Unfriendly Neighbor

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: An unexpected sexual adventurs ensues when our unfriendly neighbor comes for a visit.

My wife Mary and I are both forty years old and have been married for 15 years. We both work out 3 days a week and are in generally good physical condition. Mary is still very attractive and with her firm buttocks and breasts is still very sexy looking. Although Mary and I still love each other our busy schedules keep us from having sex as often as we would like. Over the last year we have resorted to scheduling our sex and making it a special night. This has helped us greatly. We now look forward to our 'specials' as we call them.

One of the ideas we have come up with to make our nights special is to take turns planning the evening. Last Friday was scheduled to be our special and it was Mary's turn to plan the evening. Friday did not turn out to be what I expected or Mary had planned.

At 3 o'clock Friday afternoon Mary called me at work and said she needed me to come home as soon as possible. I guessed that Mary wanted to get things started early. The last time she asked me to come home early I found her standing in the kitchen. She was wearing my favorite stockings and garter belt and nothing else. I figured she was planning something like that but I knew it would be different. She would never do the same thing twice. With that thought in my head I closed up my office and headed home.

I was thinking of all the possible scenarios Mary could be planning as I drove home and by the time I pulled into the driveway I had a major boner and was already dripping pre cum in my pants. I ran to the house and opened the front door and shouted "I'm home!"

Then I heard Mary call back "We're in here." Which meant she was in the family room and she wasn't alone. As I stepped into the room I saw a woman sitting on our love seat and Mary was sitting on the sofa. I quickly moved into the room and stood behind a chair so that my erection wouldn't be seen. This company was both a shock and a disappointment.

Mary turned to me and said, "You recognize our neighbor Jill don't you?"

I thought to my self 'Yea I remember Jill the witch.' but I just said

"Of course I do. How are you?" To the best of my memory this was the first time she ever crossed the street to speak to either of us. Mary and I were always talking about how stuck up she was. Most of the time she wouldn't even acknowledge us when she passed us on the side walk.

Now what the fuck was she doing in my house. Tonight is my sex night and now I have this stuck up bitch to deal with. "It's so good to see you, to what do I owe the honor of this visit?" I hoped that only Mary would hear the sarcasm in my voice.

Jill looked very uncomfortable and seemed to be having trouble saying anything so Mary spoke first. "Jill's husband is out of town and she has a broken water pipe in her basement. She tried to get a plumber but they told her the soonest they could get here is tomorrow morning."

At this point Jill managed to get here mouth moving. She said, "I was wondering if you could come over and see if there is anything you can do. I'm afraid the basement will flood. This has me so upset I can't think straight."

I think that was the first time I had ever heard her voice. It was actually a nice voice and up close she was an attractive woman. She was probably in her late thirties or possible forty. I could tell that see wasn't comfortable with the way I was looking at her. Even though I don't much like her and she was interrupting the beginning of my evening, I felt sorry for her so I said I would change my clothes and take a look at the problem.

When I got to Jill's house I found a broken cold water pipe in the basement. The only thing I could do was to turn off the water at the main cut off. This didn't fix the problem but it stopped the flooding. I also turned off the gas to her furnace just to be safe.

I went back to my house and told Jill that I turned off the water but she would have to wait for the plumber in the morning to get the broken pipe fixed. I also told her that I had turned off the gas so she was without water and heat.

That's when Mary shot off her mouth "Well she can't stay there with no heat or water. Jill why don't we go over and get whatever you need and come spend the night here." I gave Jill a nasty stare and she looked back at me with a 'What else could I do?' look on her face.

Jill said "I can't put you to that much trouble." but Mary insisted. So the two of them went off to get whatever the witch needed to spend the night and I went and got a beer.

When they came back Mary started a pot of spaghetti and Jill pitched in by making a salad. I helped by opening a bottle of wine and getting myself another beer.

After dinner we sat around the dinner table finishing off the bottle of wine and just talking. Well, actually Mary was doing most of the talking Jill gave yes or no answers to questions but said little else. When we emptied the wine Mary asked if we should open another bottle an before I could say anything Jill said, "Yes, please do."

When I had the second bottle opened and had poured each of us a glass Jill lifted her glass and said "I want to make a toast. Here's to two very nice people who have been very nice to someone who hasn't earned the right to be treated this way."

Mary asked, "Why do you say that?"

"We all know that I haven't been a very friendly neighbor. I am truly sorry for that because you are very nice people but I act this way because my husband doesn't want me to become friendly with our neighbors. He wants us to keep our distance form them. He is always afraid that someone will ask him for something. So anyway I just totally ignore everyone that way I won't have to worry about making any friends and make George mad at me."

Mary and I were both stunned. Neither of us spoke for a minute. then Jill said, "I didn't mean to put a damper on the party. Let's have some fun.

I suggested that we move into the family room and get more comfortable and I grabbed the wine and headed in to the other room. Mary and Jill followed. About two hours and another bottle of wine later we were all talking very comfortably. Mary was having a good time at my expense telling Jill stories about things I had done over the years. I don't know how we got on this subject but Mary started telling Jill about a time several years ago when we had gone to an X- rated movie at the theater. This was before the easy availability of videos. Mary told Jill

"He got so hot during a scene showing two women making love that he came in his pants and had to walk out of the theater with a big wet spot on his thigh." The two girls thought that was terribly funny but I was embarrassed.

Jill asked, "Why do guys get so turned on by watching women making love to each other? I wouldn't want to watch two guys making love?"

Then Mary said, "I would kind of like to see two guys do it." Then she giggled and Jill started laughing. I could tell the two of them were a bit drunk.

I turned to Jill and asked, "Have you ever watched a porno movie?"

She said, "Yes."

I asked, "Did you watch the scenes with women making love to each other?"


"Well what did you think of it? Did it turn you on? Turn you off? Have no effect? What?"

Jill thought for a minute and said, "The idea of watching women making it does nothing for me. But in the movies they use such beautiful women that I can't help but watch those scenes, but I wouldn't say that they turn me on."

Mary said, "Your right Jill, It is fun to watch but its not a turn on? I would rather watch you jerk off the big cock of yours."

I was surprised that Mary would say anything like that in front anyone but me. So I said, "I'd rather watch you two go at it." Then we all laughed.

Then suddenly as thought she had just caught on to what Mary said a minute earlier, Jill said, "How big is his cock? If it's bigger than six inches I'd like to see him jerk off too." Then she started laughing really hard and then Mary and I joined her.

When we got our composure back Mary said, "How do you think they are able to do it?"

Jill asked "Do what?"

"Make love to each other. I don't think the women in those movies are all really lesbians. How do they manage to get themselves to do that?"

Jill look at me and said, "Fucked if I know." and started laughing again.

I said "I think that's enough wine for the evening. "I was really enjoying this conversation but I was trying to act like I wasn't.

Then Mary asked again, "Well, how do they do it?"

Then I asked, "Do you really want to know?"

Both Mary and Jill turned and looked at me and Mary said "Yes tell us how they do it. As if you really know."

I said, "They do it because the director tells them to do it?"

Mary said, "Bull shit. They aren't going to do that just because some asshole tells them to do it."

I said, "Do you two want to try an experiment? Do you have the nerve?"

Both agreed. I said, "Okay. Let's pretend that I am a movie director making a porno movie and you two are new actresses and I have to direct you in a lesbian love scene. In order to get you to do the scene I have to talk you through it so you don't balk and refuse to do it. Are you two willing to try this?"

Mary and Jill were both just drunk enough to say yes.

I said, "Okay. I will tell you both exactly what I want you to do and you will listen carefully and then you will follow my instructions exactly. I want you to both try to do what I say until you get to a point where you just can't bring yourself to follow the instruction.


Both agreed.

"Both of you stand up in front of me and face each other. Look at each others face. Notice the beauty you see there. Think about how soft her skin is. Look at her lips. How inviting they are. You want to kiss these lips. Mary, reach out with you right hand and gently stroke Jill's cheek. Use your left hand too. Now using your hands to cradle Jill's head, gently pull her to you and brush your lips over hers."

Mary did just as she was told and Jill cooperated. So I continued "Mary, kiss her again and Jill kiss her back." When they completed this kiss I said, "Now this time Jill, when Mary kisses you open your mouth a little and let Mary's tongue in and Mary, well I guess you know what to do."

This last kiss started to be a sensuous light tongue kiss but became very passionate before they broke apart. I said "Excellent"

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