Back Seat Driver

by Robert

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A boy with an obsession for his older sister gets a rude awakening and more than he originally bargained for.

It was a year ago today, I remember I had woke up thinking that today was the day I was going to try and get to second base with my sister, and just to clarify that meant I was going to stick my hand up her shirt. Ever since she had returned from college after finishing her courses of study Tara had been going out each night and getting drunk. She didn't have a car but since I did I would offer to drive her into town and later pick her up. Before going home we would stop off and get something to eat.

My obsession with Tara had started the day I went to pick her up at the airport. She hugged me after getting off the plane, actually pressing her breasts against me I could feel them easily through the thin T-shirt she was wearing. Her nipples, bigger than pencil erasers, stood out through the fabric and seemed to invite me to just go ahead and start sucking on them.

For certain my sister had fully matured while away, that much was obvious. Tara then kissed me full on the lips, something we had never done before and I didn't get to do very often with other girls. I remember the smell of some perfume, expensive i'm sure, it was intoxicating and I just wanted to stay there and breathe her in. On the way home I couldn't stop looking at her long bare legs, wishing she would just inch up her skirt a little more. But it was the kiss that I remember most, long, and everlasting, if it was any longer i'm sure I would have drove my tongue into her mouth.

So after being home only one day Tara would hit the local bars looking for old friends she had not seen in ages. She would lean over and kiss me when I dropped her off, and again when I picked her up. I preferred the kiss when I returned for her as by then she was half in the bag so to speak and Tara's kiss was longer and more forceful, though not intentional I imagine.

We would drive to a local burger joint and sit in the car and eat. Tara always had on a loose fitting top, T-shirt or blouse, and never wore a bra. Craning my neck slightly I could just barely see the roundness of her breasts almost all the way to where her nipples were. I quickly learned that if I said nice things to her, like how pretty she looked tonight, I would be rewarded with a kiss. While doing so she would lean into me and since we were in close quarters my hand would lightly brush over those same breasts. She didn't seem to mind in her current condition, probably wasn't even aware I was touching her. After a couple of nights like this however I wanted more, I needed to touch her bare skin. So after picking her up we again went for burgers and were soon parked, this time I intentionally put us far enough away from other cars to avoid prying eyes.

"I saw Beth tonight. God it's been forever since i've seen her."

"She the one who came over every Saturday?"

"No, that was Beverly, I heard she has two kids now. Beth has one herself, she's out tonight just to relax a little."

"What do all your friends have kids now?"

"Sure looks that way." Tara stopped eating and looked out her window into the dark.

"Well, you don't want any children, do you?" She only turned towards me and smiled slightly. Hard to tell with her liquored up like she was. Now was my chance I thought so I put the remains of my burger down. "Besides, you don't want to ruin that beautiful body of yours." Her smile widened. Jackpot I thought.

"Oh that's sweet." Tara leaned towards me and only a few inches away her eyes closed before she kissed me. She didn't see as I gently pushed my hand under the edge of her blouse and quickly over her left breast before settling on her right. With a little luck she would think I had accidentaly touched her through the clothing, at no fault of my own.

For the first time I touched my sister, her body was so soft and warm, and my thumb actually ran over her hard nipple. We continued to kiss and I assumed when Tara would pull away that my hand would slip from where it was and no one would be the wiser, it would be like it didn't happen at all, well, except to me of course.

But this time Tara brought her own hand up to touch my face and on the way back down as she pulled away her arm fell against mine, trapping my hand, still against my sister's breast.

"What, what the fuck are you doing?" I was busted.

"Oh Jesus, i'm sorry Tara, it was an accident."

"Bullshit it was, you little pervert. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Please don't tell Mom and Dad, i'm sorry, I really am." She only stared at me for close to a minute. I realized my hand was still beneath her blouse, still on her breast, so I pulled it out.

"Get out, get out of the car." Tara was angry and I couldn't blame her for that.

"Wait sis, i'll drive us home, I won't try anything else ever again, I promise."

"Get the fuck out, now God damn you." I had gone too far, I realized it now only after what I had done. I opened my door and stepped out. Standing up I looked over the roof of the car. Maybe I should just kill myself. I was surprised when Tara appeared on the other side of the car, she didn't have to get out, Tara could have easily slid over into the driver's seat.

"What are you doing Tara?" I was worried now, almost for my life.

"Get the fuck in the back seat." Oh thank God, Tara was going to give me a ride home afterall. I opened the back door and climbed in but there she was getting in the back on the other side as well.

"I know how to put on a seatbelt sis, thanks though."

"Shut the fuck up and sit down, and don't move." I was left terrified, maybe she was going to beat the shit out of me before we left, she could to since she was bigger. Frankly I deserved whatever she did to me.

She had something in her hand, at first I thought it was a rock or weapon of some kind, you know how the mind plays tricks on you and besides it was a little dark in the backseat. But it was white, and soft I realized as she threw it in the front seat. It wasn't until it landed that I figured out it was my sister's panties. I guess she had removed them while outside. What the hell was she doing. Being stupid it wasn't until she unbuttoned my jeans and opened the zipper that I knew her intentions.

"Tara, what the fuck?"

"That's exactly what i'm going to do, and from now on you will shut your mouth, not a word or I will pound you." I was starting to cry now, but that didn't prevent me from getting a hardon. What the hell is wrong with me I thought, I didn't want to do this. Tara was getting angry listening to my whimpering.

"Stop it, or I swear to God i'll tell Mom you raped me." She had my dick out now, holding it straight up in the backseat as she crawled on top of me. I wondered if what my sister was about to do to me was considered rape, the fact that I had an erection must mean I wanted something to happen.

"Not bad brother, that'll do the job i'm sure." Tara lifted her skirt and for the first time I saw my sister's sex, any woman's sex other than in late night movies. This was going to be my first time, but I wasn't about to tell her that.

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