Money Makes the World Go Round

by Hidden Friend

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Family will try anything to releive their money worries.

Beth and Steve Wood lay in bed talking, the house was dark and quiet the only sound that of the wind as it howled outside. The conversation had returned to the one subject that seemed to fill their days at the moment, that subject was money. Steve had lost his job two months before and neither he nor Beth had been able to find any work. Now with two kids, Abigail 18 and Paul 19, they were facing the prospect of loosing their house.

"There's got to be something we could do, hasn't there Beth?"

"There's no jobs to be had around here we've both looked, the only option would be maybe to move"

"The trouble with that idea honey is we can't afford to"

"I know, any suggestions"

"I hate to say it but that advert we saw on the Internet seems like our only option"

"You've got to be kidding, I can't see them paying good money for porn pictures of us two. Anyway are you sure you'd really do that?"

"Beth love, I wasn't thinking of just us two, the best money was for incest pictures, hell even better for real incest movies"

"Now I know you're joking, fuck our own kids and sell the evidence. I can hear the cops already"

"It's the only way I can think of"

"God, how can we even discus this it's depraved"

"I know, but we don't actually have to fuck them, just simulate it, the advert it would pay good money for quality pictures, hell even more for video. All we have to do is pretend to have sex and we could make enough money to get us out of this fix"

Steve hugged his wife close he could hear the shock at was he was suggesting in her voice. Beth looked up at him and nodded finally realising that their situation had brought them to this point.

"The kids won't go for it" Beth said

"They will if we tell them the truth, that it's that or we loose our home"

"How the hell do we do it?"

"I'll talk with them tomorrow, if they agree we'll take some pictures and send them in to the agency, OK"

"I guess, but I think I'd better do the talking and if they say no we drop it OK"

"Of course"

With that Beth snuggled up to her husband and they both fell into a worried sleep.

The next morning the Woods were sat around the breakfast table when Beth decided to bring up the subject of the photographs.

"Kids your Dad and I need to talk to you"

"What is it Mom?"

"As you probably noticed money's getting pretty tight at the moment"

"I've got some savings, so has Abigail; you can have them if they'd help"

"Thanks Paul, but even your savings won't help that much, the problem is that if we haven't been able to pay the mortgage for the past few months. That and the other bills means unless we find the money soon we'll loose the house"

"I'm sorry Mum, we didn't realise things were that bad, you should have told us, is there anything we can do?"

Abby looked at her parents "Ye, maybe we could get part time jobs or something"

"If you could find one I'd be surprised, we know you've both been looking"

"They're right Abby, we've both tried to find part time jobs, there just aren't any unless it's delivering papers and that doesn't pay that much"

"Your father and I have found a way we could make lots of money fast, but it's going to need your input and it's not exactly a normal thing"

Abigail looked at her mother "You know you only have to ask, Paul and I'll help in any way you want"

"Ye Mum, whatever it is we'll help"

"I rather think that when we tell you what it is you'll change your mind"

Beth looked at her kids as she gripped her husband's hand for strength 'O hell, I don't think I can suggest this, it's stupid and definitely wrong' she thought.

"OK kids here goes, your Dad and I found an advert on the Internet offering to pay good money for family pictures"

Paul looked at his Mom "I'm guessing you don't mean holiday snap shots"

"I'm afraid so, I mean pictures of families making love"

"That's sick, your suggesting we fuck each other"

Abigail looked from her parents to her brother

"They're joking right Paul, I mean, o god Mom, Dad there must be another way"

Beth felt tears come to her eyes as she truly realised what she was suggesting; Steve squeezed her hand.

"Don't you think we haven't tried to find one, look if we had an alternative we'd take it, this will pay us good money and no we aren't actually suggesting we fuck, but simulate it. However if you have any better ideas we'll gladly listen to them"

"No Daddy I haven't any ideas, sorry"

"Paul you got any?"

"No, I guess not"

Steve looked at his kids "Look your Mom and I agreed this is the only way we can see, we're sorry things have got this bad, but we can't change the past. However it's your twos decision if you say no well not mention it again"

Paul shook his head "We'll loose our home though wont we"

"Probably yes, but we'll get through it"

Paul looked at Abby sitting next to him "OK, is it alright if Abby and I go into the living room and talk about it.

"Of course, all we ask is you think about it"

Paul and Abigail stood and made their way into the living room, closing the door they sat beside each other on the settee.

"Well Abby, what do we do?"

"I don't know, I didn't realise things were so bad, why didn't they tell us?"

"I guess they thought to spare us the worry, if we'd really looked I think we would have realised."

"Do we say yes or no?"

"I don't know, I guess we're part of their money problems, both of us living at home and still studying. Even if we quit we wouldn't be able to get jobs that easily. So yes I guess if we're part of the problem we should agree to play our part in the solution"

"I guess so Paul"

Together the returned to the kitchen where their parents were just finishing clearing up the breakfast pots. Abby looked at her parents and smiled "Paul and I have talked it over and we'd like to help. I guess we'll do it"

"Ye, so how do we start?"

Steve breathed a sigh of relief he new this wasn't the end of their money problems, but maybe it was the beginning of the end.

"Well kids why don't we all take showers, put on robes and meet in your Mom and my bedroom, O and Paul bring your digital camera"

It was an hour or so later that the four of them stood together in the master bedroom clad in bathrobes. Steve took the camera from Paul and looked at his wife.

"Shall we start with just the kids?"

"That's a good idea, but lets all loose the robes, after all we're going to see each other naked anyway"

With that Beth allowed her robe to fall to the floor, Steve followed and then the kids until they were all naked. Beth looked at her naked children, she was surprised at how much of a hunk Paul had become, he stood about six foot four, blonde hair, blue eyes slim and muscular. Her eyes dropped to his cock, which jerked as she looked and started to harden. In no time Paul sported a very nice erection, 'probably about seven inches maybe seven and a half' she thought.

She turned he eyes to her daughter, Abby was slim and petite with firm pert breasts and long brown hair that flowed down her back, she had a small triangle of neatly trimmed hair covering her pussy. Beth realised that if they stood side by side they would look like sisters rather than mother and daughter. The only difference being her larger breasts and shorter hair and the odd line on her face.

"OK, your Dad will take pictures to begin with, lets start with Paul and you Abby"

"Sure Mom, what do you want us to do?"

"Why don't you kiss each other first"

Turning to face each other Paul and Abby gently brushed their lips together.

"That's no good, kiss like you mean it, Paul put your arms around your sister and kiss her as if she makes you hot"

Paul slipped his arms around Abby and pulled her against him, tilting her chin he kissed her deeply, opening his mouth and teasing her lips with his tongue. He felt a shiver coarse up his spine at the feel of Abby's breasts pressing into his chest as she kissed him back their tongues entwining.

Beth watched her kids embrace surprised at how good they looked together.

"That's it Paul now reach down and feel her buttocks"

Paul did as his Mom suggested, reaching down he cupped Abigail's firm arse cheeks in his hands pulling her against him and his cock throbbed with excitement as it pressed against her stomach.

Abigail was both surprised and shocked by the feelings that rocked through her body, the feel of her brother's arms around her. His hands on her arse and his hard cock pressing against her stomach both shocked and aroused her, she could feel her pussy moistening and her nipples hardening.

Their parents were unaware of the feelings as they stood and watched their children kiss. Beth continued to direct while Steve took the photos

"Ok Paul, pick up your sister in your arms and carry her to the bed, that's good. Now kiss her again and then move down to her breasts and kiss and suck her nipples, then while your doing that slide a hand down between her legs and play with her pussy"

Paul followed his Mom's directions, kissing Abby on the mouth before trailing his way to her waiting breasts. Licking and sucking he savoured the feel of her hard, erect nipples as he slid a hand down between her parted thighs. He was surprised to find her wet with the juices of her arousal and felt her jerk as his thumb brushed her clitoris. He felt shocked and guilty to realise he wanted to fuck her, to fill her waiting pussy with his hard cock.

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