Being Mugged

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: on his way home a young man runs into a mugging and much more

I was walking home from a friend's house, and by mistake I had turned into a housing development that, shall we say, is a bit run down. My heart fluttered a little, but I had little to lose from muggers, a few pounds in my pocket and a cheap watch. The only thing I was really worried about was that any mugger, disappointed with his haul, would take his anger out on my skin. Too late to back track, I was almost through now. Then I heard the footsteps behind me, what to do, do I run, better to stop and hide. As the steps became closer, my brain recognised them as female, my rapidly beating heart slowed. The sound faded as the person walked by me, I re-emerged and started walking home again.

"Where are you going my pretty," the words floated back towards me.

"Please," a female voice replied, she sounded terrified. There was no way I was going to take on a knife welding mugger in a dark alley, my best option was to slink away and get out of here as soon a possible. I turn the corning and I walked right into the action. She was a young, white girl, now silent because he had his knife up against her neck. Her attacker was also young but black. I became like a statue, unable to move, his eyes locked onto mine and in the dim lighting his teeth flashed.

"Nice little thing, isn't she?" he said still smiling at me.

"W-what," I stammered, "I'm be off home now." Despite my words I remained rooted to the spot. As I watched he put his non-knife welding hand was under the poor girls coat.

"She's got nice tits," he chuckled, "come and feel."

"Please," she whimpered in absolute terror, "let me go." Despite his invitation, I remained were I was, my heart thumping in my chest. He now totally ignored me and went back to terrorising his captive. Using his knife, he forced her to lie down on the cold unyielding concrete floor. I could see his hands working under her short skirt and then they emerged there was a flash of white, her knickers were off. No words came from her mouth now, just whimpering sounds. Before my eyes he moved between her legs and un-zipped himself and thrust into her; she screamed out loud.

"Oh yes nice and tight," he said, "don't worry," he said looking at me, "no one around here will come to investigate her screams, they know better." His bum was thrusting in and out of her in a fast tempo, then after a few minutes, he froze and grunted as he came.

"Oh yes," he sighed, "don't you just love fresh white pussy." he pulled out and zipped up.

"Your turn," he said, his teeth flashing in the darkness. I was then that I became aware of how hard I was and how tight my pants were. I told myself that it was him with his knife, that was forcing me to do this, but I knew in my heart of hearts it was a lie. There was something primeval about taking, by force, a very pretty girl. Her scared pale face looked up at me, I tried to knee her legs open, but she held them tightly closed; his knife was back at her throat.

"Oh no please," she begged,

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