Party Trick

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Swinging, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: When my wife Pam get drunk at a party and lets things get a little out of hand I teach her a lesson that opens a new chapter in our sex life.

It started the night my wife and I hosted a party for about 30 for our friends and work associates. The party started at 8:00 in the evening and by 9:30 Pam (my wife) was already pretty drunk. Normally she doesn't drink much at all, a glass of wine with dinner and sometimes a beer when we cook outside. I hadn't seen her this drunk since before we got married 9 years ago. Pam was dancing and flirting with all of the men and I think trying to make me a bit jealous, probably because I had told her to take it easy with the drinking.

Around 10:30 that evening, as I was talking with some friends, I looked around and didn't see Pam. I didn't do anything then because I assumed that she must have gone to the bathroom but after another ten minutes passed with no sign of her I got concerned. I excused myself form the group I was with and went looking for her. She was not in any of the bedrooms or the bathrooms and she wasn't in the kitchen. I was just ready to go look outside when I noticed the door leading from the kitchen to the basement stairs was opened a crack.

When I opened the door I saw that there was a light on in the basement and I thought I heard someone down there. I moved as quietly as I could down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I peeked around the corner into the large room we used for laundry and storage. There, across the room from where I was standing, was Pam and Mike. Mike was a guy that Pam knew from work. Pam was leaning with her back against the wall and Mike was facing Pam and standing very close to her. He was supporting himself with one hand against the wall next to Pam's head. Mike appeared to be talking to her, but I noticed that he had his right hand on Pam's thigh under the hem of her skirt and he was moving his hand higher.

I knew I should stop them, but a part of me wanted to watch. As Mike continued to move his hand up Pam's thigh her skirt moved with it. As his hand slid farther up her thigh Pam did nothing to stop him. When his hand reached Pam's mound he got the pleasant surprise of finding out the Pam was wearing thigh high stockings instead of panty hose. I could clearly see his fingers pressing against the thin material of her panties. When Mike started to slip his fingers inside her panties I began to have trouble breathing, my heart was pounding and my cock was hard and straining to get out of my pants.

At that point that Mike began to push a finger inside Pam's vagina she started to resist him. She was pushing him away and saying, "I can't do this. My husband's upstairs and he would kill me if he caught us."

Then Mike said, "You mean that if your husband wasn't here you would fuck me?"

"No, that is not what I mean. I can't do that. I love my husband."

"But I'll bet that you would like it if I fucked you, wouldn't you?"

At first Pam just closed her eyes and a small moan escaped her lips as Mike pushed a second finger inside her, but then she opened her eyes again and said, "No. You have to stop."

It was at that point I decided that I had better intervene. I backed up the stairs a few steps and called down, "Pam, are you down here?" Then I proceeded noisily down the stairs.

When I turned the corner into the room Mike and Pam had separated. I could see that they were both uncomfortable. Pam blurted out, "Mike and I came down to get some more beer."

I pretended not to notice their embarrassment and said, "Pam you better come back up now. Your friends have been looking for you."

I noticed that Pam didn't bring any beer with her as she came up the stairs.

I admit that what I had seen bothered me a little but I was sure that only happened because of how much alcohol Pam had consumed. I wasn't worried because Pam had never given me any reason to doubt her. Anyway, it turned me on seeing her like that with Mike.

Pam wasn't upstairs more than five minutes before she was flirting with another guy. This one I didn't know. By that time everyone knew that she had more to drink than she was used to and thought the whole thing was kind of funny. By midnight Pam had run out of gas and collapsed into a chair where she finally fell asleep.

After the last guest had gone I surveyed the house and decided to leave the mess till morning. Then I looked at Pam, sitting there unconscious, her makeup a mess and her dress pushed up her thighs far enough that you could just about see her panties. Even drunk and past out she was still a sexy woman. I went over to get her to go to bed but I couldn't wake her. I tried to pull her onto her feet but she fell back into the chair and when she did her legs separated giving me a wide-open view of her upper thighs and the thin silk strip of her panties that covered her pussy. This sight gave me an instant erection. As I stood looking at my wife's exposed panties and rubbing my swollen prick I suddenly though of a way to teach Pam a lesson for her behavior at the party. My idea also gave me a way to relieve my hard cock.

I picked Pam up and carried her to the guest bedroom. I placed her on the bed then pulled the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt and completely unbuttoned it. The bra Pam was wearing had the snap in the front so I opened it and freed her breasts from the bra. Next I lifted Pam's skirt up to her hips and slipped her panties off. Seeing her lying there like that had made me truly horny. I had to get my cock inside her and soon. I went back to our bedroom and got undressed and then went back to the guestroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and I looked at Pam laying there, dead to the world and thought, 'Poor Pam is going to miss all the fun.'

I started by putting my face as close to her pussy as I could and inhaling. She had a musky pungent scent that almost made my balls explode. I began licking her pussy and pushing my tongue inside her. I knew she wasn't going to get any enjoyment out of my eating her now but I would. Besides I needed to make sure her pussy wet so my cock

would slide into her easily. When I had her pussy ready I climbed up between her legs and slipped my rock hard cock into her. Her pussy felt great wrapped around my shaft. I started stroking in and out slowly at first and as I felt the tingle in my balls I picked up

speed until I was slamming into her so hard that I was sure she would wake up.

I lasted about ten minutes before my balls erupted and began filling Pam's tight little honey pot with my cum. When my orgasm finally subsided and I pulled my cock out, I watched as some of my semen leaked out of her pussy and dripped down onto the sheets. Then I took dripping cock and wiped it across Pam's mouth and cheek leaving a trail of cum on her face. I stood looking at Pam for a few minutes thinking she really looked sexy laying there exposed like that and with cum dripping out of her pussy. I couldn't resist the urge to slip two fingers inside her pussy and then rub my cum covered fingers all over her pubic mound and the tops of her stockings.

When I was done with Pam I picked her panties up off the floor and used them to wiped my cock clean. I also use her panties to wipe up some of the cum that had dripped onto the sheets. I left her just the way she was. My plan was that when she woke up she would know she had been fucked but wouldn't know who did it. I went to our bedroom and got ready for bed. As I lay down thinking about Pam, lying in bed exposed as she was, I began to think about how I would felt as I had watched her in the basement as Mike was fingering her pussy. I wondered what would have happened if I didn't stop them. Would she have let him fuck her right there against the wall? The image of her pussy dripping semen that was put there by another man's cock gave me another erection. I tried to put the idea out of my mind and go to sleep but I couldn't. When I couldn't get to sleep I went back down to the guest room. I was stroking my hard cock and noticed I had a lot of pre cum dripping off the head so I wiped it on Pam's lips again. Pam made a little sound deep in her throat and opened her mouth a little but I couldn't get my cock inside.

I got up between her legs again and slipped my cock inside her cum filled pussy. The sensation of feeling my own cum in her pussy lubricating my cock was wonderful. I imagined that the cum in her pussy belonged to another guy who had fucked her earlier, as I pumped my cock into Pam. This fantasy was making me tremendously hot.

Within ten minutes I gave Pam another load of my spunk. Pam went right on sleeping. Afterward I pulled my cock out and used Pam's panties to clean myself up again, then to wiped up some of the cum that was dripping out of Pam's pussy. When I was done I took Pam's panties with me and hid then in my closet.

This time when I got in bed I feel asleep.

At 6:00 AM I woke to the sound of the shower in our bathroom. I peeked through the partially opened bathroom door and I could see Pam in the shower. She was rubbing a bar of soap around her pussy hair and washing herself vigorously. I watched as she rinsed off and did it again. When she finished with the soap she used a disposable douche to clean the inside of her pussy. After that she washed the rest of her body and her hair. As she reached to turn the water off I quickly got back into bed. When Pam came into the bedroom I pretended to be asleep. Pam very quietly slipped into bed with me.

After about ten minutes I drifted back to sleep.

At 10:00 AM I woke up to the wonderful smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking. I got up, put my robe on and went into the kitchen. Pam greeted me with a smile and said, "How are you feeling this morning? Have you got a hangover from last night?"

I said, "I'm fine. My head is clear and I feel pretty good, how bout you?"

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