I'm a Pornographer

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: I don't make a secret of what i do. i make a living out of the bodies of pretty young girls

I don't keep it a secret; everybody knows what I do for a living. I'm a photographer, a pornographer and filmmaker; making a good living on the bodies of young girls. It was Friday night and I was out having a quiet drink with a couple of my mates.

"Please can I talk to you? A voice said. I turned a saw Bobby, a total loser.

"No, I'm busy," I snarled.

"Please," he whined.

"Ok, ok," I said, realizing the quickest way to get rid of him was to listen to him. "Let's go over there," I pointed to a quiet corner.

"Thanks mate," he mumbled, please I need £500, any chance of a loan?"

"Get lost, £500 are you out of your tiny mind," I said, in fact I had four times that amount in my back pocket.

"Please Tony, I owe this bloke and he has a nasty way of getting his money back."

"What do I care," I chuckled, seeing in my mind Bobby's broken body lying in some dark alley.

"Please Tony," he whined again, "you can use Trina, my girlfriend as payment."

"I bet she's some dog," I chuckled.

"No, no, that's her over there, in the white Jeans and top," he nodded towards the dance floor.

I scanned the floor and quickly picked her out, she looked ok from this distance, figure slim, couldn't see her face though. In truth I'm always interested in making money, so any pretty young girl was a target for me.

"Does she know what she'll have to do?" I asked.

"No, but she'll do anything I'll tell her," he pushed.

"Bobby, for £500 she'll have to do everything, do you understand me?" I said.

"Sure, sure, I know," he said.

"Ok call her over, let's have a closer look," I said, "no promises though, ok."

To my surprise she was much better than I was expecting, young with an pretty elfin face.

"Hi," she greeted me cheerfully.

"Trina, this is Tony and good friend of mine," Bobby introduced me to her, "I want you to arrange a session with him, ok."

"Session? What do you mean?" she asked.

"It won't be one session, it'll be four or five at least," I said.

"Yeah, well five sessions with Tony, ok," he said.

"What's this all about Bobby?" she said.

"Look love, my mate Tony is a photographer and for a fee he is willing to use you as one of his models, ok," said Bobby.

I could see him sweating hard now.

"Look Bobby, unless she willing, there's no point," I said.

"No, no, it's ok," he said quickly, "Trina, I need the money bad, you know I do, and Tony here is willing to give it to me."

"So what is it I'm supposed to do?" she turned her big eyes onto to me.

"I'm more than a photographer," I started to say, then Bobby interrupted.

"She doesn't need to know all that right now," he said, running a less than clean handkerchief over his brow.

"I'm a pornographer, I take dirty pictures of pretty girls like you doing all sorts of naughty things," I continued as if Bobby hadn't spoken.

"So you want me to pose for mucky pictures to get you off the hook," she turned on Bobby.

"Please Trina, you said you do anything for me," he whined.

"So if I do this," she said turning back to me, "how much are you paying?"

"For stills and videos, my standard rates are £25 an hour for nudes, £50 an hour for solo work and £100 for multiples," I explained.

"Videos as well," she said.

"Sure, videos are always good sellers," I said.

"Bobby I want a word, now," her voice was low but Bobby followed her to a spot a few yards away. I watched as their conversation became more and more agitated. After a few moments Trina gave me a stare and walked away. Bobby re-joined me.

"Give me a time and a place for the first session," he said with a weak smile, "and she'll be there."

"Ok Bobby," I said taking out my diary, Tuesday evening at seven at this address," I handed over one of my cards, "and here's £500, ok."

"Sure thanks Tony," his eager hands grabbing the offered notes. I wasn't that worried if she didn't show, what's £500 these days anyway. I returned to my friends and finished my now warm drink.

Tuesday evening arrived and dead on seven she walked into my loft studio.

"Hi Trina," I said brightly and offered her a glass of chilled white wine.

"Ok, what do I have to do?" she asked, downing the wine in one gulp.

"Ok," I said, "we are going to do 'stills' tonight, ok, perhaps an hour of nudes and then we're move on to toys."

"Toys?" she said her eyes open wide.

"Yeah, but that's later," I said.

I went and switched on my studio flash outfits and I positioned her in front of the backdrop. She had a slim body, too slim really for photographic work, but with her pretty elfin face she could pass for years younger than her true age, whatever that was; I hadn't asked and I didn't care. She was now naked in front of me and I captured her body on ten rolls of 35mm film.

"Ok take a break while I set up to the next shoot," I said and past over her refilled glass.

I loaded a number of backs of my 6x6mm SLR for the very best results and I was ready.

"Ok, have you ever used one of these before?" I asked, holding up a medium sized dildo.

"N-no," she stuttered and she looked a little frightened.

"Well I'm sure you know where to put it," I chuckled.

And she did, an hour later I had enough to repay the £500 I had laid out; pictures of young looking birds always sold well.

"Right, I want you here the day after tomorrow and we'll repeat this whole session on video," I said.

"Yes, ok," she said a little subdued, not really believing she had exposed herself so fully before me. I also think she expected me to want to fuck her, she wasn't wrong, it's just wasn't the right time, yet.

"Hi," I greeted her warmly, it was now Thursday evening and again she was on time. "Tonight we going to repeat the other nights shoot but this time on video."

"Yes," she whispered.

"You ok?" I asked.

"Sure, other than doing this for a wanker of a boyfriend, I'm fine," she said with a rye smile.

Looks like the happy couple may have had a bust up, what the fuck do I care just as long as she here. Slowly she stripped of her few clothes until she was naked and then she danced and stroked herself to a stimulated orgasm.

"That's great," I enthused, "take a break and we'll start again after a drink."

We sat down on the floor and downed a chilled glass and we chatted. I was right, lover boy Bobby was history, but to her credit she was still honoring his depts.

"Look, we can called it evens after tonight," I said, "I should be able to recover my out goings from these two sessions."

She looked at me for a long time.

"Thanks for that," she said with her first genuine smile, "I think I'll take you up on your offer."

"Right, in that case we better make this last session a money maker," I laughed. "I've written out a script for you to say, ok," I said handing over a sheet of paper.

"What's all this shit," she said with again a real smile.

"Credit me with knowing my business, ok," I replied, "nothing sells better that a under age girls talking dirty."

"Yeah, but all this crap," she laughed, It was a very nice and sexy laugh.

I sat her on a wooden chair and started the main video camera, there were two others recording the scene from different angles.

"Ok we're rolling love," I said, "so let's start."

"Ok," she said in a little girlie voice.

"Tell me your name love?" I asked.

"Trina," she said, her head lowered as if embarrassed.

"Look up Trina, that's better," I said when she did, "right how old are you?"

She looked up from the camera lens and stared me in the eye, damn if she wasn't a good actor.

"I'm fifteen," she said her voice quavering slightly.

Fifteen, that wasn't in the script, she was supposed to say fourteen.

"Fifteen," I asked with doubt in my voice.

"Well I'll will be next month," she added. Fuck me if she was improvising to make it more real.

"Right, please stand and tell me your measurements," I asked.

"Ok," her voice now a little breathless, "I'm 34B here," she cupped herself, "22 here and 34 here," her hands moving down her body to empathize her words.

"Good girl, now show me," I said.

Slowly her clothes were removed until she was beautiful naked before me.

"Please turn," I said.

"Good, good, now tell me Trina, are you a virgin?" I asked.

Her big eyes moved to meet mine, she didn't answer, she just shook her head.

"So tell me, who broke you in," I asked.

Again she just stared at me, so I had to prompt her.

"Who fucked you first," I demanded.

At the word fuck, she twitched slightly, then whispered a few words.

"Speak up please," I said.

"Roy, my brother," she said, her head lowered in shame, damn me if I would've believe this crap if I hadn't written the script myself.

"Oh god, you've got to tell us all about it," I said, "but now let's see what you can do with this."

My god this girl was some actor, the look on her face when I produced the dildo. She held it gingerly in her hands looking from it to the camera and back again.

"Have you ever used one before?" I asked.

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