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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: One of my earlier stories of a sexual dare and the events that followed.

The parking lot was almost totally empty save but just a few cars. It was a large area set behind the shopping mall. Shadows were beginning to form as the sun slowly sank, touching the horizon. Ross found the isolated spot he wanted well away from any other car and shut off the engine. He walked casually towards the buildings and went inside. He found his favorite bench and sat down to watch. One of his favorite pastimes was sitting alone in the mall watching the girls as they went from shop to shop. He had seen one young lady, about thirty, enter just ahead of him. She had parked in the same general area when he had let his car.

The woman stopped to look inside several windows but didn't go in any of the shops. Obviously she was only window shopping and had no intention of buying anything. Ross watched her for awhile before deciding that she was a likely candidate.

"Hello," he said standing beside her. "My name is Ross and I'd like to make you a bet."

"Excuse me?" the woman said.

"I'll bet if I ask you to do something you won't do it." He boldly allowed his eyes to roam over her body from top to bottom. He was impressed with her sexy legs coming from under her short skirt and they way she showed off her better than average sized cleavage. What really struck him the most was the way her blouse clung so tightly to her body and let her swelling breasts been plainly seen.

"I don't know you and I'm not sure I like the way you are looking at me. Are you trying to undress me in your mind?"

"Something like that," he said calmly, trying very hard to suppress his excitement.

"You've got to be some kind of pervert," she retorted turning to leave.

"Well, no guts no glory," he commented. "It's really to bad, what with your good looks and fine looking body to not accept my challenge."

"Oh?" she replied stopping and turning back to face him. "And just what kind of challenge did you have in mind?"

"My guess is that you're not wearing a bra and rightly so since you obviously don't need one. I'll bet you don't have the nerve to walk outside, remove your blouse and casually walk half naked to your car." Ross stared intently and deeply into her soft blue eyes.

"Well," she said in a huff. "I never."

"Maybe you should try it sometime. Just knowing any man could at anytime be watching could be very stimulating."

"I've got to admit, you've got balls asking me. What makes you think I won't call security or the police and have you arrested?"

"Nothing but a hunch," he said. "So, willing to gamble and take my bet?"

"What if you loose? What's in it for me?" Now she was curious and he knew it.

"First, what's your name?"

"Sandy, as if that makes a difference."

"Well, Sandy, if you walk from the door to your car naked from the waist up I'll lick and suck your pussy until you climax right on the hood of your car."

"You know I don't believe we are having this conversation. Tell you what, if I do what your challenge and bet, you have to do and give me what I want. What do you think of that?"

"I accept. Shall we?" he asked nodding towards the doors.

They stepped just outside the doors and Sandy unbuttoned her blouse, hesitated and turned towards him keep the front closed.

"Look, I'm not so sure I can go through with this. It's one thing to talk about it and quite another to actually do it. What happens if I refuse?"

"Well, I could rip your blouse off you and shove you into the parking lot, but I won't," Ross said smiling.

"Well, I guess that's something. And you, what will you be doing all this time?" Now she was becoming very nervous almost to the point of running away.

"To put your mind as ease," he said moving five feet from her, "I won't come any closer than this, but I will be walking with you just in case of trouble."

That seemed to make Sandy more comfortable. She still hesitated and looked around the vast open expanse of the parking lot. Several hundred yards away she could clearly see her car and looked like miles.

"No closer than five feet?" she asked facing him.

"Nope, promise."

Sandy decided to gamble. Just the thought of doing something so outrageous and erotic was making her hot and she could already feel the warm dampness seeping from her body. She slipped her blouse from her shoulders and offered it to Ross with a smile. Several moments passed as she allowed him to openly gaze at her naked breasts. A slight cool breeze caressed her skin and that, along with watching him looking at her, caused her nipples to swell thickly and become hard. She turned and began walking casually towards when her care was parked.

Ross felt an immense arousal as he followed. He was very impressed with her taking on the challenge and loved the way her large firm breasts bounced with each step. At the half way point a car approached driven my a young man. His tires screeched as he suddenly applied his brakes. He sat motionless just watching the half naked woman walking past him. Sandy paused for a second and gave him a smile and waved her arm before continuing her walk.

"I don't believe I just did that," she commented to Ross. "Did you see the look on his face?"

"Yeah and I hope he didn't get hurt." Sandy gave him a puzzled look. "You know, when his pecker jumped up and smacked the steering wheel," he said laughing.

She giggled at his joke and kept walking. A few minutes later she stopped beside a flaming red convertible.

"Well, here we are," she finally said. "This is my car."

"Nice car," Ross commented extending his hand holding her blouse. "I'm sure glad it's not some monster with a real high hood. Well, you did meet the challenge and won the bet. Now it's up to me to pay off."

"I've been giving that some thought," Sandy commented looking at the large lump in the front of his pants. "All of this has gotten me so hot I want more than just a tongue. Follow me home and I'll make it more than worth your time."

"Only if you stay topless," he grinned wickedly.

"No guts no glory, right? Deal, but stay real close just in case."

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