Pretty Mary Ann

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: On the way to my friend's house I meet Mary Ann. She helped me find his house and I invite her for a cup of coffee. Then the wheels of fortune turn...

Hi folks my name is Sahebji. I am a free lance commercial artist, tall, slim and ladies find me handsome. This incident which I am about to narrate took place some years back.

It was early November. The weather was quite pleasant and I had little to do so I decided to visit my friend Mohan, a bachelor. He had recently i.e. four months back shifted jobs to a city, about six hours bus ride away.

On a Sunday I caught the noon bus. I wanted to surprise Mohan and did not tell him of my coming. On the bus my fellow passengers told me the address I was seeking was not very far from the bus terminal. Not more than twenty/twenty-five minutes leisurely walk.

On arrival as the weather was nice, and a cool breeze was blowing I decided to walk. I asked for directions from the locals and set off. Enjoying the weather and lost in my thoughts I walked for over half an hour before I realized that I was lost. No one was in sight so I just walked on. It started to get dark.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming behind me, walking at a fast pace. I turned round and saw a young girl coming in my direction. I waited and when she drew abreast I stopped her and showed her the paper on which I had noted down Mohan's address. As it was quite dark now she moved under a street lamp to read.

While she read the address I watched her. She was a beauty. She was about 23 years old, 5' 6" tall with a heavenly figure and flashing big black eyes, short bobbed hairstyle which suited her face, fair complexion, beautifully formed features, a white pearl string round her throat enhanced the beauty of her long swan like neck. She wore a tight blood red blouse hugging her big tits with large black buttons, black skirt with large red buttons from waist to hem below and black low-heeled black shoes to match. Even in the faint light of the lamppost I could see the pointed nipples of her boobs straining to free themselves from their captivity.

Seeing this paragon of beauty it was no wonder that I got a big hard on and started to think how I could get this beauty in bed and my cock in her pussy. I heard her giving me directions and reluctantly I pulled my eyes away from her face and looked in the direction she was pointing. My mind was in a turmoil and I could not understand her directions. The more she explained the more confused I became. In the end she laughed and said 'It does not matter I am also going in the same direction and I will show you the way'. I thanked her and apologized for being so dense.

We walked together. I slowed down the pace, as I did not want to lose this goddess too soon. During our conversation she told me that her name was Mary Ann and she worked as a housekeeper cum governess not far from my friends flat. She also told me that as today being Sunday it was her day off. 'You are going back home so early on your day off' I chided.

She said, 'I had planned to spend the day with my boy friend. Normally I would have joined my duty in the morning but he got drunk early in the evening and was rude and started quarreling with me. So I left him in a huff and am now on my way home'.

I told her my name and purpose of visit. Then I said, 'Mary Ann do you know you are very pretty?' She smiled prettily and countered, 'Am I?' 'Sure the prettiest girl I have seen in my life' I said. 'Thank you' she said. I could see from her expression that my words had pleased her immensely. I realized that Mary Ann was quite susceptible to praise.

She stopped in front of an apartment block and said, 'Here we are. This is the address you were looking for.'. I invited her in for a cup of coffee. She politely declined saying, 'No thank you I have to get back on duty'. 'Your duty starts only in the morning and the evening is still young. This would give me a chance to thank you'.

She was about to say no but I interjected 'You know how stupid I am when it comes to locating addresses. Do you want to risk my getting lost again and spending the whole night in the open. I could die of exposure'. She laughed and said 'Get lost while climbing the steps to your flat. Okay I will come. I don't want to be the cause of your death'. We went in and located the flat and rang the bell.

Mohan opened the door with a glass of whisky in his hand. Seeing me he happily embraced me. 'Come in friend. This is a very pleasant surprise' he said. Then he looked at Mary Ann and said, 'You did not tell me that you had got married. Your wife is very pretty'.

'No we are not married but I wish I was to this beautiful lady' I replied. I could see that Mary Ann was eagerly lapping up these compliments. When we entered I introduced Mary Ann to him and explained the circumstances of our meeting.

'I hope you don't mind my inviting Mary Ann for a cup of coffee'. 'Of course not, it is a pleasure, I have never had such a beautiful guest in my flat before. 'Come on in' he said. 'You both get acquainted while I go and wash the grime of the journey' I told them.

When I came back they were talking like old friends.

'Mohan where are your manners you have not offered anything to the lady' I said. 'Mary Ann wanted coffee and it is brewing. You want coffee too' he said. 'No, I am a bit bushed from my long journey. I will join you with a drink. Mary Ann why don't you also join us?' I asked.

She smiled sweetly and said, 'No I don't drink hard stuff'. 'Mohan don't you have something else to offer? I inquired. 'Of course. I have some imported beer in the refrigerator. I will bring that. Mary Ann, please do join us' Mohan replied. 'Yes Mary Ann, do join us. Please' I pressed her. She laughed and said 'Okay but just a glass'.

Mohan brought a bottle of ice cold beer and poured out a glass for her. We then sat talking and sipping our drinks. I looked at Mary Ann and the desire to fuck her again came to my mind and my cock raised its head in my pants. I thought that she was planning to spend the night with her boy friend and would have been fucked today but she came away without having the benefit of his cock. I am sure she is feeling hot and randy. It would be impossible to achieve my goal as long as Mohan is here. I must ask him to go away first. Then we will see.

As Mary Ann finished the beer bottle, the beer showed its effect on her. She got up and went to the bathroom to relieve herself. As soon as I was alone with Mohan I said, 'Mohan main isse chodena chahata hoon tum koyi bahana bana kar yahan se chale jao aur adhi raat ke pahele mat lautna (Mohan, I want to fuck her. Make some excuse and go away from here and don't return before midnight)'. He gave me a naughty smile and nodded and said, 'Same old Sahebji. You will never change'. I said, 'Quickly, bring another bottle of beer and fill up her glass'.

As Mohan was refreshing Mary Ann's glass she returned and said, 'No more beer for me please'. Mohan said, 'Well I have already opened it. Drink whatever you want we can throw away the rest'. 'I don't like wastage' she said. 'Then drink the whole bottle' I said. She laughed and said 'Are you naughty boys trying to get me drunk? 'If that is what you think then don't drink it at all, we can throw the whole bottle away' I told her. She laughed again and sat down and started to sip her beer.

After ten minutes Mohan suddenly looked at his watch and said, 'God it is so late already. I am sorry I must go. Sahebji I did not know that you were coming. I had already made plans to go to movies with friends. They must be waiting as I have the tickets' and grabbed his coat and moved towards the door. Half way he stopped and said, 'Take this menu in case you guys want dinner. There is nothing in the house except lots of ice cream in the refrigerator but there is a 'take out' near by who will deliver if you want. Their food is good. They know my place I use them a lot' and left.

After Mohan left we sat chatting. I watched her like a hawk for the slightest of opening to ravish her beautiful body unfortunately none came. Disappointed I proposed that we eat dinner. I gave the menu to Mary Ann for her order. She looked at the card and said, 'I know this place. Mohan is right their food is very good I love their Butter Chicken and Nan'. 'Butter Chicken and Nan it is. Anything else you can recommend? 'Maybe a plate of Sheekh Kabobs' she suggested.

The food was delivered in about twenty minutes and we moved to dining table to eat. We ate in relative silence. I praised the food and her choice. After the food we helped ourselves to couple of large helpings of ice cream. Dinner over, Mary Ann stood up and said, 'Thank you Sahebji hic for the lovely hic evening hic'. 'Oh! I am sorry hic I seem to hic have got hiccups' she laughed. 'Nothing to apologize about. Drink this fast I am told it helps' I said handing her a glass full of water. She drank the water in one breath but the hiccups persisted.

'Pinch your nose and hold your breath' I suggested. She did that but without any success. I suddenly realized that this was the chance I had been looking for all evening. I quickly grabbed her and gave her a long passionate kiss on her red lips. At first she tried to free her self from my hold but later just stood there passively without reciprocating and let me do what I wanted.

After the kiss I still held her in my arms. She looked up to me with her black eyes and said softly, 'Sahebji why did you do this?' 'To cure your hiccups. It is an old family recipe coming down from generation to generation' I replied. She laughed and said, 'You are a naughty boy. Say you are right my hiccups are gone'. Seeing that she was not furious I got bolder. I said, 'Mary Ann let us make sure that they don't come back' and kissed her tenderly at first and then more passionately. This time she responded. We went back to the sofa and sat down.

Now I kissed her as and when I wanted and she reciprocated. Once while kissing her I placed my hand on her boob and pressed it gently. She moaned loudly and pressed my head to her lips. After playing with her tits for some time I started to undo the buttons of her blouse. When she realized what I was doing she caught my hand said, 'Sahebji please don't'. I said, 'Please dear Mary Ann, don't stop me now. I have wanted to see your lovely boobs since I met you. Please darling'.

She sighed loudly and released my hand. I opened her blouse buttons and set her big boobs free. As I had suspected she wore no bra. I saw her milky colored tits with hard erect light brown nipples. I bent down and kissed them and sucked on them. Mary Ann was moaning and sighing loudly. Her hips moved forward and back in fucking motion on the sofa. I put my hand under her skirt and pushing her panty aside pushed my finger in her love tube. She closed her legs imprisoning my hand and said, 'Please let me go it is late. I must go home' and tried to get up.

I held her firmly and I undid my zipper and took out my erection and placed her hand on it. At first on touching it she withdrew her hand but I forced it onto my cock. She held my cock tightly and moved the foreskin up and down and said under her breath, 'Oh it is very large'. Softly I whispered in her ear, 'Darling spend the night here and go in the morning'. She kept quiet. 'Mary Ann please spend the night here' I repeated.

She sighed loudly and spread her thighs. I took off her blouse while finger fucking her. She lay back with her eyes closed and her head resting on the backrest of the sofa. I kept kissing her lips, her tits for some time but keeping my finger in her choot (cunt). 'Mary Ann let us go the bedroom. We will be more comfortable there'. She did not say anything. I took her silence for consent and helped her to the bedroom leaving her blouse and shoes behind to warn Mohan.

In the bedroom I helped her take off her skirt. I laid her on the bed. She lay there panting, with her eyes shut in her near transparent white panties and her legs slightly separated. She looked very beautiful, her tits hard and firm, her nipples erect and pointing towards the ceiling. I could see a big wet spot on her panty. I kneeled down next to her and kissed her lips. Then moved down to her tits. Her moans were getting louder. I moved down her body licking, kissing stopping only at her naval long enough to rotate my tongue in it. A loud moan escaped her. I put my hand inside her panty and tried to push it down. She raised her bottoms to help.

She was naked. I saw her choot for the first time. There was not a single hair on it to mar its beauty. Her hard and erect clit, was peeping out from between the lips of her cunt. I first kissed it then started to lick her choot and suck her clit. 'Oh this is nice. No one has ever done this to me before. It is heavenly much better than I had imagined' she panted. Without pause I kept eating her pussy. 'Sahebji darling stop, stop I can't bear it. Fuck me proper' she shouted. I knew she was about to cum and kept on licking. After a few minutes she raised her bottoms and pressed her cunt on my face and shouted, 'Sahebji I am coming. Y hes now Oh, Oh I AMM COMMMINNNGGGGggg' and came and fell back. Her breath was coming in gasps. 'Sahebji that was wonderful. Come now let me do something for you' and pulled me on top of her.

I placed my cock on the entrance of her pleasure tube and pushed. 'Please be tender your laurda (cock) is very big' she said. Her cunt was soaking wet and I entered her amid soft 'Ows' and 'Ohs'. I started to move in and out in slow long strokes. Within minutes she started to feel the good feeling and to move her hips in rhythm of my strokes. 'It is good, please go on don't stop. Little faster and harder' she said. I however maintained my speed. She suddenly heaved her ass and came. Without missing a stroke I continued. She released her juice three more times before I felt my seed rising. My strokes were now faster and harder. She also felt that I was about to come and said, 'Come darling come, I am also about to come again. Harder Y... hes harder and faster. That's right harder. My GOOOOOD I AMM COMMINNGGGGg' and came. At that very moment I also released my load inside her waiting choot (cunt).

We lay inert for few minutes kissing each other, soon my cock lost its hardness and slipped out. Lying next to each other, I lit a cigarette when she said, 'Darling this was lovely. Main saare din chudwana chahati thi. Jab main tumse milli tab meri choot bahut garam ho rahi th. mujhe nahin maloom tha ki tum usski pyaas bujhaoge (I wanted to fuck whole day and was feeling very horny when I met you but I did not know that it would be you who will satisfy the thirst of my choot)'.

She jumped up and said, 'I must thank this big boy also for the pleasure it has given me' and took my limp cock in her hand and kissed it lovingly. 'Take it in your mouth and suck it' I suggested. Without any hesitation she took my-cum-drenched cock in her mouth and started to lick it clean. My cock was getting hard. After a few sucks she released it and moved down to my balls and licked them. She then licked the insides of my wet thighs. I was feeling good. My lund (cock) was now fully hard. She came back to my cock and sucked it for a minute before moving to my nipples. She licked and sucked them. The sensations she was producing in me were out of this world. I was now panting and moaning. She was back on my cock and as I was about to cum she released it and started to pay attention to my balls. Then she was back to the cock.

Each time I was on the verge of coming she would move. I was getting desperate to cum. she raised my legs and attacked my ass hole with her tongue. No one had ever done this to me before. The sensation was so wonderful that I shouted, 'Mary Ann, oh Mary Ann it is really lovely go on don't stop'. After few minutes she was back sucking my cock. Again at just at the right moment she moved back to my butt hole. I was now so desperate that I decided that if at the crucial moment she stops sucking me again, I would use my hand to release my load. Apparently she sensed that I was at the end of my tether and this time she did not move away but continued to suck. 'MAARY AANN I AMM COMMMIINNNGGGG I shouted and came and came. Never before I had come like this and for so long. She was ready and swallowed every drop of my-cum without spilling a single drop. I lay back with my eyes closed savoring every bit of the lovely sensation I had just felt.

When I opened my eyes I saw Mary Ann watching me with a big smile of satisfaction on her face. I took her in my arms and said, 'Darling you were wonderful. How... where... did you learn to give head like this and so well'. 'With practice, lots of practice' she replied with a grin. Kissing her I said, 'Tell me darling'.

She said, 'It all started several years ago. On one Sunday morning, yes just like today, the whole family had gone to the church. As I was not feeling well I stayed behind. I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep.

Suddenly I felt someone kissing me and pressing my tits. I opened my eyes and saw my cousin John, who was two years older to me, naked in my bed. 'What are you doing here? Why are you not in church? Leave me or I will shout' I scolded him. 'I faked a stomachache and came back. Shout away if you want there is no one about. I have wanted to fuck you since long and today I will fulfill my desire today what may come'.

I shouted and struggled but John did not release me. With half entreaty and half force John shoved his cock into my choot destroying my virginity once for all. That morning he fucked me three times. First time I didn't like it because of the pain but the other two times it was wonderful. I was very lucky I did not get pregnant.

We both were conscious of the danger of pregnancy but John refused to use protection because of our religious beliefs. I refused to let him fuck me without protection. From books etc. we found out about safe days. Still to be doubly sure I let him fuck me only on two days before and two days after my periods.

One day out of frustration he forced his cock into my mouth and made me suck it. Under his guidance and tutelage I learnt to give head. With time I got better and better. I asked him, 'John tujhe yeh lund chusne ke baare main kiss ne sikhaya (John who taught you about cock sucking)'. John told me that in the past he had fucked two older ladies. One a married neighbor and other a distant aunt. They loved sucking him off and there he had picked up all about giving head. Our relationship went on till I completed my studies.

Two years back I came here to work. About a year ago on one of my off days I met my boy friend Simon. Yes it was again a Sunday. I think all good things happen to me on Sundays. Don't you think? I met you on a Sunday also and laughed. Simon and I are having sex since six months now. At first he used protection but later he introduced me to the pill. Now I am on the pill. Today I had gone to spend the night with him. But he got drunk and I came away. Simon is a good boy, he is educated, has a good job and works hard, earns well but he drinks too much. I suppose I will marry him some day. Rest you know'.

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