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Incest Sex Story: Frustrated husband finds release with his daughter.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   .

Jake snuggled closer to his wife's naked body, slipping an arm round her side he cupped and gently squeezed her firm breasts bringing a moan from his wife Julie's lips. He massaged them feeling her nipples harden and press into his palm like bullets, slowly he slid his hand down her body across her taught stomach before sliding it between her thighs. His erect cock pressed against her buttocks as he ran his fingers over her moist labia bringing a shudder to her body. Jake kissed and licked his wife's neck as he slipped a finger into her hot moist cunt.

"What the hell do you think your doing?"

Julie yelled as she pushed him away from her,

"I thought I was giving you pleasure"

"Well I'm not in the mood so stop"

"Your body thinks differently, look come on honey..."

"Just fuck off Jake, I've told you no"

Jake looked in disgust and incomprehension at his wife, 'what the hell was wrong with her' he thought 'for the past two weeks she'd been refusing his advances'

"Honey is there something wrong, have I done anything to upset you"

"Just forget it"

"I can't baby, we haven't had sex since I got back from my business trip, you complain if I touch you, hell I guess I'm lucky we still sleep in the same bed"

"Just go Jake, I'm going back to sleep"

Jake climbed from the bed, looking down at his 7" erection he sighed; 'well boy I guess it'll have to be a hand job in the bathroom.'

Leaving the bedroom he closed the door and headed down the landing towards the bathroom. As he was passing his daughter's bedroom he heard a strange sound, without thinking he stopped and gently eased the door slightly open. The sight that greeted his eye's caused his heart to jump. His daughter Karen lay naked on her bed, one hand was buried between her thighs the fingers plunging into her pussy while the other hand pulled and tweaked her breasts, it wasn't the first morning he'd witnessed this. However this time rather than closing the door and leaving as he had done before he remained where he was. As Jake stood and watched his daughter masturbate his mind exploded in lust and frustration. He ached with the desire to fuck the beautiful nymph lying on the bed, as he watched her he wrapped his fingers around his cock and masturbated with her.

Karen was glad when she saw her door open slightly and amazed when it didn't close straight away as it had before. She was even more surprised when she caught a glimpse of her father standing naked in the door masturbating as he watched her. She looked with lust-crazed eyes at his hard cock, wondering what it would feel like to touch. With a wicked grin she decided to see how far the situation would go.

"Mmmmm that's it daddy fuck your little girl, stick your big cock in my pussy, fill me with your cum"

She continued to masturbate while playing to her audience,

"Ooooo that feels soooo gooooood come on daddy dearest make your little girl cum"

Jake couldn't believe what his daughter was saying; he suddenly realised that she was watching him masturbate in the doorway. He knew he had to leave; instead he found himself walking into the bedroom and closing the door. He walked to the foot of the bed and stood watching his daughter as she continued to masturbate.

"O god come on daddy fuck me hard with your gorgeous cock"

Jake watched mesmerised as his daughter's pussy juice coated hand grasped his cock, the fingers rubbed pre cum and pussy juice into the purple head bringing a moan of pleasure to his lips. Pushing her hand away he eased her thighs apart before lying on top of her, he moved his cock towards the opening of her cunt.

"Is this what daddy's little girl wants, does she want her daddy's cock in her pussy"

Karen was both pleased and aroused by this turn of events; the feel of her dad's cock pushing between her labia brought a cry of need and desire to her lips.

"Oh yes daddy fuck me, fuck me now"

With that she wrapped her legs around her father's hips, pushing her hips upwards she pulled her father down, feeling his cock sink deeply into her pussy.

Jake cried out in pleasure as his cock pushed deep into his daughter's hot tight cunt,

"O baby that feels so good, god you're so hot and tight"

Bending down he kissed Karen on the lips; parting his own he thrust his tongue into her mouth kissing her passionately. Jake rammed his cock into his daughter's cunt feeling her muscles clasp his cock in a vice like grip.

"O fuck Karen that feels so good, god baby daddy's so horny, daddy's gonna fill his little girl with daddy cum"

Jake could feel his orgasm approaching; he increased his pace thrusting deep into his daughter as his balls tightened and his sperm flooded deep into her womb.

"O baby daddy's cuming o yes I'm cuming"

As Karen felt her father's cum shoot deep into her womb her own orgasm shook her body bringing a scream of pleasure to her lips.

As their bodies relaxed from the peak of their orgasms they kissed in post orgasmic bliss. Karen was surprised to find her dad was still hard, buried in her pussy; slowly she rolled over until she sat astride his hips, her pussy impaled on his cock.

"Gosh dad you must be really horny"

"I am baby"

"What's the matter isn't mom putting out for you"

"No baby your mom and I haven't had sex for the last fortnight, o shit Karen we shouldn't be doing this baby"

"Shut up dad and fuck me"

Karen slid her hands down over her pert breasts as she rode her father's cock; sliding them down she massaged her clitoris, sending shivers of pleasure through her body.

"Mmmm come on daddy dearest play with your daughter's tits"

Jake moved his hands up to cup and caress Karen's firm 34C breasts bringing a smile and cry from her lips. With each downward movement Karen twisted her hips slightly causing her clit to rub against her father's cock. As she felt her orgasm approach she moved faster on the hard cock, driving it deep into her cunt.

"O fuck me o god I'm cuming daddy o fuck yes I'm cuming cuming cuuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnngggg"

Jake grabbed his daughter's hips and pounded her onto his cock as she rocked to her orgasm, her cunt muscles milking his cock which moments later filled her pussy again with his cum.

Pulling apart they flopped on the bed together, Jake glanced at the clock on the nightstand,

"O shit I've got to go I'll be late for work"

He started to stand, but Karen pushed him back down,

"I'd better clean you cock for you then"

"Karen honey daddy's got to..."

He didn't finish the sentence as his daughter's mouth closed around his limp cock,

"O hell baby I guess I'll be late"

Karen licked and sucked their combined juices from her father's cock, as she felt it harden and grow she bathed the head with her tongue, savouring the salty taste. She allowed all but the head to slip from her mouth before lowering her lips down the shaft. Wrapping a hand around the base of the cock shaft she jerked him off as she sucked on the cock head. She slid her free hand between her thighs, coating them in juices she slipped them between her dad's spread legs; gently she probed at the opening of his anus. Slowly she pushed a cum slick finger into the puckered rosebud of his arse, the intrusion brought a cry of shock and pleasure to Jake's lips.

Karen fucked her finger into her father's arse as she sucked his cock, as his muscles relaxed she pushed a second finger in bringing a cry mixed with pain and pleasure from her father's lips. Pushing them deep into her father's bowels she massaged his prostate causing him to moan with pleasure.

"Mmmm daddy's gonna cum baby, o yes"

Karen pulled back slightly allowing just the head of her father's cock to remain in her mouth as she used her hands on his cock and arse to bring him to orgasm. As his cum shot into her mouth she tried to swallow it all, some escaped to run down her chin, lifting her mouth she directed the last forceful blast onto her breasts before milking the last few drops with her hand. With her hands she smeared the cum over her breasts and stomach before kissing her father deeply.

"Thank you daddy, I guess you'd better get ready for work"

Karen lay on her bed listening as her father showered and dressed, idly she ran her fingers over her pussy gathering the cum that leaked from her and massaging it into her body. She smiled to herself, she knew why her mom wasn't putting out for her dad, her mind slowly drifted back to four weeks before.

It had been a Wednesday evening her father had been away on a business trip for the past week and a half; Karen had arrived home from school to find her mom lying on the kitchen floor...

"Mom mom are you OK"

Julie moaned slightly

"Mom o god mom"

"Uhh I'm OK Karen honey, I guess I must have slipped"

"Are you sure your OK, do you want me to call an ambulance or something"

"No honey I'm fine, must have just knocked myself out or something, give me a hand up will you love"

Karen helped her mom to a sitting position,

"That's better now let's see if I can stand shall we"

Julie swayed on her legs the world seeming to spin for a second; only Karen's arm stopped her falling over again.

"Let's get you into the living room"

"No Karen, help me upstairs so I can have a lie down"

Karen helped Julie to her bedroom and left her there to sleep, she couldn't leave her long and found herself checking to make sure she was OK.

It was about 3 hours later that Karen opened the bedroom door and found her mom was gone, heading down to the bathroom she knocked before pushing open the door.

"Mom are you in here"

"Yes Karen"

Julie was leaning naked over the bath as it filled,

"I'm just going to take a bath"

Karen looked at her mom's naked body, she was shocked at the dark bruises that covered her from the fall and amazed at how sexy her mom's body was.

"Mom you should be careful, you've had a nasty fall, you could pass out in the bath or something"

Julie turned towards her daughter,

"Well why don't you come in and talk to me OK"


Looking at Julie Karen was surprised to see her pussy was shaved,

"God mom you shave your pussy"

"Yes, your dad likes it like that"

As Julie lowered herself into the bath Karen sat beside her,

"What's it like mom?"


"Shaving your pussy"

"It's fine, err would you like to touch it?"

"O god mom no, I mean you're my mom"

"It's OK Karen, I'm not suggesting you kiss it"

Karen reached out and ran her fingers over her mom's pussy mesmerised by the smooth feel as her fingers ran down and over her mother's labia.

Julie's body jerked as her daughter's fingers touched her pussy, she was shocked and disgusted with herself when she realised she was becoming aroused, her nipples were hard and erect.

"God mom it feels so smooth and looks sexy"

"If you'd like Karen honey I could shave yours"


"If you want honey"

My god thought Julie what am I doing,

"Grab the shaving stuff and scissors from the cabinet and get undressed"

Karen did as her mom asked before stripping her clothes off,

"OK, sit on the edge of the bath, that's it now open your legs honey, don't be embarrassed I've seen it all before you know"

Julie carefully trimmed her daughter's pussy hair with the scissors,

"OK sit down in the bath to wet yourself"

Once Karen was once more sitting on the bath edge Julie smeared foam over her pussy, picking up the razor she started to shave the stubble. Telling Karen to spread her legs wider she carefully shaved around her pussy lips. As she pulled and manipulated Karen's labia Julie couldn't help but notice the signs of her daughter's arousal. The bathroom was filled with the sent of Karen's pussy juice, which only seemed to heighten Julie's arousal.

"There baby finished, what do you think"

Karen reached down and ran her fingers over her freshly shaved pussy,

"God Mom it feels so weird"

"Weird good or weird bad?"

"O definitely weird good"

"Well as your undressed why don't you join me in the bath"

Julie made room for her daughter to slide into the water between her open legs,

"Here I'll wash your back"

Grabbing a flannel Julie soaped it up before running it over her daughter's back and shoulders, her heart was beating fast as she dropped the flannel and slipped her soapy hands around her Karen's sides. Slowly she moved them up to her daughter's breasts, gently she rubbed soap over Karen's breasts feeling her hard engorged nipples press into her palms. Pulling Karen back against her she slid a hand down between her daughter's thighs to cup and rub her pussy while playing with her breasts.

Karen moaned in pleasure as her mom's fingers massaged her clit and pussy,

"Mmmmm o god mom that feels so good"

Her daughter's words brought Julie back to her senses, 'o shit' she thought ' what the hell am I doing' She moved her hand away from her daughter's cunt her face flushed with guilt,

"No mom please don't stop please"

Karen grabbed her mom's hand and returned it to her aching pussy,

"Karen honey we mustn't it's wrong"

"But mommy it can't be wrong if we both want it"

Julie pushed Karen away from her,

"No Karen I said it's wrong"

Karen turned to face her mother in the bath, she saw her own lust mirrored her mothers, reaching down she slipped a finger into her mom's pussy as she lent forward and kissed her breasts sucking on the nipples. It was now Julie's turn to moan in pleasure at her daughter's touch and then cry in frustration as Karen pulled away.

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