by Bowhuntress

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, First, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A few friends have a bit of fun in a ring of Jell-O.

Peeking out of the curtains, I stare wide-eyed at the spectacle before me. More men in one room then I could ever count. Glancing at Trixy I simply shake my head and pull the curtain wider. Shaking her head she steps back a few paces.

"Ah no you don't, you can't back out now~" and with a gentle shove I throw her to the lions...

A roar greets my ear as the MC begins stats on Trixy. "Standing 6 foot 4 inches wearing Sapphire blue satin... Trixy!" My cue... "Her opponent standing 6 foot 6 In Ruby red Lady Bo!" I take a deep breath and follow Trixy in. The MC's voice drones on in my ear as I go through the moves that we rehearsed. Smile... wave... Walk up to the Mc and kiss his cheek... Trixy is kissing his other cheek turn, do a little flex. and move out to my "corner" Here I try to look sexy and confident.

Glancing around I could see the boys sitting center ring. Llochlear and Tommy. They had special passes. The only two that were allow to approach us, or the ring. Everyone else was held at bay by some pretty impressive looking bouncers.

"They are actually in the ring!" Tommy nudges Llochlear's shoulder, "can you believe it?? They are really going to do this." Lloch mumbles something and turns his attention back to the ring. Tommy stares in disbielf. He's hunted with Trixy and Bo countless times and never once did it occur to him that these two were drop dead sexy. Out of their armor they were all curves.

The "ring" was actually a refrigerated pool of about 12 inches of ice cold cherry Jell-o! Tommy knew it was cold, he had tested it. :) These Firbs were gonna get a cold blast!

Tommy forgot all about the Jell-O when Lady Bo slipped the robe off her shoulders. The tiniest of red binki's covered only the very essical parts. A simple string held it in place, but just. Glancing at Trixy he saw she was in the same suit, only in blue. If she sneezes, that thing will fly off! It's amazing what armor will cover. Plump round breasts, slim tight tummies, full wide hips, and long oh so long legs. Bo pointed a tiny toe forward and dipped it into the Jell-O. Quickly she hugs her breasts to her and turns to face Tommy. Shaking her head she mouths... "Oh that's cold, paybacks." and nods. Tommy gives a little wince in mock humor.

Oh that Tommy is gonna get it. I turn back to the center of the ring. I'm fully aware that my nipples are hard as a rock from the cool air. Turning to Trixy I simply shrug and step into the Jell-O. Ugh! It's cold and wet and slips between my toes. Walking carefully I stand in the center and watch Trixy. I can see my own thoughts echoed on her face. We are both loath to start this. Its gonna be cold. Looking down at my toes I hadn't seen her move, Trixy shoves me backwards onto my ass in the stuff! ACK! Shocked I sit there while everyone laughs uproariously. Trixy is laughing so hard she can't stand up straight. That's it! Reaching out with my foot I kick her foot back and she wind wills before she finally falls face forward in the stuff. Just the cheeks of her satin covered ass sticking up out of the Jell-O! Oh that's gotta be cold. I've made her mad, she lunges for me and we both roll around in the cold slippery stuff, trying to get a grip is impossible.

With a cry of triumph Trixy hold the top of my suit high above her head!

Tommy nudged Lloch again. "Did you see that?" Llochlear had been sitting there like he was watching an "I love Lucy rerun", not at all impressed. Where as Tommy couldn't stop laughing. Lady Bo was looking down at her freed tits covered with cherry slime. Trixy was parading around the ring waving the top like a flag... oh uh. Bo's making her move! Like a pro football player she tackles Trixy and they go rolling. Tommy couldn't tell whom's body part belonged to who. Legs arms breasts nice plump ass cheeks all coated with cherry slime... ummm. "Lloch, man are you getting this?" Glancing towards Lloch Tommy sees that indeed it held his attention. Lady Bo let out a piercing war cry, Now he'd heard that before... She was jumping up and down holding not one, but both pieces of Trixy's suit. Tommy couldn't decide which to do first? Watch Lady Bo's breast bounce up and down and up and... or... Stare at Trixy in the buff.


I'm hot and cold all at once. My heart is racing. They're so many sensations. Having a hundred guys admire my body. The thrill of a good wrestling match. The sexual tension in the room, broken only by the laughter. I go to my corner and see Lloch move to join Trixy in hers.

"Tommy! Get over here" he's laughing so hard I'm not sure he can walk. "Hand me that towel" I towel off my face getting Jell-O out of my eyes. Tommy is staring at my breasts. Looking down I see them jiggle with my movements, coated with cherry Jell-O. Nipples hard and erect. On impulse I say... "Well Tommy, you did say you'd lick me clean" Without hesitation he stretches toward the ropes where I'd been leaning over to him. His warm tongue traces a circle around my ice-cold nipple. Closing my eyes I can feel the nipple stiffen even more. The contrast between the cold Jell-O and his hot tongue is intense. Moving to the other nipple he cleans this one by sucking it into his mouth. I heard myself groan out loud. Tommy steps back with a huge smile on his face. Blinking I throw the towel at the shit heads face.

"Hey Lady, the bottoms aren't on by much" he says with a wink. Looking down, I note that indeed, they aren't. I place one finger under the still tied string and yank. In a flash the bottoms come off. The smug look vanishes from Tommy's face. He simply stares at the only part of my body not coated with cherry. My pussy. Gently, with slow precise movements, I lay the wet bit of cloth over Tommy's shoulder and return to the center ring.

Tommy swallows hard again. Staring at the still white ass of Lady Bo as she jiggles back in the ring. Forget his seat, there is no way he'd be able to sit with the boner that was in jeans now. Blinking a few times he looks to where Trixy is leaning over the ring towards Lloch. There's a huge clean handprint on the cheek of her ass. Wonder what her and Llochlear have been up to.


Tommy watches the two women carefully. Something has changed. It's in the air. They both are moving very slow. Everyone watching is oddly quiet.

Circling Trixy, I see her eyes widen in surprise as her foot slips and she begins to go down. In the space of a heartbeat, her hands grab my knee and I follow her down. A squirt of Jell-O flies to land on the forehead of an audience member as our bodies collided. On top, and thinking I have the advantage, I make a play for her shoulders. My hands slip and slide right off and I land with both breasts smack in her face. The more I struggle to right myself the more I slide. I howl aloud as I feel her teeth sink into the tender flesh of my breast. I give up on trying to pin her and roll off to the side. Grabbing my offended tit, I lay back and glare at her while she succeeds in getting to her knees.

Grinning, Trixy simply shrugs. With a lighting fast move, I clasp my legs around her neck. A quick twist sends her sprawling back into the red mess. Our nude bodies roll and glide over one another. Neither of us makes any headway. It was impossible to pin her to the mat. The more we try, the less chance we have of doing it. It didn't matter how strong the both of us are. Soon, we both had forgot we were totally nude in front of a huge group of people.

Tommy watched in fascination as they two went at it with everything they had. He lost track of who was who. There was way too much Jell-O to tell them apart. At one point he did see a head, he didn't dare guess which, face down in the pussy of the other. Only for a brief moment, because they never stayed still. It was delicious to watch. The audience was cheering and yelling out advice. Most of it was ignored. At one point Tommy heard bouistous man shout out a rather vaguer move to try and both women paused, looked at one another and like synchronized swimmers, scooped up handfuls of Jell-O and hurled it right at his head. This seemed to break the tension, the competition, within the two ladies. When the bell sounded they made quit a picture. Both leaning on the other, nude, arms wrapped around the others waist, laughing.

Laughing I walked back to my corner, and the waiting Tommy. I grabbed him by the ears and yanked him forward for a hard kiss. Tommy made a face and tried in vein to remain Jell-O free.

"Hey Tommy, I've got an idea or two, grab a note pad.", I panted out to Tommy. I scribbled a note to Trixy as fast as I could. "Have a runner take this to her for me hey, Hon?" I drank the offered water, and toweled off my face somewhat. The rest was hopeless. When I talk without panting I continued... "When I go back in, I want you to get a small bucket of cold water and slide into me."

"Slide into you hey? I can handle that," He said with a grin.

"Oh I bet you could too."

"How you doing in there?" He asked, only semi serious.

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