A First for Lisa

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband who describes his the sex in his marriage as almost non-existant passes on an invitation for sex with his wife so that he can watch a basket ball game on TV. The consequesces of this are both bad and good.

For the last four years my sex lift has sucked. I keep complaining to my wife, Lisa, that whenever I want to make love to her she is either in bed asleep or she says that she's too tired. I remind her how much she used to enjoy sex and that now we make love about once every two or three weeks. Lisa always puts the blame back on me saying "If you would come to bed at a decent hour instead of watching ball games or movies every night till after 11:00. It is not my fault if I get bored and fall asleep." It's always the same argument, the words are different but the content is the same.

Lisa and I have been married for twelve years. We met in our last year of high school and dated all through college. We got married the year we graduated. Lisa was a virgin when I met her and she made me wait over a year before she had sex with me. Our first attempts were clumsy but after some reading, watching some porno movies, and experimenting on our own we learned how to make our love making exciting and enjoyable. I realize that over time a married couple's sexual activity will decline but ours remained strong for eight years then suddenly seemed to hit a roadblock. I have never cheated on Lisa and I would bet my life that she had never cheated on me. I was at a loss as to how to fix this problem.

One night a few months ago Lisa and I had another one of our arguments over who was at fault for the demise of our sex life. The next night I was watching a movie when Lisa came in the room and said she was going to bed and asked me to join her for some "lovin". I said, "This movie will be over in a half hour' I'll be in as soon as it's over."

Lisa said, "Okay", and went off to bed and fell asleep. When I went to bed and found Lisa asleep I started to get angry and feeling sorry for myself, but then it struck me that, this time it was my fault. I thought that the next time I get an invitation like that I better move on it or our sex life might stop completely.

The following week on Friday night I had just turned on the television to watch basketball. It was the beginning of the NCAA college basketball tournament and there were two games on that night. The first game started at 7:30, and the second game was to follow that game at about 9:30. Both of these games involved teams that I followed throughout the season. As the first game was starting I heard Lisa getting into the shower. After her shower Lisa called me to come talk to her. I waited till a time out in the game and headed for the bedroom to see what Lisa wanted. When I went in the bedroom Lisa was standing there in her bathrobe and I could see that she had laid out her sexiest black satin bra and panty set on the bed along with her black thigh high stockings. For some reason, when Lisa wears these sexy under things to bed our love making get real hot. As I surveyed the scene Lisa said "I'm horny tonight and I want to make love."

I said, "Okay, as soon as the games are over."

Lisa said, "No. If you want me tonight you have to be in this bedroom at 8:00."

I remembered that I had decided that the next time Lisa said she wanted sex I needed to respond immediately but these basketball games were important to me. I said, "Okay I'll be here" while in the back of my mind I was thinking that I could stall her till about 8:30, which should be around halftime of the first game. Then I could make love to Lisa and get back to the game and only have missed a little of the second half. As I started back to the family room to watch my game I looked back at Lisa as she let her robe drop to the floor. Looking at her I realized that I hadn't seen her naked, with the lights on, in maybe two years. I was amazed at how beautiful she still was after twelve years of marriage. I found myself standing in the hall where I could see the TV in the family room and Lisa in the bedroom. As I watched Lisa pull on her satin panties I felt something move in my pants. Lisa had her back to me so she didn't know I was looking at her ass as she bent down to pick up her bra. Her panties fit snugly and showed off the sexy shape of her ass and the soft mound of her pussy. I was torn between the game and Lisa and Lisa was beginning to win. Once she had her bra on she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on her stockings. When she had them both on she stood up and the view was breath taking. I started to head to the bedroom when Lisa turned and walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I looked at my watch and it was 7:50. So I went back to my game for ten minutes. The game had become very tight with my team trailing by four points. I quickly got into the game and lost track of the time. When there was four minutes left in the first half of the game I looked at my watch and it was already 8:30. I hadn't heard a sound from Lisa so I figured I would finish the first half and then go into the bedroom and make love to her. With just one minute left in the half I heard Lisa come out of the bedroom. As she approached the family room I caught the scent of her cologne. Not just any cologne but one I had bought her for our anniversary a few years ago. Lisa only wears this cologne when we are going out for special occasions like our birthdays and anniversaries. The reason is that we both think this cologne has a very sexy scent and is only worn on occasions when we expect to end the evening making love. I remember thinking at the time, 'Lisa doesn't wear that around the house. She is pulling out all of the stops tonight to seduce me.'

When Lisa walked into the room she was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her shapely legs and just hid the tops of her thigh high stockings. Above that she had on a black silk blouse that was sheer enough that you could see her bra beneath it. I looked at her and said, "Wow, you look great. The half is almost over, I'll be with you in five minutes."

Lisa walked over to me and said, "You're too late. That offer expired at 8:00." Then she bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips and walked out of the room. I was puzzled by that but figured I could straighten things out during half time. As I began to turn my concentration back to the game I heard the garage door opening.

I ran outside as Lisa was backing her car out of the driveway. I got to the car just before she pulled away and knocked on the window. She opened the window and I asked her where she was going. Lisa said, "I told you I was horny tonight and I wanted to make love. I gave you your chance but you chose basketball over me so now I am going to find someone to make love to me." Before I could respond to that she stepped on the accelerator and took off down the street.

I went back in the house thinking she would never really do that, but then I wasn't really sure. I sat down in front of the TV but couldn't get interested in the game again. I thought that Lisa was just trying to teach me a lesson and that she would be back in a few minutes to give me a second chance. But part of me knew that wasn't true. Without really knowing what I was doing or why, I got my car and started driving around the city. I went to every bar and club that Lisa and I had ever gone to but I didn't see her car anywhere. I began to wonder if Lisa had a lover already and just used my watching basketball tonight as an excuse to get out of the house to go see him. That didn't make much sense as Lisa has always been a home body. She didn't like going out except to dinner and movies and she almost never went out without me. She really had no time to have an affair.

I continued to drive around for three hours. I even went back to the house three times to make sure she didn't go back home while I was out. I finally gave up and went back home at 11:30. It occurred to me that if Lisa's intent was to get me away from the TV that night, it worked.

I sat down in front of the TV and barely aware of what I was watching I tried to imagine what Lisa was doing. While a part of me was hoping that Lisa had just gone to a friend's house to let me stew for a while, another part of me kept picturing Lisa in bed with another man. This vision was upsetting me. The more I thought about it, the more detailed the scenes I imagined got. At first I just had an impression of Lisa making love to a stranger but after while I could see the guy putting his hands on her breasts and then sliding a hand up her leg under her skirt. I began to visualize her sucking his cock and then finally I imagined him shooting his load in Lisa's pussy and when he pulled his cock out, her pussy looked like one of those cream pie pictures you see on the Internet. The strangest thing was that the more detailed my imagination got the more upset I got but also the harder my cock got. For some reason all this was arousing me.

After a while I tried to clear my head of these images and decide how I should handle this situation. I figured I had two choices: The first being to go to bed and either be asleep or pretend to be asleep when Lisa got home and in the morning try to act like nothing had happened. Or two, Wait up till she got home, find out exactly what happened and deal with the reality then. I decide on the latter.

It was 2:00 AM when I finally heard Lisa's car entering the driveway. I turned off the TV and waited for her to come into the house. When she came in I called to her so she would know I was up and where I was. She came to the archway into the family room and stood there. As calmly as I could I asked where she had gone. She responded, "I went to the Marriott Hotel. There was a sales convention there so I knew there would be a lot of men from out of town looking to have some fun."

Having difficulty keeping control of my emotions I asked "So did any of these men from out of town have fun with you?"

Lisa replied "Yes, a few of them had fun with me."

Now barely able to speak I asked, "Did any of them fuck you?"

Lisa said, "Yes, one of them fucked me."

I felt a pain in my heart, but I also felt sexually excited. I asked Lisa, "Are you just telling me this to hurt me, because it does hurt. Please don't play any games with me. I am going to ask you again please tell me the truth. "Did you have sex with someone you met tonight?"

Lisa looked me directly in the eyes and said, "I told you I wanted to have sex tonight. All you had to do was to meet me in the bedroom at 8:00 like I asked and now we would both be in bed asleep instead of here talking about whether or not I fucked some salesman at the Marriott. As for the truth about what happened tonight, you know me, we have been married for twelve years. You were my first and only lover. What do you think? Do you think the women who loves you more than she could love any other man in the world would go out and make love to a perfect stranger at the Marriott Hotel?"

I said, "No, I don't think you would do that, but the way you left and the things you said left me confused. Can you forgive me?"

Lisa said, "That depends..." and then she hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and brought them over and dropped them in my lap. She turned and walked away. As she left the room she said over her shoulder, "I didn't make love to him, I fucked him. Can you forgive me?"

I sat stunned as I looked down at the black satin panties with the large wet stain in the crotch. I smelled it to make sure. There was no mistaking it. It smelled like semen.

With the panties in my hand I got up and went to the bedroom. As I entered Lisa was standing in just her bra and stockings putting her blouse on a hanger. I grabbed her and threw her down on the bed and said, "You filthy slut." Then before she could say a word I shoved the cum drenched crotch of her panties into her mouth. Then without thinking about what I was doing I began sucking on Lisa's breasts while still calling her names, "slut, whore, trollop, fucking tramp," the sucking and name calling continued until I had worked my way down from her breasts to the top of her pubic hair. It was at this point that I encountered the first remnants of the semen left by Lisa's lover. My reaction to it surprised me. It was as though I felt that this other man's semen didn't belong on or inside my wife and the only way available for me to remove it was with my mouth. I began licking and sucking my way down to the opening of Lisa's pussy. When I spread her pussy lips with my fingers more cum started to drain from her cunt. I quickly put my mouth over her exposed hole and sucked and licked as much of the semen out of her as I could. In my passion I was only vaguely aware that Lisa had an orgasm and I was just becoming aware of how aroused I was. As I continued to suck the juices from Lisa's wide open pussy I tried not to swallow all of the fluids. When I no longer noticed semen leaking out of her cunt I climbed on top of Lisa and pushed my cock inside her and as I began stroking in an out of her slippery hole I removed the panties from her mouth and gave her an open mouth kiss and pushed the mixture of semen and the juices from her pussy into her mouth. This turned out to be a very long passionate kiss as we passed the sexual juices I sucked out of Lisa's pussy back and forth between us until we had either swallowed it or let it dribble out of our mouths and down Lisa's neck. As I was fucking her Lisa had another very big orgasm just before I shot my load deep inside her.

When my cock stopped pulsing inside her I rolled off her and lay on my back. As I thought about everything that had happened during the evening I found myself beginning to get aroused again. I turned to face Lisa and said, "Now that I have fucked you, would you like me to make love to you?"

Lisa said, "Yes please."

I said, "Lisa, I love you. I don't think I knew just how much until this very moment. But I have to know."

Lisa asked, "You have to know what?"

I said, "Everything. From the time you left the house this evening until we fucked just now. I want to know what you were thinking, what happened, and how it made you feel. Please tell me in detail. I promise I won't get angry at anything you say. The actual events can't be any worse than what I imagined them to be and in a lot of ways this whole thing has excited me more than I have been in years."

Lisa replied, "I will tell you everything as long as you don't get angry. If you start to get angry I'll stop. Agreed?"

I agreed then Lisa began he story. "When I got home from work tonight I was really glad it was Friday. It was a tough week at work and I wanted to relax. As I was fixing dinner and waiting for you to get home I starting thinking about how long it had been since we had sex and that maybe we should do it tonight. Thinking about it started to make me horny and once I got horny I decided that after dinner I would shower and dress in my sexy underwear to spice things up a little.

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