My Wife Jan

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: young husband goes to great lengths to help out his low sex drive wife. this includes letting his best friend have access to her body.

I live an almost perfect live, I have a good job and a beautiful wife, Jan, of just three years; the only fly in the ointment is Jan. although she is very beautiful and I love her dearly, she has a very low sexual drive. Not that she ever says no to me, in fact I have a very active sex life with her, but I'm afraid that she doesn't enjoy herself as much as I would like.

Things would have continued like this if it wasn't for Tim, he arrived on a transfer from our London office. We hit it off straight away and before too long we were having dinner parties and Barbies at each other's houses. Not only that, he was a football fanatic like me, so most home games we would go along to the 'The Dell' and watch the 'Saint's' lose. After one memorable loss, we drowned our sorrows in the local Pub and we both got very drunk. We swapped stories and sexual adventures and I told him about my problem with Jan.

It wasn't for some time later, that Tim mentioned it again.

"Alan," he said being serious, "if you want, I think I can help you out with Jan's problems." I had forgotten I had said anything about it and I didn't really want to discuss it again. "Sally was the same," he carried on, Sally being his gorgeous wife, a slim blonde with incredible legs. "It all stems from their upbringing you know, parents have a lot to answer for, in fact the only time she would let go and really enjoy herself was when she was drunk."

"What did you do to help, other than get a lot of booze in?" I asked.

"I hypnotised her," he said.

"Oh," somewhat taken aback, "I didn't know you could do that."

"Well I couldn't till I read somewhere that it might help Sally, and I didn't want to take her to anybody else, so I read up on the subject. Of course Sally was very suggestive, which helped, but if you want, I could have a go at Jan."

"I don't really know," I said, "give me some time to think about it, ok."

"Sure, no problem, and in the mean time I think I get in some practice in on Sally," he added with a smile.

I knew one thing, it couldn't go on like this, as much as we loved each other, sex was an important part of any relationship, a bonding agent so to speak, and if it wasn't working between us, one day it would all fall apart.

"Ok, say for one moment I agreed," I said to Tim, "what would it involve?"

"Well to make sure things work ok, I would ask you to slip Jan a Valum or something similar to make her relax," he said. "Perhaps one night when you and Jan are over for dinner, then I would take Jan somewhere quite and put her under, leaving you to keep Sally company, I would whisper in Jan ear."

"What would you say to her then?" I asked.

"Well it depends on what the problem is really, it may take some time to find out, I suppose I better pre-program Sally or she may spoil things," he mused, half to himself.

"Yes, but what will you do?" I asked.

"Well I suspect it was either an incident in her life, like a flasher in the park or just her mum telling her that sex is dirty and only bad girls enjoy it. Once we know, I just have to reverse these feelings, tell her that things are all right and that she can enjoy sex. You know it's a waste that a gorgeous girl like Jan doesn't enjoy sex like she should."

"Ok," I said, "let's do it, what do I have to lose."

"Right, next Friday your over for dinner anyway, let's do it then," he smiled at me, "I promise you won't regret it."

Friday came and I watched Jan getting dressed, although her sex drive may be low, she always dresses to please. Tonight she was wearing a matching two piece, which had a very short skirt and a low cut, button up jacket, over her braless size 'D' breasts. She looked great and I would like to jump her bones right then, but we were already a little late. The dinner was good, with plenty of chat, mostly football between Tim and I and clothes between Jan and Sally. The dinner things were cleared away and new drinks poured. Tim gave me a big wink to tell me things were about to start. After about fifteen minutes, Jan started to go, feeling woozy and Tim and I took her into the bedroom to lie down for awhile. When we returned, Tim went straight to Sally, who was sitting on the sofa and said.

"Sally sleep," her head drop and she was under.

"Wow," I said, "that was easy."

"Yeah, well I been practising on her all week," he said with a short laugh. "Ok you stay here and have a couple of drinks, this may take awhile, ok."

I walked up and down for what seemed like ages, every now and again I would look down at the sleeping figure of Sally, noting that her short skirt was well up her thighs, enough for her to be showing her knickers. After about thirty minutes or so, I couldn't wait anymore so I quietly move to stand by the bedroom door; I could hear Tim voice but not his actual words. I pushed the handle down and opened the door a crack, I froze at the sight. There was Tim sitting on the bed next to the Hypnotised Jan, his head low talking quietly into her ear. His free hand was massaging her naked breasts, he had undone the buttons of her jacket and opened it up to exposed her. His hand was moving from one tit to the other, squeezing and thumbing her nipples. My mind was in turmoil, but my cock was suddenly very hard in my pants. I shut the door and tried to think; should I walk in and demand an explanation and probably lose a good friend or let it go. One thing I couldn't ignore was the hardness in my pants, seeing Tim fondling my wife had got me extra hard. My eyes then found the sleeping form of Sally. I sat down besides her, my eyes travelling over those long, lovely legs of hers. The only thing I knew about hypnoses was reading stories on the net, but I decide to try something.

"Sally can you hear my voice," I said in her ear, she nodded, oh my.

"Ok Sally," I carried on, feeling a little more confident, "from now on, you will find Alan sexually exciting and you also find it exciting to expose yourself to him. When you sleep at night, you will dream about Alan in all types of sexual situations." The only other thing I could do now was installing a trigger like Tim had obviously done.

"Sally, you will return to this state not only when Tim says the words 'Sally sleep' but when Alan does too, do you understand." Again she nods. I stood up to retrieve my forgotten drink when the bedroom door opened.

"Is she all right?" I asked.

"Yeah fine, as we suspected it's the good girls don't do that syndrome, plus a few other little things as well," he said with a smile, I did notice a hard lump in his pants too. "She sleep for a bit, when she wake up she'll feeling fine. Her problems won't be cured in one session though, so we better do this again another time; now I better wake Sally up too." I listened, with interest to his words as he woke his wife up. When Jan woke up later she said she felt fine and could we go home.

I didn't notice any difference in Jan attitude that week and when I mentioned this to Tim, he said that it takes time for her mind to except these new instructions. Sally and Tim were due over for a Barbie the following weekend, but the weather was wet so we had it indoors. About Midnight, everybody was very mellow, when Tim gets up and whispered to his wife Sally, her eyes closed and I knew she was asleep. He then said 'Sleep Jan' to my wife and her eyes closed too.

"Ok Alan, help me take Jan into your bedroom and I leave you to look after Sally," he said, I noticed the telltale bulge in his pants.

"Yeah, ok," I said, "I'll have a couple of drinks." As soon as they disappeared from view, I sat next to Sally.

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