Incestual Shrapnel

by Blackzilla

Caution: This Brother Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Incest, Brother, Sister, brother fucks sister,brother sister incest story,brother sister incest taboo,sister sucks brothers cock.

Desc: Brother Sister Incest Story: Albert catches sister in a compromising position and blackmails her for fun, then falls In love

Albert Goldstein flew home in a surprise to his parent. He had been having problems with his wife and felt a weekend separation might be good for the both of them. His marital problems started right after the wedding. It seemed like his wife Karen changed over night. When they first met they used to fuck like bunnies. His cock was well maintained before the wedding, but all that stopped soon after the nuptials.

He couldn’t believe how quickly his sex life changed for the worse after that fateful day. He found himself begging his wife for pussy. If she let him fuck her she wouldn’t suck his cock. If she sucked his cock she wouldn’t let him fuck her.

As it were summer time, he knew his younger sister would be home from college. His flight landed at JFK International Airport around 10am. Both his parent worked for the Board of Education. His father was a principle and his mother worked as a school nurse. His parents were close to retirement age. They have been working the summer school program for the past few years to fatten up their pensions before they retired. Albert figured he would go home take a dip in the pool and relax before they got home.

He took a cab from the airport to his parent’s home in Westchester. When he arrived he found two cars in the driveway. He recognized his sister’s car, but not the other one. The mystery car was all decked out: tinted windows, chrome rims, and very detailed.

At first, he thought that it probably belonged to one of his sister’s friends, but as he walked through the door he had another thought: no woman would have a car like that. It was the chrome rims that really made him think twice. They where spotless, and the tires were shiny as hell. Definitely a man’s car.

He tried his best not to make any noise as he entered the house. Albert loved sneaking up on people and spying on them.

Once, when he was younger, he found a ladder next to his parents’ window. His father had been working on the roof and had forgotten to move it. After his parents went to their room for the evening, he ran outside and up the ladder to spy on them. That night he watched his parents smoke pot. After they got stoned, his mother got down on her knees and sucked his father’s cock. Then she got on all fours. Albert almost fell of the ladder when his father slammed his cock into his mother from behind. From that day forth he could never look into his mother’s eyes without thinking about that night. She looked so sexy to him. It was the first time the he saw her as a woman and not as his mom.

Albert quietly placed his bags on the ground and headed for the family room.

What he found surprised him. There sitting in his father’s favourite chair was a black guy with his pant around his ankles with Albert’s sister Megan on her knees sucking on the biggest, blackest dick Albert had ever seen.

“What the fuck is going on here?” He shouted, surprising the couple.

Megan turned and when she recognized her brother, she froze, wide-eyed and with a mouth full of black cock at him.

The black guy pushed Megan off his cock and started running. It seems he had forgotten that his pants were around his ankles. He took two steps and fell flat on his face. He quickly got up and ran out of the house. Megan was devastated, shocked and confused.

“Albert what are you doing here?” she cried.

“What am I doing here? This is my home too. Did you forget I used to live here? You shouldn’t be asking me any questions, I’m the one who should be asking the questions.”

Albert and his young sister Megan had never been close. Up until now she always portrayed herself as a little goodie two shoes. She also had a big mouth when Albert lived there. She would tattle on him every chance she got.

Albert always swore to himself that one day he would get her back. But she never gave him any ammunition. Now his guns were loaded. He had the goods on her for the first time in his life.

“The question I should be asking is, why were you sucking on some guy’s dick in our home? Let me rephrase that, why were you sucking on some black guy’s cock? And how dare you do it in dad’s favourite chair?”

As Albert scolded his sister for her actions, she stood there ashamed. She wasn’t ashamed because she was sucking on a black boy’s cock. She was ashamed because she got caught.

Megan started crying, which Albert knew was one of her ploys. It was an old trick she used to use to get Albert in trouble or to get sympathy from their parents.

“Stop fucking crying, you’re busted. You wait till Dad get home, I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out what you’ve been doing all day.”

“Albert, please don’t tell daddy. Please Albert, I’m begging you. Please don’t tell him.” Megan pleaded with Albert.

Even though Megan was 20 years-old, her parents had made it clear that boys were not allowed in the house.

For the first time in his life, Albert had his sister in the palm of his hands. He was finally going to get his revenge.

“Oh, look who’s begging no. I can’t count the times I asked you not to tell on me and you always told. Every time I did something in this fucking house, you ran and told mom and dad. Fuck That Shit. I’m telling and I don’t give a fuck. You should have thought about that shit before you stuck that black cock in your mouth. And wait till I tell dad where you chose to do it. Sucking on a cock in dad’s chair, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Albert was boiling hot. But was he mad at his sister or was he jealous of the black guy who was sitting comfortably in his dad’s chair getting what looked like a lovely mid-morning blowjob, just like he used to get from his wife before he got married?

It was at that moment that Albert took another look at his sister and realized that she was a woman. He looked at her low cut blouse and focused on her meaty tits. As he stared at her, his cock began to twitch in his pants.

“Albert please ... if dad finds out he’ll get mad ... Please Albert ... Dad’s already mad at me because of my grades ... Please Albert I’m begging you ... Don’t tell Him...”

Albert couldn’t take his eyes off his sister plump tits. He wasn’t even paying attention to her pleas. He was about to turn around and walk up to his room when he heard her say.

“Please Albert ... I’ll do anything ... Please Albert, I’ll do what ever you want ... Just don’t tell dad.”

Her words bypassed his ears and went right to his swelling cock. It stopped him dead in his track.

“I ... I’ll do what ever you want while you are here ... I’ll wash your clothes and I’ll clean your room and do stuff for you.”

Albert broke out into laughter as his sister promised to do all these ridiculous things for him while he was there.

“Are you fucking crazy? That’s fucking Bullshit. You think cleaning my room and washing my clothes is going shut me up ... You’ve got to be kidding ... I’m supposed to forget what I saw for that ... It’s no wonder you got poor grades in business school.”

Albert was angry and he was insulted. He turned his back and started walking away. Megan got up and ran towards her big brother and grabbed his arm.

“Albert please ... don’t tell daddy ... I’ll do what ever you want ... tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

Albert could feel one of his sister full breast against his elbow. It sent hot flashes throughout his body. That’s when he lost it. He turned around and faced her. He placed his index finger under her chin and said,

“OK, you want my silence? You want me to keep my mouth shut? My price is heavy little sister, and I don’t think you can afford.”

Megan looked confused ... She didn’t have any money, which Albert already knew.

“I don’t have any money Al.”

Albert quickly told her to shut up. Then said,

“Megan it’s not money I want from you. I want you to do something for me...”

Before Albert could finish his sentence the eager young Megan blurted out,

“What ... What ... I’ll do it ... I’ll do it.” She said, as a smile formed on her face, from the hope that she might have a deal with her brother.

The smile wouldn’t last long.

“Look here sis, I want what Home Boy was getting.”

Megan was confused she didn’t have a clue as to what her brother was talking about. She had a perplexed look on her face.

“Don’t give me that silly look you know what I’m talking about.”

“What is ... I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Albert spoke slowly, he wanted his sister to know exactly what he wanted.

“I guess you want me to say it, Ok, I want you to uh ... I want what your black boy friend over there was getting. I want you to suck my cock. There I said it.”

Megan couldn’t believe what just came out of her brother’s mouth.

“What? You want me to do what? Are you crazy? You’re my brother ... I can’t do that, I can’t and I won’t.” She said angrily.

Albert got angry. Stepped back and said,

“You can, and you will. First of all, I don’t give a fuck about that brother sister bullshit. Second, I know you can suck cock, because I just busted you sucking on one. A big black one at that. Don’t give any shit Megan. That’s my price and it Non-negotiable. You’ve taken business classes, I’m sure you know what that means.”

Megan started crying. She stood in front of her brother and cried like a baby. Albert started feeling guilty. He didn’t know what possessed him to say and demand such an act from his little sister. He wanted to get her back but not like this. He wanted to humiliate her and get his revenge. He figured he had done enough damage to her. He figured he would just torture her for the rest of the weekend by saying nothing. Her misery for the moment was enough. He turned around and started to walk away. That’s when his cock heard her sister say.

“Alright ... Fine ... I’ll do it...”

Albert spun around in shock. He couldn’t believe what she said. He had said all those things before because he was angry. He honestly wanted to just scold his sister for doing what she was doing in the house. Deep down he knew he wouldn’t have told his father. But now the game has changed. Albert’s long-neglected cock was jumping in his pants at the thought of entering a woman’s mouth. His cock didn’t care whose mouth it was. If his ninety-year-old grandmother offered him a blowjob he would have taken it.

“Would you repeat that ... I didn’t quite hear you.”

“I know you heard me Al, please don’t humiliate. I’m already embarrassed and I feel horrible ... I’ll do it ... I’ll give you a blowjob ... but you must promise me that you’ll keep your word and not tell daddy.”

Al wasn’t thinking with his head or his heart. His cock was now the captain of his ship. He walked over to his sister and walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He whispered in her ear,

“Don’t move Megan ... Not in dad’s chair.”

Meagan didn’t move. It was the first time that her brother had ever held her. His touch was soft and gentle and Megan for a moment got lost in his embrace. Albert’s mind was also in another place. This was the most physical contact he had ever had with his younger sister. He slowly brought his hands up to her breast and started rubbing them.

“What are you doing? This wasn’t part of the deal.” She whispered back to her brother who was slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

“I ... I ... Know ... I know ... but they’re so beautiful Megan ... They’re so full and sexy ... Please ... just let me get a little feel ... It ‘ll get me nice and hard.”

Megan had very sensitive nipples. It was her weakness. She didn’t even say a word. Her brothers gentle touch was much softer then her black boyfriend’s. He started kissing her on her neck while he thoroughly massaged her meaty tits.

Megan moaned softly as her brother teased her nipples. Albert spun his sister around and took a good long look at her bare breast. Megan was wearing a short blue skirt, Albert placed his hand on the zipper and slid it down. Megan awoke from her trance when she felt her skirt land around her ankles.

“No ... Al ... No ... Just a blowjob ... that was the deal ... you promised.”

Albert told his sister that he just wanted to look at her beautiful body. Albert was saying things to Megan that she wasn’t used to hearing from him. She was now standing in front of her brother almost nude. Albert placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her to her knees. He unzipped his pants and his cock leaped out. Meagan started having second thoughts when she came face to face with her brother’s swollen cock. But before she could think about what she was going to do. Her brother pushed his cock against her lips.

“Oh ... GOD. Megan ... suck it ... Go on, suck it.” he moaned.

“I can’t I ... I ... can’t do it Al ... I’m sorry, I just can’t.” She said, as she sat back on her heels.

This infuriated Albert whose cock was throbbing in anticipation.

“Are you fucking crazy? Come on Megan you can do it, we have a deal ... Just open your mouth and suck it ... pretend I’m someone else.”

Albert grabbed a fistful of his sister blonde hair, as soon as she opened her mouth to protest he rammed his cock into the back of her throat. For the second time that day Megan had a cock in her mouth. But this time it wasn’t black. This time the cock that completely filled her mouth was white and belonged to her older brother.

“Yeah that’s it Megan suck it ... Suck my cock ... Mmmmm ... that’s it ... Oh God That feels good.” Albert moaned as he felt his sister’s lips wrap around the shaft of his cock.

Albert held her head still as he submerged his cock in and out of her wet mouth. Megan could do nothing. She couldn’t believe that her brother’s thick cock was in her mouth pushing against her throat. She looked up and almost didn’t recognize the man standing front of her with his cock in her mouth. Albert’s face was twisted and contorted. His eyes were closed as he pumped his cock in and out of his sister’s mouth.

Meagan could feel his cock getting harder and harder as it knock on the gateway to her throat. Megan all of a sudden became fascinated with how her brother was reacting. She relaxed her throat muscle and let her brother’s cock slip into her throat.

“Agggggghhhhhhhh ... My GOD!” He moaned as his cock slipped into her throat.

“Suck it Megan ... your mouth feels so fucking GOOD!”

Albert nearly fell over from the sensations he was feeling. It had been months since his wife sucked his cock. Megan’s mouth was a perfect fit for his cock. It was warm and wet. It was as though he died and went to blowjob heaven.

Megan added more heat to fire by using her tongue on her brother’s cock. She twisted and swirled her tongue on the underside of his cock as it pushed deeper into throat. She shocked herself by doing this. Sucking her brother’s cock felt dirty. It felt evil and wrong. But why was it starting to turn her on?

Albert now had two fistfuls of his sister hair. He balled up his fist and started humping her face each time pushing his cock into his sister’s throat. No woman has ever allowed him to do such an act. He went for broke. He pushed his cock deep into his sister’s throat. When he felt her pointy nose press into his pubic hair and her soft chin nestle against his balls. He thought he was going to die. Lighting could have struck him at that moment and as he took his last breath he would have felt that his life was complete. Albert didn’t want it to end. He pulled his cock out of his sister’s throat just in a knick of time.

Albert got on his knees and reached for his sister’s pussy shocking his sister.

“No ... Albert ... that was part of the deal ... No ... No ... don’t touch me there.”

Megan started struggling as she tried to push her brother’s hands away from her pussy. She didn’t want her brother to know what was going on between her legs. She knew if he touched her would find out just how wet she was. Albert wasn’t thinking straight. When he placed his hand atop his sister panties-covered mound he felt the heat and the moisture. He felt a sudden dryness in his mouth. He looked down at his struggling sister and knew she had what he needed to quench his thirst. He quickly grabbed Megan’s shirt and used it as a rope to tie Megan’s hands behind her back.

“Albert Stop ... Please Stop ... Albert ... Stop it.” She cried.

Megan watched in horror as her brother flipped her on her back and spread her legs.

“Don’t Albert ... Please don’t ... For the love of GOD ... I’m your sister ... Please don’t rape me.”

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