Money Makes the World Go Round

by Hidden Friend

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Family will try anything to releive their money worries.

Beth and Steve Wood lay in bed talking, the house was dark and quiet the only sound that of the wind as it howled outside. The conversation had returned to the one subject that seemed to fill their days at the moment, that subject was money. Steve had lost his job two months before and neither he nor Beth had been able to find any work. Now with two kids, Abigail 18 and Paul 19, they were facing the prospect of loosing their house.

"There's got to be something we could do, hasn't there Beth?"

"There's no jobs to be had around here we've both looked, the only option would be maybe to move"

"The trouble with that idea honey is we can't afford to"

"I know, any suggestions"

"I hate to say it but that advert we saw on the Internet seems like our only option"

"You've got to be kidding, I can't see them paying good money for porn pictures of us two. Anyway are you sure you'd really do that?"

"Beth love, I wasn't thinking of just us two, the best money was for incest pictures, hell even better for real incest movies"

"Now I know you're joking, fuck our own kids and sell the evidence. I can hear the cops already"

"It's the only way I can think of"

"God, how can we even discus this it's depraved"

"I know, but we don't actually have to fuck them, just simulate it, the advert it would pay good money for quality pictures, hell even more for video. All we have to do is pretend to have sex and we could make enough money to get us out of this fix"

Steve hugged his wife close he could hear the shock at was he was suggesting in her voice. Beth looked up at him and nodded finally realising that their situation had brought them to this point.

"The kids won't go for it" Beth said

"They will if we tell them the truth, that it's that or we loose our home"

"How the hell do we do it?"

"I'll talk with them tomorrow, if they agree we'll take some pictures and send them in to the agency, OK"

"I guess, but I think I'd better do the talking and if they say no we drop it OK"

"Of course"

With that Beth snuggled up to her husband and they both fell into a worried sleep.

The next morning the Woods were sat around the breakfast table when Beth decided to bring up the subject of the photographs.

"Kids your Dad and I need to talk to you"

"What is it Mom?"

"As you probably noticed money's getting pretty tight at the moment"

"I've got some savings, so has Abigail; you can have them if they'd help"

"Thanks Paul, but even your savings won't help that much, the problem is that if we haven't been able to pay the mortgage for the past few months. That and the other bills means unless we find the money soon we'll loose the house"

"I'm sorry Mum, we didn't realise things were that bad, you should have told us, is there anything we can do?"

Abby looked at her parents "Ye, maybe we could get part time jobs or something"

"If you could find one I'd be surprised, we know you've both been looking"

"They're right Abby, we've both tried to find part time jobs, there just aren't any unless it's delivering papers and that doesn't pay that much"

"Your father and I have found a way we could make lots of money fast, but it's going to need your input and it's not exactly a normal thing"

Abigail looked at her mother "You know you only have to ask, Paul and I'll help in any way you want"

"Ye Mum, whatever it is we'll help"

"I rather think that when we tell you what it is you'll change your mind"

Beth looked at her kids as she gripped her husband's hand for strength 'O hell, I don't think I can suggest this, it's stupid and definitely wrong' she thought.

"OK kids here goes, your Dad and I found an advert on the Internet offering to pay good money for family pictures"

Paul looked at his Mom "I'm guessing you don't mean holiday snap shots"

"I'm afraid so, I mean pictures of families making love"

"That's sick, your suggesting we fuck each other"

Abigail looked from her parents to her brother

"They're joking right Paul, I mean, o god Mom, Dad there must be another way"

Beth felt tears come to her eyes as she truly realised what she was suggesting; Steve squeezed her hand.

"Don't you think we haven't tried to find one, look if we had an alternative we'd take it, this will pay us good money and no we aren't actually suggesting we fuck, but simulate it. However if you have any better ideas we'll gladly listen to them"

"No Daddy I haven't any ideas, sorry"

"Paul you got any?"

"No, I guess not"

Steve looked at his kids "Look your Mom and I agreed this is the only way we can see, we're sorry things have got this bad, but we can't change the past. However it's your twos decision if you say no well not mention it again"

Paul shook his head "We'll loose our home though wont we"

"Probably yes, but we'll get through it"

Paul looked at Abby sitting next to him "OK, is it alright if Abby and I go into the living room and talk about it.

"Of course, all we ask is you think about it"

Paul and Abigail stood and made their way into the living room, closing the door they sat beside each other on the settee.

"Well Abby, what do we do?"

"I don't know, I didn't realise things were so bad, why didn't they tell us?"

"I guess they thought to spare us the worry, if we'd really looked I think we would have realised."

"Do we say yes or no?"

"I don't know, I guess we're part of their money problems, both of us living at home and still studying. Even if we quit we wouldn't be able to get jobs that easily. So yes I guess if we're part of the problem we should agree to play our part in the solution"

"I guess so Paul"

Together the returned to the kitchen where their parents were just finishing clearing up the breakfast pots. Abby looked at her parents and smiled "Paul and I have talked it over and we'd like to help. I guess we'll do it"

"Ye, so how do we start?"

Steve breathed a sigh of relief he new this wasn't the end of their money problems, but maybe it was the beginning of the end.

"Well kids why don't we all take showers, put on robes and meet in your Mom and my bedroom, O and Paul bring your digital camera"

It was an hour or so later that the four of them stood together in the master bedroom clad in bathrobes. Steve took the camera from Paul and looked at his wife.

"Shall we start with just the kids?"

"That's a good idea, but lets all loose the robes, after all we're going to see each other naked anyway"

With that Beth allowed her robe to fall to the floor, Steve followed and then the kids until they were all naked. Beth looked at her naked children, she was surprised at how much of a hunk Paul had become, he stood about six foot four, blonde hair, blue eyes slim and muscular. Her eyes dropped to his cock, which jerked as she looked and started to harden. In no time Paul sported a very nice erection, 'probably about seven inches maybe seven and a half' she thought.

She turned he eyes to her daughter, Abby was slim and petite with firm pert breasts and long brown hair that flowed down her back, she had a small triangle of neatly trimmed hair covering her pussy. Beth realised that if they stood side by side they would look like sisters rather than mother and daughter. The only difference being her larger breasts and shorter hair and the odd line on her face.

"OK, your Dad will take pictures to begin with, lets start with Paul and you Abby"

"Sure Mom, what do you want us to do?"

"Why don't you kiss each other first"

Turning to face each other Paul and Abby gently brushed their lips together.

"That's no good, kiss like you mean it, Paul put your arms around your sister and kiss her as if she makes you hot"

Paul slipped his arms around Abby and pulled her against him, tilting her chin he kissed her deeply, opening his mouth and teasing her lips with his tongue. He felt a shiver coarse up his spine at the feel of Abby's breasts pressing into his chest as she kissed him back their tongues entwining.

Beth watched her kids embrace surprised at how good they looked together.

"That's it Paul now reach down and feel her buttocks"

Paul did as his Mom suggested, reaching down he cupped Abigail's firm arse cheeks in his hands pulling her against him and his cock throbbed with excitement as it pressed against her stomach.

Abigail was both surprised and shocked by the feelings that rocked through her body, the feel of her brother's arms around her. His hands on her arse and his hard cock pressing against her stomach both shocked and aroused her, she could feel her pussy moistening and her nipples hardening.

Their parents were unaware of the feelings as they stood and watched their children kiss. Beth continued to direct while Steve took the photos

"Ok Paul, pick up your sister in your arms and carry her to the bed, that's good. Now kiss her again and then move down to her breasts and kiss and suck her nipples, then while your doing that slide a hand down between her legs and play with her pussy"

Paul followed his Mom's directions, kissing Abby on the mouth before trailing his way to her waiting breasts. Licking and sucking he savoured the feel of her hard, erect nipples as he slid a hand down between her parted thighs. He was surprised to find her wet with the juices of her arousal and felt her jerk as his thumb brushed her clitoris. He felt shocked and guilty to realise he wanted to fuck her, to fill her waiting pussy with his hard cock.

Abby was also in turmoil, her desires and needs wanted to feel her brother's cock inside her. The thought made he feel guilty and she was both sickened and excited by it. Reaching down she closed her hand around Paul's erection, feeling it pulse in her grasp. Coating her fingers in the precum that leaked from the end of her brother's cock she rubbed it into his cock head.

Ignoring her parents she drew Paul up and kissed him passionately on the lips before whispering to him

"Fuck me Paul, shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me please"

Paul's desire overcame him at those words of invitation; sliding over between her thighs he ran his cock head down her slit, teasing her with it. In the background their mother's voice was egging them on.

"That's great kids, that's it Paul make it look like you're about to fuck. You both look so hot together, go on pretend to fuck your sister"

Beth was shocked to realise that pretence was no longer part of the plan as she watched Paul's cock slide into his sister's pussy and her legs wrap around his back. She stood there shocked for a few moments aware her husband had stopped taking pictures. She moved towards the bed planning to pull Paul off Abby, when Abby cried out.

"O god that's it brother, your cock feels so good inside me, fuck me, fuck me hard"

Beth stood there unsure what to do, what had seemed like an easy money making plan had suddenly altered. What surprised her most though was the fact that the sight of her kids on the bed had turned her on and the realisation that she was jealous of her daughter. She wanted to be the one on the bed with her son pounding her pussy with his cock. She also realised that if the current state of things continued she very well could be next. She looked at her husband seeing her shock and lust mirrored on his face.

"Don't just stand there Steve get some photos taken"

With that Steve moved closer to the bed, bending down he photographed his sons cock pushing into his daughters pussy. His own cock was rock hard and he had to fight the urge to climb on the bed with his kids, he new that his turn would come in time.

Beth was tired of being a spectator; climbing on the bed she ran her hands down her sons back and across his tight arse. Lips closed around one of her breasts; looking down she was surprised to see her daughter sucking on it. The thought of making love with another woman had never occurred to her before. However the feel of her daughter's lips and the realisation of the taboo nature of the situation fired her lust and she reached for her daughter's breasts as she slipped a hand between her own thighs and started to masturbate.

The double stimulation of her mother's hand massaging her breasts and Paul's cock in her cunt pushed Abigail over the edge and she screamed as her body shook to her orgasm.

"Mummy, O Paul I'm cuming o yes Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh"

The feel of his sister's cunt contracting around his cock as her body convulsed to her orgasm brought Paul's own orgasm on.

"O Abigail I'm cuming, I'm cuming"

He thrust his cock deep into his sister's pussy feeling the hot cum shoot deep into her convulsing womb. As his cock continued to shoot his jism into the deep reaches of Abigail's womb he fell forward into her arms and they kissed deeply as Abigail enfolded him in her arms and legs.

Abigail could feel Paul's still hard cock buried inside her and not wanting to release him yet she rolled him over until she sat astride his lap, his cock still impaled within her. She started to move upon him, savouring the feel of the cock as it moved within her tight pussy.

"O Paul that feels so good, fuck me again"

Paul reached up and grasped his sister's heaving breasts, massaging the erect nipples and causing ripples of pleasure that carried to her pussy and his trapped cock. Paul slipped his hands onto Abigail's hips as she lent forward offering her breasts to his questing mouth.

As Paul closed his mouth on her aching breasts Abigail reached out slipping a hand between her mother's thighs. Pushing aside her mother's hand she replaced it with her own pushing first one, then two and three fingers into her Mom's cunt while gently rubbing her clitoris with her thumb.

The feel of her daughter's fingers in her pussy seemed to trip switches in Beth's mind and she filled the room with her cries as she came. Her juices coating her daughter's hand as she continued to finger her hot snatch.

Steve had continued to photograph his hot family, but now found he could wait no longer. Dropping the camera he pulled Abigail from her brother's pounding cock, throwing her onto her back he climbed between her legs and with one thrust he buried his manhood in her waiting cunt.

Abigail felt anger and frustration burn through her as she was lifted from Paul's hard cock and thrown onto her back, before she could complain her father had pinned her to the bed and had rammed his own cock into her.

"That's it baby, feel daddy's cock in your tight little cunt. Daddy's going to fuck his little girl so hard"

"O yes daddy, fuck your little baby, fill me with daddy cum"

Paul felt cool air where moments before his sister's hot pussy had been, he lay there for a second as he watched his dad pound his cock into Abigail's cunt. He looked at his mom who lay with her legs parted her body flushed in the afterglow of her orgasm. Quickly he rolled over and slipped his cock into her hot, wet, waiting pussy.

"Mmmmm Mom your pussy feels so good"

Beth wrapped her legs and arms around her son, matching his thrusts as he reamed her aching pussy with his beautiful hard cock.

Steve new he wouldn't last long, the sight of his children fucking and his horny wife and turned him on more than he thought possible and now his daughter was beneath him as he pumped his cock into her willing pussy.

"Uhhh baby, daddy's gonna cum, o yes daddy's cuming"

"Not yet daddy just hold on a few more seconds I'm almost there"

"Daddy's sorry baby"

With that Steve felt his cum shoot from his cock deep into his daughter's cunt, he cried out with pleasure as he pumped his jism into her. Abigail almost cried in frustration as her father fell on top of her, she could already feel his dick beginning to soften, before it slipped out of her accompanied by a gush of sperm.

Meanwhile Beth had her son's mouth clamped to her breast as he pumped his cock into her cunt. She was unaware of her surroundings content to ride the waves of pleasure as her orgasm approached.

"O god Mom, I'm cuming I'm cuming"

With that cry Paul rammed his cock deep into his Mom's pussy as he felt his balls tighten, shooting his sperm up his cock and deep into his mom's womb.

The feel of her son's cock shooting his cum into her pushed Beth into and orgasm and she screamed and sobbed her pleasure as they held tight to each other in their passion and joy. They were lying together as their bodies calmed down from their orgasms when Beth became aware of Abigail lying on her back masturbating beside her. Gently she eased Paul from her and turned towards her daughter.

"O baby, didn't daddy let you cum?"

Gently she moved her daughter's hands aside,

"Then let Mommy help"

As she looked at her daughter's pussy leaking cum she couldn't resist lowering her mouth to it and licking the jism from her. Abigail moaned in surprise and pleasure at he feel of her mom's mouth and tongue on her pussy. Reaching down she pressed her mom's mouth to her dripping cunt.

"Mmmm that's so good mom, Ooooo yes eat my pussy"

Reaching down she pulled her mom around until they lay in a 69 position; Abigail looked at her brother's cum running down her mom's thighs and tentatively lapped at it. Together they lapped the juices from each other's, Abigail dipping her fingers into her mom's cunt and pulling them out coated in love juices, which she then licked off. Every so often she would stab her mom's clit with her tongue causing her mom's body to jerk in pleasure and her mom would then intensify her attack on Abigail's snatch. Finally they came together their orgasms ripping through their bodies.

The sight of the two women had aroused the men, moving over Paul lifted his mom's mouth and pushed his cock into his sister's cunt. While Steve moved behind his wife pushing his cock into her waiting snatch. As Steve fucked his wife he could feel his daughter's tongue licking his cock every time he withdrew and her mouth sucking his balls.

Abigail watched her dad's cock as he fucked her mom; lifting her head she licked the juices from his cock as he withdrew before plunging it back into his wife's pussy. She alternated the attention of her mouth and tongue between his cock and balls and her mom's clitoris.

Beth lay and watched her son's dick push into Abigail's cunt, the angle meant she couldn't bring her tongue in contact with her daughter's clit and so she slipped a hand up and rubbed it with he fingers.

Paul pumped his cock in and out of his sister's hot, wet pussy, savouring the feel of her sheath wrapped around his cock. The knowledge that it was his own sister that he was fucking and that his parents were watching and taking part in their incestuous orgy only increased his excitement. He could feel his balls beginning to tingle as his orgasm approached and so slowed his pace slightly wanting Abigail to cum as well.

The double stimulation of her mom's fingers and her brother's pounding cock in her cunt was driving Abigail towards her orgasm and so she attacked her mom's clit with renewed vigour while pushing her hips up to meet her brother's thrusts.

"O Paul, fuck me harder yes O god yes yes yeeeesssssssss"

With that cry Abigail shook to her orgasm as she felt Paul's hot cum flood into her womb, seeming to leave a trail of fire inside her. As her body rocked to her orgasm she attacked her mom's clit sucking it into her mouth.

Beth knew her own orgasm wasn't far away as her daughter sucked her clit and moments later her body shook as her husband pumped her full of his sperm.

As Paul slipped his cum soaked cock from Abigail's dripping pussy Beth closed her mouth around it sucking the juices from it, she heard her husband mutter in pleasure and realised Abigail was giving him the same treatment.

Finally releasing Paul's cock from her mouth Beth turned her attention to her daughter's pussy, she licked and sucked the cum from Abigail's cunt as her daughter returned the favour. Together the two women licked and fingered each other until they both came together in a shacking orgasm flooding each other's mouths with their juices.

All four of them lay together in a tangle of arms and legs as their bodies recovered from their activities. Paul was the first to speak,

"Well mom how was that for simulated sex?"

Beth kissed Paul deeply "Well honey I don't know about simulated, but the sex was great"

Abigail kissed her mom's breasts while fondling her dad's soft cock,

"Hope you managed to get some good pictures dad"

"I'm sure I did baby, shall we check and choose some to send in?"

Steve stood and made his way to the computer, they all watched as he booted it up before connecting the camera to the PC. Quickly Steve downloaded the camera memory to the PC, before opening the pictures. As the family gathered around to view the mornings work Steve felt his cock jerk and begin to harden as they looked at the pictures. His hardening cock was suddenly locked in a warm embrace and he looked down to see it sinking between his daughter's lips.

"O ye baby, suck dad's cock with your beautiful mouth"

Reaching across he picked up the camera and photographed his cock vanishing between his daughter's lips. As she bathed his cock head in warm saliva he moaned in pleasure, grabbing her head he started to fuck his cock into her mouth pushing it deeper and deeper into her; until he felt his cock head push against her throat.

"That's it baby suck daddy deeper, take him down your throat"

Abigail had to fight the urge to retch as her father's cock pushed into her throat, but she managed to control it until he withdrew slightly. She slipped her hand round the base of his cock to stop him pushing in too deep and masturbated him as she sucked and licked his cock. Steve was amazed at his daughter's skill at cock sucking, as she squeezed his balls he felt his cum rising and once more grabbed her head forcing his cock deep into her mouth as his cum shot from it.

Abigail gagged as her dad rammed his cock down her throat, as his sperm fired into her mouth she tried to swallow it down, but there was too much and some escaped to run down her chin and onto her breasts.

"Don't swallow it all baby, keep some in your mouth" Steve cried as he withdrew his flagging dick from between her lips.

"Now open up and allow some to run down your chin and onto your breasts"

Steve took photo's of his daughter's cum filled mouth and the cum running down her chin and onto her breasts as she rubbed it into her nipples. He turned his attention to his wife and son as he watched Paul shoot his load into his mom's waiting mouth. He photographed his wife as she drank her son's jism.

Together the family chose photos and sent them off to the company before they showered and dressed before making their way downstairs.

Steve looked at his family,

"Well I guess we'll have to wait and hope now"

"We can still play together can't we dad?" asked Abigail

"Baby from the look in your mom's eye I don't think there'll be any stopping her"

There newfound love assured they settled down to wait for a reply to their message.

It was almost a week before the Wood family heard from the Internet Company, in that time they continued to enjoy each other's company and their photo collection grew.

Abigail opened her eyes and stretched, Paul lay beside her, she still found it strange to wake up with someone beside her especially as it was usually her brother or father. Pushing the sheet back she looked at her brother's naked body his cock standing tall with his morning erection. Bending forward she closed her lips over the head of it, running her tongue around the glands. She then slipped it from her mouth and licked her way down the shaft, before sucking his balls.

Paul awoke to the feel of his cock encased in his sister's mouth; he smiled in pleasure,

"Good morning Abby, Mmmmm that feels so good, why don't you swing round and I'll return the favour"

Abby didn't need asking twice, she moved her body around so that she and Paul were in a 69 position. She moaned around a mouth full of cock as Paul's tongue ran the length of her slit to her clitoris.

Paul savoured the taste of his sister's juicy pussy, lapping at it like a cat drinking cream before he moved his lips to her engorged clit. He sucked the engorged flesh between his lips, gently nibbling it with his front teeth. Reaching up he slipped first one then two fingers into Abby's pussy.

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