Alice's Wager

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Swinging, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man's neighbor bets him that if given the chance, her husband will seduce his wife.

My wife Jen and I have been married for 5 years. Jen is a very beautiful 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. She has auburn hair and blue eyes and the greatest tits and ass I could ever ask for. My story starts 5 months ago when we moved into our new house.

On moving day we met our new neighbors John and Alice. Alice is a sexy Blond and John is tall and athletic and has dark brown hair. John and Alice came over as soon as we arrived at the house to see if they could help us in any way. It seemed that we became friends almost instantly.

Over the last five months we have been closer to John and Alice than to any other couple since we married. We have dinner at one house or the other almost every week and often go out together.

Two weeks ago when John and Alice were at our house for dinner, Alice was helping me clear the dishes off the table while John was in the living room talking with Jen about a book he was reading. Suddenly Alice leaned close to me and whispered "You shouldn't leave Jen alone with John like that." then she laughed. I asked her what she meant and Alice said, "John wants to have sex with Jen." The way she said it was as if she were saying John wants to go to the store. There was no emotion in her voice so I thought she must have been joking, so I laughed. Alice said, "I'm serious, John will be inside Jen the first chance he gets."

I said "That crazy. Jen isn't interested in John in that way."

Alice replied, "She doesn't have to be interested now. John will seduce her. He can seduce anyone in a very short time."

I said, "I don't buy that, Jen would never fall for some line and cheat on me."

Alice looked at me for a minute then said, "Are you confident enough in Jen that you would take a chance that I am right? Because if you are I would like to make a little wager with you."

I don't know what it was about her challenge but I suddenly felt both nervous and aroused at the same time. I said "How much of a wager?"

Alice said, "Well if you win I will pay you $50 and I will have sex with you.

If I win you pay me $50 and you have to promise that you won't get mad at Jen or John because it wont be their fault. After all, I warned you that it would happen and it's not like Jen is out looking to have an affair."

The wager made Alice sound all the more confident that she would win, which made me more nervous and also more aroused. I agreed to the bet and asked, "Okay, how do we do this?"

Alice said, "We will have to leave the house for awhile so just follow my lead."

We went into the living room to join John and Jen. Instead of sitting down Alice announced, "Since you two are talking about books that I am not interested in I am going to drag Bill along with me to the video store and pick out a couple of moves for latter."

Nobody said anything so Alice headed for the door with me following. We got in the car and drove around the corner and walked back to the house and crept in The back door and up the back staircase and moved to the balcony that overlooks the living room. John and Jen were still on the couch talking. I couldn't hear them well but I did hear John telling Jen what an attractive women she was. I could see her blush but she seemed to enjoy the complement. John continued complementing her although I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying. Within just a couple of minutes he was holding Jen's hand and talking about how lovely her skin was. I saw that Jen was getting uncomfortable and then she pulled her hand away from John and got up and walked to the window. I began to think I as going to win my bet and I actually felt a little disappointed.

While Jen stood at the window John got up and went to the CD player and put on some slow music and asked Jen to dance. It surprised me a little when she agreed to dance immediately.

As they danced I could see John whispering in Jen's ear and slowly pulling her closer to him. Finally I could see that Jen was loosening up and began to relax in John's arms. As they danced John began to slide his hands down Jen's back until both hands were on Jen's ass. John gently squeezed and messaged Jen's ass and Jen didn't seem to mind.

As the second song began to play they continued to dance. I watched as John, with his hands still on my wife's ass, pulled her into him. Then he kissed her cheek lightly, nibbled on her ear and whispered something to her. Jen stepped back from John and said, "They'll be back soon."

John replied, "They'll be gone at least another half hour." Jen seemed to hesitate for a moment then she lifted her skirt up high enough to hook her thumbs in the waste line of her panty hose and she pushed them down and off. Once the pantyhose were off Jen let her skirt drop back into place and they began to dance again. When John had his hands on her ass again I could see that Jen had her eyes closed and seemed to enjoy what was happening to her. I was confused. I should have been jealous and angry instead I had a raging hard on and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. As they continued to dance John began raising the back of Jen's skirt until her panty-covered ass was completely exposed. Then John slipped both of his hands inside Jen's panties and fondled the bare cheeks of her ass. As they danced John guided Jen across the room until he pushed her up against the sofa, then he stepped back and opened his pants and let them drop revealing his very large erection. Jen just looked at John's cock for a few seconds then she reached down and wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it. Next I heard John tell Jen to lift her skirt. When she did John slipped his hand inside her panties and I could see that he had at least two fingers inside Jen's pussy. At that point I almost shot my load in my pants. John removed his fingers from Jen's pussy and turned her around and bent her over the sofa. Next he pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and positioned his cock at the entrance to Jen's lovely pussy.

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