Salesman's Life

by Liberty Bell

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Desc: Sex Story: Insurance salesman makes a lucky call on a horny client.

My name is Larry Rankin. I am a young insurance salesman. Thirty years old, married ten years with a good-looking wife, two children and one on the way, a house and a dog. I work the old-fashioned way; going door-to-door working leads and collecting monthly from my customers. I work in a small sized area of about 75,000 people with the surrounding rural area as part of my territory.

In my line of work I get to know my customers and their families pretty well and since I'm not trying to get rich, I can keep my customer base small enough so that I can have about as much free time as I want and still not have to rush around on a busy schedule.

One day recently I was working my rural route; I had parked on a side road to go over my books and got sidetracked when I remembered the latest issue of Playboy; which I had just picked up that morning at the Post Office. After I had looked at the newest Playmate and her friends l had a hardon that wouldn't quit and was so horny that I almost decided to take matters into my own hands.

Instead I decided to stick to business and call on the Barber family who lived nearby. They live in a rental house on a farm in an isolated part of the county. I checked my watch, it was about 10:45. Mr. Barber works rotating shifts at a business that is open 24 hours a day and I never know when he will be home.

Mrs. Barber, Sandy, is a luscious, blonde, 25 year old housewife with two children, one of which is in school. She is home most of the time but doesn't handle the family finances, preferring to leave that to her husband. I had noticed the past several times when I went by that she was giving me some sly looks and smiles and getting a little friendlier that necessary, especially the times when her husband wasn't home.

Even if her husband wasn't home maybe I could get a cup of coffee and make a few passes at her. I never knew where they might lead as I have had my share of successes in the past. Right now I was double horny as my wife is expecting and not putting out very much or very often. She is always afraid of hurting the baby. I noticed as I drove into the yard that Mr. Barber's car was not there. He was either at work or gone somewhere.

I wasn't really disappointed as this would give me an excuse to come back another time and give me some time alone with Sandy. She would probably be alone today, except for the young baby, as the other child would be in school and they seldom had any visitors that I had seen. I parked my car in the rear and went up to knock on the back door. I wasn't expecting what I was to find.

The curtains on the door window were pulled back and I could see through the house into the living room where Sandy sat or rather half reclined on the sofa reading some kind of book. She hadn't dressed for the day yet and had on what looked to be just her underclothes and a thin satin robe. I could see that she wasn't expecting anyone as she had the robe pulled up high on her thighs and one hand was busy between her smooth pink thighs rubbing her cunt through her panties.

Sandy had the panties pushed to one side and I could see her blonde-haired muff peeking at me. The book was in front of her face so she couldn't see me unless she lowered it. Sandy wasn't aware of me standing at the door and I stood there feeling like a peeping Tom with my cock getting harder by the second as I continued to watch her excite herself. I thought to myself that this was the perfect time to see if I could get into her hot young pussy.

I continued watching as Sandy pulled the thin robe higher and higher and began pushing her sheer black bikini panties down her shapely legs completely exposing her blonde kinky-haired bush. As the panties went over her knees Sandy wiggled her legs and they fell down her legs and onto the sofa. Without taking her eyes from the book, Sandy spread her thighs and again dipped her hand into her naked crotch.

She ran her hand up and down over her exposed labia several times then spread her swollen pussylips with her fingers. I thought I could hear her soft moans of pleasure and could see the moistness being released as her hot young pussy prepared itself for the thrills that were to soon come. As I watched, Sandy drew her middle-finger to her mouth, wet it, and then slowly began rubbing it up and down her pussyslit.

She did this several times then slowly began inserting the wet finger into her tight hot pussyhole. She plunged it in deep and began to frig it in and out of her cunt. Just at that moment I decided to knock on the door. Sandy's reaction was almost instantaneous. She dropped the book and jumped up from the sofa, her robe a flurry of flying material as it dropped to again cover her lower body.

Looking toward the door with a shocked embarrassed look she saw me through the window glass and called, "Come in" as she attempted to straighten her hair and clothes. I stepped inside and walked toward her saying, "I'm sorry, it looks like I interrupted something really interesting."

"You most certainly did," Sandy replied, "but I can't say I'm really sorry about it. I was just reading and got a little carried away with the story. I can continue it later." Walking over and picking up the book, I read the title aloud, "Hot Horny Housewife" "Interesting reading, is that what you are, Sandy? A hot, horny housewife," I ask laughingly.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, that's just what I am," Sandy replied truthfully, "With my husband working these crazy hours and working so much overtime and being gone or too tired when I need him, I'm a very horny housewife." "And I'm just a horny insurance salesman," I said looking down to the stiff bulge in my pants which she had already noticed. "Maybe we could help each other out," I said suggestively while looking over her hot young body.

"Exactly what did you have in mind," Sandy questioned, moving over to me and rubbing her scantily clad torso against me. "Well, I don't really have anything that I have to do today and it looks like your husband is going to be gone for awhile," I said as I took her into my arms and pulled her warmth closer to me.

"Yes, he won't be home until late this evening but my daughter will be home from school about three," Sandy replied as she undulated suggestively against me. "Well, it looks like we have about four hours to get over our horniness. I think we can do that, don't you?" I asked as I began kissing and licking up and down the smooth warm skin of her neck.

"Or get a good start on it anyway," Sandy cooed as she shivered and ran one hand up and down my back while the other snaked between us to massage my rock-hard cock through my pants. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time now," Sandy confided. "Why haven't you? Look at opportunities you've missed," I said as I drew her closer.

"Well, I'm a married woman and can't take too many chances. If we do this then you have to promise me something," Sandy said pushing me away to look directly at me. "What," I asked, ready to promise almost anything to get my aching cock into her hot young body.

"No strings and no promises about anything in the future. I don't want my husband ever finding out. You'll have to keep your mouth shut and never tell a soul about us, ever," Sandy emphasized as she squeezed my dick a little harder. "OK, and no calls from you to my home or office, either" I cautioned as I shifted my hands to run under her now open robe and over the smooth firm globes of her asscheeks.

Sandy nodded as we turned our heads together and our lips met as we began a hot passionate kiss, our first. Sandy's lips were hot, moist and sweet. My tongue snaked out and she took it into her mouth, meeting it with her own and swirling it around in a passionate duel with no loser and two winners. "Whew," I gasped when we finally pulled apart to catch our breath, "You really know how to use that tongue, baby."

"Wait till you see what else I can do with it," Sandy laughed breathily. "We're both a little overdressed for anything else, aren't we?" I suggested. "Why don't we take care of that right now," Sandy suggested as she reluctantly pulled away from me. "I need to check the baby. Why don't you lock up and pull the curtains. We don't want any unexpected interruptions."

As Sandy went to another room to check on the baby, I locked all the doors and pulled the curtains so no one could see in, especially the back door where a few minutes ago I had been standing. Sandy returned to the room, standing in front of the sofa as she pulled the satin robe from her body and carelessly dropped it to the floor next to her black panties leaving her clad only in her flimsy bra which was certainly unneeded to hold up her firm young breast.

She sat down on the sofa and watched while I stripped down to just my shorts and piled my clothes neatly on a nearby overstuffed chair. I walked over and dropped down on the sofa next to Sandy. I reached my right hand around her shoulder into her blond tresses and ran the other down to trace along the bottom of one firm young breast. She offered no resistance and I took her reaction for implied consent. I felt her lips vibrate with a muffled moan as I covered them with mine.

With my left hand, I traced over to the other breast, spiraled in to the nipple, and gently pulled it between two fingers. One of Sandy's hands slipped down to my shorts and began to rub my hard bulging cock through the material. Our tongues were alternately entwined and probing. I slipped my right hand down from Sandy's hair to undo the clasp of her bra.

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