Sam Falls Even Further From Grace

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Rape, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: It had been two months since Dan's wife Sam had fallen from grace with the man Steve in a night club. After much soul searching Dan and Sam agree to try the experience again, but their plans went very awry.

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It is rare for me to revisit a cast of characters, generally once a story is completed I move on to the next. However, in this case there has been such a demand for a follow on story that I felt compelled to attempt it. I'm afraid it is a little long and starts very slow.

It had been two months since my wife Sam's fall from grace with the man Steve in a night club. That night had been one of shock, guilt and inexplicable excitement for both of us. In certain ways it had improved our relationship in that Sam had promised to surrender herself to my carnal desires no matter what they may be or where I may wish to enact them. Yet in other ways a certain strain had crept into our marriage following that night, a strain that did not diminish with the passage of time. To a degree we tried to put the whole incident out of our minds, but it was hard for me to forget what I had witnessed and I believe it was equally as hard for Sam to simply forget how she had let herself be used by Steve.

For myself I still found it hard to believe how aroused I had become while watching another man fuck my wife. Try as I might I could not get the vision of his cock moving in her pussy out of my mind, nor, if I am being honest, how easily she had given in to him. Like many other men I had read the stories about men getting their wives to have sex with other men, however, I had never really lent such tales any credence. I brooded quietly for weeks about my part in what had happened as I tried to come to terms with the perverted pleasure watching Sam with another man had given me. In ten years of marriage I had never felt tempted to stray and, to my knowledge, neither had Sam, now I found myself torn between anger and disgust at what had happened and temptation to place Sam in a similar situation. In the stories the men let their wives move on to (or pushed them into) greater excesses, but despite Sam having promised to let another man play with her or even fuck her if I said she should, I could not bring myself to try such a thing.

A large part of my hesitation to put Sam into such a position again was fear, the fear of perhaps losing her to another or her leaving me because I placed such demands on her. Again, in stories, the men seemed to revel in seeing their wives with other men and there rarely seemed to be any adverse outcome, however, I dreaded what may happen to our relationship. Perversely I also became aroused when my thoughts strayed in this direction. Sam had tried to ease my conscience by telling me it was natural for a man to be excited to see his woman used by another man, only I had real doubts about this; not just about my arousal but about Sam. There was deep down inside me this nagging kernel of doubt that Sam actually wanted to be with other men because I did not satisfy her in some way. Perhaps my doubts and fears may have been laid to rest if I had discussed them with my wife, but after the first week we stopped talking about what had happened and I was too uncertain about my feelings to bring the subject up again.

So two months had passed, two months of great sex, but a growing tension between my wife and myself. Silly? Perhaps, but that was the situation and I seemed unable to move forward with the situation. However, Sam sensed what was affecting me and our relationship and came to a decision of her own.

"Dan," Sam said softly as we sat relaxing in the living room one evening, "we need to talk about what happened with Steve. I know it's been worrying you and it's coming between us."

My first instinct was to deny that there was anything wrong, but as fast as that thought came I realised that the only person I'd be fooling was myself. Looking at Sam I tried to sort my fragmented thoughts and fears into some sort of order, instead I found myself blurting them out in no particular order at all. While I spoke my wife listened with growing sadness on her face, a look that became pained when I voiced my concerns about not satisfying her. Breathlessly I wound down after a few minutes, somehow I felt better for letting loose the stream of my thoughts, but I also worried about how she would react.

"Why didn't you tell me all this before?" Sam sighed after a long moment of tense silence. "Dan, I made you a promise that night and I mean to keep it if you hold me to it, but I did not make that promise for any other reason than to show you how much you meant to me. Darling, I don't want another man, you more than satisfy me and if you don't want me to make good on that promise that is more than alright by me."

"Really?" I asked quietly, then sighed, "I've been a fool haven't I."

"We both have." She smiled reassuringly. "I should not have let you brood on it for so long, but I think I was as afraid as you about the whole thing."

"Afraid?" I blurted.

"Yes," she replied, "afraid. Afraid you would leave me because of what happened. Afraid that you would shut me out, and you have been shutting me out Dan, even when we have sex you seem distant and I was scared by that."

"Sam, despite everything," I said lowering my eyes to the floor, "I still get turned on at the idea of... you know..."

"Me with other men?" she finished for me.

"Yes." I sighed. "I think about it and your promise and sometimes, well sometimes I want you to do it. When I have those thoughts I get to feeling that there's something wrong with me."

"I think I understand," she answered softly, "and there's nothing wrong with you Dan. I sometimes wonder how it would feel if you did take me up on that promise and I admit that it does give me a tingle of excitement. Dan it's no different to watching a porn video and we both get turned on by that."

"Of course it's different," I said in surprise and doubt, "it's not some porn queen on a T.V. screen I'm watching, it's you, my wife."

"And the porn queen is someone else's wife or girlfriend." Sam replied. "Dan, we have to move past this. Either we try to forget it ever happened and I don't think either of us can do that; or we face up to it and decide whether we will try never to do such a thing again; or we add it as something in our sex life. I will go with whatever you decide."

And so the ball was back in my court and I was torn between guilt and fear and arousal. It had come as a major surprise to discover myself getting turned on as we had talked, but I could not deny the sensation of my cock slowly growing harder. Looking at Sam I wondered if I could take seeing her being touched by another man again, at the same time I admitted that I desired to see such a thing happening. I remembered Sam's promise of that night 'Dan, I'd do it for you, I'd even let others fuck me if it was what you wanted', I remembered telling her that I didn't want to see her fucking another man, just being played with. Now I wondered if I had meant what I'd said, seeing my wife being played with by a stranger had been exciting, but later, as the memories kept coming back I realise that it had been seeing another man's cock pumping in her pussy that gave me the biggest turn-on. Had my angry and violent reaction of that night really been because of the guy's actions or because of my own guilt at how they'd made me feel?

Sam remained quiet while my thoughts boiled within my brain, but her eyes were focused on me as though reading those very thoughts. Being brutally honest with myself for the first time since that night I finally admitted to myself that the idea of seeing Sam being fucked was what excited me the most. It disgusted me to discover this perverted side of myself, but I could no longer deny it or deny that I wanted to make it happen. Strangely I felt much of the tension that had been building in me since that night ease as I made that admission to myself. Looking at Sam I drew a deep breath and smiled gently at her.

"Sam," I said slowly, "I've learnt something about myself that I'm not too happy to have discovered, but I can't deny it any longer. It did turn me on seeing you being played with, but I now realise that it excited me even more seeing Steve fuck you."

"And you want to see me fucked again?" she asked in a low voice.

"I don't honestly know." I sighed. "Sam, I could say that I only want to try someone playing with your body, but I'm honestly not sure that I would step in to stop things if they went too far, a part of me seems to want you to be fucked by another man. All I can say is that I feel that I want to try watching again, I want to see another man handling your body."

"Dan," Sam smiled at me, "I'll do whatever you want of me, I love you that much. If you really think you want to try this what say we take things as they come, if you step in and stop whoever it is from fucking me then that's okay, but if you don't step in and let them fuck me then that's fine too."

"You really mean that?" I asked in surprise. "You're not just agreeing to make me happy or something?"

"Yes, I mean it," she laughed, "and I am agreeing to it to make you happy too. One thing though Dan, how easy do you want me to be?"

"Easy?" I asked not catching on to her meaning.

"Easy," she smiled, "as in do I just give in without a struggle or do I make them work for everything they get."

"I think it would be more exciting to see them having to work for what they get." I laughed as the penny finally dropped.

"So when do we do this?" she asked.

"How about this weekend?" I replied.

"That's two days away," she commented, "but I guess if we are going to try this the sooner we do it the easier it may be."

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