Brotherly Dreams

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: why am i letting my brother and his friend do this to me. is it something to do with their holiday project

I woke up with my hand between my thighs, I was very wet, and the memory of my dream was still fresh in my mind. Oh no I couldn't be dreaming of my big brother like that. I quickly got up and had a shower; my dream soon faded to an un-nerving shadow. I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast, my brother; Tom was there already tucking into his egg and soldiers.

"Morning," I called out not looking Tom in the eye. I know I haven't seen Tom for months, him being at Uni. but that doesn't explain why I'm dreaming about him. I haven't really looked at him like that, until these dreams started a week ago, and I have to admit that he would be quite fancyable if he wasn't my brother. All the talk around the table was about his last term and final exams, his is reading psychology at Edinburgh University.

I came home from a boring day at the Local fast food franchise where I supposed to be earning money for my own University education.

"Anyone home," I called out, usually I get in hours before anyone else so I can have the house to myself, but not now Tom is at home.

"Hi sis, you look cute in that outfit," he smiled at me. I wish he wouldn't do that, as soon as he smiled, I became wet between my legs.

"This thing," I said, "is a pile of crap, the skirt is too short and the top is too tight and the colour is awful."

"Well may be, but the short skirt makes your legs look great," he said, "the tight tops emphasises the size of your boobs."

"Hey, stop it, I'm your sister," I said blushing at his words.

"And the colour," he carried on, "complements your complexion nicely."

"Well thanks, but this sexy outfit is coming off and I going to take a shower and wash away the smell of hamburger." While I soaped myself down, I couldn't help but hear his words again about my body; my hands naturally found themselves between my legs, rubbing and pinching until I cried out with pleasure.

I dried off and dressed in T-shirt and Jeans; when I had finished I realised that I had left my bra off, that's strange, I thought, I've not done that for a number of years, in fact I think I'm much too big to go braless anymore. When I was younger, I often went braless as I found I was more comfortable that way. But now that I fill my C cups to overflowing, in fact I thinking about buying some D cup ones soon. I always wear one and haven't even considered going without, so why now. Well the answer was obvious really; it was those blasted dreams. I was much too tired to get redressed again so I shugged my shoulders at myself in the mirror, noting how my boobs jiggled under my thin top and went back into the lounge. I could see Toms eyes zero onto my boobs straight away.

"As I said sis," he said with a smile on his handsome face, "nice boobs."

"Shut up about my boobs," I said, but secretly I was pleased that he had noticed.

That nights dream was even more horny than the last, there I was naked with Tom between my spread thighs, he was thrusting into me with long hard strokes, my intense orgasm woke me. I was drench in sweat, my heart pounding in my chest, it echo beating in my ears. Oh my, I thought, this can't go on; he's not due back at Uni. for weeks yet. Although early I got up and showered, letting the dream fade with the warm water. I dressed in my red outfit, a smile crossed my face when I remembered Tom's words about it yesterday. Fuck it, I thought, get yourself off to work and forget about Tom. But of course I couldn't, by knocking off time I was I a right old state and couldn't wait to get home and see him again. Oh shit why was he dressed like that, in just his shorts, his torso all beautifully and bare.

"Hi sis," he said smiling at me, "have a good day."

"Yeah sure, perfect," I replied, "I served hundreds of snotty kids with inedible food for a pittance in wages, wearing this really sexy outfit.

"Get yourself showered and changed and I'll take you out to proper restaurant," he invited.

"Great, thanks, shall I dress up or will casual be ok?" I asked.

"Dress like yesterday, you looked smashing," he said. Well I know which bit he thought look good. Anyway I showered and dressed in my Jeans and my tightest top. I nearly backed out when I saw myself in the mirror, my braless boobs appeared almost naked under my thin top. Instead I grabbed a Jean jacket out of my wardrobe and went downstairs.

"Oh my sis," he said, "you look great."

"Thanks brother," I said, "where are you taking me."

"I thought that Italian one in the High Street," he replied; so off we go. After a couple of glasses of wine I'm sufficiently mellow enough to remove my jacket.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea sis," he said, we'll get us throw out."

"I thought you like my boobs," I teased.

"Sure I do, I think there're really sexy," he replied with a grin, "but I'm not sure Tony here would agree with me."

"There's no way on this God's Earth that an Italian waiter is going to complain about my boobs," I said. And so it was, Tony attended our table a number of times to top up my wineglass and to stare at my boobs, but at no time did he comment about them.

"Do you fancy a smoke?" Tom asked, as we drove home, "no regular tobacco," he said when I looked at him.

"Sure," I said, I don't often, but tonight I didn't fancy going home just yet. Tom pulled into a quite parking area and dug out his pack of cigarettes. We sat in total darkness with just our glowing tips lighting up the interior of his car. It was a warm evening so my Jean jacket was removed and thrown into the back.

"It's a shame that it's too dark," Tom said, chuckling.

"Why?" I said not understanding his comment.

"I can't see your boobs now," he said still chuckling.

"Oh you and my boobs," I said, but I was secretly happy at his comments.

"If you promise not to touch them I'll take my top off," I said. Where did that come from, I thought, here I was offering to go topless in front of my brother.

"What's the point of that," he said, "if I can't see anything."

"You can put the light on if you want," there I go again, why am I doing this.

"Ok, I promise I won't touch," he said. Now you've done it, I thought, my hands crossed and pulled my thin T-shirt over my head and my top joined my jacket in the back. The interior light clicks on to exposed my nakedness in all its glory.

"Oh my sis, you're really beautiful," he said, bringing a smile to my face. His hands reach over and cup me.

"Hey you promised not to touch," I yelled.

"Oh yeah, so I did," he said, but his hand never stopped caressing me.

"I'll give you an hour to stop that or I'll scream," I warned, with a smile. My body was reacting to his hands touching me; I had an intense orgasm.

"Looks to me like you enjoyed that," he said with a smirk on his face, "time to go home I think before this gets out of hand." I reached behind and picked up my jacket and put it on. My mind was in turmoil, how did I let this all happen?

I came in from work next evening when I heard my brother on the phone.

"Yeah, worked a treat, she went under very quickly" I heard him say, "yeah I did that too," he continued, "and she did, it was great, never thought it would work, but it did, and she doesn't remember anything."

"Hi brother," I said as I past.

"Got to go now, she's just come in, I'll tell you how it goes later," he whispered, but I could just about hear.

"Who was that?" I asked when he came into the lounge. I was a bit jealous that he was talking about another girl on the phone.

"Just a chap in my class," he said off hand.

"What were you talking about?" I continued to press.

"Nothing really, just a holiday project we're both doing," he said.

"Oh, who were you talking about?" I pushed, "who's this she."

"Their is only one she in my life and that's you sis," he waffled.

"Yeah right," I said, somewhat miffed.

"Come on sis let's go out somewhere ok," he offered.

"Yeah alright," I said, again feeling the now familiar tingle in my body, "I'll go and shower and change shall I."

"Good, dress really sexy tonight and we'll go dancing ok," he said.

I decided to put on my slut dress, very short at the hem and low at the top, with a buttons all the way down the front. Under which I wore just my skimpy knickers and I was ready to go. After a few drinks and a lot of fast dancing, Tom grabbed me for a slow dance and while in his arms he slowly unbuttoned my dress to a point below the level of my boobs.

"Stop that," I slapped his hand away, but I didn't redo my buttons back up; my braless boobs were now partly visible. A few more fast dances and everybody nearby was aware of my state of undress. On the next slow dance, Tom pushed his hand inside my dress and cupped my boobs.

"Stop that, someone may see," I said.

"Lets go outside then where it's quite," he offered.

"Ok," I agreed, here I go again, why am I being so naughty with my own brother. Once outside and down the side alley, he took me into his arms and kissed me. His free hand finished the task of undoing me and exposed my almost naked body to the warm night air. As with the previous evening my orgasm came quick and hard. In fact my legs gave way and he had to hold me up until I had time to recovered.

"Please take me home," I said, feeling totally shattered, but he didn't. Instead we parked and I let him strip me naked, he reclined both of the front seats so he could climb between my spread thighs. His hard cock slipped easily into my sopping pussy and my dream of the other night came true. His thrustings soon brought me off again and he pumped his sperm deep inside me.

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