Bow's Dream

by Bowhuntress

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, Science Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: You see the tops of her breasts pushed against something in her arms...a box of sorts. It is the only thing covering her. Below the box you see her flat stomach blending into her equine-formed writhers. Strong, long and oh so powerful legs.

Drifting off to sleep you can almost hear the voices of Athenian citizens still going on with their lives and one, just one seems to come into clearer focus...

There in the valley, tall wild unkempt grasses sway in the breeze. Wild flowers of every color tangle in the ocean of green. There, sitting in the center of the field sits a figure. She appears closer somehow, as you try to focus on her. Her equine legs are tucked up under her, the sunlight dapples off of her shining muscular flanks, the strong lines of her back are almost but not quite hidden by her long thick curly copper hair that the breeze plays with.

Her head is bent at some task... a small frown suddenly turns up and her faces lights up. Tossing her hair back from her face she stares right at you. Beautiful bright green eyes shine at you. Long lashes sweep down and hide the gaze for a moment only to reopen and stun you again with an intent stare. Your breath catches in your throat. A slow sly smile works its way from her eyes to her mouth. Pink lips are moistened by a slow lick of the tongue. With a graceful shifting of weight she stands. Her long silk tail flies in the breeze. Finally catching her hair, the breeze hides her face from you for a moment. The trance from her eyes is now broken. Her long sleek neck flows into strong shoulders, biceps and arms. You see the tops of her breasts pushed against something in her arms... a box of sorts. It is the only thing covering her. Below the box you see her flat stomach blending into her equine-formed writhers. Strong, long and oh so powerful legs.

The breeze carries your name to you like a whisper... staring into her eyes you begin to approach... gods so slowly... She drops the box to the grasses and waits for you. Her hair tickles her full breasts as the breeze teases her and you. Allowing you mere glimpses here and there. Frowning you strain to get closer faster as in the way of dreams the more you want the slower it goes... she gets fuzzy now she's fading... no merely changing... as you near, her legs change... she becomes human... the forelegs are gone replaced with strong powerful human thighs which the grasses caress... Gods to be jealous of grass.

Then you're there. Her warm body melts into your strong warrior's arms. You pull her in close, afraid if you don't she'll be taken by that breeze. With a soft laugh her face is turned up to yours and her lips part awaiting your kiss. Those long lashes steal away those eyes and you lean down and kiss her warm wet lips... your tongue slips out to touch her lips as you saw hers do from a distance. With merriment in her eyes the tip of her tongue snakes out to greet yours with a moan the kiss deepens... her breasts are crushed against your strong muscular chest and still you feel you can't get close enough the Want... no the Need is too great.

Your hands move over her strong back and you lips seek out her neck... her shoulders. Kneeling down you kiss her breasts and her hair tickles your face you lick suck and gently bite her nipples... Your hands touch and explore her ass the backs of her thighs... the hairs of her sex are tickle your chest. Her fingers tangle in your hair and she pets you, a soft sigh escapes her. Your lips lick the full underside of her breasts, you kiss the flat muscular stomach when you move to kiss the apex of her thighs she lightly giggles and pulls back... on the breeze you hear her whisper "I shall fall." With a smile she gracefully lowers her self in the tall grasses.

Her panther like body is laid out before your eyes once again your eyes touch her before you hands do. You touch the firm satin skin of her leg... thigh... pausing just a moment before spreading her legs. Your heart races at the sight before you. With slowness only a dream could have you lean forward to taste her. Parting her lips your tongue dips into the sweet salty wetness that is her essence. A moan is carried away on the breeze. Your penis is swollen so much it's almost painful, it begs to taste her as well, the dream denies you this... you continue to lick and suck her clit and your tongue dips inside those strong thighs grip themselves around your neck... her hips buck you slip a finger inside of her and the moans are now too heavy for the breeze to carry away.

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