Helping Hand

by Liberty Bell

Copyright© 2002 by Liberty Bell

Sex Story: Retiree gets reward for helping new neighbor lady.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I had just retired and moved to the rural mountain neighborhood about a year ago and didn't know many people yet. I live on the side of a small winding mountain road near the top but with a few mobile homes nearer the top. I got to know some of the other people on the road when I started walking the circular road almost every day for my health. Soon most of them knew my name and would wave or stop what they were doing to carry on a short conversation.

One day as I was working in my yard beside the road, one of the young neighbor ladies passed by on her way to the main road. She waved and gave me a nice smile, I waved and returned the smile. A while later she returned up the road. As she drew abreast of me she stopped and began to comment on the work I was doing.

I introduced myself and we talked awhile. I found out that her name was Wanda Barnes and that she was recently divorced with two small school-aged children and that she had moved in with her widowed mother who lived up the mountain above me. Wanda informed me that she had bought a wooded lot above me and that she would be moving in there as soon as she could get it cleared and find a used mobile home that she could afford to buy and fix up. We talked a little more and then she left.

From then on Wanda would stop to talk a little each time she saw me out working. We got better acquainted and one day Wanda stopped and told me that she had finally bought a mobile home and was having it moved in but that she had to do a lot of work on it to make it like she wanted it.

A few days later Wanda came down to ask if she could hook up an extension cord to my outside power pole for some power as she hadn't had hers hooked up yet. She offered to pay for the power but, since I knew it would only be a small amount, I refused to accept any payment. "Maybe I could trade you something later," Wanda hinted laughingly as she plugged in the cord and walked back up the hill.

A few days later, on a warm fall day and dressed in my hiking shorts and light T-shirt, I was on my daily walk and near her place. I saw that Wanda was outside carrying some things from her car inside. I realized that this was the first time I had seen Wanda outside her car and I liked what I saw. Wanda was about thirty years old, 5' 8" with short fading bottle blond hair.

She wasn't skinny or fat, but a little on the plump side. It looked good on her though and she filled out her shorts and T-shirt nicely. She wasn't beautiful, like a showgirl, but pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. Wanda wasn't wearing a bra but I could tell her breast were nice from the way her T-shirt lifted in front.

I called to her and she stopped and watched as l walked down the bank to her mobile home. I quickly volunteered to help carry the things for her. We were soon done and after the last load Wanda invited me to sit down on the old sofa inside and have a drink with her.

"What would you like?" Wanda asked invitingly. "I don't think I could get what I'd really like but I'll settle for a beer if you have it or a coke if you don't," I joked. "Well, let's have a beer for now, and go from there," she replied, handing me a cold one from her cooler. "I see you still don't have any power yet," I observed. "No, not yet," she replied, "and it looks like I owe you double now, for the power and the help."

"Always ready to help out a good-looking neighbor lady," I said truthfully, openly admiring her. "Well, I could sure use some more help right now if you're willing," Wanda said, the springs creaking as she moved closer to me on the old sofa. "Just what did you have in mind," I questioned as I took a swallow and leaned over to put my beer on the floor.

Before I lifted back up, I felt her warm hand slide onto and over my bare thigh. I finished raising up and looked quizzically at her. "We could be making these springs squeak for a better reason," Wanda laughed. "I know I'm being bold, but I'm finding out that you have to be if you want to get what you want. I'm very horny right now and I know what I want. I've seen the way you look at me and I know you want it, too. The question is, are you going to do anything about it."

As soon as Wanda had finished talking I reached to pull her into my arms and began kissing her. As I kissed her lips I ran my hands up her back under her T-shirt, feeling her smooth, warm skin. Our lips parted and I began kissing her cheek and back to her ear and then down to the curve of her neck. My hands weren't idle and began working around her sides to the front where they encountered the undersides of her braless breast, filling them with hot firm flesh.

Wanda wasn't a teenager and her full tits had a slight sag to them but they weren't the floppy breast of an elderly matron either. My hands worked upward, slowly kneading and squeezing until I encountered her stiffening nipples. They must have been more than a half-inch long and as round as a finger. I flicked my finger over one and then the other and heard her moan into my ear.

Meanwhile, Wanda had been busy also with working her hands into the waistband of my bulging shorts where she moaned again as she encountered my stiff hot cock. She gripped it tightly and began jacking it up and down while her other hand slipped down to my hairy bloated balls and began massaging them.

Suddenly, we were both startled by loud noises coming from a house across the way. We both removed our hands and moved back. "I guess we should lock the doors and close the curtains, in case anyone else happens by," I said. "I don't have curtains for all the windows yet, so I guess we'll have to go back to the bedroom. I have a bed already in there, but no covers. It does have blinds on the windows though," Wanda informed me.

"Ahh, and I was looking forward to making some springs squeak," I laughed as I looked at the sofa. "That doesn't mean we can't make the bedsprings squeak," Wanda quipped as she locked the front door and headed down the hallway to the bedroom, checking the hall door as she passed it. I followed along behind, watching her cute ass swaying as she walked.

As we entered the bedroom the space between us narrowed and the warmth of her body bridged the gap as easily as did the scent of her cologne. Wanda looked directly into my eyes. I was extremely aroused and a bit embarrassed. "My god! That's beautiful!" Wanda gasped as her hand encircled the warm shaft of my hard cock and she pressed her lips against mine.

I again embraced her and began exploring her with my tongue. First lips, then neck and finally her ear where I paused to nibble the lobe. Wanda hand was again in my shorts and was stroking my cock and balls. I lifted up and pulled off her T-shirt, fully exposing her breast to my view. As my mouth descended to her right nipple, I thought that I had never seen breasts more perfectly formed.

I kissed the other nipple and Wanda, still stroking my cock, moaned in delight. I worked my way down her body. I removed Wanda's shorts and was mildly surprised to find that she wore no panties. My tongue swirled across her belly to the top of her wiry pubic hair. I lifted her legs and tongued my way along her thighs.

When I reached the delicate skin behind her knees, the flickering touch seemed to drive her wild. Wanda tried to draw my head to her pussy. Evading her grasping hands, I continued down one leg and up the other. When I reached the top of her thighs I breathed on her pussy. She moaned louder and begged me to stop teasing. I pushed her back on the unmade bed and fell down between her spread thighs.

I dropped my lips to her inner thigh and caressed them on my way up. When I finally reached her pussy, I reached out with my tongue and tickled her by lightly flicking my tongue left and right across her puffy lips. Wanda moaned under the assault. My hot, wet tongue then split her pussylips at the base and fluttered up toward her stiffening clit. When I finally reached it, Wanda had her first orgasm. It was followed by two more in the moments that followed.

I knew then that Wanda was a woman who hadn't had any loving lately. I kept up the stimulation until she motioned for me to stop. I kissed my way up, across her breasts, until I was again nuzzling her neck. "That was wonderful," Wanda complimented. "God! You smell good!" I whispered. Wanda rolled us over until she was on top. "Now, it's your turn to get teased!"

Wanda started much as I had, kissing my ears and nibbling on my neck. She paid particular attention to my nipples. Though women usually ignored this area, it aroused me greatly. Wanda worked her way down to my balls and took each into her warm, wet mouth, caressing it with her tongue. She studiously avoided my cock.

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