Lesbians Can Be Fun

by Robert

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A young man is asked by his sister for a favour

My sister and I had always been close, we tell each other everything. At a very young age Trish told me that she was a Lesbian, of course I had already known because I could often hear the sounds of love making through the thin walls that seperated our two rooms, and only her girlfriends were in there with her at the time.

I would never tell her secret. Not just because I loved my Sister, which was true, but mainly because she would often let me watch her and her friends. Occasionally if there was more than one girl over they would even let me participate, in other words, fuck one of them. Who knew Lesbians could be so much fun. Laying next to my sister on her bed, a different girl on top of each of us, I even lost my virginity, though I would never tell her that. As I blew my load into her friends belly I reached over and joined hands with my sister, my way of thanking her.

After High School Trish moved out and into an apartment with a woman she had met and fallen in love with. I would often go over and visit Trish and Julie, hang around with them, go and see a movie, I liked seeing my sister happy. I never asked to watch them, I valued their love and their privacy. They were deeply commited to one another but lately I could tell something was wrong and finally they told me.

"We want to have a baby together."

"I'm not sure Trish, but I think you need a guy for that, one of you has the wrong equipment."

"Oh you're funny, ha ha."

"Have you checked with an adoption agency?"

"Not only is there a three year waiting period but we've been told already that we're not good candidates."

"Oh, i'm sorry sis." I really was to. I've always wanted my sister to be happy. "Well one of you is just going to have to sleep around I guess." I was only joking of course, I didn't expect the reponse I got.

"We thought about that, but with all the diseases these days it's kind of risky, we can't take the chance."

"Is there someone you know maybe, somebody you can trust?" They both looked at each other and then at me.

"Yeah there is, you." The drink I was holding in my hand fell to the floor.

"Jesus Christ you're not fucking serious?"

"Yes, we are."

There was nothing funny about what they were proposing, to ask someone to help make a baby was a serious matter. I was actually thinking about it though, my sex life had been pretty stagnant since sis moved out. Besides, it always gave me an extra thrill when Trish was watching me do one of her friends.

"You want me to fuck Julie?"

"Well, there's problem number one."

"Oh, what's that?" It was Julie who answered my question.

"I don't do guys, ever." She said it forcefully, obviously there was a reason from her past, maybe Trish would tell me later.

"Well that is a problem isn't it." I sighed, oh well no sex tonight. There was another way of doing it however. "I suppose I could jerk off into something and then you could use, what, a turkey baster or something."

"Well, now you've hit on problem number two."

"What now?" This was going to be bad, I was sure. Trish told me what she meant.

"I want to feel like I was involved in getting Julie pregnant, like a true parent." I was obviously missing some vital clue and the look of confusion on my face gave that away.

"Well I don't see what you can do Trish." She was silent but only for a moment.

"I'll suck your dick, you cum in my mouth, and then i'll go down on Julie, okay?"

The glass which I had by now picked up again fell to the floor, and this time so did my jaw.

"Jesus Trish you aren't serious?"

"Yes I am."

Now I always thought my sister was beautiful and okay I occasionally had fantasies, more in my youth, but still every once and awhile but I never thought for a second of trying to make one come true. Being a guy I didn't have to think about what she was proposing for too long, in fact, something else was getting long just thinking about it.

"You're obviously okay with it then?"

"How do you mean?"

"The tent you just set up, I can see it."

"Oh, shit, i'm sorry."

"Don't be, we're going to need it you know."

"When did you want to start?"

Trish and Julie stood up, obviously they felt there was no time like the present. Frankly so did I. I felt nervous though, afterall creating new life is a big responsibility.

They showed me to their bedroom, roomy, nice size bed in the center. Whatever Julie's problem was with guys it didn't prevent her from stripping in front of me. Nice body, she kept herself in good shape. Laying down on the bed she placed a couple of pillows under her to elevate herself slightly. It was a shame I couldn't fuck her, but since I was soon going to have my dick in my sister's mouth, well, who cares. Turning to Trish I was surprised to find she had already undressed as well, I almost blew my load right there.

"Oh my God Trish."


"You are so beautiful, do you know how gorgeous you are, it hurts just looking at you."

"I'll make it hurt in a second, now come on, let's get going."

Of course we had seen each other naked many times before but this was different. After removing my clothes I sat down on the edge of the bed. Trish got down on the carpet in front of me but only remained looking up at me for sometime. Then unexpectedly she spat into her hand and grabbed a hold of me. Pumping me for a few seconds she let go and spat into her hand again. She jacked me for another minute and I must admit I really liked her aggressiveness.

Closing her mouth over the end of my cock she began sucking me, taking me into her an inch at a time till I thought she would choke on me. I felt myself tense up and I guess she did to so she moved to just the head of my cock and began jacking me again. I filled my sister's mouth with my cream but she kept on pumping me until every drop was safely inside her.

Pulling off as I shriveled she climbed onto the bed and buried her face between Julie's legs. I watched as my sister drove her tongue deep into her girlfriend, pushing as much of my sperm into her womb. If I hadn't already i'm sure I would have cum right there with no other stimulation. Trish then drove two fingers into Julie's cunt, trying to push it in even further.

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