by Liberty Bell

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Desc: Sex Story: Young married tease gets more than she bargains for.

When I was growing up in the cotton mill villages of North Carolina almost all the kids had to work in one way or another as there never seemed to be enough money to go around. In most places I lived my job was as the local paperboy. I got to know most of the people in the villages and had many opportunities for sex that other boys didn't have.

I remember one time in particular. There was this nice looking young girl about sixteen or seventeen named Hilda Lewis who had felt the call of nature and hormones. She had gotten herself knocked up and her parents had forced the young father of the child to marry her. He was a little older than she, about twenty, I suppose, and worked in the local cotton mill to support them.

As luck would have it, they moved into a small house that was on my paper route. They lived on a winding dirt road about a mile from my house and were the last customers on my afternoon route.

Although Hilda was a little older that me, I had seen her around at school and had always admired her sexy young body. She was about 5' 6", 120 lbs., with long black hair, brown eyes, extra large tits, a nice shaped ass and a nice sexy smile that you couldn't turn down.

They had moved in shortly after her baby was born and I met her and her husband one Saturday morning, when I went to inquire about starting to deliver his paper. He had come out on the porch to talk to me and Hilda had stood half-dressed behind the screen door. I guessed that they had just gotten up. She only had on a light nightgown and I could see her sexy naked body outlined by the room light behind her.

I hoped her husband didn't catch me sneaking peaks at her as I think she was determined to give me a hardon. Occasionally she would scratch her crotch or tit or move to pose a little differently. I was certain that she knew the effect she was having on me and was enjoying teasing me in front of her husband. I talked to her husband a few minutes and started to leave.

Hilda reminded me to be sure to put the paper on the porch and if it looked like rain to put it behind the screen door as the porch often got wet. I told her I would, hoping I would get a chance to see her often when I delivered the paper.

Her husband worked from 2 till 10 PM thru the week so I didn't see him much, but I saw Hilda often and we made small talk. Each time she purposely teased me a little, letting me get a glance of her tits or up her thighs or some such. She knew I was interested but just didn't know how to approach her yet without being insulting.

One day she was sitting on the top porch step in a long loose flowing dress. The way she was sitting let the dress come just below her knees and she had her legs spread open. When my bicycle came to a stop in front of her and I handed her the paper, my eyes were staring directly into her lightly haired crotch. She had on thin blue nylon panties and I could see right through them.

She took the paper and pretended to look at it saying, "Did you see anything interesting... in here?" "Well, there are a few pictures on the front page, but the picture I'm getting here is much better," I replied. "Oh, you like what you see, huh?" she ask grinning, pretending to look at the front page. "Definitely," I replied, getting off my bike and letting it fall, but still standing in almost the same spot in front of her.

"Well, my husband wouldn't like it if he knew you were trying to look at my pussy all the time," she said seriously, without moving or cutting off the display. "How would you like it if I told him about it?" "I don't guess he would like it if I told him you were always trying to show it to me, either," I said, looking directly at her. "Well, I guess we both have a little secret then, don't we? I'll keep mine, if you'll keep yours," she intoned sweetly.

Catching on to her game, I decided to play along to see where it would take me. "I don't know," I said, "but I guess I might be persuaded." "How?" she said. "Why don't you pull 'um down and let me get a good look," I said huskily, still staring at her panty-covered crotch.

"Are you sure that's all you want, a look?" she said leading me on as she lifted her ass and reached down and began removing her panties. As they slid over her feet she threw them on the steps beside her. I stepped closer and threw her dress up to her knees and let my hands slide down her smooth spreading thighs to her now naked young pussy.

"I thought you said just a look?" she said accusingly, although I noticed she hadn't made any move to stop me. I took this as a signal to keep going, knowing that it was a game to her to justify what she was about to do. I just hoped she didn't get cold feet and quit.

"I can't see anything yet except some hair, I want to get a good look into your pussy and see what the hole looks like," I said looking up at her. "Ok, go ahead, but just look," she sighed, looking around to make sure no one was coming down the road.

We were about a quarter mile from the nearest house, with open fields all around but occasionally someone would get lost and come down the road and turn around at the end. There were trees and bushes all around the yard so we were pretty well concealed. Still, we didn't want to be seen by anyone.

I stepped closer and bent over, sliding my hands up and down her creamy smooth thighs. She sighed and kind of leaned back on the porch. I slid one hand over her hairy cunt from top to bottom noticing that the hair was thick but very short and wiry. It was still growing back from being shaved when she had the baby.

I could see the sun glinting off the juice that was beginning to ooze from her cuntlips and knew she was getting very hot and I could do anything I wanted to her now if I just played it right. I could hear the soft moans coming from her lips as I continued to rub her pussy. I took the thumb and forefinger of my left hand and began to spread the lips of her now juicy cunt.

I could see the pinkish flesh of her tight still closed inner lips and see the pussy juice oozing out. I took the middle finger of my right hand and rubbed it up and down her tight slit, spreading the juice around. She started squirming and rolling her ass around on the porch.

Suddenly, I slid my cuntjuice greased finger deep into her steaming cunt. She bucked against my finger sending it in deeper. "Ohhh... my god, you weren't suppose to do that," she moaned, as I started reaming my finger in and out and all around inside her tight squeezing cunt. When her pussy was so hot and juicy that my finger slid in and out easily, I inserted another finger and continued.

"Aaaahhh... feels sooo... goood... ," she cried. "Rub my clit, too," she begged, taking my hand and guiding my fingers to it. I gave it a few rubs between my fingers and I continued to ream her pussyslit. As suddenly as I had started, I pulled my fingers from her steaming crotch and stood up. She looked at me bewildered that I had quit and left her before she could reach her orgasm.

"Don't stop," she begged. "Time to do something for me now, too, Hilda," I said, "Let's go in the house and get comfortable." "Hurry, I'm burning up, I need to cumm right now," she moaned, as she stood and we crossed the small porch and entered the living room.

She closed the door and locked it as we walked to the couch. She drew her dress over her head and dropped it on the end of the couch and stood facing me in all her youthful naked glory as I dropped my pants and shorts on the floor. My eyes first took in her full proud pear-shaped breast. I had never seen tits shaped quite like hers.

I pulled her to me and started sucking a big stiff nipple. It tasted delicious, like milk. Then she thought of the baby. "God, I need your cock bad, but I can't let you fuck me now with out a rubber. I might get knocked up again and I don't need another baby. Do you have any rubbers with you?" she looked at me questioningly as she gently pushed me away.

"No. I sure don't," I replied, "I wasn't expecting anything like this to happen today." "Well, we've got to figure out something fast because I'm about to go crazy, I need it so bad," she said. "Well, what do you want to do? I need something in a hurry, too, and I don't mean a handjob. I can do that myself," I said. "Listen," she said. "Have you ever had a girl suck your cock off for you?"

"You mean put it in your mouth and suck it till all the juice comes out and then swallow it," I ask. She smiled and nodded. "No, but it sounds great. Why don't you suck it off for me first and get all the juice out and then I can fuck you a long time before it goes off again and you won't have to take a chance on getting pregnant. If I tried to fuck you now, I wouldn't last two minutes," I said.

"OK, I'll suck it for you then, but you have to do the same for me while I'm doing it. I can't wait much longer like this. I've got to have something, too," she bargained as she rose from the couch and pushed me down on it. "Have you ever sucked a girl's pussy before?" she ask, huskily. "No, but I'm willing to learn," I replied.

"I'll teach you more later, but for now, just stick out your tongue and lick my pussy anywhere that looks good," she said, as she crawled on top of me with her juicy cunt right in my face. It was the first time I had seen a pussy up so close and I didn't know where to start so I just spread it open and dived in with my stiff tongue.

As soon as my tongue touched her hot slit she moaned and pushed it tighter into my face. My tongue went deep into her pussyhole and I was rewarded with the delicious taste of fresh hot cuntjuice. I loved it.

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