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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man finds relief in a stranger

It happened in the summer just after my eighteenth birthday, an only child we lived in the country. About a mile from our house their was a deep pool in the river, it was here that I had learnt to swim, I spent many happy days playing in the water with my friends and family.

It was the summer before I was due to go away to university, it was a hot summer day and I had been for a walk onto the moors that reared behind our house. Walking home a reached the river, the sun glistening on the cool flowing water, I couldn't resist undressing and diving in. The water felt good as it washed away the sweat and dust from my body. There is something liberating about swimming naked, the feel of the water as it washes over your body.

Climbing from the pool I lay down on the grassy bank to dry, the hot sun and gentle breeze relaxing and arousing me. I slid my hands down my body to my pulsing erection, one hand wrapped around my hard cock, while the other gently squeezed and massaged my cum filled balls. Lifting one hand to my mouth I spat into it and as the other hand pulled back the foreskin of my cock I gently and slowly rubbed the purple head with my saliva. As my arousal increased I continued to gently rub my hand over my cock-head smearing it with a mixture of precum and spit. My arousal increased even more as I continued to masturbate, while once more massaging my balls. My eye's closed in pleasure; my mind filled with images of naked, beautiful women as I continued to masturbate.

I opened my eyes in shock as another hand joined my own, I saw a woman sitting beside me. She was wearing a light summer dress; the sun glistened on her long blonde hair, while she watched me through deep blue eyes. I tried to cover myself, but her hand was now wrapped around my cock, my words of embarrassment were stopped by her mouth closing over mine, her tongue pushing between my lips.

I watched mesmerised as she moved her head lower, her tongue came out to lick my purple cock-head. I moaned in pleasure as she allowed the swollen head to slip between her lips, her tongue flicking over it as she licked my precum. I was already close to cumming and the embrace of her mouth made my cock jerk as my cum started to rise.

"O fuck I'm cumming," I cried " o fuck yessssssss"

Her mouth sank lower, my cock-head pushing against her throat as my cum shot forth in jet after jet to be swallowed by the strange woman. She continued to suck my cock as I pumped my hot jism into her mouth, as my orgasm subsided she kept my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking it while her hand played with my balls.

Releasing my still erect penis she smiled at me, raising her dress she revealed her naked pussy to my eyes and as I watched she straddled my hips and guided my erection to her waiting pussy. I moaned in pleasure as my cock sank into the hot, wet embrace of her cunt. Reaching up I undid the fastening of her dress freeing her breasts to my hot gaze. As she slowly swivelled her hips she lent forward, offering her breasts to my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked her hanging globes, the nipples swelling to hard bullets in my mouth. For the first time I heard her speak, her voice rich and smooth,

"Ooo yes that's it suck my breast, sink your beautiful cock into me"

I continued to suck her nipples as she moved upon my cock; her movements became more agitated until with a cry of pleasure my cock was bathed in her hot juices as she orgasmed, her cries and moans filling the clearing.

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