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Incest Sex Story: Son awakens from a nightmare and is comforted by his mother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   .

John Daniels awoke screaming his body bathed in sweat, his sheets entangled in his legs as he fought his way from the dark depths of his dream. Sitting upright in the dark he heard footsteps on the landing before his bedroom door opened and the light came on.

His parents stood in the doorway looking tossled and scared after being awoken by a scream in the night. His Mom quickly crossed to the bed and sat down beside him, enveloping him in her arms.

"Are you OK John, Honey it's alright, just a bad dream!"

As his Mom hugged him John realised that he had an erection, he tried in vain to untangle his sheets to cover it. He new his Mom must realise the state of his arousal as it was pressed into her side. He felt himself flush in embarrassment as his Mom stroked his hair and face.

"OK now honey?"

"I guess Mom, it was just a bad dream"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I don't really remember what it was about"

As he spoke his Mom turned to look at him and he realised the robe she wore wasn't belted. As she turned it fell open and he found himself looking at his Mom's naked body. He'd never realised before how hot his Mom was, he knew she worked out at the local gym a couple of times a week and ran the rest of the time, but it was the first time he'd seen her naked since he was a kid.

His cock gave a jerk and seemed to swell even more as his eyes explored the woman before him. He gazed at her full firm breasts and taught stomach, before lowering his eyes to the neatly trimmed mons between her thighs. He quickly raised his eyes as his Mom spoke to him.

"Feeling better baby?"

"Yes, a bit"

"That's good, now do you think you can sleep"

"Maybe, I Guess"

"I'll tell you what, you lie down and I'll stay a little longer till you feel you can"

His Mom stood up and helped him untangle the sheets from his legs; as she covered him with it her hand brushed against his cock causing it to jerk. John blushed again in embarrassment at his state of arousal.

"God I'm sorry about that Mom"

"It's all right, it's quite natural and certainly not the first time I've seen it in that state. Although it has been a while and you've certainly grown"

John glanced towards the door worried that his Dad would be listening to this conversation, but his father had gone and the bedroom door was closed. His Mom tucked the sheet around him before once more sitting on the bed and stroking his hair.

"Now try and go back to sleep"

As his Mom kissed him lightly on the cheek and smiled at him, John felt his body relax and his eyes slowly close as sleep drifted over him.

Moments later he jerked awake as the nightmare returned, this time he managed to hold back the scream that had risen to his lips. His Mom quickly turned back to the bed and enfolded him in her arms.

"It's all right John, Mom's here, I think I'd better stay a while longer"

"Thanks Mom, I'm sorry about this"

"It's OK, scoot over and make room for your Mom"

John expected his Mom to sit beside him on the bed and was surprised when she allowed her robe to fall to the floor. Naked she pulled back the sheet and climbed into the bed beside him. As she enfolded him in her arms and cradled his head against her naked breasts his once more erect cock pressed against her thigh.

John's nightmare was forgotten as he found himself enfolded by his gorgeous naked Mom. He suddenly found himself extremely turned on and realised with shock that pre-cum was leaking onto his Mom's thigh. Turning his head he opened his mouth to speak and instead found his mouth filled by one of his Mom's nipples. Unable to resist he closed his lips around it, sucking at it like he had as a child. Rather than pushing him away he heard his Mom moan and felt her pull his head tighter to her breast.

"Mmmm, that's it baby suck on Mommy's tits, Mmm your such a good boy"

John moaned as he felt a hand close around his erection, milking the pre-cum from it and massaging it into his cock head.

"Let Mommy look at her big boy"

John was pushed onto his back as his Mom pushed the sheet onto the floor, before kissing and licking her way down his body to his hot hard cock. Looking down he watched as his Mom licked his cock head bring a moan from his lips, before she allowed the head to slip between her lips. He could feel her tongue bathing his cock in saliva as she sucked on his erection.

"O god Mom, that's amazing, Uhhhh, god I'm gonna cum, O Mom I'm cuming, I'm cuming"

John grabbed his Mom's head fucking her mouth as he felt his balls tighten and his cock swell as his cum shot into his Mom's mouth. He could feel her throat working as she tried to swallow it all; as he continued to pump his seed into her mouth some escaped to run down her chin.

Finally she released his still hard cock and using her fingers scooped up the cum from her chin and licked them clean. She moved back up his body and kissed him deeply on the lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, where he tasted his cum on her tongue.

John kissed his Mom deeply while running his hands over her hot, willing, naked body.

"My turn Mom" he said as rolled her onto her back before kissing his way down her neck to her waiting breasts. Alternating between them, he sucked and nibbled at her nipples while massaging and gently nipping the free one with his fingers. As he felt his Mom's arousal increasing he kissed his way down over her stomach, watching the muscles contract as he licked her navel. Moving lower he eased her thighs apart and gazed for the first time at her waiting pussy, at the place that had given birth to him.

He slowly ran his tongue along her slit from her anus to her clitoris bringing a cry to his Mom's lips. Easing apart her cunt lips he plunged his tongue into her hot inner sanctum lapping the juices that flowed freely from her into his mouth. As he drank from her cunt he reached up and massaged her clit with his fingers causing her body to spasm. He continued to fuck her with his tongue as he played with her clit, feeling her body respond to his actions.

"Ooooh, that's it baby, Mom's soooo hot, god I'm cuming, o yes I'm cuming, I'm cuuuuummmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg"

As his Mom screamed out her release, her thighs locked around his head and her hands pushed his face into her spasming cunt. John locked his mouth over her pussy and drank and sucked the juices from her.

As his Mom's orgasm subsided she released his head and pulled him up to her face where she kissed him passionately and licked her juices from his face. She then pushed him onto his back once more, straddling his hips she slowly lower herself onto him, impaling herself on his hard cock.

John cried aloud in desire as he felt his hard cock enveloped in the hot, wet, velvet grip of his Mom's cunt. They lay locked together both basking in the feel of their joined bodies before they started moving together.

His Mom moved upon his cock, plunging up and down upon him and twisting her hips slightly to stimulate her clit and g-spot. Reaching up John cupped his Mom's breasts with one hand playing with the nipples and massaging them. His other hand he slip between their moving bodies and pressed and rubbed his Mom's clitoris causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Mmmm, play with Mommy's tits and clit, fuck your cock into her, Mmmmm"

The room was filled to the to the sound of their moans and the slap of their bodies as they moved together towards their orgasms. John felt his balls tighten as his orgasm approached and his cum started to rise.

"Uuuhhh, I'm gonna cum Mom, I'm cuming"

"O yes baby, fill Mommy's hot cunt with your cum, pump it deep into her womb"

John grabbed his Mom's hips pulling her hard down onto his pumping cock as his sperm shot deep into her womb. As his cock jerked inside his Mom he felt her body shake to her own orgasm and his cock was gripped tightly by the muscles of her vagina. Their voices mingled in their cries of pleasure as they both came together their bodies shaking to their orgasms.

As their orgasms subsided his Mom lent forward and kissed him.

"No more nightmares OK"


As his softening cock slipped from her pussy his Mom held him close while he slowly sank into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning John awoke to find his Mom had gone part of his mind told him it had been a dream, even though he knew it wasn't. He quickly showered and dressed before heading down stairs to the kitchen. He stood on the bottom step unsure about how to act with his Mom. What would his Dad say? Was his Mom disgusted and ashamed by what had happened?

Plucking up the courage he walked into the kitchen.

"Hi Mom"

"Good morning dear, sleep well?"

"Uh, fine I guess"

"Good, sit down breakfasts nearly ready"

John sat down at the kitchen table and watched his Mom while she finished preparing breakfast. She was dressed in one of his dad's old shirts, the sleeves were rolled up and the tails reached to mid thigh. Her long blonde hair was hanging down her back platted into a ponytail.

Turning she walked towards him, his eyes followed her every move as she bent over and kissed him on the lips.

"Good morning son, now about last night..."

"I know Mom, it shouldn't have happened and it mustn't happen again, I'm really sorry"

"No, that's not what I was going to say"

Straddling his legs she sat on his lap and kissed him again.

"You were wonderful and of course it'll happen again. That is if you want it to?"

"God Mom, of course I do, but what about Dad and Sarah?"

"Your Father knows what happened, after all we weren't exactly quiet. As for your sister, I know your father would happily fuck her if he got the chance, so we'll have to make sure he does. Now how about showing your Mom a good time while breakfast finishes"

While his Mom stood and removed her panties John slid his jeans and underwear off. As his Mom once more sat on his lap John guided his erect cock to the entrance of her hot love box. They kissed deeply as she sank down upon his cock, filling her cunt with his hard meat.

"Mmm, that feels soooo good, your hard cock deep in my cunt, Mmmmm, fuck Mommy hard"

John needed no further encouragement and so started pushing his cock into his Mom's hot pussy as she moved on his lap. Reaching forward he unfastened the shirt pushing it off his Mom's shoulders, freeing her breasts to his questing tongue and mouth. He savoured the taste and feel of her nipples as they hardened in his mouth, he sucked and gently bit them as their mutual excitement built. Until with a loud cry he filled his Mom's hot cunt with jism, pumping it deep into her as her body shook to her own orgasm.

They were kissing, John's cock still encased in his Mom's cunt when they heard the front door open and Sarah shouted.

"Hi, I'm home"

Quickly John and his Mom pulled apart, his Mom pulled on her shirt while John fought to pull his pants on. His Mom had her shirt on, but her panties still lay under the table with John's jeans when Sarah walked into the kitchen.

Sarah was John's twin sister, they weren't identical twins, while John was tall and lean like his father, Sarah took after their mother, small and petite with long blonde hair and deep black eyes.

Walking into the kitchen Sarah waved at her brother before kissing her Mom, sitting down at the table she noticed John's jeans lying underneath it she also became aware of a smell in the room, a smell she associated with sex. That couldn't be right though, cause her Dad was at work, only her brother and Mom were here, but what were his jeans doing under the table.

"What's with the jeans?"

Her Mom quickly bent and picked them up.

"I spilt juice down them, so I told John to take them off so I could wash them"

As her Mom bent over to pick up the jeans Sarah was presented with a view of her naked bottom and as her Mom bent further over a view of her pussy. A pussy she realised that had a just fucked look to it, in fact a pussy that was leaking cum.

'My god' Sarah thought 'Mom and John have just fucked.' She couldn't believe it, but the evidence was right before her eyes. She wondered how and when they had started and most of all what her father thought of it or even if he new.

All through breakfast she found her eyes drawn to brother, part of her was shocked and sickened by what she had discovered, but another part of her found it a very erotic idea.

After breakfast their mother headed upstairs to take a shower, while Sarah and John headed to their respective rooms.

John was lying on his bed when his now dressed Mom walked in.

"I'm just going into town to do some shopping, you and Sarah behave OK"

"Don't we always"

"That's up for debate"

She kissed him lightly on the lips and left, John lay there for a while longer before deciding to take another shower. He stripped off in his room before heading down to the bathroom. As he passed his sister's room he could hear music playing and his Mom and sister talking. He was just entering the bathroom when his Mom came out of Sarah's room.

"You shouldn't walk around like that, you'll give people ideas"

"Good ideas I hope Mom"

With a final goodbye he entered the bathroom closing the door behind himself.

Sarah sat on her bed after her mother had left her mind in turmoil, when her Mom had come into her room to say goodbye she'd confronted her about her suspicions. Rather than reputing them her Mom had admitted to the accusations, even telling her not to judge until she'd tried it. Now she couldn't decide if she had been telling her to fuck her brother or not. Sitting on the bed she found the thought had turned her on more than she wanted to admit. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom and images of her brother naked under the water flashed through her mind.

She new part of the problem was frustration, the previous night she'd stayed at her boyfriend's house, unbeknown to her parents they'd had the house to themselves. The trouble was his idea of foreplay was a few drinks, sex compromised few thrusts into her before he'd cum; then rolled over and fallen asleep, leaving her unsatisfied and frustrated. She'd left him still in bed that morning sleeping off the drinks of the night before.

Giving herself no time to think she stood and removed her clothing, naked she walked down the landing to the bathroom. Taking a deep breath she pushed open the bathroom door, she could see the outline of her brother through the frosted glass of the shower stall.

John turned as he heard the shower cubicle door slide open, he didn't know what to expect, but the sight of his naked sister was a real shock.

"Hi bro, can I wash your back?"

"S... Sarah, what the hell are you doing?"

"Taking a shower"

"Couldn't you wait till I finish?"

"Guess not"

With that Sarah reached out and grasped his semi erect cock.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"I thought that was obvious, don't be such a jerk"


"Relax, we could have some real fun together"

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