Father from HELL

by Darkendeed

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple little story of a father looking out for his sweet little girl, however things are never that simple. His sweet little girl is the girlfriend of a Mob Banker and she just got caught trying to get info from his computer. Violent with little sex.

A small, unassuming man in a crumpled but well cut suit slowly walked into the offices. With the large sample case in his hand he looked out of place here. As he approached the desk he looked around with an apprehensive manner. Just before he reached the desk he stumbled, dropped the sample case and fell to the floor. From behind her desk the secretary dashed to check on him. When she bent down and rolled him over to see if he was alright he was smiling. Now there was no signs of apprehension, nervousness or the unsure manner he had displayed earlier.

"Thank you, ducks. Had to get ya away from that desk, wouldn't want you to warn your boss," he said as he took her arm. When she tried to pull away it was as if she was held by a steel grip. She couldn't move. From inside his coat he removed some cable ties and placed one on each wrist, drawing it tight but not to the point it cut off circulation. Sliding a second one through each he pulled her hands behind her and attached the second one to her opposing ankle from behind.

"Those aren't as good as the ones your Bobbies use but they'll do the trick. I don't wish to harm ya. You're not the one I'm after. Is he in there? Is she with him? Just nod, no talking, no screaming. He couldn't hear ya anyway, remember? His office is sound proofed. Now, is she in there?"

The pretty, young secretary nodded. She nodded to each of his other questions also. When he was through he smiled.

"Now we have to take care of ya." He mussed her hair, placed one hand against the side of her face and wiped hard, smearing the make-up. He then jerked the third button from her blouse and rotated her skirt about 15 degrees counter clockwise. Looking at her carefully he pulled the right side of her blouse up and out of her skirt and after looking again, nodded.

"Now, ducks, ya look like someone who valiantly defended the castle against intruders. Ya stay here and stay quiet. No harm will come to ya, it's not you I'm after. When ya get released call your Da and tell him how much you miss him. I'm sure he'd like to hear from ya. Let bygones be bygones and get to know him again."

Standing he pulled a revolver from under his coat. Not a snub nosed revolver but one with a 4" barrel and something bulbous on the end of it. Stepping to the door he turned the knob, set his shoulder against it and shoved it fully open. About half way he met some resistance but only momentarily as he stepped through the door and then to the left.

A large man was standing there watching what was going on in the room. He was so caught up in the other events that he was taken by surprise when the door flew open. The small man shot him in the foot and then did the same thing with to the second man who had been standing behind the door. Taking the time to removed each of their weapons he left them writhing on the floor as he closed the door. Now in private he kicked each man hard behind the ear and advanced into the room.

Stretched across the desk in the office was a very attractive brunette, her bruised and battered body now nude. Standing behind her driving into her repeatedly was a sweaty, fat slob of a man, now frozen in mid stroke. Bringing his left hand up holding another revolver with a bulbous tip the small man fired twice. Each time there was a 'phut' sound just as when he fired before. The fat man screamed and grabbed his head.

"Ya now have no earlobes. That was with my weak hand, do ya think it was an accident? Would ya like for me to prove to ya it wasn't? Katlin Marie, get dressed."

"Da? You came?"

"Of course I came, ya're the only daughter I got!"

"I told you I had to make a phone call last night, an important call," she told the fat man as she scrambled into her clothes. "Each night I call my Da to let him know I'm ok. Last night I couldn't so now YOU reap the whorl wind you sowed."

"Da, do we have a few minutes? I was nearly finished when one of his men caught me. You might want to empty his wall safe while I work with the computer. Just take everything and we can sort it out later. The combination's on the under side of the desk mat. The safe is behind that large picture, not very original."

Putting away the two revolvers the Limey stepped to the painting and checked it first for traps or alarms. Finding none he gently pulled on each side until he found the swivel point and pulled it forward a bit to check further. Without even turning around he said, "Do ya REALLY want to try for that drawer? Ya can if ya want but I wouldn't advise it."

The fat man who had been reaching for the right hand drawer of his desk sat back in the chair.

After checking again the painting was removed and the wall safe was revealed. Flipping the desk mat over he removed the taped on card and dialed in the numbers. Opening the safe he found folders, money, weapons and other papers.

Returning to the reception area he retrieved the sample case he had used as a diversion. Placing his finger in front of his lips he made a shushing sound to the still restrained receptionist. "It'll only be a couple more minutes and then we'll be gone. Your boss isn't very nice to young ladies, ya need to watch out for that."

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