervert"

Mike tried to mumble an apology

"Don't bother, Kate come here"

Mike flushed as his sister Kate walked up to the bed; her eyes still glued to his cock that finally was beginning to soften.

"Well Kate, what do you think we should do with your pervert of a brother?"

Kate didn't answer she just stood there looking at her naked brother.

Mike tried to move, planning on standing and escaping to his room; his face now burning with embarrassment, his Mom however had other plans for him.

"Don't even think of moving you little pervert," said his Mom, "I bet you'd like to see the real thing wouldn't you?" Mike just lay there.

"Well answer me, or would you prefer to explain this to your Father?"

"No, I mean yes and no not Dad"

He expected his Mom to go ballistic now; instead she reached up and undid the fastenings on her dress, gently she allowed it to fall exposing her bra, she then eased it across her hips before allowing it to fall to the floor.

Mike couldn't believe it; his Mom stood before him wearing nothing but a bra and a skimpy pair of knickers. He watched as she unclasped her bra allowing it to join her dress on the floor, bending she slid her knickers down before standing before him naked.

As Mike's eyes explored his mother's body he felt his cock begin to harden again, he gazed in wonder at her firm breasts topped with hard pink nipples, his eye's slid down to her pussy. He couldn't believe it unlike in the photo's it was completely shaved he could see everything. He reached down to grasp his erect cock, but his Mom knocked his hand away.

"Did I say you could play with yourself?" asked his Mom.

She then moved her hand to his stomach, running a finger through the pooled jism, before lifting it to her lips opening her mouth she licked it from her fingers.

"Mmmm nice" She then turned to look at Kate

"Come here Kate"

Kate moved towards her mother, she stood there trembling with a mixture of nerves and desire as her mother undid her blouse.

Laura eased the blouse from her daughter's shoulders, reaching down she unfastened her jeans before pushing them down off her daughters hips. As Laura undressed her daughter she kissed her lightly on the lips.

Kate had never kissed another girl before, but she found herself responding to her mother's touch. Stepping out of her clothes she stood naked before her mother and brother, she found she was turned on by the situation and when her mother once more kissed her she allowed her lips to part her tongue meeting her mothers. Reaching up she gently cupped one of her mother's breasts savouring the feel and weight.

Kate's response surprised and excited Laura; the feel of her naked daughter's body pressing against her sent shock waves of lust straight to her pussy. All thoughts of the right and wrongs of the situation vanished under her daughter's touch. Finally breaking the kiss she turned towards her son lying on the bed. Sweeping the magazines and photos to the floor, she climbed up beside her son.

"Have you ever fucked a woman before?" she asked as she knelt beside him.

Mike could only shake his head. Bending forward she ran her tongue across his stomach and chest, licking the pooled cum into her mouth. She savoured the salty taste of her son's jism, allowing it to slide down her throat. Then reaching with one hand she pulled Kate onto the bed, before leaning forward and pressing her lips to Kate's. Laura pushed her tongue into her daughter's mouth, sharing Mike's cum with her, she felt Kate's hands on her body as she pulled her close enjoying the feel of her daughter's erect nipples pressing into her own breasts.

Mike thought he would blow his load at the sight of his Mom and sister kissing, he watched as their hands explored each other's bodies. Sitting up he tried to join in with the locked bodies, however as he reached up to cup his Mom's breasts she pushed him away.

Laura gently eased Kate back onto the bed, then she kissed her way down over Kate's breasts gently sucking and biting her nipples before moving over Kate's stomach to her wet and waiting pussy. Kate cried out in pleasure as she felt her Mom's mouth close on her cunt, the tongue licking the length of her slit before flicking against her erect clitoris. She moaned as her Mom drank the juices from her hot cunt, her tongue thrusting deep into her.

Mike couldn't stand the inactivity any longer, moving behind his kneeling Mother he grasped his erection, slowly he moved the head of his cock to the already dripping opening of her cunt. With no preambles he thrust his cock straight into his Mom's hot pussy and started pumping hard and fast into her. His Mom cried out in a mixture of surprise and pain as she felt Mike ram his cock into her. Turning she told him to hold still as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate her son's 7_ inch cock. Gently she started to move to meet her son's thrusts as he started to fuck her. Turning her head Laura once more lowered her mouth to Kate's waiting pussy; she savoured the taste of her daughter's cunt juices. She could feel her body responding to Mike's cock as it plunged into her cunt.

Looking down her body Kate watched her Mom eat her pussy, as Mike fucked her, pushing her mother's mouth away Kate turned herself around and slipped under her Mother. She could now watch as her brother's cock slammed into her mother, lifting up she lapped her tongue at the juices running down her mother's thighs. She moaned with desire as she felt her cunt once more being attacked by her mother's mouth and tongue.

Mike couldn't believe what was happening; here he was his cock buried in his Mom's cunt as he fucked her, while his sister licked his cock and balls along with his Mom's pussy. He could feel his orgasm fast approaching and started to pound faster and faster into the warm tight sheath of his Mom's vagina.

"Not yet Mikey, don't come yet, hold off a little longer" begged Laura as she realised Mike's orgasm was approaching.

Her cries however were to no avail as she felt his cock twitch inside her and moments later she felt the cum shooting deep into her womb. She moaned part in frustration and part in pleasure at the feel of the young cock shooting cum into her cunt.

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