Ghetto Fairy Tales 3: Heat At Your Dome

by Blackzilla

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: An older white woman makes a huge mistake while searching for her drug-addicted daughter. Her search leads her to one of the toughest projects in all of the Bronx. She will do what ever it takes to save her life and her daughters.

I was chill'in at my crib minding my one business when my door rang.

"Let me in... I know she in there... I know she's in there you Black Bastard."

"What Da Fuck!!!" I said to myself, "Who the fuck is this knocking at my door."

I was pissed the fuck off. All I knew, it was some female voice at my door. And what really pissed me off is what she said. Black I am, but a bastard, I don't fucking think so. I'm a black man and I don't put up with any non-sense. All of my bitches know damn well they can't just come knocking on my fucking door whenever they fucking feel like it. I don't give a fuck if they come to my crib in the middle of the night buck-naked with, " Fuck Me" tattooed on their forehead. I have fucking rules. And if you come to my crib uninvited, best believe you're gonna get your feelings hurt.

On my way to my door I grabbed my fucking gun. Like Naughty by Nature said,

"I live around the corner from West Hell, And Two blocks From South Shit."

You see I live in the Bronx. I live in a fucking war zone and you never what lies around the fucking corner. Even the bitches around here pack heat. That's why I never go to my door unless I got nine in the clip and one in the chamber.

"Open the fucking door mother-fucker... I know she's in there." Shouted the voice outside my door.

When I looked out of the peephole I was shocked. There was a well-dressed old white women standing in front of my door. She looked to be in her late 40's early 50's but who gave a fuck. I wanted to know why this bitch was banging on my door. The bitch was banging on my door making a ton of noise.

"What fuck do you want... and you better stop banging on my fucking door Bitch." I shouted.

"Fuck you... I know my daughter is in there... If you don't' open the door I'm going to call the cops."

First of all, I didn't have a clue as to what this old white bitch was taking about. But if this cunt thought I was afraid of the Mother fucking police, she was going to be very disappointed.


She pounded on my door. That was all I could take. Usually people in the projects mind there fucking business. People screaming in the halls don't mean a God Damn thing. " Fuck this Shit" I said to myself. It was time to silence this old white bitch.

I quickly opened the door. As soon as I opened there door the bitch screamed.

"Where's my daughter you Black Bastard."

Before she could say another word I put the barrel of my gun right between her fucking eyes.

"Bitch!!!!!... Shut the Fuck Up... Are you Fucking Crazy"

If you've never scene a white person turn whiter then a ghost then you haven't lived. This bitch was frozen solid with her mouth wide open as she stared into the barrel of my Glock.

"Yeah Bitch I thought that might shut you the fuck up."

I snatched her old ass around her neck and dragged her into my crib. She had the funniest look on her face. To me white people look funny as hell when there are scared. I quickly slammed the door and tossed the bitch on the couch. She quickly sat up. She was about to scream and I wasn't gonna have not of that. I placed the gun to her temple and covered her mouth.

"Look here bitch... If you make one fucking sound... I'm gonna put a cap in your ass... Do you understand?... Do you understand bitch?... I don't know you. And I don't give a fuck about you... I'll put a bullet in you Lilly white ass and toss you ass in the incinerator with out thinking twice."

I let that bitch know that I wasn't fucking around. Everything was happening so fucking fast. Her presence at my door was still a fucking mystery. That's when tears started running down her eyes.

"Stop fucking crying bitch... a minute a go you was acting all big and bad calling fucking names and shit... You don't even know who I am... Do you even know where you are bitch... Are you fucking lost... Do you even know what part of the city you're in... Have you lost your mother fucking mind."?

As I got spoke I got even angrier. This bitch had better come up with some good fucking answers or else. Her tears drops soon turn in to a full-blown stream of water. I could feel them running down her cheeks and on to my hand which I still had covering her mouth. I told her to shut the fuck up and to do it quickly. I told her that I was going to move my hand and that she better not scream. Before I moved my hand I gave her a once over. The bitch wasn't bad looking for an old white lady. Actually she was all right. I'm 6'3 and I could tell she was tall for a woman maybe 5'9. She was wearing a long tan rain jacket. When I tossed her onto the couch her jacket opened up reveling a short black dress and female business suit jacket. She wasn't thin either. She was on the thick side. She wasn't fat but she definitely had some meat on her.

As soon as I moved my hand from her mouth she started begging.

"Oh God... Please I... I... I'm sorry, please don't hurt me... I was looking for my Daughter... Oh... Please don't hurt me." She cried.

"SHhhhhhhh... Shut up... " I said sternly.

"First of all Bitch... I don't know your fucking daughter... Lilly white bitches don't come around this neighborhood... The only time you see a White Hoe come around here... is if she is looking for drugs."

She continued to cry as I spoke. Then I asked her,

"Is your daughter a Crack Head lady?... Is your baby a junkie?

You could see the shame in her eyes as she lowered her head and said,

"Yeeees... Yes... She a Junkie." She cried,

"She ran away from home yesterday... She was supposed to start a re-hab program yesterday... She promised she would go. She promised me she would stop getting high... Then she ran away... I found this address written down on a piece of paper in her room next to her phone... Please mister I think I've made a terrible mistake."

"Awe... That's such a sad story... that's about the saddest fucking story I've ever heard all week... News Flash Bitch!!!... Do I look like a give a fuck about your dope head daughter... Look at me... Do I look like a give a fuck about little a white junkie."?

All she could do was shake her fucking head. She knew I didn't give a fuck. She was a fucking mess her make up was running down her face and her hair was in shambles. That's when I really gave her a good going over and the first thing that caught my eye was the way she was sitting. She was sitting up and her hips caught my attention immediately. That's when I realize that this old white bitch had a nice fucking figure. Her hips flared out from underneath her. I'm an ass man and could tell immediately that this old white bitch was packing a nice PHAT ASS...

"First of all I don't know how my address ended up on a piece of paper in your home... But that's not the point... Your situation with your Daughter is not my fucking problem... My problem is you... Yeah... you Bitch!!... I'm talking to you."

The stupid fucking lady had the nerve to look at me as though I was saying something out of line.

"You come here disturbing my fucking peace... You knock on my fucking door like some kind of deranged animal... And then you have the nerve to start screaming names and demanding shit... Don't you know that this is the Ghetto and shit like that could get you killed."?

As I spoke I tapped my Glock on her forehead as a little reminder to remain silent and to let her know who the fuck was in charge. The bitch looked hot in her coat. She was sweating from her brow. I wasn't sure if it was from the heat of the moment or if it was from the heat pointed at her dome. There was one thing that I knew that was definitely getting hot and hard, and that was my big black fucking dick.

I knew this white bitch couldn't stand the sight of my black ass. I'll bet she blamed black people for her daughter being so fucked up. I started laughing to myself as I thought about how fucking stupid white people are. They think they know every fucking thing. They think the world belongs to them. Fuck the fact that she was a desperate mother looking for her junkie daughter. She was out of fucking line coming over to my crib acting all fucking crazy. She was definitely out of her mind and definitely out of her territory. I mean this neighborhood ain't even a part of the real world. Ain't no fucking trees or grass in my neighborhood. It's a concrete jungle, full of savages. And everyone is out for self. The police are even afraid to come around here. My homies throw brick at there cars from the rooftops and don't even bother running. Fucking with the police around here is like a sport. Now add a big but old white bitch and now we have a game. Weather she knew it or not, it was prime time and she was about to play and I was her opponent.

"Please Mister... let me go... I'm sorry... I'm truly sorry... I made a big mistake... I... I... I was just looking for my daughter."

"Shut Up... Bitch you ain't going NO Fucking Where... I don't want to here a fucking sound."

After I told her that, she had a different look on her face. And this time it was confusion.

"Listen up lady... hey you got a name bitch... I mean, you're in my home and I don't even know your fucking name."

She told me her name was Maureen as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Well its pleasure to meet you Maureen... My fucking name doesn't matter... Since you already called me a not so nice name."

"I'm sorry... I... I didn't mean it... Please mister I'm sorry." She cried out.

I placed the gun to her head once again and told her to shut the fuck up. I sat down on the couch next to her and held the gun to her temple.

"Maureen here's how it's going down baby... You... Yes, You... The white lady sitting next to me with the heat pointed at her dome."

As I spoke to her I started smiling. I had big evil grin on my face and I knew she could sense something bad was about to happen by the way she started shaking. I scooted my ass closer to her. Our legs and thighs were touching. And it felt good.

"Maureen... your fucking heroics have caused me great stress. Don't you know in the Ghetto, Heroes don't fly through the Skies, Our heroes they live behind bars baby. You come here banging on my fucking door like fucking Wonder Woman, Thinking your gonna save the fucking planet."

Inside I was cracking up, I was laughing silently to myself as I held her life in the palm of my hand.

"You're daughter... Fuck that bitch... You can't save her... She's a Crackhead If she's running around in this neighborhood that bitch has two Options... Death or Death... Her white ass won't survive in this environment. You on the other hand have one chance at getting out of here Alive."

That's when I boldly placed my hand on one of her thick milky white thighs and gave it a playful squeeze. I placed my hand on her kneecap just below the hem of her skirt. I don't think she knew what I had in mind for her until I slowly started rubbing the inside of her thigh. That's when her face lit up. And that's when I started laughing again. That's when she looked down and placed her soft and slightly wrinkled white hand firmly on to mine stopping me from moving it up her thigh.

"NO... Please... Please don't do that... please I'm sorry... I didn't mean to cause you grief... Please don't... I have money... I'll pay you for your troubles sir... Please let me go... I have money in my purse... I have five hundred dollars in cash... take it please take it and let me go."

I stopped smiling, that shit pissed me the fuck off.

"Shut Up... You fucking white people are all the same... You all think you can buy your fucking way out of trouble. Fuck you... Fuck Your daughter and Fuck your five hundred dollars... I don't give a fuck how much cash or how many credit cards you have in your purse... Your gonna do what I say... and trust me bitch... it non-negotiable... You do know what that means?... Now... Move your fucking hand."

"Oh GOD... please don't do this to me... I'm a married woman... Please I'm begging you don't.

"Bitch... I'm gonna say this one more time... MOVE YOUR FUCKNG HAND"

I spoke slow and in a tone that let her know that I was fucking around. Her hands trembled with fear as she moved them away from her thighs. I didn't waste a second I was having way too much fun. As soon as she moved her hand my hand went in motion. Her thighs felt so fucking good. It was all nice and soft and fleshy. The closer I got to her pussy the more excited I got. When tips of my fingers made contact with her panties I really got excited. I could feel the silkiness of the material. And I could definitely feel the puffiness of what lied underneath it.

I slowly started moving the tips of my fingers in a slow circular. With each rotation I applied a little more pressure. Maureen had a fat pussy. Her pussy lips felt nice and meaty. I was like "DAAAAMN!!!!"

"Damn Maureen... You got a Fat Fucking Pussy... Mmmm... that mutha-fucka feels good."

I knew I was humiliating her. She raised her hands and put them over her face and started crying some more. Tears don't bother me one bit. Most bitches can cry whenever they feel like it. They can turn it on and off at will. At this point I hand my entire hand firmly planted against her fat white pussy mound.

"OH... God... Please help me." She whispered into her hand when she felt my finger creeping around the elastic band near her crotch

"Maureen must I remind you where you are bitch... Your so called God ain't gonna save you... That White Devil you prey to every week doesn't Have a Ghetto Pass baby... God don't give a fuck about the ghetto nor does he give a fuck about us black folks... He's like Santa Clause baby... The both of them are myths... And they know damn well not to come around here... Now stop the bullshit... Spread your fucking legs so I can feel that fat pussy... And Don't make me ask you twice bitch."

I was having way too much fun with this old white lady. She was reluctant at first. She spreader her legs just a little bit.

"Wider!!!! God Damn it!!" I screamed in to her ear.

I think the sudden snap of my voice scared the shit out of her cause those legs spread instantly. I pushed my hand firmly into her panty cover mound and palmed her meaty cunt. It felt so fucking good. It was nice and warm, my mind started going crazy as I started to think of all kinds of evil thoughts.

"Yeah... Yeah... That's what I'm talking about Bitch... Damn... That f eels good."

I was starting to get into this bitch. I ran my finger between her fat cunt splitting her thick ass pussy lips. I could feel her bushy cunt hairs moving around as I mashed my hand against her crotch. My cock was throbbing in my pants. I wanted to fuck this bitch. And I wanted to fuck her right know. I pulled my hand out of her cunt and Stood up. I yanked her sobbing ass off my couch and told her to stand up.

She was shaking as she stood up. I took a step back put the gun to her head and told her to take off her cloths. And once again she was hesitant.

"Are you hard of hearing bitch... I said, off with the fucking gear... You have ten seconds... One... Two... Three."

Before I got to four, her coat fell to the ground. Next was her skirt, and then her top.

"Seven... Eight... Nine."

By the time I reached ten she was bending down pushing her sexy black panties to the ground. My eyes were bulging out of my head when I saw that big fat white ass in all its glory. If she were a black woman it would have been normal. But it's very rare that you see a white woman packing a fat shapely ass like that. It wasn't just fat... I'm talking... This mutha-fucka was nice and shapely. She had curves like a black woman.

"POOOWWWW" I smacked the shit out of that Mutha Fucka. (I couldn't help myself.)

That ass barely moved. I smacked it again cause I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Damn baby... You is... Definitely!!!!... pack' in some serious ass... That mutha-fucka was built for fucking." I said, I as I laughed out loud.

I told her not to move. I walked around her and sat down on my chair. I wanted to see the front. Before I sat down I grabbed my forty( 40 oz bottle of beer) and my smokes. I lit a cigarette and placed the forty on the table next to the couch. I told myself, " Might as well get comfortable Homie"

I sat down and took a good frontal look at my opponent. She had small average sized tits which I'm sure stood strait out when she was a younger woman. As I worked my eyes down south my cock got harder. When my eyes passed down her chubby little belly my cock got twitched. But what really sent me over the top was that plump pussy. It looked just like it felt. That old white snatch was meaty and it was hairy. I took a long hard drag off of my cigarette as I contemplated my next move. Well actually, Maureen's next move. As I looked closer at her thick hairy snatch, I saw something that I have never seen before.

I opened my legs and told her to move closer, which she did with out and resistance. She was at the foot of the couch standing right between my legs with her head down. I sat up a little and confirmed what I thought I saw. Maureen dark pussy hair was complimented with just a dash of gray hairs sprinkled all over the place. It was beautiful. I raised my hand and lightly grazed her pubic mound. Only concentrating on the hair. It was soft and laid down nicely against her mound. I've fucked a lot of bitches. Most of them my age (25) or younger. I had never seen gray hairs on a pussy before. It was then it damned on me, " How old is this bitch."

"Maureen... How Old are you Baby?" I asked I a brushed her sexy salt-n-pepper pussy hairs.

"I... I... I... I'm 52... I'm 52 years old... I'm an old woman... Please... You don't want me... I'm an old lady."

"Shut up... I didn't ask you all that shit." I shouted back at her. I asked the bitch one simple question and she started rambling on about being an old woman... I didn't give a fuck. Shit!!!... She looked good... her body looked real fucking good. Hell, She was built better then some of the younger bitches I've fucked that was my own age. Until this bitch walked up to my door tonight I had never thought about fucking an old lady... especially one twice my age. But my cock didn't give a fuck. My cock had a mind of its own. All it takes is a fat ass and fat pussy and I'm done.

"Damn baby... 52... You're 52 fucking years old... Damn... You've got a real nice pussy for a 52 year old woman... I'll bet'cha, that mutha fucka hasn't been fucked right in years... Look at that fat mutha-fuckin pussy... I'll bet you're husbands small white cock hasn't hit the walls of that mutha-fucka in years."

I could see that she was feeling ashamed and embarrassed. I mean, there she was standing buck ass naked in front me terrified. I sunk my finger into that deep cloud of pussy hair and split her cunt lips. Past the salt-n-pepper bush I felt something warm and slippery. As soon as I felt her moist cunt I looked up at her.

"Look at what we got here," I teased as I started gliding my finger between her meaty lips.

She knew what I found. I found a nice moist pussy. I twist my hand upward and stuck up my middle finger and hooked it right into her pussy. My finger slid effortlessly into her pussy.

"Oh shit baby... That mutha-fucka is already wet... I knew you was fucking slut... You should be ashamed of yourself... All you white bitches are same."

Maureen just stood there while insulted her and toyed with her cunt. I was still amazed at what I was doing. If you would have told me an hour ago that I would be chill'in at my crib, on my couch, fingering a old white woman who was twice my age I would have told you that you was crazy.

"You like that Maureen... you like that baby?"

"N-N-N... No... I don't like that... please stop." She begged.

She begged and I laughed... It was so fucking funny. The temperature between her legs was increasing by the second. That fat pussy was getting nice and slippery. I finger fucked that old bitch while a smoked my cigarette. I even blew the smoke in her face just to annoy her. A couple of times she coughed and when she did her entire body tensed up including her cunt muscles.

I pulled my finger out of her cunt for inspection. My finger was loaded up with her juices. When I stopped she opened her eyes and looked down at me. I brought my finger up to my nose and took a whiff. Even her cunt smell good. She had no odor at all. I stuck the tip of my finger in my mouth and tasted a sample of her liquid. Her Eyes grew wide as though she had never seen some shit like that before.

"Mmmmm... Not bad baby... Not bad at all for an old bitch... I'll bet that fat pussy came pump out a gallon of this stuff."

I plunged my finger back into pussy and scooped out another fresh batch of her cunt juice.

"Look at that... here taste it... Its good... Give it a try."

I was gonna fuck with her, before I fucked her. When I brought my hand up to her lips. She locked her lips shut and shook her head. I guess she had forgotten who was in charge. I sat up and put the gun to her head.

"What's the matter Maureen... You've Never tasted your own pussy before... Check this out Maureen... Tonight you're gonna do a lot of thing You've probably never done before... Yeah that's right... I told you before... Its non-negotiable... Now open your mouth stick out your tongue and suck this shit off my finger."

I guess Maureen was the type of woman that needed a little encouragement from time to time. It took her a few seconds to processes what I had just said. And then like magic her lips parted and I pushed my slimy finger into her mouth.

"Yeah... That's it s baby... Lick it... See Its not so bad."

Maureen closed her mouth and started sucking her own cunt juice off my finger. Her mouth felt nice and warm and really wet. Like most white women her lips were thin as paper. But they felt good. They also sent an instant message to my cock that also liked to get sucked. I started pumping my finger in and out of Maureen's mouth as though it saw a smaller version of my cock.

"You like that shit huh... I know you white bitches love sucking cocks. You bitches will suck a mans cock way before you even think of giving him the pussy."

I pulled my finger out of her mouth and immediately her facial expression soured. She looked like she was appalled. Her face had crinkled up as though she had tasted something horrible. I tasted her fucking cunt, it wasn't that bad to me. I don't know why she was making faces. If she thought that was fucked up, then she better get prepared for a long night. Cause my cock was going in her mouth next.

I sat back down on the couch and took a nice long guzzle from my forty. I lit another cigarette and sat back. Maureen looked like she was all cried out. She was whimpering but she wasn't shedding any more tears.

"Come here baby... get on your knees."

Maureen got on her knees and squatted down in front of me with. My dick was hard and ready to go but I was still curious about this woman who was kneeling down buck naked in front of me. I took another sip of my brew and another drag on my smoke.

"How long have you been married Maureen." This time I spoke in a civilized tone.

She told me that she had been married for 32 years.

"Damn you got married when you was 20 years old."

She nodded her head and looked at me with a crooked eye.

"You mean to tell me that you've been with the same man for 30 years... shit that's a long fucking time... Was he your first?... Well you know what I mean... was he the first guy to fuck the fat pussy?"

With each question I asked her my excitement heightened. I guess my blunt and insensitive questions shook her a little. I'll bet know body has ever talk to this Lilly white cracker like this before.

"Yes... he was my first... I... I've never been with another man."

"Damn lady... Thirty fucking years with the same mother fucker... I'll bet you've never even seen another mans cock up close and personal."

She just nodded her head. I couldn't believe it.

"Damn, I guess you love him... me I don't love nothing... Well let me rephrase that."

I sat up and looked deep into her tearstain eyes and said,

"I love Money and PUSSY... And you know what Maureen... There is only one thing on this earth that I love more then pussy... And that's NEW PUSSY"

Maureen looked at me as if I was crazy. I just laughed at her, but I was dead serious. There's nothing like a brand new moist place to stick my cock in. And Maureen's was that place. I felt like Captain Kirk From Star Trek. Why? Because I knew my cock was about to " Boldly Go Were No Man Has gone Before." Well, at least no Black Man.

"Maureen... It time baby... Listen up girl... You are going to unzip my pants. Then you are going to haul out my big black fucking cock... and then you're gonna suck on that motha-fucka as though your life depended on it. Cause it does."

"No... Please... I don't want to do that... Please... I'm not very good at it... Please don't make me suck it."

I didn't say a word. I just simple placed the gun to her head and gave her an evil look. That's was enough to get her hands up and on my zipper. When she reached in my pants my cock jumped. And her hand jumped out of my short.

"Hey... lets go lady... I don't have fucking night... Pull the shit out and start sucking." I commanded.

She placed her white hands back into my pants. When she felt it her eyes flew open. She wrapped her hand around my thick shaft, and I swear, I thought she going to pass out. My cock was hard as steel, she tried but couldn't haul it out. I lifted my ass of the seat and pulled my pants and boxers off. When my thick black cock entered the scene her face twisted. She put her hands over her mouth and she gasped.

"Oh... My God... "

The shit was funny as hell. The introduction was simple. My black nine-inch thick, one-eyed homie winked at the old White lady.

"Yeah... You like that... huh... bitch... That's what I call a cock... I'll bet you've never seen one like this before... Yeah... touch it... yeah that's it... Yes... Now Stroke... Yeah... Can you feel it... Can you feel its power."

Her hands tremble as she started slowly stroking my black cock. She turned her head not wanting to look at the massive piece of meat in front of her.

"Easy... Easy baby... This is a cock... Softly... yeah that's it... Now show that mutha-fucka some love... Give it a kiss... It won't bit you, but I might.

She turned her head and looked deep into my eyes. Her eyes begged for mercy. Her eyes tried to pierce my soul and look into my heart. She looked pitiful. I Put my on the back of her head and pulled her to me. The first thing I felt was her closed lips on the tip of my cock. I could feel her bottom lip quivering as they started to part.

"Open wide Baby... you can do it... Suck it."

Maureen took a deep breath and closed her eyes. My eyes were wide open. I didn't want to blink. I watched that old lady open her mouth. Then I watched my thick black cock disappear into her face.

"Agggghhh... Yes... Awe... Fuck yeah lady... Suck my fucking dick."

I moaned out my pleasures as I entered her white face with my black cock. It felt so fucking good. I got a good four inches into her mouth before I hit the back of her throat. Her tongue felt magnificent on the underside of my cock. Her mouth was warm and wet and absolutely smooth to the touch. Her mouth was also stretched out to the limit. I released her head and she slowly came off my cock and looked at me.

"Oh... God... Please... I can't do it... I can't do this... Its to big." She said softly looking for some sympathy.

"Maureen... I'm not trying to hear that Shit... You're gonna suck this fucking dick... You're gonna suck it... No more fucking talking... The only sound I want to hear is your mouth sucking my black cock... Don't piss me off again... Or I swear... I'll bend you big fat white ass over and stick my big black fucking dick in your asshole... How about that?... Would you like that?... Do you want me to stick my cock in your asshole... Huh... Would you like that?"

"No... No... I... Don't want that."

"Then shut fuck up and start sucking... you stupid bitch"

Like I said before, she needed a little encouragement every once in awhile. A second later I found my cock bathing in her saliva. She started off slow and that's exactly how I liked it. Watching her head bob up and down on my cock was glorious. I told her to stroke my shaft while she sucked it.

"Mmmmm... That's it Maureen... That feels good baby... Yeah suck it... Mmmmm... Yeah like that... Mmmmm... Yeah use you tongue baby... Yeah... Suck it."

Maureen was doing a wonderful job on my cock. I took drags off my cigarette and drank my brew while I watched this lovely old white bitch sucked my black cock. She was also full of shit when she claimed that she wasn't good at it. Please... My cock was in an experienced mouth. She knew how to tickle my cock with her tongue while she sucked it. She knew just how to work a mans cock with her lips. And what really impressed me was how she used her hand on my shaft. Her technique was flawless. She was twisting turning her little white hand around my thick black shaft like a pro... I've had my dick sucked plenty of times. But my cock has always been happier in the mouth of a white girl. Don't get me wrong. I love black women and I love black pussy. But when it comes to cock sucking... White bitches blow them away... don't ask me why... that's shits is just a fact. This old bitch who was between my legs sucking my cock... Had fucking skillzzz. I should have slapped the shit out of her for fucking telling me such a lie.

"Yeah that's it Maureen... Work that shit... Suck that black dick... Mmm... Lick my balls... Suck on my balls baby... They need luv to Boo."

I don't know if she was getting into it or what. But that old bitch slide her tongue down my shaft and damn near inhaled one of my nuts. The transition was smooth as silk. She didn't even miss one stoke. She used her tongue and her lips and caressed my nuts. She went back and forth from one of my balls to the other making sure they each got the equal amount of time in her lovely white mouth.

My entire body felt like pudding. I was so relaxed, that I almost forgot that this bitch was only sucking my cock because I had some heat pointed at her dome. It's amazing what you can get a motha-fucka to do when you have a gun pointed at there head. I had to give her some props... I grabbed a clump of her hair and eased her of my cock. My cock was glistening with her saliva. I could feel her warm saliva running down on my balls. My balls which usually hang up high and tight, where chill'in... Them mutha-fucka's was hanging low and loose.

( I shorten her name... and gave her a little hood rat nickname.)

"God Damn Moe... Somebody taught you well baby." Then I started fucking with her again.

"You must have sucked on a lot of cock when you was young girl... Do you like my cock baby?... You like sucking on this big black motha-fucka don't you?"

"No... I... I... Don't."

"Aweeeee... That's to bad... I'm sorry you feel that way baby... Hey... let me ask you something... Does your husband cum in you mouth... Do you like drinking cum baby?"

If she lied to me, I swear I was gonna smack her in her face. I've never met a white bitch that didn't let a motha-fucka cum their mouth. A black girl might suck your cock. But that bitch ain't gonna let you come in her mouth.

"I... I... well... I... He just does it... I don't like it but... I... Do it for him... I do it cause I love him and he loves me."

I could feel the sincerity in her voice. Then I said,

"Would you do it for me... Moe... Would you like to drink my cum?"

"NO... NO... Please... I don't want to."

"I know you don't want to baby... But you will... You do it for your husband... You do it for him cause you love him. You're gonna do it for me cause you aint got no choice... aint that right baby?"

She just looked at me and again, I could see the sorrow in her eyes.

"After you cum... can I go... ? After you cum May I leave." She asked.

"Hell No!!!... Are you crazy... Do you think I'm gonna let that thick white ass leave here without tapp'in it a couple of times... This shit for Real Baby... You can't negotiate your freedom... Do you think my people had a choice four hundred years ago... Do you think slaves back in the day's where able to negotiate with there Masters? Do you think that black women had a choices or options when the white man raped them?... Do you think Massah, gave them a choice. Do you think they had a choice weather to swallow cum or not... BITCH... PLEASE."

As I spoke to her I could feel the souls of my raped ancestors crying out. I could feel the souls of my people talking to me. And there was no mercy in there words. I don't know if it was the liquor that I had been drinking of the blunt that I had smoked earlier that evening. But I felt something evil and dark flow through my veins. As I spoke and stroked my cock. Looking into her eyes I could feel my words plunge into her heart and tear into her souls. As I spewed my hated for the White Man, I could see hope dissipating from her eyes.

"Moe... You are going to suck my cock... And you are... going to swallow my cum... And then I'm gonna stick my Big Black Cock... in your big, fat, old, white pussy... And only After I'm done... I might let you go."

I laid down the law. She was fucked and she knew it. I didn't want to just rape her body... I wanted to rape her mind... I didn't have to say another word. I light another cigarette and pointed at my cock. She sat up took a deep breath and accepted what was planned for her immediate future. Then she grabbed my cock and started sucking.

"Mmmm... That's a good girl Moe... Don't be ashamed baby... You aint the first and you definitely won't be the last white woman raped by a black man... Look at it like this baby... It's just your turn."

I enjoyed humiliating her while she sucked my cock. I sat back and watched my old white slave suck my cock. My ancestors would have been proud. I knew they were watching this and laughing their Asses off.

"Mmmm... yeah... Work It Moe,... suck it... make me cum baby... you can do it... make a black man cum... I know you can do it."

I felt like I was on top of the world. I wondered if this was how the white slaves masters felt when they abused my black sistah's back in the days. I couldn't take it anymore. My balls ached for relief. I wanted to fill her mouth with cum. I wanted her to drink down every fucking drop.

"Yeah Moe,... Faster baby... faster... I'm gonna cum for your baby... I'm gonna cum in your fucking mouth... You ready... Yeah do it... Suck it... Oh... Shit... here it comes baby... OHHhhhhhhh... Fuck... Agggggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!"

I howled and grunted as first thick blast of cum shot out my cock and into her mouth.

"Agggghh... get it... get it... Drink it... suck it... Get that shit baby."

I got to give this old bitch some motha-fucking credit. She didn't just dink my cum. This bitch gulped it down. She closed those white lips down on my cock and gulped it down faster then I could spit it out. My entire body was shaking and my mind was exploding. Each blast of cum was swallowed instantly. I was so proud of her... As I calmed down and sunk back into the couch she continued to suck my cock. Then she blew my mind. She raised her free hand cupped my balls and gently massaged them while she milked the last few drop of my vile ghetto seed.

"GOT... DAMN... Holy Shit Moe,... That was fucking gooooood baby."

You would think after a compliment like that I could have gotten a smile from her. She simple sat back on her heels. She looked so fucking sexy. She had tiny little drop of my cum hanging on the right corner of her mouth. It looked like a goop of mayonnaise chill'in on the side of her face.

"How does it taste baby... was it as good for you, as it was for me," I teased trying to get some kind of response from her.

"Hey Moe... Are you Ok... Are you alright."

"Yes... I'm... I'm fine." She replied in an almost catatonic state.

But she looked like she was uncomfortable. So I asked her again. Then she said.

"It's my Knees... I have bad knees... My knees hurt."

"Oh... I'm sorry baby... get up... Come over here and sit next to me."

I offered her my gun free hand like gentlemen. She reached out and I helped to her feet. Her knees were all scuffed up and red. She sat down about a foot away from me. I told her to move closer and she did. I reached over to the table and grabbed my forty and took a swig. I didn't want to be rude, so after I took my swig, I passed her the forty,

"Here baby... take a swig of that... It'll wash the taste out of your mouth."

I had just busted a fat nut in her mouth, so I spoke in a very, very relaxed and civilized tone. She looked at the bottle then she looked at me. And then I started laughing.

"Moe... you just drank down a gallon of my cum... a little backwash ain't gonna kill you... here baby"

It took her a few seconds to think about it. Then she raised her hand and I passed her the bottle. That's when I saw the funniest shit of that night. I never in my life thought I would ever see an old White lady Tipping a forty once bottle of old English to the head. Picture that shit. She put the bottle to her lips, titled her head back and started chugging. I damn near fell out of my seat. She took that forty straight to the head. She swallowed every drop. She even sucked down the suds. It was one of the funniest and one of the sexiest things I've ever scene. Then she passed me the empty bottle and politely said, " Thank You." It wasn't your normal thank you. It was so proper. All I could do was say, " Your welcome baby." Then she put her hands together, intertwined her fingers and softly placed them on her bare thighs and looked straight ahead. I was tripp'in. She looked like an older version of schoolgirl sitting in a chair awaiting her teacher's instructions.

I still to this day don't know what it was about her that turned me on so much. Could she have been playing me? Could she have been plotting a scheme? The more I thought about it the more stupid I felt. This bitch wasn't going anywhere. Maybe she just came to terms with what was going on.

I needed a few minutes to re-coop. My cock was spent. So I raised my right arm and put it around Maureen's shoulder. I pulled her to me and she tiled her body into my breast. I didn't say anything to her. I stroked her should while I smoked my cigarette. It was a calm quiet moment. The only thing you could her was the sound of our breath.

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