Speak Softly While my Master Sleeps


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Doctor/Nurse, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nurse Amy finds herself paying an unusual amount of attention to her new patient's comfort.

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Chapter 1

I've been reading a lot of mind control stories lately. My Master used to read them. I found hundreds saved on His computer. He had the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive bookmarked in His browser. I read them a lot now. I read His favorites over and over.

A lot of His favorite stories have a common plot--a young man has some bizarre accident, wakes up in a hospital with strange mental powers and proceeds to make some pretty young nurse his fuck toy. There are quite a few of them, some better than others. He was even half way through writing one himself when the very thing He fantasized about so often actually happened.

Only thing is, somehow He neglected the waking up part.

The time I first saw Him, I was a LPN at Duke University Medical Center, working in the Neurology division. He was a sophomore in Trinity College named Drew Rosenthal. Security found Him unconscious in the middle of Duke Forest on the west side of campus, a nasty bump on His head with the skin burned as if He had been struck by something very hard and very hot. His accident report said He was covered in a fine red dust, but there was no trace of it by the time they got Him to the emergency room.

The ER folks quickly saw there wasn't much they could do with Him. He was breathing, His pulse was strong, no sign of internal bleeding, no danger of immanent death. But also no response to external stimuli. So, after dressing His head and starting His soon to be massive medical tab, they sent Him up to us in Neurology.

Dr. Silvana Ajouz was the attending that night when they sent Him to us. I didn't much like her. She had immigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon during their civil war and perhaps seeing her home destroyed explained the extreme bitterness of the slender Lebanese physician. Whatever the reason, though, she was a bitch to work for. Everything was serious to her and it had damned well be serious to you too.

Together, we went through all the tests the ER had already gone through. Hospital administration had already reprimanded Dr. Ajouz for doing this, but she just didn't trust the ER to do things right. I get paid no matter what, so as long as it was her signature on the paperwork I was glad to do it.

The ER had gotten it right with Drew, so we proceeded to several other tests, trying to determine why the boy wouldn't wake up. As the most common causes were eliminated, Dr. Ajouz got more and more excited. It was a slow night with very few neuro patients in our ward, so she kept coming back to Drew. His insurance would pay for just about any test--my Master came from money--and she was determined to solve this puzzle.

We took Him to have a CAT scan. Normally, an orderly would have just taken Him and let the techs do their work, but like I said, it was a slow night. Dr. Ajouz and I went with our patient. The result of the scans frustrated Dr. Ajouz and the technicians to no end. The detectors were all completely saturated. Dr. Ajouz kept insisting the equipment must need to be recalibrated and the tech kept swearing he'd done so that very afternoon. Finally, they decided to do a scan on someone else. I got volunteered being that I didn't really need to even be there. They scanned me and at least got an image, although the technician said there were several regions of odd activity in my brain. I didn't worry about it too much since obviously something was up with the machine. We put Drew back in but again they couldn't see a damned thing.

Later on we tried MRI and PET. We even took Him over to Chapel Hill and ran Him through their machines. But nothing would let us see into His skull. Dr. Ajouz got very frustrated and swore a lot in several languages.

And so, we watched and waited. His mother arrived the next day and was there in His room when I went on shift. I immediately knew who she was. She was talking in hushed, concerned tones with Dr. Ajouz, her tearful eyes never leaving her motionless son. Dr. Ajouz looked odd. Obsessed, like she often got with unusual patients, but with a sort of disorientation that made her seem almost human.

Mrs. Rosenthal hugged me before I even introduced myself. I looked questioningly at Dr. Ajouz, but she was staring at Drew, her lower lip quivering.

"You'll help my baby, won't you Nurse Amy?" asked His mother. "He needs you!"

"I... We'll do every thing we can," I stammered. "He... he's a really special boy."

"I know you can make it better," she said, "We're counting on you."

She sniffled and released me from her bear hug.

"I'll leave you ladies alone with him. You call me if there's any change now."

She put on a brave face, took one last glance at her son, and left us alone with him.

"That was... wierd." I said to Dr. Ajouz as I joined her at Drew's side.

"Every thing about this is wierd," she said, not looking away from our patient. "It doesn't make sense. None of it makes sense."

"Yeah," I said. We stared at him in silence. I wondered why she had called me Nurse Amy and why I liked the sound of it.

"I should go finish my rounds," she said.

"Yeah. I need to see other patients too," I said.

We continued to watch him for another quarter of an hour.

I noticed it the following evening after Dr. Ajouz had left muttering to herself in Lebanese. (Our shifts overlapped by only 3 hours, though she had stayed until the end of my shift that first night, trying to figure out what was wrong with Him.) Dr. Dunlap came on as attending and started flirting with Mary, the ditzy blonde LPN. They always did that, expecting me to pick up the slack. It usually pissed me off, but not tonight. Tonight I was feeling strangely relaxed. I went about the ward humming softly to myself. It took me a while to notice that between each patient, I went to check on Drew. It wasn't until the 5th visit that I noticed it.

Now up until this point I could tell myself that everything was normal. Yes, I was spending an inordinent amount of time with one patient, but it was an unusual case and He was an interesting patient.

But then I saw it.

Now unconscious and comatose men get erections, especially when they're young. You giggle about it in nursing school and some nurses gossip about the ones who are unusually frequent or persistent, but for the most part, you get used to it. I hardly even noticed it anymore.

But Drew's was different. I was drawn to it.

I'd tear myself away, go back to check on another patient, and without really remembering how I'd find myself back in His room, staring at that bulge beneath the blanket. I started to feel very, very warm. I told myself it was just the room that was warm--much too warm for a comatose patient to be covered by a blanket.

I pulled the blanket down. The sheet followed. He lay there, motionless as ever, slowly inhaling and exhaling. The only other evidence of life was His dick standing at attention beneath His gown.

I stared at it. I walked around Him slowly, seeing it at every angle. I wanted so much to touch it. But no, I couldn't do that. I shouldn't have even been there. He was comfortable and monitored and medicated. He didn't need anything else from me.


He needed a sponge bath. It was my duty as a nurse to make sure my patient was clean and comfortable.

I filled a tub with warm water, got a soft terry cloth and a bottle of baby oil. It was important to keep a comatose patient clean and keep His skin from becoming chaffed and sore, I told myself. Yes, that's why I was doing this. It was my job.

I took off His gown and my stomach did somersaults. There It stood, stiff and thick and beautiful, It's circumcised head like a fat ripe strawberry, making my mouth water. I forced myself to start washing at His face and work down, as was customary, but I didn't do a very good job; I just couldn't keep my eyes off His cock.

At last, I reached the object of my fixation. I took the engorged flesh in my long-fingered fist with no regard for the customary 'hands-off" technique. It was hot, vibrant, a spear of life thrust forward to anchor its owner to the world. I dabbed at it perfunctorily with the sponge, then went for the baby oil. I smeared it all over His Manhood, dizzy as blood rushed out of my head and into my own genitals. I felt so hot, so good, and the fear of discovery or of my own perversion was drowned out by the crashing waves of my own pleasure.

"Mustn't let it chafe," I whispered consolingly to my dying conscience, "Mustn't let it chafe."

Drew's breathing came harder now, stronger, but His face remained expressionless. Still, I knew that He was pleased with me, that I lived to give Him pleasure, and that by giving I received. I gently took His balls between my fingertips as the other hand continued to pump. They were so soft, so precious. I moaned and moistened.

I knew what He needed and gave it to Him without reservation. I opened my mouth and engulfed His precious member. The taste of baby oil and flesh and the feel of cock in my mouth were superseded by myriad unnamed sensations that coursed through my mind and body.

One hand supported me as the other fondled His balls. My head bobbed up and down. My lips caressed His shaft while my tongue teased it. My pussy wept with joy and my mind sang with ecstasy. I was fulfilled. I had Purpose. I was serving the marvelous, beautiful sleeping god that was my Master!

Yes, my Master. How had I not seen it before? He was my Master.

As I came to this realization, My Master came silently to His climax. As I gratefully swallowed, I joined Him in orgasm, although with much less decorum. Luckily His cock muffled my exultations enough that no one investigated.

That night, my life changed forever. I no longer hesitated to give in to my urges to worship my Master. I knew that it was my Duty, my Joy, my Purpose. I knew intellectually that what I was doing to, for, and with my unconscious patient broke every ethical and moral rule in the book but I also knew that the rules did not apply to My Master. I didn't even worry about getting caught. Master would take care of me. He was pleased with me.

Needless to say, I dumped the guy that I had been seeing. There was room for only one man in my life.

Work became a pleasure from then on. Gladys, the head nurse and uberbitch, suddenly decided to schedule an extra nurse during my shift. I was able to devote all my time to my Master and the other nurses didn't seem to mind or even notice.

It was my day off, but I just couldn't go a day with out seeing Him. I wanted to dress up and look nice for Him. I went shopping and when I entered the hospital I was tottering on spiked heels, the hem of my sleeveless lycra dress stretched down to mid thigh. The dress was red. The shoes were red. He likes red.

I got quite a few stares as I made my way to Neurology. I looked damn hot. Once I got to my floor though, everyone acted like it was perfectly normal. Gladys even gave me a pleasant smile before she went back to berating an orderly.

I got to Drew's room and my pussy began to moisten in anticipation. At the door, I could hear a woman moaning. It occurred to me that I should at least knock as I boldly entered. There was Dr. Ajouz riding His Cock in a red bra, red stockings, red garters.

He likes red.

Dr. Ajouz gasped, shame faced. "I... I can explain," she lied.

I just smiled, shut the door, sauntered up and started licking His balls, nuzzling my cheek against her ass. After a moment's shock, she started sliding up and down His prick again. Her firm ass rubbed my face and hair. My soft hair and her soft ass felt good rubbing against my face as I enjoyed the taste of His balls. I laughed softly, both because it tickled a little and because I was so delighted to have a sister in my perversion.

I reached around and started to rub Silvana's clit in a rapid counterclockwise motion. Her vocalizations became more exuberant as her juices smeared my face and hair and added sauce to my snack. Soon, His balls tightened and jerked under my tongue as Drew shot His wad deep inside Silvana. She screamed, but no one came to see what the commotion was about.

Chapter 2

Our Master's influence continued to grow. Silvana asked to be assigned exclusively to his care and her request was granted without question. I requisitioned one of the larger hospital beds reserved for obese persons so that we could both worship Him in comfort. Together, Silvana and I saw to His every need and struggled to find a cure for his comatose state. It was just so sad that he be given his every desire while at the same time his ability to fully enjoy his power was taken away! Sometimes I cry about it. So does Silvana.

Silvana was best qualified to seek medical solutions, of course. She made phone calls and sent e-mails to every expert she could think of. Some she convinced to come see our Master and they immediately saw how essential it was that He be cured, but despite their most fanatical efforts, Our Darling remained in his unconscious state. The experts would leave, weeping at their failure, and Silvana would head back to the library.

Research was not my strong suit but I so wanted to relieve my Master's frustration! After much contemplation, I came to a decision: Until my master could get up and take what he desired, what he desired would come to him! I explained my plan to My Beloved as I massaged him, seeking His approval and assistance.

"Master," I said reverently, "I so want you to have all that you desire! Silvana is trying so hard to find a way to awaken you and I know that she will, but in the meantime, please, let me know what you want and I will bring it to you!"

In answer, His divine cock sprang to life. I always seem to better know My Master's will when He is in me. I kissed His divine messenger and mounted it. This was easily done since massaging My Master had left me wet and I had replaced my regular nurse's uniform with a short-cut one from a lingerie shop, complete with crotchless panties.

"Show me your desires, Master," I begged as I rocked my hips and felt his hot shaft inside me. "Show me, Master, how to serve You!"

As I became more and more aroused, a vision opened up before me. I saw through my Master's eyes a young woman. She was in a class room. I saw her from behind at first, her hair long, dark, and glossy. She turned and I saw her round, Asian face with Korean features. I saw glimpses of her ample breasts, her shapely legs, her lovely bottom, all seen clothed and from a distance. I felt my Master's lust for her.

As I approached climax, I heard her name: "Sela. Sela Chang." I can only assume that the voice was My Master's. I've never heard him speak.

"I will bring her to You, Master!" I swore. "I will bring her to You!"

And as I said so, I came as I had never come before. My Master was pleased with me.

Finding the girl my Master desired was simple enough. I acquired His class schedule from His mother, telling her I wanted to investigate any possibilities of things He may have come in contact with prior to His accident. She gave it to me gladly and even gave me a hug.

"You're so good to my Drew," she said.

I blushed, wondering what she would think of me if only she knew.

"It's... my pleasure Mrs. Rosenthal. Really." I said.

I knew from my vision that the young lady was in Drew's sociology class. Navigating the underground color-coded maze, I made my way to the oldest part of the hospital, which opens out onto west campus. I found the classroom and waited outside for Sela Chang to come out.

She was easy to spot. Her hair was absolutely breathtaking, cut in a very simple style and plunging down past her bottom in a glossy black sheet. I don't think I could have found a split end with a microscope and a year to search.

"Excuse me, are you Sela Chang?" I asked.

The girl looked at me askance.

"Yes..." she said hesitantly.

"I'm sorry, I know this must seem strange, but do you know Drew Rosenthal?"

"The guy who's unconscious? Yeah, well, kind of. I mean, we were in classes together and I sometimes saw him around. I didn't know him very well. It's so sad what happened to him."

"Yes it is," I commiserated. "I'm His nurse, Nurse Amy."

"Oh, um, is he doing any better?"

"Well, yes, actually, He is," I lied. Or maybe it was more of a wish. "He hasn't regained consciousness but He is showing signs of recovery. That's actually why I came to find you."

"Me? But... why me?" she asked, perplexed.

"Well, the thing is, He's been asking for you. At least, He's been calling out 'Sela'. I couldn't find anybody else named Sela in the school directory so I figured it must be you."

"Really?" she exclaimed, perplexed and a little embarrassed. I decided to push through while she was disoriented.

"Anyway, I was hoping that you might come and visit Him in the hospital. Sometimes it just takes a specific stimulus to bring a comatose patient back. Since He's calling out to you, maybe if you answer it will help bring Him back."

"Gosh, I... I really can't imagine why he would be asking for me, but, well... okay. If you think it will help."

I had to restrain myself from hugging her.

"Oh thank you, Sela! That is so good of you. Could you come now? It will only take a moment."

She glanced at her watch.

"Well... all right," she agreed.

I led Sela to my waiting Master, thanking her again and again for coming. She assured me she was glad to do so.

When we arrived, Mrs. Rosenthal was there. I was afraid my plan would fail, but she immediately smiled and got up from my Master's bedside.

"Well hello," she said, "I'm Drew's mother. You must be that nice Sela girl my son keeps talking about."

"Um, he talks about me?" Sela asked, clearly uncomfortable.

"Oh don't worry, dear," Master's mother said. "He hasn't said much. Just mentioned that there was a really pretty girl in his sociology class that he hoped to get to know better. Now that the poor boy is in such a state, though, your name is one of the few words he has said. It's so sweet of you to come and visit him."

"Well, it's the least I can do," said Sela. "How are you doing, Ma'am?"

"Oh, as well as can be expected," said Master's mother. "I'm comforted by knowing that such caring people are so devoted to my son. Speaking of which, I'll leave you and Nurse Amy to attend to him."

So saying, she got up and left, squeezing my arm as she did so and smiling at me gratefully.

"Uh, you don't need to go," Sela told her.

I watched the confusion on the young girl's face as His mother retreated. She surely suspected something unorthodox was afoot, but I smiled to reassure her. Everything would be fine. The growing bulge beneath His sheet said so. I put my arm around her and directed her to Drew.

"It's better this way," I told her as she stared at my Master with growing awe.

"Drew?" she said hesitantly. "Drew can you hear me? Can you..."

My sleeping Master did not reply, of course, except for the sudden leap of His member. She saw it now and turned away, blushing. She fixed her eyes on His face. I could see it took an effort not to look at His beautiful member hiding there in its tent.

She stared silently at him. I stroked her long glossy hair and sighed my contentment. I had done well.

"I'm, like, really sorry about your accident," Sela continued. "I... I hope you'll wake up soon and maybe we can get to know each other better. I wish there was something I could do... I just wish there was something... something..."

And then I saw the light come on in her eyes. She understood!

"There is something I can do, isn't there?" she asked me, smiling with her new-found enlightenment.

"Oh yes, dear Sela," I told her. "There is! Isn't it wonderful?"

"Oh Nurse Amy," she exclaimed, pulling off the sheet to reveal Master's Glory, "It is wonderful! And beautiful! So very beautiful!"

Her eyes returned to Master's uncloaked manhood and her little backpack fell to the floor, unheeded. She fumbled at the buttons of her blouse. Being more accustomed to Master's presence and not the main focus of his attention at that moment, I was better able to expedite her disrobing and gently brushed her hands away. I stripped her naked with practiced efficiency as she stared raptly at Master.

"I'm so glad you understand, Sela," I told her as I shucked off her clothing.

Since coming to belong to my Master, I have gained a much greater appreciation of the female form and Sela represented it admirably. She had lovely full breasts and even in my hurry to undress her I couldn't resist giving them a gentle squeeze. Her focus on Master, she didn't mind. I'm not certain if she even noticed.

I knelt to remove her shoes, then her pants and panties. The odor of her arousal was absolutely luscious and I sniffed deep at her blooming blossom. I kissed it, blessing it as an offering to my Master, then stood and kissed her forehead.

"You are a very lucky girl, Sela, to be the object of Master's desire," I told her. "Are you ready?"

"Oh yes!" she cried "Yes!"

I propelled her towards bliss with a pat on her cute naked hiney. She climbed on the bed straddling Master's legs and, cooing and kissing, bent over Master's throbbing marvel to worship it. With generous handfuls of her glossy black hair, she caressed and teased His precious prick. She lovingly spiraled a thick lock around and around His shaft, from base to head, then slowly unwound it with a gentle tug of her head, causing it to spring happily once it was finally released. Both Sela and I laughed at the joyful sight.

Sela then swept her long black tresses along my Master's naked body, from His face to His knees and back again. He made no physical response to her ministrations, save for the throbbing of His dick, but I could tell He was pleased. Sela could sense it as well, if the ecstatic smile on her face was any gauge.

Having showered Master's whole self with her glossy glory, she returned once again to Master's magnificent man meat. Rubbing His balls with the hair in her left hand, she polished His shaft with the hair in her right, first slowly but with ever mounting vigor. From her moaning and befuddled expression, I could tell that Master was rewarding her for her efforts. She never lost her rhythm, though, even as she started to come.

Master was coming as well! His seed shot high into the air and landed in large white globs in Sela's dark hair! I had never seen Him come so long, so hard, and so much, but I wasn't jealous. After all, I was the one who had brought her to Him.

Cooing with the absolute joy that only comes from pleasing my Master, Sela flopped into bed beside him, kissing and stroking him as she gurgled her contentment. I went to His other side and joined her. I was overwhelmed with the heady, intoxicating euphoria that my Master sends to show he is pleased with us and I spent several minutes stroking and gurgling along with Sela. We smiled at each other across Master's sleeping form, reveling in our new sisterhood, delighted that we had both pleased Him.

And then I knew that it was time for her to go and that we had to get her dressed. She was sad when I told her so, but she accepted it. I am best able to sense my Master's will and those that love Him never question it when I make it known.

I helped Sela dress and lovingly wiped Master's spunk from her hair. Almost immediately after I had her presentable, Master's mother returned.

"Did you and my Drew have a nice visit?" she asked the still-glowing Sela.

"Yes ma'am," she exclaimed. "A very, very nice visit. He'll get better soon, I just know it!"

"Yes, I'm certain he will. I'm just so glad he has such good friends that care about him," said Mrs. Rosenthal. "Such a nice girl. And such pretty hair."

Sela blushed and I looked at my feet. She said it innocently enough, though. I'm still not sure if Mrs. Rosenthal understands the relationship between her Son and my sisters and I. She never has let on and I'm certainly not about to ask. She never has walked in on any of us though so I think Master wants to keep His mother unaware of His activities. He's a very good Son.

When Silvana came by with a stack of journal articles, I was just bursting to tell her what I had done. She listened appreciatively but I could tell that something was bothering her.

"What's wrong, Silvana?"" I asked. "You're not jealous about sharing our Master, are you?"

"Oh no!" she denied. "No, Of course not! Any one he wants should be His! I am just sad because while you can bring Him what He asks of you, I bring Him only failure and disappointment!"

She sighed and plopped the journal articles down on the table.

"I search and search but all my efforts bring me no closer to discovering why He can not awaken! I live to please him, but I cannot! I am worthless!"

She was weeping, big glistening teardrops rolling down her lovely cheeks. It broke my heart!

"Oh Silvana!" I exclaimed, "Master knows how hard you try! He knows how much you love Him!"

She shook with grief. I took her in my arms and held her close, stroking her baby-fine hair. Looking over her shoulder, I saw Master's Manhood rising. He wanted to make Silvana feel better, I just knew it.

I took the good doctor by her shoulders and held her at arm's length.

"Now look, Silvana," I told her. "You've brought in a dozen different specialists who now see that awakening Master is their greatest purpose in life and all of them are doing research, probably reading those very articles. But he didn't make any of them His. You're more than just a doctor to him, Silvana, more than just a means to a cure."

"He doesn't just want this," I said, tapping her forehead. "He's still very interested in what's down here."

I parted her white coat and reached down to stroke her crotch.

"Do you really think so Nurse Amy?" she asked, looking terribly vulnerable.

I bodily turned her and showed her Master's turgid state.

"He's calling to you now, Silvana. It's not doctoring He wants. It's that tight little cunt of yours."

"Oh Master!" she cried. I slipped her her coat off and she went to him wearing her little red sundress that did such an admirable job of emphasizing her tiny titties. She pulled off the sheet and began to weep again, this time with joy.

She left her neurologist identity there on the floor with her white coat and became the earnest, worshipful sexpot that I knew Master adored. She bathed him in love and slobber. She freed herself from her panties and mounted Master, crying out in delirious ecstasy as she impaled herself on him. She sang his praises as she rode his cock, babbling about how she lived for His pleasure.

"Oh Master! I am yours! I am yours! Body and soul I belong to You!" she cried. "My pussy hungers for You always! My mind is your toy to shape as you wish, my body your tool to use at your pleasure! Oh Master! Master! My Sweet Master! AaaEeee!"

She tore at her dress, ripping it from her as she bucked and thrust. Her exultations came in her native tongue after that, her eyes wide with unbridled, unthinking lust. It looked so hot and it was making me so horny that I sat down in the easy chair and started to masturbate as I admired the good doctor's devotion to our Master. Of course, she was only a doctor when Master needed her to be. I think she understood that after that day. When her medical skills were not required, she was free to be the cock-hungry sex slave Master wanted her to be. It was such a beautiful thing and I enjoyed it almost as much as she did as I stroked my happy pussy. I'm not sure which of us came first, but when I came down she was still screaming.

"He spoke to me, Nurse Amy!" she exclaimed once she had emerged from her ecstasy. "He showed me a girl, just like you! She has red hair and her name is Amber."

"Oh Silvana! That's wonderful!"

"I can do this!" she exclaimed. "I can bring her to Master and He will be happy with me! Oh Nurse Amy, I'm so happy!"

I embraced her naked, sweaty form as she straddled our sleeping Master.

"I'm very happy for you too, Silvana. And for Him, of course. I'm sure He will be very pleased with you when you bring Him this Amber."

"I will go find her now," she exclaimed, disengaging from Master and determinedly heading for the door.

"Uh, Silvana," I called after her. "You really should wear clothes."

She looked down at her naked self and sighed in resignation.

"Yes, I suppose you are right."

Chapter 3

Unfortunately, Silvana's assignment was not nearly as nice as Sela. The luscious Lebanese lady returned an hour later, furious.

"That... That... Sharmuta!" she exclaimed.

"Silvana, what's wrong? " I asked. "What happened?"

"I will tell you what happened," she exclaimed. "That... that muti, she would not come! She laughed, Nurse Amy! She laughed at Master! And she said such horrible things! I can't repeat them!"

Silvana shuddered. I did too. I realize that not everyone is going to adore Master the way my sisters and I do, but that anyone would actively dislike him is too horrid to bear!

My initial thought was that Amber was unworthy to belong to our Master and I tried to encourage Silvana to find someone more deserving.

"It's all right, Silvana," I said, taking her hand. "I'm sure Master will tell you another girl that He desires, one who is less bitchy and more worthy to belong to Him."

"Oh no!" Silvana declared. "Master wants this Amber-slut and He will have her! I will do whatever it takes to bring her to Him and make her His whore!"

The fire in her eyes told me there would be no dissuading her. Her logic was sound, after all. Master should have whatever he wants.

"Master?" asked Silvana, reverently approaching His sleeping form, attempting to calm her rage while she communed.

"Dear, sweet Master," she continued, slipping off his sheet, "I have not brought the one you sent me after. She resisted me. But I will bring her, Master! I will do whatever I must. I have a plan, but I need your guidance. Please, Master, help me! Help me to do your will! Fill me with wisdom, with guidance, with sperm!"

As she spoke, she stroked Masters cock and slowly it awoke and rose in all its splendor. Once it had begun to become turgid, Silvana forgo words, filled her mouth with Master's manmeat and plead her case with moans and slurps rather than prayers. Soon a bulge showed in Silvana's slender throat. Master was at full power.

Silvana let loose a mighty groan as she closed her eyes and trembled, enraptured, communing with His Divine Dick. The nurse in me worried about her airflow, but the better part of me knew that air was no substitute for Master.

Sure enough, Silvana soon slid His spent member from her throat and while she was gasping and woozie from the experience, she was none the worse for wear. While she gasped for air and came down from her ecstasy, I kissed up the bit of Master's semen that escaped from the corner of her mouth, hoping she wouldn't mind.

"Mitch," she said.

"Excuse me?" I asked, thinking I'd miss heard.

She blinked and then smiled at me.

"I have to go find Mitch," she explained, and then walked off seeming still a bit dazed.

I looked at Master. Mitch? I thought. Master should have what ever he wants, but I must admit I was a bit confused.

I was reading 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' aloud to my Master when Silvana returned, leading a giggly redhead by the hand. The girl practically floated into the room. I closed the book and stood up.

"Hideehideehiiiii!" exclaimed the girl, waving vigorously to me.

"You must be Amber," I said, and the girl nodded with such enthusiasm I thought she might break her neck. "Well, I'm so glad that you could come and see Drew. I'm sure it means a lot to Him."

The dopey girl looked at our comatose Master and her face went slack for a moment as she wobbled, then the stoned grin was back, her clothes were off, and she began to worship.

As she ravished our Master, I turned to Silvana and asked how she had managed to get Amber into her current compliant state.

"Well, I had some help," the doc explained. "Master showed me where to find her boyfriend, Mitch. He was very eager to help after I blew him in the back of His SUV. It was such the ugly thing, nothing like Master's, but I closed my eyes and thought of Him. After, I told Mitch I knew Amber and he was afraid that I was going to expose his infidelity but I assured him that I only wanted to come between him and Amber for one night. He is a little slow, so I had to spell it out that I wanted a three-way. Poor boy, his eyes got so huge!"

"Of course, he didn't think Amber would do it and obviously she wouldn't since she had been such the bitch to me yesterday. I assured Mitch that we could convince her with a little bit of pharmaceutical assistance, though. I gave him a little cocktail that I had raided from the pharmacy to slip Miss Amber. He called me a couple hours later and the little bitch was flying high and ready for anything.

He had already gotten her half naked by the time I got to her dorm room. I praised Mitchy and gave his ugly cock a squeeze, then asked Amber how she was feeling. She was clearly feeling very good, so good that she didn't even remember me. I told her that I thought I could make her feel better, got on my knees and went to work on her pussy. She started sucking her thumb and making the strangest little sounds, like, well, like that."

The happy little red head had impaled herself on our Master's cock, her ass toward His face, and was sucking at His big toe. Around the toe, she was making noises that I imagine a braying jackass might make if kept in an atmosphere of helium and nitrous oxide. We admired and envied her worship of our Master a moment, then Silvana continued her story.

"Now Mitchy almost lost his... concentration before he even managed to get his pants off. Once he did though, he was all over us. He pulled Amber's thumb out and managed to get his dick in her mouth as she slid down the couch. This started her giggling and gagging, but eventually she remembered how to suck. Then Mitch turned to watch me licking his girlfriend's clitty."

"He had a dumbstruck, almost panicked look on his face as it dawned on him that he had no idea what he was supposed to do and that two women were much too much for him to handle. He is nothing like Master. I decided he was very close, so I reached up and gave his balls a little squeeze that sent him over the edge. Blew his load all over Amber's face and titties. I intensified my treatment of Amber then and she just went crazy. I ignored Mitchy as he stood there panting with his dick going limp in his hand. He did not know what to do next."

"After a few minutes, I kept Amber going with my fingers and started teasing Mitch. I asked if he was done already and why didn't he get his thing hard again so he could fuck my pussy. He got even more panicked, pleading for just five minutes. He could get it up again, he said. Really. He might have done himself damage, he was so determined. That was when I knew I had him. I left Amber to wonder what happened and gave Mitch what I told him was the next generation of Viagra. He downed them and five minutes later, they downed him. I cleaned Amber up and brought her here. Mitch should wake up sometime tomorrow--Tuesday at the latest."

We both giggled.

"Oh Master!" Amber screamed, drawing back our attention. "Use me, Master! Use me! I am your whore! I am your whore forever, Master! Oh Master!"

The little red head shuddered in what was no doubt the most intense climax of her life, then collapsed, panting.

"Well," said Silvana, "I am glad to see all my efforts were not in vain. She must feel very silly for being such the bitch about coming to see Master."

Amber's head popped up from between His ankles to smile at us. Apparently she was not quite exhausted.

"Amber was baaaaaaad! <giggle>" she said. "Amber must be punished! Amber will suck off one freshman everyday until graduation!"

Silvana and I smiled at one another, pleased with Master's wisdom and Amber's new attitude. The reformed redhead reverently dismounted and stood naked before us, arms at her side, palms spread, Master's glorious spunk running down her legs.

"And for causing such trouble, and because Master loves you, Amber will belong not just to Master but to Dr. Silvana and Nurse Amy! Amber will be their slave and pleasure them in whatever manner they wish!"

She knelt before Silvana.

"Please, Mistress Silvana," she begged. "Use me!"

Silvana looked to me, eyes wide.

"It is Master's will, Silvana," I encouraged.

A gleam came to the good doctor's eyes and she smiled devilishly at our new toy. She pulled down her pants.

"Lick me, Sharmuta!" she commanded.

"Yes Mistress!" cried Amber and mashed her face into Silvana's hairy bush. Silvana gave a little gasp at the ferocity of it, then grabbed hold of the girl's head, threw her own head back and pealed with joyful laughter. Her depression of the day before seemed to belong to another lifetime.

I stepped behind Silvana and started to remove her blouse. She looked over her shoulder at me and giggled girlishly. She looked so lovely I couldn't help but kiss her. I finished disrobing her and encouraged her to sit in the chair, lest Amber's obsessive cunilingus knock her over.

I held the confused redhead by the hair as Silvana got comfortable, then commanded her to continue he assigned task. She eagerly advanced on her knees to resume her place before Silvana's bush and continued her lip service.

I removed my naughty nurse negligee and perched my naked ass on Master's bed. I stroked Master's head with one hand and my purring pussy with the other as I watched Amber's slavish muff munching. Silvana squirmed in her seat, her nipples like agates, her face ecstatic. It was quite the show.

She suddenly pulled Amber's head up with a jerk.

"Tell me you are a slut!" she demanded.

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