Don't Make Him Angry

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: why is it that pretty girls have headaches when Danny is around

Danny didn't think he was much different from any other boys on his street, true he had a secret gift, but it wasn't much. If he got really angry with anybody, he could, totally unconsciously, create a pain in their head. His family knew about this of course and made sure that no one ever got him that angry. As he grew up and reached puberty, things changed slightly, the control of his gift increase to a point that he could now create the pain at will. He could induce anything from a slight throbbing pain right up to a severe stabbing pain, just behind their eyes.

He didn't use his gift very often, he didn't need to, his family would go out of their way to keep him happy, to the extent that as soon as he left school they rented for him his own one bedroom flat. With him out of the way, they could all breath more easily. Not so Sue his older sister; she was tasked to do his housework. Every Monday evening, she would drive around to drop off his clean laundry, do a bit of cleaning and then take away all his dirty clothes; if she was lucky. If she wasn't and he felt like it, he would request she join him in his bed where he would strip her naked and fuck her brains out.

"Is that all," she asked, biting her bottom lip. She held a bundle of his dirty laundry in her arms, hoping he would let her go.

"Yeah thanks sis," he said, smiling at the relief he saw in her face.

He didn't feel like it tonight, and anyway he had other fish to fry. Her name was Amanda, she was married and about mid twenties. She was a secretary in the office were he worked. What had picked her out as special was her spectacular figure, not that she flaunted it, but it just couldn't be hidden. He was trying out a new strategy on her, no intense pain and demands from him this time. It had already started, this morning, he had installed a small nagging ache in her head. He had heard her requests for aspirin from colleagues just before she went home early.

She was in next day, but she looked bad, not much sleep.

"You ok," he asked.

"Yes thanks, except for this headache," she said.

"It's probably tension," he offered, "here let Me." his hands found the vertebrae at the back of her neck and pushed.

"No please don't," she flinched, she didn't like to be touched especially by men, but the pain disappeared as if my magic.

"W-what did you do?" she asked, " the pain's gone."

"As I said, it's just tension," he smiled at her, "get your husband to give you a neck massage."

"Well thanks," she said.

Stage one over he thought, now to move on to stage two. He left it for a couple of days and then he started the pain again, this time a little more intense.

"Danny could I see you at lunchtime?" she asked.

"Sure Amanda," he smiled, his eyes taking in her sizeable bust, he was looking forward to getting her hands on them.

"I've got this pain again," she said.

"Did you get you husband to give you a massage?" he asked.

Yeah sure, but he doesn't seem to have your touch," she said with a rue smile, "could you please."

"Sure sit down," he said and got behind her. Luckily the office was deserted. His fingers worked over her neck and slowly he lessened her pain.

"How's that?" he asked.

"Much better," she said, "but it's still there."

"I need to get further down your back," he said, "can you undo your zip a bit."

"Well I don't know," she said, he didn't say anything, just left it to her.

"Ok, but we'll have to be quick," she decided and undid her dress zip so he could see her substantial bra strap. His hands moved up and down her exposed back and he faded the pain completely.

"Oh that's heaven," she sighed, "you sure have magic hands Danny."

"Oh it's nothing really," he tried to look embarrassed.

"Danny," she said, it was Saturday morning and he had answered his home phone.

"Yes, who's that?" he said, knowing full well who it was, for he had started her pain again last night.

"Oh Danny, sorry to disturb you at home, its Amanda," she said.

"Oh hi," he said.

"Can I come over," she said quickly, "the pains back and a lot worse this time."

"But can't your husband do something?" he had to suppress a chuckle.

"No he's been trying all morning," she said, "nothing helps."

"Ok, come on over, do you know were I live?" he said.

"Yes, sort of, but I don't remember the number," she admitted.

"Right ok, it's number 12," he said, "and Amanda, best if you remove any tight clothes, like underwear."

"Oh why?" she asked.

"Let the blood flow," he said, "it's this tension thing again."

"Oh, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable not wearing my underwear," she whispered, probably her husband was near by.

"Well it's your choice," he said, "see you soon."

It took her thirty minutes to drive the five miles to his flat, as soon as he opened the door to her he could see she was braless, even her magnificent bust was subject to the laws of gravity.

"How is it now?" I asked.

"Even worse," she sighed, he hadn't made it any worse, so it was just her imagination.

"Come and lie down on the sofa" he invited, "on your front please. Oh you're wearing a pullover."

"What's the matter?" she asked, with a slight edge to her voice.

"Well I need to get at your back," he said, "I was hoping you would wear something with a zip."

"What, I'll just pull my top up," she said getting desperate with the pain.

"Ok," he smiled behind her back; she pulled up her top to exposing her naked back to his view. As he ran his hands over her satin skin, he slowly reduced her pain levels.

"Oh my god," she sighed in relief, "how do you do that?"

"Sorry, I've no idea," he said, "are you ok now?"

"Oh yeah," it feels great," she smiled at him, pulling her top down.

"Have you been to the doctor?" he asked.

"Yeah, fat lot of good that was," she smiled, "take two aspirin and stay in bed. Well thanks, I better be off," she said, giving him a big hug. He could feel her large tits up against his chest.

"Is there anything else?" his sister asked him, it was Monday again and the feeling of Amanda's tits had stayed with him all weekend.

"Yeah, drop that lot," he said talking about his laundry, "I need you in the bedroom."

"Yeah sure," she said, she resigned herself to her fate. Once inside she stripped off all her clothes and lay down on his bed.

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