Three Girls

by greasycat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Lesbian, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Water Sports, Enema, Scatology, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Three helpful women turn out to be violent raping dykes.

© 2002

I found myself driving through another state headed to a business appointment. An area I wasn't really familiar with. Since I hadn't been here before, and I had a little extra time to kill, I thought it would be fun to get off the interstate, take some back roads and see a little scenery. Explore a bit of unfamiliar territory. I was passing through the mountains when my rental car started to make straining protesting sounds under the hood.

Just as I was thinking to myself this can't be good, I felt something let go. A huge cloud of steam began billowing from under the hood and I immediately smelled the odor of hot antifreeze. Pulling over, fumbling with the unfamiliar latch, and raising the hood a gust of hissing hot steam forced me back. When the steam had cleared, I looked in to see that the main radiator hose had burst. Exploded is more like it. A huge puddle of iridescent green fluid shimmered under the car. A relatively minor problem as repairs go, an easy fix. Minor if it happens to your car in town. Limp a block to a gas station, no problem.

The only problem was I had passed my last gas station about twenty minutes ago. Not a sign of anything for miles but trees. Heading up a mountain? Out of the question. This car wasn't going another foot. I pulled out the rental contract to find the emergency phone number. Then a frustrating conversation of trying to explain to a call center operator exactly where I was, when I wasn't quite sure myself. About 50 miles between town A and town B.

"Can't you be more specific?" she asked. "What are you near?"

"Trees" I answered, "scenic nature". This wasn't going well. Finally getting assurances that somebody would be along "sometime", I got back in the car to wait. Not five minutes later I hear a vehicle in the distance. The sound got closer and closer until an old SUV passed by. It passed me, slowed and began backing up. Far from being reassured, I rolled up my window, locked the door and started to worry.

The last thing I wanted was a bunch of good old boys out for a day of beer drinking and fishing to see a woman in a stranded car, out of state plates, hood up in the middle of nowhere and decide today was their lucky day. As the Bronco back up and stopped even with me, my stomach unclenched and I breathed a huge sigh of relief to see three woman inside. I rolled my window down as the passenger's window on the Bronco came down. An attractive woman with long dark hair leaned her head out and gave my wounded car a long look.

Looking at me she smiled and said " I think you look like you need a little help about now". Thank God. The last thing I wanted to do was waste the entire afternoon here. If I could just get to the next town, I could work something out with the rental car company, get another car and be back on my way.

"How far is the nearest town?" I asked. "I'd be happy to pay for your gas If you'd give me a lift, that is if it wouldn't take you too far out of your way."

The brunette gave me a long look, then turned and looked at the woman who was driving. The driver shrugged her shoulders, looked at her watch, glanced at me, looked at her companion in the passenger's seat and said "Why not?"

So a minute later I was leaving a note in the car for the tow truck, gathering my things and climbing into the back seat of the faded old SUV.

"I really appreciate this" I told them as I settled in for the ride.

"Hey, it's no problem" the driver told me. "What in the hell are you doing out here anyway?"

"Oh, it's a long story. I'm just really luck you came by" We drove down the road a while, introducing ourselves to one another. The driver was a quiet sort. She appeared a little older than the other two woman. Maybe in her late thirties. Bleached blonde hair (with about two inches of inch of dark roots) pulled back in a ponytail.

The two front seat occupants chatted, played the radio, asked me questions and made general conversation. The woman in the back seat with me was very quiet and pretty much looked out the window. She had one of those really short hair cuts that makes some chicks looks cute and pixie like, and on other women makes them look as butch as Johnny Cash. I decided I wouldn't be at all surprised if my seatmate were to break into a chorus of Folsom Prison Blues any minute.

Just about the time I was wondering what these three could possibly have in common, the driver slowed and made a left turn onto a gravel road. Anticipating the question I was getting ready to ask, the chatty blonde driver turned around and told me that they had been camping at a cabin in a state park, and needed to make a stop there first before taking me on. Hey, I was the one bumming a ride, what could I say. We bumped along about two miles into the woods before stopping at a rustic cabin in a small clearing.

"I need to pick something up, come on in" the brunette told me as she got out.

Following the three of them inside I was getting ready to ask where the bathroom was when the woman who had been driving, the bleach blonde slid up behind me snaked her arm over my shoulder and dropped her hand down until it was resting on my left tit. The three of them looked at me, eyes questioning, but not saying a word. Very surprised, I tried to think of some polite way to tell her I wasn't interested. Now I sure didn't want to screw up my ride, but I didn't really want to play with this chick or either of her two friends for that matter.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give anybody the wrong idea" I started to explain, "but I really don't go that way. I don't mind anybody who does, but I'm just not into it".

"How do you know if you haven't tried?" I heard a low voice right next to my ear.

"No, really..." I started when I felt the hand which had been casually resting on my tit suddenly tighten. Trying to turn away I was stopped by teeth biting down on my ear. She bit down so hard I thought her teeth would go clear through. The grip this bitch had on my tit turned into a vice. She squeezed so hard her knuckles were white. I threw my elbow back into her, connecting with her side just as the other two fell on me. I got a couple of punches and kicks in but remember having my hair grabbed, my head wrenched back, and the brunette, the one who had seemed so friendly and attractive taking a fireplace poker and cracking me across the knee caps with it.

The next second I was down on the floor and my hands were being tied behind me. The three of them tore my clothes off and the blonde seemed especially interested as my tits came spilling out. She grabbed a nipple in each hand, pinched down hard and twisted.

"OOOOOWWWWW Fuckin cunt bitch!" I screamed as the one with the short spiked hair knelt down and put her knee on my neck. She leaned forward, putting more of her weight on that knee pressed into my throat until I thought I would pass out.

"Want to lick my pussy slut?" she asked me as I gasped and struggled. Pulling her knee off, she asked again. "How about shoving your tongue up my pussy you whore?"

Still gasping, I shook my head. She threw her head back and laughed. "Aaaaawww, sissy girl would rather have a cock, wouldn't you?" she teased.

The brunette, who had been sitting on my ankles to keep me from kicking, picked up the fire poker. I was afraid she was going to crack my knees again. They were already swollen and throbbing. Instead she picked the remaining lengths of rope on the floor and selected a piece to her liking. She tightly wrapped several turns of line around my ankle and tied it off. Next she secured the remaining loose ends to the hook of the poker. Taking another length of the line, she repeated the tight loops and knots around my other ankle. Finally pulling my legs wide apart as if I were a wishbone, she hitched that ankle to the other end of the poker securing the rope through the handle.

Sitting back to admire her work, the others laughed and congratulated her. Legs spread wide, no way to get them closed I felt totally exposed and truly worried about what may come next. Lying on my back, my hands tied behind me, I became aware of the numbness and pain that was shooting up all the way to my shoulders. I tried to shift my weight, and begged to be let go.

"What?" The blonde responded. "I don't think so. I like to see those big tits shake and wiggle while you shift around and struggle". I could see that pleading wouldn't work, but my arms were sending shooting pains all the way to my neck at this point. I started to scream at her. Calling them dykes, and worthless cunts. The blonde stood up, took a step back from me, reared her leg back and kicked me in the tit closest to her. I screamed as she kicked it viciously several more times, and came down on the other one with the heel of her hiking boot. Screaming I managed to somehow flop over on my side in a desperate attempt to escape the kicks.

"Oh, you want to turn over? Not comfy?" she yelled at me. "Ok honey, let me help you".

She leaned down and put one hand on my shoulder, the other on the poker and held me firmly in position on my left side. My left tit spread out on the floor. The long haired brunette walked over and stood in front of me. I could see her boots, not hiking boots but the kind with high chunky heels. She casually slid her foot in front of me and raised her heel slightly. Positioning it right over my nipple she lowered her heel down and stood there. Crushed between her heel and the floor my flattened nipple throbbed with pain.

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