Love You Like a Tree

by Lost Boy

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Horror, Vampires, FemaleDom, Lactation, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Jiri is reunited with his succubus Karen, and joins her family, her grand old house, and her grand old tree.

© Nov, 2002

(this story is a vague continuation of another story, Shorts. It's quite summery in Australia right now, as it is in this story. The tree comes later, and Karen returns first, but there is a slow bit in the middle... )

Jiri found it difficult to adapt to life in Adelaide. In fact, after his experience with Karen on that train journey, Jiri was finding it difficult to adapt to life. He felt hollowed out, empty, as if something was missing in his life; actually, as if everything was missing.

During the day, he performed perfectly adequately in his job. The people he worked with were pleasant and efficient, but he did not develop any rapport with them. Time passed, he churned out reports, each day was much like any other.

The nights were worse: the nights were empty. He felt no motivation to do anything. He forced himself to eat and exercise, although he did not really know why, and spent long hours lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He felt no urges, he felt no pain, he just stared, and waited for something, anything, to happen.

Although unfeeling, he had a lot of time for thinking about the meeting that had changed him so. Had Karen taken some of himself, taken his soul, in total, or in part? Would he be broken forever, or would Karen someday return to finish off any part of him that she had missed? How would she find him?

His memories of love for Karen, although unfulfilled, and seemingly unfulfillable, still seemed fresh. Perhaps nothing else mattered in his life now, and he was simply waiting for her return?

This thought was all that sustained him, and he relived her seduction, domination, and that sweet devouring, again, and again, and waited, and hoped.

It was four weeks after leaving her that Karen rang Jiri at work.

"Jiri, hi! It's Karen here. I've missed you; would you like to meet for lunch?"

The sunny sound of her voice hit Jiri like a thunderbolt. He was thrown into confusion by her social pleasantry, while all the dark mystery of her consuming love poured back into his consciousness with full force.

His heart was beating wildly, and he tried to compose himself as they made arrangements to meet. Jiri worked quite close to the river, and they arranged to meet in a secluded part of the riverbank precinct. As he put the phone down, he was in a cold sweat. The morning passed in a horrible whirl of impatience in which he did not accomplish anything, and he left the office as soon as practicable.

He found the park bench near the water's edge, as they had arranged, and he seated himself to wait.

Warm hands suddenly covered his eyes, and he could not see. Jiri panicked, and would have jumped up to flee if they had not held him strongly. He felt the strength in those hands, and felt her hunger, and felt like nothing more than prey.

"Shhh, Jiri! It's me, Karen. Sorry I haven't called, but I've had a lot on my plate. Please forgive me."

Stroking his head, she came around to sit beside him. Today she was dressed to kill: black shoes, black stockings, black pleated skirt, black top, white skin, red lips, as if she were a young lover meeting her boyfriend for some young fun. Well, I suppose she was.

The bench was hidden in the shade of some large trees, not really visible to the rest of the park. When Jiri first sat down, he felt that it would be nice for privacy and talking; he now realized that she had him all to herself, and was both worried and excited by the possibilities.

Jiri was soon at ease. Karen entangled her fingers with his, and the next hour was taken up with conversation, as she listened to him pour out his life to her. It seemed strange to turn his life into words for someone who had experienced him so directly, indeed taken so much of himself, but it was also comforting. He tried to ask Karen about herself, and she always answered his questions pleasantly, but also without revealing much information that he could later recall.

He did discover that she had two sisters just outside Brisbane, and the three of them usually lived together in a lovely old Queenslander up in the mountains. Like Jiri, Karen was staying in Adelaide for business, and only for a short time; she would be returning home in a few weeks.

As they conversed, her answering voice was gentle, almost caressing. He fell into a kind of daze, and his field of view narrowed, until her eyes and mouth became his whole world. Jiri was almost hypnotized when he felt her fingers on his fly, gently drawing down the zip. Her eyes did not leave his own as she deftly freed him to the air and drew down his trousers somewhat, and climbed onto his lap.

Jiri groaned with pleasure and closed his eyes as he felt her wet warmth against him, and he surrounded her generous hips to pull her into him. She surrounded him with her arms, and leaned close to his ear in order to speak to him, softly.

"Jiri, I love you, I want you."

She began to gently squirm against him, and Jiri held her tight. Soon he felt the warmth and the strength of her lower tongue as that wet muscle began to emerge to lap against him.

"But Jiri, you know my love. You know my love is consuming, is all-consuming."

The tongue gave his penis a gentle squeeze and began to work lower, caressing his balls as she began to cover him. Soon her wet labia began to cover his head, and her passage moved down to slowly surround him.

"I cannot love you if there are any questions, if there are any complications. You must disappear Jiri, you must lose yourself."

Each point was emphasized by a slight thrust as she impaled herself on him deeper and deeper. As he found himself fully ensheathed, that tongue sidled past and slipped lower, and began to wriggle between his cheeks. She covered his mouth with hers, and for a time, they kissed.

"Nobody must come looking for you Jiri, nobody must care. Nobody must know, and only then will I take you, Jiri. I will cherish you and love you, Jiri, and my sisters will love you too. You will want for nothing, Jiri, it is a paradise on Earth. Give yourself to me, Jiri, promise yourself to me, seal me to yourself"

With her talking finished, she lifted her head and held Jiri against herself. With everything happening down below, Jiri could only burrow his head into her warmth as she stroked his hair with her hands and gently cooed. The lower tongue caressed him underneath his balls, warmth spreading through him with each delicious stroke. Jiri slumped in the seat a little to give it more space, more skin.

The tongue gently positioned itself against his entrance. Karen ceased all movement and gazed at him. They were two young lovers gazing adoringly into each others eyes.

Jiri exploded within her as the wet strength began to split him, to expose his soul, to penetrate the core of his being. Even as his fluids were exhausted, the sticky sweet ecstasy of Karen's surrounding him, and the terror of that penetration, kept him coming, kept him pulsing, on and on. But even the release of that orgasm was only a prelude, a preparation, for Karen's true hunger.

She simply held him as the tongue penetrated deeper, and Jiri was limp as once again he prepared to let himself be devoured. He reveled in it; the excitement was palpable as he realized that he was to feed his love once more, that she would take his offerings, his self, his soul. All that was needed was his consent, his love, and these he gave, he gave for the blinding pleasure he knew would be his reward.

Then the drawing began again. The tongue pricked him deeply, freeing a flood of feelings and memories, and Karen sweetly drew them into herself, tasting them with reverence, but then pressing forward, hungrily, for more.

For a long time, Jiri was trapped in a moment. He was totally focused on the ecstasy of giving, and his penetration of Karen was forgotten as she filled him and fed from him.

He learned to find feelings, from deep inside himself, and offer them up to the greedy blind worm, that snaked inside him, slowly drawing, slowly sucking, slowly penetrating deeper and pushing up, he knew, towards his heart.

This time, Jiri felt himself begin to empty. With each drawing, he was finding it harder and harder to offer himself, to find himself, as his self was slowly slipping away.

When the tongue began to withdraw, Jiri was exhausted. It left a coolness behind it as it began to uncoil and return to Karen's body, like a cool breeze blowing against the wetness of his vital organs. His penis began to stir as the tongue's friction caressed him in passing, and the warmth of Karen's cunt comforted him as he began to regret his loss.

"Don't worry, Jiri. This is but the first part of your transformation. I want every part of you, your mind, your body, your soul. But now you must lose yourself, disappear. Then we can be together, Jiri, then my sisters and I can take you, take care of you, hold you forever. Come and find me in Brisbane when you're ready, Jiri, it's time for you to settle down."

Karen gently disengaged, kissed him, zipped him up again, and was gone.

Travel was Jiri's route to oblivion.

Selling all his possessions, he made himself quite a tidy sum, obviously very attractive to the scum of the earth who were to be responsible for his "demise".

Obtaining a selection of false papers, he contrived to leave a trail of false clues pointing towards a fatal business venture in Thailand involving trading in artificial sapphires, before leaving that country as someone else.

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