Motel Meeting

by greasycat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Meeting a stranger off the internet goes badly, or does it?

I'm going to meet a man I've never met before. It's probably a pretty stupid thing to do, but it seems like it will be all right. I've told somebody where I'm going to be, I have a phone with me. The man seems harmless enough.

I get to the motel after dark. He had called and told me the room number while I was on the way. I look around for a moment in the parking lot. One of those spread out one-story places that flourished alongside the highway in the 1950's. No tourists now, they're all using the interstates and staying in the homogenized safe chain motels that make every interstate exit in the nation look the same. Whether you get off in Columbus, Ohio or Columbus, Georgia, the same Comfort Inn, Super 8, Holiday Inn Express, McDonald's and Pizza Hut are there to greet you. No, this motel saw it's better days end at least 35 years ago. The neon is half burned out, Pepsi machine showing signs of nearly daily vandalism. In short, it looks like a place only cheating spouses, low rent whores and travelling drug dealers still frequent. Perfect I think.

I knock on the door, it swings open to reveal a very dimly lit room. I inhale and smell that old motel room smell of stale cigarette smoke, bad air conditioning and cheap sex. I turn to smile at this man, and only catch a glimpse of him as he turns to lock the door. The next moment I feel my right arm grabbed and wrenched up behind my back as i am pushed into the wall.

"What the fuck..." I start to yell, as a hand clamps over my mouth.

I hear a voice very close to my ear saying softly, "Do as you're told, and you won't get hurt." I stop struggling against him, and hold very still. I feel his grip on my wrist loosen a bit, and I stomp my foot down on the top of his, throw my free elbow behind me as hard as I can. I hear him grunt as my elbow connects to his ribs, I twist away from him and lunge for the door. He's right behind me, pushes me into the door, grabs my hair, and bangs my head into the door hard. Stunned for a moment, I feel myself sink down to the floor. Sitting on the floor, he is immediately in front of me, grabs my hair, pulls my face to his crotch, and tells me to take his cock out and suck it. I just look up at him, SMACK ! I feel a hard back hand across the face.

"You fuckin bitch, you came here to fuck, you whore slut, now stop fucking around". He pulls his cock out, forces my mouth open and shoves it in. Forcing my head down on it.

"Now do it you cock sucker cunt". I think about biting down on it, but he must have had the same thought at the same time, and felt my teeth feeling him out. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, and slaps me hard across the face.

"Fuckin bitch, don't even THINK about it" he yells, and pulls me to my feet. Dragging me over to the low dresser, he pushes the old TV out of the way, bends me over, and I feel a pair of handcuffs snap around one wrist. He pulls my other arm behind me, and clamps the other one shut. Pulling and struggling, I'm truly scared and helpless now. Not knowing what else to do, I start to scream. He laughs in my face.

"You think that's a new sound in this place? Nobody cares, they'll just think you're another whore, which you are of course. Now just shut the fuck up". He goes to the bed, pulls a pillow case off of one of the pillows, ties a couple of knots in the middle of it, and brings it to me. "But we can't have you making too much noise now can we?" he laughs. Forcing my mouth open, he shoves the knots in my mouth, and ties the ends of the case tightly behind my head, gagging me tightly. "Now lets see that pussy and ass of yours" he says.

" Ooops, you're tied aren't you? I'll just have to get those clothes off of you myself." He laughs sarcastically.

I hear the loud click of a knife, and feel the cold steel as he lays the blade against the side of my neck. "Now, you're going to behave, or you'll be so sorry" he tells me. "Are you going to do what I say?".

I nod my head as my eyes start to fill with tears. I feel the sharp blade trace over my body, as he cuts my clothes off. Holding very still, terrified he might slip and cut me, I feel fabric being cut and falling away. Bent over the dresser like that, I can see him exposing me as I look at the reflection in the mirror. As my panties are cut to shreds, I try to hold my legs together. He roughly kicks my ankles apart. "Spread that pussy bitch, I want to see this cunt and ass that belong to me". Wide open for him, I feel his hands running over my ass, reaching under me to feel my tits. He grabs a nipple, pinching tightly and pulling hard. I let out a cry of pain, but it's muffled by the gag. He laughs at me, and running his hand between my legs, suddenly and roughly shoves two fingers deep into my cunt.

"You like that bitch?" pulling the fingers out, he holds them under my nose. "You like your own pussy bitch?" He laughs and I feel a smack land hard on my ass. Then another, and another. "This is for not sucking my cock like a good little fuck toy when I told you to you bitch." My ass is getting red and hot, I try to squirm away from the spanking. "Where the fuck are you going cunt?! Did I tell you to move, or that I was done?" I'm trying to beg, trying to yell and plead through the gag. "You think that hurt bitch? I'll show you hurt if you don't hold still."

Losing patience, He pulls me up by the hair, pushes me to the bed, the pushes me down on it. Rolling me over face down, my hands still cuffed behind me, he grabs my ass, pulls it up and tells me to get up on my knees. "Yes bitch, face down on the bed, ass in the air, like the bitch dog you are. You're gonna get fucked like a bitch dog whore." Pulling me to the edge of the bed, standing between my legs, I feel the head of his hard cock press up against my cunt. He grabs my ass, and slams his cock deep into my pussy putting all his weight behind it. I groan and scream against my gag as his huge cock invades my nearly dry pussy. Gasping and squirming as he reams and rapes my cunt furiously.

"You like that bitch? Fuckin cunt" he slaps my ass as his cock tears up my pussy. I feel him invading so deep inside me, hurting me, I'm crying now, feeling my slit being so abused. I can't think of anything, only feel the deep thrusts, the long hand strokes that go on and on. I become aware of my hole opening up for him, accepting more, taking the violent raping. He notices it too. "You're getting good and wet you whore. I knew you loved it, you slut. You like this cock, do you whore? Tell me bitch?" as he slapped my ass. "Do you want it?" Hoping it will end it all soon, I nod my head. "What you crack skag?" I nod my head yes furiously. "Then I know you want my cock in this piece of fuck meat too, right?" as he jabbed a finger up my asshole.

NOOOOOOOOO I thought. Shit no! I pushed myself forward, his cock coming out of me, rolling over on my side, I get to the edge of the bed, manage to stand up, and try to get away from him. "Now where the fuck do you think you're going to go anyway?" he says grabbing me. I kick at him furiously, and connect with his knee. "OWWWWW fuckin cunt, now you've done it". He throws me against the wall, puts both hands around my throat and starts to squeeze. "I don't want to hurt my fuck meat, but I will if you make me" he says as his grip tightens on me. Gasping, struggling, I fight for breath. "I own your ass bitch, you'll breathe if I let you, do you understand?" Weak, feeling ready to pass out, I nod. He loosens his grip on my neck, leads me back to the dresser, bends me over it again and says "Now are you going to behave?" I nod. Taking his belt, he gives me a number of hard whipping smacks across the ass. He removes the gag from my mouth, as I gasp. "I'm going to trust you, ok?" he asks, me.

"Yes, I'll do what you say" I whisper.

"Good, now who owns your ass?" he asks me.

"You do".

"Who?" he asks again.

"'You do" I say again, louder this time.

"That's right bitch, and I'm going to mark your ass as my own too. Now get down here, and suck me and get me hard again". He pulls me over to the edge of the dresser, shoves his cock in my mouth, slaps the back of my head, and commands me to suck it. This time, I lick and suck as best I can. No teeth, no trouble. I feel that big cock grow hard in my mouth as i try to take it in as far as I can. I feel his hand on the back of my neck, forcing me down on it, feel myself gagging and choking on it. "You like being a fuck face? You like your mouth fucked whore?" He suddenly pulls it out of my mouth, leans me over, and stands behind me. I look at the reflection in the mirror in time to see him pulling my ass cheeks wide apart.

"Please don't" I wisper. He leans down and spits on my asshole once. I feel him position the head of his hard prick against my tight puckered little asshole, and I bite down on my lip as he rams it in with one quick, steady thrust. Groaning, I feel as if my ass will tear open. He pulls out a bit, and rams it in even deeper this time, then starts a steady thrusting in my ass. Moaning, nearly blinded with pain, I feel him slip his belt over my head, one end threaded through the buckle, he pulls, and the belt tightens around my neck like a noose. He pulls until my head is up.

"Look at yourself in the mirror bitch".

I look. Face red, tear streaked, lip swollen from being slapped, crying, being half choked and fucked so hard and deep I think my ass is going to be totally ruined. He invades me over and over reaming my ass without mercy for what seems like forever. Pulling the belt every now and then, yanking like pulling a dog on a leash. Sweating, balls slapping against my cunt, he opens my ass with every inch of his long cock. He picks up the knife from the dresser, and I feel it's sharp point scraping over my ass. I cry out. "Now your ass is marked as mine bitch" he grunts, as he runs a finger through the scrape, and rubs the blood on my face. Then I feel his hot load of cum deep in my bowels. He pulls out, I feel his cum oozing out of my asshole, running down my thighs. I think it's finally over when he shoves his cock back toward my face, pulls on the belt, and commands "Now lick my cock clean ass whore". Pulling on the belt, choking me, he brings my mouth to his still semi hard cock. It drips and oozes the last drops of cum. Crying, I beg him not to make me do anything else.

SLAP his hand smacks across my face. "I'm not done with you whore, I've got to get my money's worth out of this room don't I?" he laughs. He shoves his cock in my mouth, and grabs my hair, twisting it. "Lick me bitch" he orders, and I take his cock in my mouth and start to lick. Tears run down my cheeks, my ass throbbing and aching from the raping it's just endured. "Can you taste your nasty ass slut?" he laughs at me, "can you?" I nod and keep sucking his dick, tasting the bitter drops of cum, mixed with my own juices. If my hands hadn't been cuffed, I would bite it nearly in two and run, but I can't do anything but obey.

As I sucked him, I thought to myself, true, I did plan on meeting this stranger to fuck, but I certainly hadn't bargained on a painful violent rape. Maybe he'll get tired of this, and I can get out of here. Just about then, I feel the choking sensation around my neck again, as he pulls and tightens the belt.

"Ok whore, that's enough of that. If you get me hard again, I won't be able to piss".

Uh-oh I think. He pulls me along behind him into the bathroom. I blink as he turns on the bathroom light. I would laugh if I weren't in this painful situation. Puke green ceramic tile, cracked and patched. Floor tiled in black and could that be white? Unspeakable mildewed grout. Buzzing fluorescent light above the sink. No bathtub, but a shower stall.

"Oh this is just perfect" he laughs, pushing me towards the shower stall. "Get in there, and get down on your slutty knees". I start to protest that I can't get down by myself with my hands cuffed behind me, and he sighs and rolls his eyes. "You're nearly more trouble than you're worth whore". Taking the key, he unlocks the cuffs, but just to remind me, he shows me the knife at the same time. "Remember, no fucking around or I'll make this bathroom look like the one in 'Psycho' ". Racking my mind to remember the movie, I recalled an image of lots of blood smeared all over a motel bathroom.

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